See How Brilliantly, White, the Snow is?

It won’t be this way for long. The sidewalk where I stood while Butch was outside, was dirty from not having swept it thoroughly before the snow. The snow shown, and glistened in the sunshine that came as I stood out in the cold waiting for Butch to come back to me. He didn’t want to go outside by himself. He won’t be given a chance to leave a present this time. I had to clean up the present last time, when I got up early. No one was around to help me out.

I am wary of things at times. Other times I just pray. That is what the Holy Spirit in me wants. The power of prayer is profound. It makes me sane. It calms me, and eventually I can read the Word, and be dealt with on the inside where it counts. I have read Matthew 7 today, and it talks very straight about life.

It would be horrible to always think I was going to heaven, and then die, and not make it. The road is wide that leads to destruction. There are plenty of choices on the way that detour a Christian. You either have Him inside you, or you don’t. It is like being pregnant. You either are, or aren’t. That is a simple example, but we can’t be good enough to go to heaven. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us, miraculously when we humble ourselves before God, and confess our sins. We don’t hope to go to Heaven. We know we are, or we are fooling ourselves. It is a matter of totally surrendering to God, in Jesus name. That means surrender from head to toe, inside and out. Have you?

I believe your walk is daily. There is an assurance that you are trusting Christ for your salvation, and living for Him. God in you, is the Hope of Glory. Those who are His have changed from walking in the darkness, to now walking in the Light.

1 John 1:7-9 says if we confess our sins, He is faithful, and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. All means all. The blood of Christ cleanses us from all sins. We confess them to God, and He forgives us in Jesus name. Jesus died for that horrible, awful sin you have done. He wants you to confess it as sin, and come clean.

Expect God to wash you from the guilt, but the results will be there. He heals that also. We confess our sins to God, and ask forgiveness in Jesus name. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins. Of course we have to deal with the consequences to sin. We always have to deal with them, but knowing that God forgives is wonderful.

Everyone has sinned. Everyone has a sinful, nature. The blood of Jesus Christ was shed because God needed us to have a Savior, and Jesus Christ died that we would have life, abundantly. He died because He died for the world. He rose again, and sits enthroned on the praises of His people.

God is not willing that anyone perish. He wants everyone to come to Christ, and receive forgiveness by the blood Christ shed for you, and me. This is why when we confess our sins to Him. We receive forgiveness. When we receive Christ as our Savior, the Holy Spirit comes in, and we are His children. We begin from that moment, walking in the light instead of the darkness.

More on Dealing With People…………

I am older now, but I have dealt with people all my life. You might think I am an expert, but really I am not. This is why I go to the Lord with people who I have met, who don’t care for me, or who have done something, or said something that hurt, stung, and was hard to get over. My sister was very verbal all my life. I dealt with her on my knees many times. I am experienced with forgiving.

This happens in ministry. It happens in life. You have to speak to the situation. In my case, I can think of nothing to say most of the time when someone has verbally come against me. Rude comments, meanness, speaking things that offend most people…….this is all in the name of Christianity?

I thought the Bible said to love your neighbor as yourself. Do we? Really?

I thought the Bible said to speak the truth with love. I thought it says to speak the truth with gentleness, less something comes home with you. That is my interpretation of the verse.

I thought the Bible says to shine your light, so others will see your good works, and praise God.

When we speak rudely, and offend, or say something with pride, arrogance, and haughtiness, I don’t think it is God speaking. I judge the words by the fruit they portray. Pride is suppose to be gone, and a humble person is to show up at church, but many times pride and arrogance have ruled the churches. Hurts and offenses often are the things that drive others away from church. Our lights are to be shining, but self sure does want your light to go out. All self has to do is to speak instead of the gentleness of the Holy Spirit. The fruit of the Holy Spirit goes with the knowledge, and the wisdom, and the love. If the fruit is rotten, then the tree won’t be producing love, joy, peace, kindness………..all these are on the fruit of the Spirit tree that should be evidently growing in the lives of Christians.

So what do you do? You learn to shine anyway. You shine in a dark world, and you keep shining when the church is dark because of un-forgiveness, and all the things I just mentioned. Christ is the light, and the Holy Spirit will convict us of the sins in our hearts when we are prayed for, and spoken to with the grace, peace, and love of the Holy Spirit. He speaks, and His words flow through us when we are clean vessels. Then we can get the log out of someone’s eye.

