Rubies Corner’s Blog. Writer, Artist, Former Teacher.

Hello, this is Ruby at Rubies’ corners. I love this picture of flowers. I am a flower kind of person. Aren’t these unusual, and beautiful?! I paint, write, and read. These are my hobbies in a nutshell. I was a school teacher, my father taught me what I know in Art, and my Mother coached me in cleaning her house, and how to learn to work. I learned how to work, and my sisters joined me with the work. Mom didn’t work in those days, and she kept us busy, and usually happy. If we fussed, it wasted time, and we were likely not to have a good day with Mom. We chose to get along, or appear so. These flowers have been picked, to make a wonderful picture. They have stayed fresh in the picture, but in real life, they are long gone.

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Project #1

A unique approach to the creative process. Every project begins with an idea, but it’s what happens to that idea along the way that counts.

Project #2

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Project #3

Your customers will love your attention to detail. Each project you showcase tells them something difference about you and your innovative work.