Activities in the Mornings.

I try to become active from the time I step on the floor to get up. I make the bed when Ed, and I get up to have breakfast. I may clear the table, and put those dishes where they belong. We have a dishwasher, because it sterilizes the dishes, and the silverware.

I don’t always vacuum. I find Ed, or Isaac to help with this. I do get something out to clean the rugs if no one else can come. I believe in trying to be consistent. There are many people who keep an immaculate home. I don’t know how to do this. I work hard to keep things in some order. For this reason I haven’t touched the piano in about two, days. I will practice some today. Morning goes by fast when I am busy. I look up to the clock, and the time has gone swiftly. Supper time is close.

We eat simply most week days. If Ed, and I go out, we eat soup, and a sandwich or salad. The other day I ordered just soup. I have been trying to cut back some. It is working. People like to see us eat when we come to their home, and they have fixed a meal. I can eat most things, because Mom taught us to eat what was served. We had such a variety of what was served at home. Dad’s face showed that he wasn’t sure about some things that were fixed. We ate what we put on our plates. That was the rule, even if we tasted, and didn’t like it.


When You have a Good Thing, Keep It Going.

Evaluation is wonderful. You think all is well, but someone else may challenge you to go beyond where you are in your goal setting. I respond to praise for doing a good job on this or that. It makes me work harder. Try praising people from your heart, and see how much they work. They will work harder, because they are thinking they have value.

Value is wonderful. If you have no one to say this to you, then find God in your Bible, and listen to what the words are saying to you. I read in Psalms today, and I always love this book. I am reading through the Bible. It takes tenacity to finish, and grit. Some books I don’t understand, but I read them anyway. I plan to keep this going all the rest of my life. I went to the dentist the other day. I thanked him for telling me about reading my Bible consistently. He had a sermon for me in three minutes.

Everyone isn’t going to understand you, so don’t try to make them. When you have no one, you have Someone who will listen to you. I often tell God, because everyone else is busy doing something else. Our guest listens when I tell her I need to just talk.

I may be enthusiastic about what has happened. She has been joyful with me. Two in agreement put 10,000 to flight. Jesus agrees with us by faith, and humans are still available when you ask them to pray with you. I have done this before I had surgery. Can we pray please? They listen, and I say what I need to say. Then they put me to sleep, and the angels watch over them, and me.

I am talking more, because there may be times when you come and nothing is on the page yet. I am fine, and life is good. This would be time you can go back through posts, and laugh, cry, or exclaim. You didn’t see this or that.


I Love to Read.

I have been getting up early in the mornings for years. We girls had to get up, get dressed, make our beds, and eat breakfast before going to school. My parents were in their later twenties when they married, and we girls came along . My first memories started when I fell down the stairs in our Kentucky home. We lived in a huge, manse, and there were snakes galore in the coal, and when we went walking. They were black snakes, and we were taught not to be afraid of them.

When I remember things in the past, I can see what I am remembering. It comes up in a picture. I never saw so many snakes again. We moved to North Carolina, and I started first Grade. Then we moved to Tennessee, and back to North Carolina. I graduated in a high school in North Carolina, and went on to college to get a degree in teaching.

I look back at my childhood, and I am glad I spent time outside having fun. I learned to work from Mom, and Dad. They agreed on everything. You know, I still love to read, but I mainly read my Bible. I start early in the day, because it isn’t a waste of time to read for myself. I rise from the den table with peace that will last all day. It does.


When a Ladder is Needed.

I used to have a small, sized ladder that I could climb safely. Then this broke, and I would get on one that Ed had around here. Ladders are heavy, but I found a way to get on the ladder, and do what was needed. I found curtains, and Ed had to get on a ladder, or the desk where the computer is, or on Isaac’s bed to put the curtains up. It is time to change them out again, after so many years. That will be coming up this Fall.

I am 5’3 unless somehow I have shrunk. When you get older this happens to all of us. We shrink a little. Dad emphasized to me to hold my shoulders back, and he would make them go back when I wanted to hug him. He was doing me a favor, because my shoulders are not slumped over like they were when I was a kid. I grew taller, but in reality, Mom was 5’1 maybe, and Dad was 5’11.

Do the math and you can see why we girls were shorter as we came to be here. Jane was the tallest, and I was in the middle, and the little, sister was short, and small, boned. There is nothing tiny about my bones. I fell over, and over until my parents found that I have flat feet.

Flat feet were a problem, and I wore corrected shoes with any Mom and Dad bought. They were messed up by the shoe repairman, and I stared at the black marks he left on those nice shoes. I couldn’t wear fancy little girl’s shoes. This was the first of several differences, and soon, my little sister was born. She was made perfectly.

I am glad my body wasn’t perfect, because I found Christ at 8 after much to do about my life. Mom led me to Christ, and this changed my outlook. I was glad to be alive, happy to know Christ, and it took. I grew as a Christian. If it doesn’t take, then you receive Him again. It takes time to prune a child who comes to the Lord, but Mom was a born teacher. She first taught me to pray. Thank God.

I pray daily, and some days I don’t let up. She left me with the legacy of not giving up when I pray. Pray, and let God bless. Never think anything is impossible. I believe Mom was my teacher as I grew in the Lord, for good reason. We cooked, served 12 plus people in our home, and we girls helped. It was good training for our future. Dad was wise. He let Mom talk to me.