Isaac will be Making Cakes Today for Sunday. He starts Early, because Sunday Mornings Are Hard To Get Out the Door.

We arrive early for practice, so Sunday mornings are a little hectic. I usually eat a little, and get ready to go. I still get up early to read. It is time well spent. The Word doesn’t return empty. It accomplishes something inside when you read it.

So we are making cakes today. Did you see the ice cream sandwich cake? I think that would be a wonderful way to eat dessert!

We Are Dealing With Nine, and a Half Inches Of Snow…Wow!

We saw the snow coming when we were in the restaurant eating a late lunch. We try to have fish when we go out, but I chose a hamburger all the way with no French fries. A plain hamburger is wonderful, and I ate the bun with the hamburger. I only will eat a hamburger on Wednesdays. That is my new rule for life as it is in retirement.

Ed, and Isaac took the fish, and they were delighted with the Salmon. I thought it might be cheaper to have a hamburger with everything. I know it didn’t cost as much as the fish. I don’t usually eat hamburgers. Can you tell? If I indulge, it is because I don’t eat the bun. So to eat the bun on Wednesday, is really splurging with the calories.

We practice for choir yesterday, and by then the snow was coming down in great amounts. We drove to the nearest grocery store. We hurried to get more meat, and we stocked up on water, and other items. I drink water with every meal, and today, and last night I had tea. I don’t usually drink hot tea at night.

There were no problems to drinking hot tea. I love it, because a tea bag tea is wonderful. Soothing, comforting, and helpful tea. This morning I awoke, fixed some hot tea, took Butch out the back door, and dealt with Missy. She always goes out and comes back. She hesitated to leave our warm house, but she doesn’t like the liter box. I don’t blame her. She is our beautiful, female, and we have two other females. One lives in our first bathroom. Sally has been here forever, and she is the ruling female cat. She has no teeth right now, and we have to give her canned, food. Bubba likes this kind of food also. He is better. He is old, and showing it. We think he has arthritis.

So we are dealing with the white, beautiful snow now that it has stopped snowing. It took a long time for the snow to pile this much. It is picture card beautiful. I love snow, and now that I am older, I usually watch it from my windows. I used to sleigh in it. That is fun, but I don’t want to fall, and break a bone.

I do drink one pint of whole milk when I want to have some milk. Otherwise we use skim milk. I know the whole milk has the fat in it, but it is so good. I use it to make mashed potatoes when we have a meal at the church. We didn’t have church last night, and we didn’t have a meal.

I was planning to fix a roast, and make mashed potatoes. This will have to wait, now.

I read out of Matthew 7 today. It is an awesome chapter. Have you read it lately? You should. It has much wisdom.

Oikos Yogurt…The Greek word for House, or Home…..

We had Oikos yogurt for dessert tonight. Isaac sealed three, individual, pork chops in 3 tin foil, pockets. He made up the idea. They were breaded, House pork chops. “House” is a breading that you dip the pork chops in after adding mustard to each pork chop. He smears the mustard on both, sides if each pork chop. Then the chop is dipped in the House breading. They were steamed in individual, bags. Isaac made the individual bags out of tin foil.

I could only eat half of my pork chop. It was tender, and moist from the special, wrapping. I thought the steam would make the House breading come off the pork chop. Instead, it made it more tender. The breading was still on the chops.

We had steamed, vegetables to go with the pork chops. At other times we have served enough pork chops to have one, or two, servings. This time I served enough vegetables, so that we didn’t need but one serving of the meat. The potatoes were peeled, the broccoli, and cauliflower were steamed in a double boiler steamer. We had Oikos yogurt for dessert. There is nothing like this meal. I am full, and we didn’t indulge in the cookies that we bought at the store today. That will be later. I can’t have any.

We Have Mostly Pastored Small, Churches……

Ed is from a small town. He went to a small church, and found Christ. He found Christ at a Presbyterian church although he was going at times to a Baptist church. We went to school at a Baptist church, and I was there five years for every service possible. I saw many people saved, and baptized. I was Presbyterian, but I loved the Lord. I could see Christ in this pastor, and my parents knew the other pastor.

When we graduated from Seminary, Ed went back to his home town, with me. We were there one week, and the people from his old church called. They asked him to come preach. We were there for several years, and we found three churches to go to next. They were in the country. They were growing well when we moved to come to another church in the South. It was huge, and under the ministry there, it grew more. Ed preached every other Sunday, and between the two preachers, the church was in a Golden time of growing, and loving the Lord. I didn’t teach those years. I rested from teaching, but I was going to studies, and all the usual functions of the church.

