I cut my hair a little. It was too, long.

My hair was getting too long to curl in the back. I could barely reach it. So I cut about an inch of hair off. It might have been more. It is cooler this way. My hair cooperates now. I have learned that hair spray helps hair do what you want it to do.

I will be glad when the cool days of Fall get here. There is a short time when it is breezy, and nice weather to take a walk, or be outside. You can’t get a cold. It isn’t cold either.

684 is a Good Number.

I love the number 684. It is a good number. I have been praying today for Rubies Corner’s blog. I want you to know that God is good, and He is love. He loves us because we are His children. We need more compassion for each other. There are people who are hurting, and I can’t pray for them. I want to, but things are in the way at this time. I believe God answers prayer.

Hindrances to prayer come and people don’t get answers. If we need to forgive we must, and should. It hinders the answers from coming. It doesn’t matter if someone was mean. Forgive them and walk on with Jesus. They may have been in pain, or they were having a bad day. You never know what someone will say. Just forgive them, and don’t hold grudges. It isn’t worth holding something over someone. It hurts you in the long run. Prayers get readily answered when you choose to forgive.

The joy of the Lord is your strength.

The Healing Power of the Lord.

There are times when the healing power of God was there to heal. Jesus rebuked devils, laid his hands on the sick, and saw them recover. He reviewed history for some of the worst cases, but he always prayed, and saw something significant happen when he touched them. Jesus is God’s son, the Messiah. The people he talked with were often called up for prayer. Many people wanted to touch his garment, and be healed. One woman did, and she was immediately healed.

Jesus said, “Who touched me?” What he meant was who touched me with faith. The healing virtue came out of his hands, and in this case when the woman touched his garment, she was healed.

It is Raining, and I can Hear the Rain.

I will have to close out of here due to the rain, but I hope what I have written will encourage you to pray about things, and then bring your prayers with others so they will be more effective.

I believe in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I believe when people pray for revival that it will happen. I believe God sees everything in the darkness, and in the light. There is no darkness to Him, because He is light. He knows all things, but He wants us to talk with Him, and walk with Him. Jesus made that possible when he died on the cross for you and me, and shed His blood. He rose again, and now sits in Heaven praying for us.

One day Jesus will return and we will be caught up to meet him in the air…Those who know Him. I believe in the soon coming of Jesus. Read Revelation. It is in there. We will be changed in a twinkle of an eye. We will see Him.

Jesus work on the cross conquered sin and death. He finished what needed to happen so we could trust in His name and be saved. Salvation is wonderful, and free. I hope you have found Him as your own personal, Savior. If not give your life to Him, and tell him you want to live for Him. Trust him to forgive you of all your sins, and cover them with the blood. God puts our sins that are confessed, behind his back. We can’t see them. He puts them as far as the East is from the West. His love for you and me is wonderful.

Prayer Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I have written several things about the Holy Spirit, but there are some helps that you have when you pray that come with the Holy Spirit. The word of knowledge is one of those gifts. I believe by word of knowledge some will know more about a person than they might want them to know. God looks at the heart.

One day I passed a member’s house, and yard.All over the yard was the knowledge they were going to adopt a baby. I could not understand why I would have this knowledge if it wasn’t true.  I told my husband, Ed about knowing this, and he didn’t know. I finally asked the couple, because our church was with us. They were surprised, but told me the truth. They were planning to adopt a baby.

They were startled that I knew, and asked me who told me. I explained about the knowledge all over their yard. It was good news.  They told me I was right. I believe God gave me this news .It was the first time this had happened to me. I believe it was knowledge from the Lord.

They did adopt a baby, and she is grown now, and married. Her coming gave us all hope. She was a delight to this couple, and their only child.

