Never too, small.

I want to talk about the value of small things. Little kindnesses are never too, small. This is my point of view, but when a kind word, or a gentle look comes across someone’s face, I may not say so, but I do take note. This morning someone was going to help me take the load that I usually carry into the sanctuary, and to my seat. This is a small thing, but it is a little kindness. I don’t assume that it will happen again, and again, but at times it does.

Small kindnesses are never ever too, small. In fact it doesn’t have to be much. When someone else has been rude, and crude, I have learned to forgive until I mean it. Life is never easy, and you can’t go by the way things look. The place may be messy, and dirty, but the peace of God may be abundant. I would rather have it peaceful, and dirty, than tidy, and sparkling with discord, and meanness.

You never know when the truth you say to someone will mean something to them. We grow up in a society that wants us to cover the truth, and never be so abrupt, or rude in our approach. Frankly, there is a way to speak the truth with love. Be frank, be truthful, no matter what. When you are in public, than lower your voice, and still say the truth. I have made these paragraphs short, and this has been on purpose.