It’s Your Choice…Choose a Blog of Interest

There are seven blogs with Rubies Corner. They are different and they did not all start at once. Each one began at a different time and the last so far is the Rubies Art Corner where only art is displayed. There you might see a cartoon, an illustration, or a painting. The pieces are different, original, and I hope you will like and enjoy them.

The Rubies Corner blog was first. It has much variety and I have begun to share some art on this one because maybe you are unaware of the art corner. So I have brought it to my audience.  On this blog, I may laugh, cry, preach, show art, or just be funny. It has personality all its own, because I share from my heart what is there.

Wait just a Moment was written next after I had 100 posts on Rubies Corner. That seems like a long time ago. I wanted to write shorter pieces there. That works if I am thinking about making them shorter.

Rubies Recipes started because I needed a place to put down original recipes. I would cook a meal and write it down on the computer. This is not easy, but I have enjoyed this blog. Some of the recipes are easy, and some are more difficult. I love to cook.

Rubie Do is about the real life experiences and how I respond to them. What makes me happy is my family, pets, and church family. I love to write and that makes me happy. The art is comforting and fulfilling. I hope you have enjoyed these.

Rubies Jewels has many inspirational pieces. I have included drawings recently. Sometimes a picture will say more than a paragraph.

Rubies Advice is just that. When I want to give advice I write it down. I thought people would ask for advice, but they haven’t. So I write about life and what I have learned. I have learned some things the hard way, so I include those also! Smile.

I love to watch the stats and see what makes them rise. I have noticed that if the title is creative the people will read it. I have noticed that sometimes I can catch more views with a picture or a cartoon. It is easier for me to draw on the computer than to take a picture of what I have drawn and have my son put it on the computer. It takes too much time for him to do it. So I have learned how to draw a picture with digital art, and then to put it on the blogs. This takes time to get the artwork on several sites, but I love to see the stats start to rise and the comments to come in on what people think. Some are spam, and never come to me. Others are spam and I have to spam them. I love plain, old-fashioned talking and that is not spammed by me or the spam company! Smile again. Thank you for your interest and keep reading. RSC



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