After this church we almost divorced, but God brought us together and spared us from this. We loved each other, but there were some real issues that needed to be settled. We were separated for a time, and I worked other places than the classroom. Isaac was a tiny baby when Ed left me, and he was about 4 when we got back together. It was God’s doing.

We pastored the church we are in now for the rest of the time. We grew older there, and the church has grown, and people have left, and others have come. It has remained smaller, but we are working steadily. We have been there almost 30 years. God is gracious. We are in retirement now, and that is nice. I don’t teach school any more, and the small church has its good times. We know everyone, and they know us well. They know what we like, what we don’t like, and what we want to be. They know me as a writer on Word Press, and some follow what I write. Others don’t. I also cook at the church for Wednesday night’s supper.

I believe small churches are unique. I believe God places pastors in churches for a reason. I believe the big churches are harder to work with because there are more problems, and people. I believe we have more to do than ministry. I want to write novels for Christians because it would be clean literature, without swear words. I plan to write for the rest of my life.

I have no regrets for being a preacher’s wife. I live for Christ daily. He is always challenging me to live for Him, and to study the Word. I study as long as I want, and then I write for as long as my family will allow. Eventually Ed will want on the computer to check the bank balance, and to roam the internet. He has a good mind, and he finds all kinds of things to read. He is supportive of Rubies Corner’s Blog, and he doesn’t become negative about it. He has watched it grow over the years. God has blessed us both, and we are ready for another wonderful, faith-filled year.

How Did I Marry a Preacher?

My first thoughts are, “I said, I do.”

My roommate and I began praying about who we should date at school. I prayed for my husband from about 15, and one time in particular, I remember asking God to save him if he wasn’t saved. I prayed periodically for dates, and about who I was going to marry. I went to Bible college for one year, and I dated, but none were that special. I came back to get my teaching degree, and I dated Ed for several times. When he wouldn’t eat ice cream with me, I dropped him. I wouldn’t sit there by myself eating ice cream.

School was getting harder, and I wanted to graduate in less than 5 years, so I took summer school, and doubled up on the school work. By the time I was in my Junior year, I met Ed, and he and I dated for a year before he purposed. We were married a year later, and I still had some school to finish. I finished just before we were married a year. Then we went to Seminary, and that was four years away from my home town. It was the toughest time with intercity children, and I taught several grades.

I believe God leads, and we stayed with the Seminary for some time. I taught school, and cried my way through some of those classes. They were tough. It was hard to do everything, and teach, but I learned so much I didn’t know about children. I learned to pray, and God would answer. I learned to read the Bible and pray daily. I studied, prepared, and found that the children would settle into learning. I taught with my heart because the children were so far behind in their studies. I prayed they would catch up and be on grade level.

We moved after Ed graduated from Seminary. I believe I married a preacher, because I prayed about who I was to marry. I prayed harder when I knew that I had a choice between two people. One was going to be a business man, and the other was studying for the ministry. I wouldn’t go to supper, and I began praying about who I was to marry. I was fasting and didn’t know about it. I found time to pray, and pray, and ask God. When it came to the decision, I used wisdom to make the choice. One yelled at me, and the other was praying. The guys were laughing at him for praying about me.

I thought, “I want a husband who prays about decisions.”

I let him take me home on graduation from college, and he met mom eventually. Dad was always gone, but he met him when he came back from one of his meetings. We married , and this began my time as a preacher’s wife. I believe God put things together for me, because I prayed for the right one to come along. I wanted a Christian man. It helped to pray. It helped to fast, and God gave me wisdom.

He happened to be going for the ministry. That was a challenge. We had many things happen to us in Seminary that could have stopped us from the ministry. One was a year spent in a church with a pastor who was a fake. Yes, I said fake.

I have learned to forgive, and forget what people have said, or done. It takes me as long now to get over hurts, as it did when I was young. I go to God with it, and we talk until I let go.

1 Chronicles 28:20 says, “Be strong, and courageous, for the Lord my God is with you. He will not fail you, or forsake you until all the work of the service of the house of the Lord is done.”

I believe the Lord has made me strong on the inside, and that as I have gone through the years in the ministry with Ed, I know we have plowed together. I pray, and he speaks. I pray with him, and he speaks. We let go, and let God handle the conflicts, and situations that do arise. He has brought us this far. It is good to be married to a preacher. I love this man of God, and yes, he is human, but humble.

