I Try to Write Daily.

I have started a new novel, and it is coming along, but I must type on it daily to meet my goal of finishing what I have started. It is a novel, mystery, and includes all the things that we like to see in a novel, without the swear words. I don’t swear in my writing. I feel I can find a word that will tell the reader something without having to use profanity. I know the words, but I prefer to not use them. Repeating a word throughout a writing is redundant. I could count how many times someone uses the same word, and it would be in the twenties. That isn’t finding a word that fits, without swearing. So my statement, is that as an English person, I would rather find some other word, lest you find the writing boring, and redundant, or superfluous.

I Did the First, Sketch.

I sketched my white flower today, the peonie, and I believe it will be there for me to sketch again. It has two blooms, and two ready to bloom. For a small plant, it is doing well in the garden I have for my flowers. I have Jonquils that have bloomed, and the green stems are still there.

I have some grass trying to get in the garden, and I cut some grass to rot in the garden. I scooped it up and it is turning brown daily. My plant isn’t very old. Ed got it for me when we found one at the flower shop which has several plants that I like. I also have a rose bush in this small garden. It is blooming better, because I cut off the old blooms. It makes a bush bloom more when I cut the dead roses off. The bush looks better also.

I took a chair to the garden to sit by it while I sketched. It took time, and I didn’t really have a long time to finish my first sketch. It is pen, and ink, and then I have water-colors to use to fill in some of the color. You know, a painting has to be clear enough to tell what you have tried to draw.

A flower should look like a flower, and a rose should have rose petals, and the details of its parts. I enjoyed sitting out by my garden sketching my little plant. It is white, and I will have another opportunity to sketch tomorrow. I chose a time just before Ed came home from paying a bill, and going to the church. He mailed the payment, and we are both glad to have that one out of the way.

I find it harder to find time to write, if my family is home, and around me. I want to rush back to them, but if I don’t write my audience, then I might lose some of them. This blog is still growing, and I hope to reach 2,000 followers in the future. I don’t know how close this is to reality, but a goal is important. I don’t write for more viewers.

My audience writes back at times, and some things I draw, or say are more popular, than other topics. I do have a blog just for writing my books. I am presently writing a new novel, but I am putting it on Face Book, because I am sure that people look for something else to read. Why not have a novel as part of the choices.

I believe in novel ideas. I used to read Christian novels as a teen. My father pointed out an author who made the story hard to put down, and she had written many books. I believe she wrote 52 books, and she would finish one after another, and publish them. Her mysteries were wonderful, but as a Christian author, she always had a comparison in the reaction that each character had to dire circumstances.

Some how the heroes escaped, and there was a wonderful ending. Her talent for writing was huge, but she did compare complacent people with those who were sold out to Christ. As a teen I promised God that I would read the Bible more after I finished the present novel. I did, so her influence on my young life was tremendous.

Have You Observed Closely?

I plan to spend some time painting another flower. I will observe it first, and I believe this Pionie is coming out just now. I will have time to sketch it, and do some preliminary brush strokes on the painting. I love details, and this may be hard to have with such a flower. It is white, but this flower comes in several colors. Have you seen one lately? I have one plant in my garden. I will paint it when I can.

My Beautiful, White, Flower.

I have a beautiful, white Pionie growing in my little, garden. It was in the bulb stage, and now it is beginning to blossom out. I want to go outside tomorrow, and sketch this beautiful, delicate flower. I don’t want to pick the flower. It will last longer where it is, beside the rose bush. I haven’t painted in days, but I think it is time to sketch, and water color, or paint with acrylics. I love to capture the personality of a flower. This one is gracefully, beautiful. I will sketch the leaves as well. Maybe I can do this, and put it on the blog for you to see. I always love to paint flowers because they are delicate, and detailed. It is surprising all the details one can see with their eyes.