Once we visited a man,and his wife. The man was knocked out drunk on the bed. His wife, and the group who came to pray didn’t let his sleep disturb us. We prayed in faith over the home, and the room,and  over him. We left without much assurance from the Holy Spirit, but we did pray, and obey what the lady wanted us to do. He awoke the next morning, and never touched alcohol drinking again. That was a God event. He had been drinking every day, and into the night for years. They were both in church after this, and he did come to Christ. God changes people when others pray. Just praying over the house probably had the angels of the Lord there to do battle with those things which had enslaved the man. God sets you free. Salvation is being set free from sin, and death. It can be getting set free from old habits that are taking over. I praise God every time I think of this one.

I Hear Thunder.

I don’t like to type on the computer during a thunder. I hear it in the distance, but I know it is approaching. I will have to stay off. Ed is coming home in a little, while, and we have the beginnings of supper started. We eat sweet potatoes, instead of regular Idaho potatoes. We are heart-healthy, conscious, and we watch what we eat. We watch so much that it is rare to have red, meat in our diet. We eat fish, because it is excellent for our heart. I have a pacemaker, the 2nd one , and Ed had a 5 by pass in 2009. So we have good reason to watch our diet.

I have been cutting out sweets, and bread as long as I had the discipline. I ate toast with my juicy egg for the first time in 71 days. It took a good week to get off sweets, and bread. I haven’t eaten much bread , until I stopped not eating it. Bread makes me gain weight, so when I went off it, and the sweets, I soon began to lose weight. I am going off cheese also. I believe this will help make a difference.

The thunder was close there for a moment. I believe this will be another gentle rain. We need the rain, and I set my flowers by the house wall because Ed has been painting my red, table he made for me last year. It is bright red, and looks wonderful. There was a piece of board that was rotten, and he had to replace it. It is close, tight work, and he does take his time, but when he is finished, it is beautiful. I love my table. It is almost long enough to lie down on, to sun. I can’t have the direct sun, so Ed, or Isaac would have to sun on it.

Well what is for supper, or is the thunder going to affect what we eat? We finally finished all the pot pie I brought home from Wednesday night’s supper. It was creamy, and good. We are having Salmon probably. I like to eat Salmon at a restaurant if I know they will cook it right. Logan’s makes good Salmon most of the time. We had some for the 2 for 15 dollars discount. The Salmon was wonderful. Ed can’t eat rice like he did before. He still gets choked at times. He is working, and will be coming home soon.


Getting Prepared to Minister to Others.

I am talking more about the Holy Spirit. This is wisdom about ministering to others. When you are getting ready to minister, you need to pray until you are finished. You will know, because the peace of God will come over you.

Singing is ministering, and if you are in the choir, you need to practice singing to Him. Singing is not just for Sunday worship time. Singing can be at home by yourself, and the Lord. It is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Singing to the Lord is worship before His throne.

God will tell you the direction you need to go with the message. He may not give all the message. You may have some words, and as you speak He will give you more. Preparing to speak means you may have to fast to get the message He wants you to have. Humility goes a long way. Humble yourself before Him and obey what He tells you to do. The gifts, and callings of God are not going to go away when they are given. Seek His face, and He will speak to you. The Words you say will be His words, and they will have thrust if you seek Him, and pray over the service.

I believe fasting is a good, thing before the Lord. I believe in fasting when the timing of the Lord is right. I believe praying goes with it. This is a time period that God is allowing you to talk with Him, and to seek His face before ministering before others.

Those who seek the Lord will find Him. I believe women are called of God to serve the Lord.  I believe God’s grace keeps us walking with Him.

The blood of Jesus Christ makes us pure. He forgives sins. We confess them, and He forgives. I believe God wants us to walk in forgiveness, love, and in the Power of the Holy Spirit, doing what He has called us to do. If you have been harassed by Satan, and people, rebuke it. I believe God has given you authority in the Word. Watch you thoughts. Allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you, before you come before the people to minister to them. God in you is the Hope of Glory. When you submit 100 percent, you will see a difference in your praying, and in your preaching, or teaching. God will deal with you, and then with others.