The Fruit of our, Lips. Hebrews 13:15-16.

I was going to write on what I read in James, but my eyes looked down at Hebrews 13:15-16, because it was on the left side of the page, and I had not turned to James 2,3. I love these verses in Hebrews 13. Take a look with me.

When we are full of the Holy Spirit, and walking closely with Christ, we have fruit coming forth from our lips that pleases God. Offering a sacrifice of praise to God is just that. It may take some faith, and endurance to offer praise to God which is the fruit of our lips to Him. Our circumstances may be painful, and difficult. We may not be in the best favor with mankind, but when we offer praise to God, the angels get busy at God’s command.

Sing to the Lord even though you are in those circumstances that are harder than the usual. God is willing to hear praise any time, but when it comes from his servant, like Paul who was in stocks, He hears. It is indeed a, sacrifice to give praise to God when your mate is mad with you, the children are irritable, and everyone needs to fight it out verbally with you. There you are having read the Word, and no one is your, friend. What happened?

Bind self, Satan, and sin, and open your, mouth. You may go outside, to the car for a, drive, or you may sit down in the kitchen, or walk through the house, but open your mouth, and say, “Father in Heaven, I give my lips to you to speak words of praise, and to sing even through these circumstances. In Jesus name I will sing anyway. Let this be a sacrifice of praise to You, because you made me, and Your love is consistent. You died for me, and I love You, Lord.”

Sing what you know, or sing original, words, but don’t be religious about it. You are singing to the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords. He is high, and lifted up, and His countenance fills all of Heaven. He is the King, and His glory is everywhere around Him. Sing with thanksgiving, and allow the praises to God flow to His, throne.

I have sung when I was depressed, and it lifted off me. I have sung until my, family left to take a, walk, or go to the church, but I sung on because I needed God to come through the walls of oppression, and burst them for me. He did as I persisted. You see, singing is praying. You either praise Him, or the rocks will. Jesus is worthy of all our praise. God Almighty encourages us to Praise Him.

The Holy Spirit draws us to Christ. Once your heart is forgiven, and you receive Salvation, Your mouth should be singing to God in praise.

Rejoice in the Lord.

Rejoice in the Lord.

He is bigger than we are.

He can do all things.

Recognize Him, as your personal, God who loves you.

Worship Christ the Lord, and don’t look back.

Don’t doubt.

He hears your prayers,

your deep, cries from your heart,

and He will minister to you through someone,

or just where you are by, yourself.

Verse 16 says that it pleases God to share, and to do good.

This sacrifice pleases God.


There is Nothing Impossible with God.

I believe the Bible is there for us to find wisdom, and to read. I believe the sun shines when the clouds are looking dark. Above the clouds, the sun is always shining. Above our troubles, the SON is always praying for us. Jesus is the One I am talking about. He is always praying for us.

When things look impossible, and you have come to the end of yourself, then know that nothing is impossible with God. There have been times in my life when I have called on the name of the Lord. I have prayed, and God answered in time.

I took a long time at my sister’s home. I wanted to grieve over my sister’s death. She died in February that year, and I had been grieving, but when I finished my teaching in May, I headed for her home. Ed agreed I could go, and I took my car, and was gone to see her. We hugged, and cried, and cried. We talked about her last words, and her life. We stayed together, and she told me to start painting. I began to paint, because I needed an outlet for the grieving. I also played her piano.

I was playing the piano, and grieving. I distinctly heard the Holy Spirit say, “Come out of the darkness, and the grieving. Come out into the light.”

I reflected on what this meant. My sister was  well, in heaven. Yes, she was gone, but she did not suffer with cancer any longer. Her body was now well.

God was showing me  the impossible.. I gave up the grieving. I chose to walk in His light. I stopped grieving, and I haven’t grieved since. I have continued the paintings, because I know that this is therapy, and healing.

I love to paint flowers. I have painted about 52, and given many, away. Thank God for His love, and His Revelation to let us know that we are not walking alone, when we are His children.

There is Nothing Impossible with God.

God knows everything that is going on in your life, and He knows His children. There is nothing impossible with God. All things are possible to those who believe. I believe God has plans for His children. Our task is to find out what He wants us to pray about.

One night I began praying. I said, “Father, tell me what is on your heart.”

I prayed for the longest time, because he did tell me what was on his heart that night. I don’t  remember, but when I get started praying, soon I see pictures, and people, places , or things that are in relationship to the praying. I ask questions, and God answers. I keep praying, and I have learned to pray until the peace of God comes over me like a coat.

Praying as you drive, cook, and before you go to sleep is a wonderful thing. I find myself praying at times because I know the Holy Spirit is praying through me. I believe in the Power of the Holy Spirit. I believe praying stirs up the anointing. I believe the gifts and callings of God are given to you, and they won’t just dry up and go away.

So I say again, “There is nothing impossible with God.”

God Calls-3.

When you know you are doing what God wants you to do, there is confidence, and love, joy, peace, and gladness that you are where you should be. If things go wrong, you know that you have the Lord to call upon.

Once I was driving in the ice, and I lost control of my car. It began to slide, and it was headed for about 8 cars. I was going around a circle where cars were parked along the road. I cried out, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!”

My car turned just in time, and I went on my way on the road, and went home. I thanked the Lord all the way home. I may have had to go get Isaac from the sitter.

All I know is that my, car was headed straight for the cars, and my car straightened, and moved so that I was not going to slide into them. I have never seen an angel that I know of. This had to have been angelic intervention.

What does this have to do with God calling?

Well he might have called to the angels, “Don’t you hear Ruby crying out? Intervene now!”