My father would encourage me to tell him what I see in a seen we would stop to see. I described it far less than he did. He mentioned all that he saw, and it was plenty. The first step in painting is to know what you are going to paint. I usually know, when I put my paintbrush into the paint. I haven’t painted in years, now, but I plan to get back to it, because painting is another whole level of thought. You have to work with it, and painting is work. It requires looking for the details, and capturing what you see.

It is Getting Later.

It is getting later, and tomorrow is a wonderful day , I say ahead of time. It might be sunny, and you never know, but today was gorgeous. I believe rain isn’t coming for a few more days. It is getting later, and I usually rest early, but I am still wide awake, and groggy. I will wait to retire. Ed is studying for tomorrow. He studies until he is finished.

So today was a rest day for most of us, but I did some washes, and separated them. I happened to think about my hands when I was folding the last batch of Ed’s t-shirts. I used my hands much for the folding, and I do have a problem that stems from the heart issue.

I believe in working until my work is done, within reason. I am tired, but it is a good tired. My side left me alone most of the day. It is hurting some tonight, but I haven’t eaten heavily, and I do believe this helped. I resisted cookies. They looked tempting, and so does the ice cream, but I didn’t have any………yet.

I will try to be on top of this until after my appointment with my doctor. I want to make a good score. If my weight is as lower as it is, I will be fine. I don’t have room to gain. I might make it to the next ten if I try, but I don’t know that I should try. I will be myself. It is just the yearly exam, and part of this will be looking at the blood pressure, and checking any problems that are coming to light. If they are gone, I won’t mention them. I think I respond to pressure, and then my side aches. I haven’t had much ache today.

I took My Computer. 2

I meant to say that I took my computer with me, and it was a, wonderful, quiet experience to sit in the church, at the kitchen table, and type for a while. I could check my stats, and Isaac has been helpful for offering advice.

It is a, gorgeous, day. I did step outside to work in the rose garden that is near the house. I put brick around the garden years ago, to set it in its place, and I trimmed the roses that had bloomed from the rose bush. I SUSPECT this is one way to have more roses. I have two, rose bushes, but one is ancient. IT WAS here before we moved in this house. That was years ago, when ISAAC was just a little child. He was four. This year he will be turning to the big 40.

I believe the forties were pleasant years for me, and 50 was the year of Jubilee. I had fun with the changes, and it made me smile all the way through those years. You have to think positively, or you might be miserable. You are as old as you feel. Smile.

I Took my Computer.

It is another beautiful day, here in the South where we reside. Ed is planning to do some mowing, and we need both the front, and the back yards done. I have wanted to get a riding mower, but so far there is no interest. Ed wants the exercise, and he prays, meditates, and mulls over his sermon while he is busy with the lawn. I guess I want the mower for those times when I know he won’t get to mow.

Next week will start busy, and not let up for a few days. I have an appointment on Wednesday, and the following Monday I have a visit for my eyes. I am reading through the Bible at a quicker, pace. I have goals set, and to reach those, I must do more reading.

I finished Genesis, and now I am mid-way into Exodus. This is a longer book of the Bible. I have enjoyed reading this time. I plan to finish up by the end of May. Then I will be ready to read for the fourth time this year. I want to raise the standard, so if I do, it will be because I pursued the Word. I had goals last year, but I feel the Lord wants me to raise the standard.

So what else is happening? We had plenty of people to eat the pork roast on Wednesday night. Isaac prepared it for me, and I WATCHED over it as it baked. He added some spice this time that seemed hotter to me. ONCE the roast has been cooking, I let it go, only checking to add water, or oil. I didn’t interrupt it, and the roast was tender. Smile.

Next week we are having lasagna I believe. This lady can cook anything, and her lasagna should be wonderful. Last week she brought a strawberry cake that was wonderful, and high. Smile. We have other cooks who have taken the meal. It gives me a break. I have cooked on the day I received the eye shot, but that is hard to do. I usually go to bed when I come home, and we medicate with Baby Bear aspirins. Last night I had to have some. When it is rainy, ARTHRITIS comes along in my shoulder that was replaced. I am coming along with that.