I Was Raised in a Preacher’s Home. Now I am a Preacher’s Wife. How Did That Happen??

It happened because I chose to go into full time Christian work. It was a love of the Lord that drew me to seek out a Christian husband. My husband has a church and he is dedicated, sincere, and a good speaker. He believes in studying before he preaches. Last night was an example.

Ed said, “Ruby, I’m going to the church area for a little while.”
I said, “I’ll go with you. We can eat lunch together.”

He mused, “I wonder how long she will last at the church. It is cold and I will have to light the little stoves.”

I did go with him to supper. I had salad, Salmon, and vegetables on a squire. The meal was wonderful, and the salad is always awesome. We had peanuts to munch on, and we sat there talking for the longest. I finished after Ed did. He didn’t have a salad. He had one roll, and left the others. I never eat rolls.

Well, the place was cold. We brought our things to a tiny room, and all of a sudden, Ed said, “Ruby, are you ready to go home?”

I said, “Sure.”

He drove us home. We talked with Isaac, and Ed left for the church. He wanted to be there by himself, to pray and study. Our church is a mystery. It grows slowly, and we have been there almost 30 years. We have seen people come, and go.

My experience in the pastorate with my father, and mother prepared me for life as a minister’s wife. Dad would visit people, and I went with him. He would go fishing on the weekends, and I would go with him, and pray that I would catch anything but a catfish. Now I know that I could have eaten the big, catfish I caught. I prayed, and there it was on my line.

When I catch a fish, I don’t jump up, and down, but when I caught this particular fish, I was so happy. Dad said, “It feeds on the bottom of the lake. Throw it back into the water.”

I did, but I can still see it. God gave it to me, and I threw it back into the water.

You see, I took obeying, seriously. I minded both parents, or we were spanked thoroughly. This way, by the time I was 8, I minded all the time. The mornings were started with breakfast, and then breakfast went right into devotions with the family. We followed the Daily Bread, and read the scripture passages suggested. We read around the table. Then we prayed together. This was without fail, every day I was with my parents. They were consistent in their studies of the Word, and when I had a problem, my dad would quote a Bible verse that came to mind. I would go on my way, freed from the worry.

I believe I found Christ for sure at twelve. Then I worked with Bible classes for ten years. I taught the Bible classes after a while. I was the youngest for a long time who taught. The team found that I could keep up with them. I loved teaching the Bible.

My father and mother were always in love. They showed affection to us children. They kissed in front of us, and carried on like school kids at times. My father was loving, but stern at times. He ran the house when Mom worked. She saved her money, and they lived on what he made. He went on television, and drew pictures, and taught the Word. We all watched him, and the churches grew.

We must have moved five times, and I had to meet and greet people. In those days I was so shy, withdrawn, and wouldn’t talk to people. I prayed about this feeling of being bound. God broke it off me eventually. I can be quiet, but it is so I won’t say the wrong thing. I speak to groups, and have talked easily to many. I think the biggest influence besides salvation that my parents taught me was their daily walk with God. They argued behind their bedroom door, and we saw a quiet, peace about them most of the time.

I believe that God called me to be a missionary. Then He called me to teach school. I knew about being a missionary by the time I was in first grade. I didn’t go to the mission field, but with Word Press, I am reaching many people in several countries. I value your time, and when you come by to read what I say, I note the stats. I am writing with 500 followers now. That is amazing to me. Really, it is ten above that. I believe in the goodness of the Lord, and yes, in one way, I am a missionary. For me to live is Christ, and to die is to go to heaven. For me to write is to express myself, and for you to come read it is a wonderful thing.

More Encounters With People.

I married someone who is an extrovert. He doesn’t know a stranger. He talks incessantly if you let him, and I love to hear him talk to me. He is a History major, and he uses this in his sermons. He is eloquent in his delivery, but funny at times. He can’t keep an audience serene for long. He laughs, and cuts up with a crowd. He loves to see more people, and he is an entertainer at heart, but serious with the Word. He studies like I do…only at the church.

My mother was named Ruby. I was Ruby2. We were best friends most of the time, although she would spank me if I needed it. Her switches were terrible, and she had me pick them out. I don’t know how I got into trouble so much. At times all three of us girls would get spanked at one time. It made us better behaved, and saved her time, because when one started, she may as well whip all of us.

