Memorial Day…Remembering.

It is awesome, and a day to remember. Have you walked through a cemetery and noted the people who have died? Have you seen the flags flying in your hometown today? Flags are reminders of soldiers who gave their lives for our country.

I never thought about going overseas to fight for my country. I could have, if I could have persuaded my parents that this was where I should be. Instead I went off to school.

I found many who were coming back to the school to see their friends. They were servicemen. Some were sailors, and some were in the Army, or Navy. I date one who was in the Navy. He came to see me at Bible College. He looked tall and lean in the white uniform. I never saw him again.

It is not that he died. I believe he saw a part of me that he liked, but we lost our way. I found someone to date, and dropped the writing to him.

At church we had two servicemen stand and give their stories of service. They were interesting people, and their tales were worth listening to for sure. They shook hands, because they were strangers to each other.

Memorial Day is a day to respect those who have died for our country. I do, and I have.

Touch Down 2

Let me explain further about a touch down. When I feel led, I find a place to kneel down, and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father, and that He has come in the flesh. I believe He is God’s son, and that He is God. He died for me. Why wouldn’t I want to touch down on my knees.

One day everyone will bow to Jesus Christ……..Those is heaven, Earth, and under the Earth. I bow my knees now, because I worship Him before I go places, and do things.

I felt led to touchdown, yesterday. There is this side room from the choir. I went in and closed the door. I got down, and I am getting older. It isn’t easy as it was 20 years ago. I touched down, and felt the relief of the Holy Spirit. I submitted head to toe, inside and out.

“Father, I know I need to sing, and I am worn out tired from all the activity of the day. Help me. I surrender now,from head to toe, in Jesus name.”


“You like  football Ruby?” someone asks.

“Not as much as basketball, but really, when there is a touchdown I know it.” I reply.

“Are you playing football?” someone asks.

“No.”I say.

When I pray, I know when there is a touchdown. When two,people agree in prayer, it causes ten thousand to be put to flight. Some are going, and leaving with the demons, and others are touching down, because they are there to keep the place free from the enemy. I know what a touchdown does to a building. Kneel down in an empty room.

I have seen the recent movie, and I love it. The writer knew about praying. When two agree, but can you get two people to agree in prayer? No one has the time anymore, but when you know it is your job for now, you pray.

I often ask the Lord, “What is on your heart, Father?”

I told Ed, “When I pray for people to come,and fill the place, there comes a funeral.”

He smiled.

I continued. “We have lost some people when I prayed for the Lord to fill the place up. I began praying for three , days of praying at the church. We found that someone had died by the second day of praying.

I said, “Ed, I don’t know what is happening, but I feel led to pray for our church. I will be coming down to study, and pray. ”

That was on Monday. We have a funeral service for someone who did not attend our church. His son does.


Numbers Count After Two.

I believe God hears my prayers, and answers them before I pray, and while I am praying, He listens. He is number 1 in my life, and after that Numbers count. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are three in One. I believe Jesus Christ is God’s Son, and that He was there in Creation when Adam and Eve, and many creations were made. I believe Adam had a chance with Eve to have a long, wonderful life, and to enjoy the Garden God made for them. But they sinned, and were driven out of the Garden.

Then God made a promise that a Savior would come . It took years, but Jesus came to die for you and me. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. This is what the Bible says.

Do you know that two, praying in agreement, put 10,000 to flight. I hope you know that God is good. He wants us to have Eternal Life, and this is why Jesus came as the solution for the sin problem. He died, so that we might have life. He was buried, and He arose on the third day. I don’t know if it was 12:01 or what. Jesus rose from the grave, victorious.

He becomes your Savior when you receive Him by faith. You tell Him that you receive what He did for you on the cross. Accept Him, and invite God the Holy Spirit to come fill you from head to toe. It is a joy to share this with you.

We Had a, Long, Sunday.

Today is Memorial Day, and we had our service for this last night. I made two apple pies,  slaw, and baked beans. Ed and Isaac worked with the hamburgers, and hot dogs. We had 30 people there last night. We had 20 for our service Sunday morning. We are growing and don’t realize it. We are growing. Our next goal is to make 30 for the worship service on Sunday morning. Maybe God will do this quickly.

I’m serving supper Wednesday night. We had 14 last time. I would like to see more, not less. I can adjust. The bowl on my mixer broke when Isaac was trying to serve up his mashed potatoes. We have a stainless steel bowl now. It looks wonderful, and there is no chance that it will break.

I know we are having strawberry short cake my way Wednesday night. You will have to see, but it is better than dry cake. I use pie crust, and pour the sweetened strawberries over it. It looks messy. It is, but it is good. Dollop some whipping cream made with real cream on it. Wow! Ed’s mom used to treat us with this dessert. Now I will treat those who come for Bible study after we eat.

Fried Eggs, Toast, And Cut, Fried, Apples.

Don’t forget the jam, Ruby. We love blackberry jam. Today we had Grape jelly on buttered toast. No wonder I have gained a little. I don’t usually eat bread, but you can’t eat fried eggs without something to sop up the yellow, yolk.

I have learned to fry eggs. You have to have a buttered skillet, and it can’t be too hot when the cracked egg hits the pan. I turn the heat off at time, and coast with the cooked egg. It fries beautifully, and fast, because the burner is hot.

As for the fried apples? I have heard that the peal on the apple is good for you. So I peeled some, and then I left some pealing on . They cooked with cinnamon, sugar, and butter. Hmm! There was a teaspoon of sugar on them. That isn’t much for four, green, apples.