Yesterday I heard the remains of the pork roast, and cooked green beans, more potatoes, and made a little apple pie. It was in a small dish, which has a lid to it. We had apple cobbler, with ice cream for dessert. yum. NOW I need to lose weight for the doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. Someone else is cooking, lasagna.

Qualities of a Christian

I want to write about how to tell if a person is truly a Christian. We have many who profess, but the fruit of the Spirit will be what I am talking about. Love is so important, that 1 Corinthians says that without love you clang, and just make noise. I have seen people go into rages, and it isn’t easy to say anything when a person is so mad they can’t see straight. Rages are not love. It is someone getting into an anger fit, and he/she doesn’t want to stop once they have begun. So what do you do?

The Bible says that a soft answer stops anger. It makes the person calm down. I wonder if all the anger we show is really necessary. Raise your voice with me, and I will shut down. I don’t say a word, and then I walk away mad, crying later, and upset for three days. The thing that changes my mind is when I get a grip on what just happened. Anger comes without warning. I will guarantee that it is a result of believing what is not true about the person you are angry with. A soft anger turns wrath. Anger is almost wrath, and when it become strong, it is wrath. It stays until someone says something that is truthful.

Parents will send their children to their bedrooms when one is yelling and fussing with another. I know that children look like they are always peaceful, and life is bliss because of them, but when a child gets angry, it can look like he is out of control. Actually, he is angry, and trying to run the home. Many parents hate to disturb the peace, so when their little one cries in anger, they hush it by holding them, or blaming someone else for the outburst. It can become a serious situation when all the children aren’t speaking to their sisters, or brothers.

You know, God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear. If you correct your children, they will have the peace of God, and they will have figured out how to behave. Attention is another reason why one cries more than the rest of the children. It worked last time, I will cry again is really not the way to go, but a child will do this. My parents said, “If one gets in trouble, all of you are in trouble.”

That healed the strife, anger, and the not getting along. One, sister was always the problem for me, and we grew up, but I never got along with this one. I loved her, but she had a weird way of always arguing, and bringing up something to fuss about. My parents always sent us to our rooms, and chose to spank us all for one, fussing. We woke up eventually. We found Christ, who changed me from darkness to light. I did notice the spankings let up.

I have one more thing to say. Anger doesn’t show the righteousness of Christ. I do believe we need to pray for those who speak rudely, and who don’t show the love of Christ to us. If there is a problem, pray about the problem first. I believe God gives wisdom, and He often tells me what to pray over someone who insists on becoming unfriendly with me. Pride and Arrogance go before a fall. If we are Christians, we will speak the truth in a loving way, and stop being full of our own pride, and arrogance.


What a lunch. Isaac came up with a plan this time. He made a, frittada and it was wonderful. We split it four ways. It is a breakfast one if you add cheese, fried bacon, and eggs. It baked in our iron skillet for a few minutes in the oven.

Supper is on its Way.

We are having left overs from last night. Pork roast, and Ed is bringing home some veggies to go with the roast. Most of the potatoes are gone, and I think potatoes make a difference with the meat. Smile. I am typing speedily, because I must get the table ready. We will be working to get the meal ready quickly.

This has been a fine day. As you can tell, I have been on the blog off, and on today. It pays to write. The stats are going higher today, because I have been writing more. Yesterday, and the day before I wrote, also. With the little computer, I can write anywhere now. If I am gone from the house, I have a computer with me.

Well, this has been an interesting day. I did step outside. I enjoyed the sunshine. Yes, and it was wonderful, on a mild day, to have a bright sun shining on the yard here. No one was home, or the neighbors were inside. I had the backyard to myself, and it was wonderful viewing my flowers. I love daisies also, but I rarely have planted them. They grow, and it does work to set them out. It isn’t too, late.

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