We climbed trees, ran through the fields, walked on high hills, and through pastures with my Dad. He walked like he was going somewhere because of a fire. His long gait was hard to keep up with. My dad loved people, but he used to be shy, and backward. When he found Christ, he overcame the shyness. I tried to, but found people were hard to know.

I was bashful, so I didn’t talk too much to anyone. No one pursued me, and I got away with the shyness. My roommates usually got along with me. Every once in a while I would be with someone who would argue with me. It happened without warning. Usually I became upset.

When I was still in grade school, I confided that I liked a certain boy. By that afternoon the whole class knew, and several of the other girls fell for him. I picked the one who was the best dressed and the neatest from the school picture in the annual. I learned my lesson. I was teased until I turned green, and purple. I remember the poor guy. He either thought he was lucky, or he thought about calling home, and getting a ride early. Of course our teacher had to settle us. She found out that I started with the crush. She laughed, and hugged me.

Dealing with People 3

I have dealt with many people. A few come to mind almost immediately, because I had encounters with them that weren’t pleasant. The rest of life was a joy. So my negative encounters are the kind I am writing to tell you about.

In 2 Peter 3:18 it says to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If He is your lord, and Savior, it means you have given him yourself, and you from head to toe, inside and all around. Head to toe is a long way, but I envision Him stretched out in your body. Hands to hands, feet to feet, head to head, and further. I believe God dwells in us when we invite Him to take charge of us, and live inside us. He comes in and makes the changes that cause His light to shine out of us.

My first encounter for this page is a music teacher of mine from the past. I found later that she was the one who would teach me with patience, and with creativity. She had me sight read every time I came to her, and she was a stickler to the timing of the pieces. I had to play the piece without error, if I could, and maybe I made one mistake. If we had a problem, then we spent more time on the new piece. We played many keys, and many new pieces that did not have much melody, or that were full of wonderful chords.

Even though her glass eye moved when she talked, and her wig wiggled when she stooped over, or laughed, I can still see her face, and remember her loving, cheerful, and firm teaching methods. She taught me more music in 2 years than I had learned in 5 years with my first teacher. In fact, my first teacher tried to teach me, but she didn’t know how to teach. She knew how to play the piano beautifully, but she couldn’t teach me how, because she had no theory.

I became friends with a teacher who was hard to get to know. She yelled if you made a mistake, and she gave parties for all her students. She laughed when she thought something was funny, and she was loud, boisterous, and gentle with me. She didn’t want to frighten me, but she drilled until I knew my notes up one side and down the other. To this day, I know the keys, and the names of the notes. With me, it was a matter of really learning facts. Then they retained in my mind. I had better retention than my sisters who could rattle off the facts, but forgot them in two weeks. I learned, and remembered or recalled the old facts. Yet, I felt like the one who was dumb, stupid, and shouldn’t become anything.

I dealt with my father when Mom insisted on my going with him. He would buy us some ice cream, and we would eat it together. He would take me to get some shoes if I even hinted that I need some new ones. He insisted on having my shoes worked on before I could wear them since I had flat feet. He was firm, loving, and firm again. His cold, steel eyes could penetrate my heart. Yet, I knew he loved me.

My first grade teacher was young, tall, and she loved to give us spelling words. If we made one hundred, we would stand with those who made 100, and then she would give us candy for memorizing the list of words. I won many times. The candy was wonderful.

My youngest sister was always in my face, and she was not nice. Her attitude was, “What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine I won’t share.”

I encountered her on every hand, and we argued from the time she could walk, and talk. I was older, but she was domineering, bossy, and very smart. She was little, skinny, and wouldn’t eat the food Mom fixed for us. She would throw her food down a hole in the back porch. Otherwise she had to sit there until she finished her food. We did enjoy singing, running, playing, and jumping in our little swimming pool. She loved to giggle, and laugh. She had many boyfriends when she grew up, and I had none. She and I were opposites. She could talk, and I was shy as a post. Her criticism aged me. I worried and fretted over her for years.

Principals were usually friendly and easy to work with. I had very few run ins, but when I did, the person could not get along with anyone. They would not stop their harsh, mean words. I had two or three that were terrible to work for, and I moved on the next year. I only had to say, “Ed, I can’t get along with this woman. She is mean, and I believe she is not going to let up.”

We would pray, and she would change, and the hard times would get easier. We say many changes because we prayed about teachers, principles, and students. I changed, because I learned to pray.