We girls learned to work. We couldn’t watch cartoons for having to clean our rooms, and then our assigned places in the house. It was torture then, but you know, we can’t look at cartoons forever. I have been trained to wash dishes, and put them away. I have been trained to make my bed, and Ed gets up, and we make the bed, or I do. Usually he studies much, and I clean up, but he is cooperative. If you don’t know to make your own bed, then start, and see how nice it makes a room look. Structure is what my Mom gave her family.


Take the Time.

For some things I need to just take the time. There are details about this house that require my attention. I am very at home in my abode. It is comfortable, and worn, but it is homey. I try to keep this home up to par. There are certain things I do daily, and then there are things that I must do at least every other day.

In the old days, I would put in washes when the laundry really needed it. I had much laundry stacked up, and I would take this to the laundry mat with Ed. We finally found a used washing machine, and we wore it out soon. I must have washed clothes all day, and it worked. They came out clean. I was thrilled to have a washer, and I hung my clothes out on a clothes line. Back then, we had clear skies, sunshine, and birds were not a problem. I lived in the country, and we were new to a washing machine, but it sure did save money.

Then we found a dryer, and we were in heaven. I still hung clothes on the line if it wasn’t raining. Those were the good days, and country life was wonderful for both of us. We had fresh vegetables from the garden, and fellowship, and close times with Ed’s folks. Golden years are wonderful. We had three, little churches in the country, and those people knew how to cook. The churches grew, and we would all gather at one of the churches once a month. Nice.

We are in another state in the South now, but we found more people who are open-hearted. They are still golden years. You never go by the size of the group that meets. When they know why they are there, and they communicate with us, then we go home full of joy. It is awesome when God answers our prayers.


I am Thankful.

I am thankful for my family, friends, and friends on my blogs, and on Face Book. I am thankful for fellowship when I go to the dentist. It was nice to go, and to have my little place on my front tooth erased in seconds. I had no fear while in the chair. I was calm, cool, and collected.

Some one prayed for me, but God is my confidence. He took the fear totally away this time. This is a first. I had a poor dentist once who would scare every patient. I don’t remember being afraid, but apparently, no one in our family wanted to go to him.

I had victory this time, and there wasn’t a tinge of fear on me. Smile. God is awesome, and I believe someone was praying. In fact I made it a matter to bring for prayer at church. I walked in with no fear. There was none in the room. Thank you for praying for me.


Fish, and Greens.

Fish, and greens are suggested for help with eye problems. Spinach is a green that I used to eat frequently. I haven’t eaten spinach out of a can in years. I used to crave spinach. My son has no need to wear glasses. I ate spinach galore when I was pregnant with him.

You know, my family all had nearsighted eyes. My little sister wore contacts when she had to wear glasses. Her eyes were the best of the five of us. When I was checked in Elementary School, my parents found that I needed glasses. I wore them from then on. Now I don’t wear contacts, or glasses. My vision is better, and I can see details that I didn’t see before without my glasses. I read the charts again without error this time. At times the chart isn’t clear, because it is getting older.

Thank you for praying for my day with the eye doctors. I met Dr. G this time. I don’t remember his longer name. He told me most people call him Dr. G. I plan to learn his whole name, and pronounce it for him.

Fellowship opens up at different times during my day. I love to talk about Christ, and His Presence. I am reading in Job, and Psalms again. I do read through the books of the New Testament as well. I read what I can, and I am not exhausted when I finish reading for the day. Leisure time in His Presence helps me for the rest of the day.

I did find a wonderful book to read in the bathroom. It is a devotional and I read one time a day at least through the next page. This time my book was talking about God’s love for us. The author is profound. I read the next page on the new day. At times I read the page for today several times, and even take the book to Ed because the page is so good.

This book is called, “Quiet Moments in the Presence of God.”


Happy Birthday!

The only person I know who has a birthday today, is Doris Hicks. I do want to say, “Happy, Happy Birthday.” I hope you will always celebrate your day the way you want to celebrate it. We did have wonderful time surprising you. Thank you for always finding a cake, or a card for everyone else who we know. You are really the Birthday person today.

I try to celebrate from midnight to midnight. At times I am out before midnight because I have worn out with the celebration! So I am saying, Doris, please celebrate all day. I haven’t called, because I know you are content, and happy where you are. Here’s to another wonderful year!


It is So Nice to Have that Stain Gone.

I went to the dentist. He took a tiny stain out of my front tooth. I don’t have a mark there on my front tooth. I was afraid of what he would say was wrong. Now my front tooth is white like the other one. There is no little, but long line there. I am smiling at that. My dentist is experienced, and he goes at a fast pace with the sander. He is careful, and not wreck-less with the sander.


I Went To The Dentist Today.

I didn’t have any problems with my teeth. The one tooth I showed him isn’t ready for work yet. He said there is a top tooth that uses this lower molar. If he pulls the lower molar, the top tooth won’t have a way to chew. There won’t be a place to chew. So he said, we will wait, and the tooth will progress. Then we will do a root canal, and put a new top on the tooth.

Wisdom is wonderful. I went home happy that I didn’t have to have the back tooth pulled. The two other teeth aren’t ready either. I told him about going off the four things: bread, potatoes, sweets, and fruit, and I did say that I have started losing weight. Smile. It was nice to have a wonderful conversation, and not to have to go home with a swollen face. It swells when the infection is bad. Then you have the tooth fixed.

Thank you for praying. I read the charts with both eyes yesterday. I did have trouble with the right eye seeing the round letter. When I went to the next chart, I had no trouble. I did read both charts, with both eyes. I was a good distance away.