Time is of Essence.

Plan ahead what you want to wear. It will help you know what to put on if you are ever in a rush getting out the door. I wash clothes every other day, if not daily. I don’t let the hamper run over, and the baskets remain full. I wash clothes for two others, and myself. I have learned that if they are not happy, no one is that day. I need to be rested, so I take time to rest. If I get up early, I might nap when I am through reading for the day. It makes a difference when I read as much as I like. I don’t rush the time with the Lord.

By rubiescorner

I am an artist, and a retired classroom, and Reading teacher. My son introduced me to Word Press, and helped me start a blog. I called it Rubies Corner's Blog. At first I had few clues about writing, but as I wrote to my audience, I began to share daily. I thoroughly loved my audience, and writing.
I have majored in Rubies Corner's blog because it has grown over the years. I have a blog with more art on it.
My interests are Art, drawing, and reading the Bible. . My audience has grown on rubiescorner because I write what comes to mind. I have 8 other blogs, and they are organized by title.

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