Writing Helps. (This is Longer. I know.)

When you write out what is bothering you, don’t leave it for others to read. Express yourself fully, and honestly, and get the good, and the ugly thoughts out on the page. I don’t swear. I write from my heart all that hurts, and all that stings from the situation that I have come from that moment. It may be half a page of writing, or less. Then it might be two pages, but I am not showing this to others. I am writing it for myself. When I am finished, I read it, and give it back to God. I tell Him my thoughts and feelings about the matter. I am there maybe ten minutes, but when I am through, I tear those pages of words into tiny bits. I throw them in the trash, or it is better to burn them. I rarely if ever do that.

The result of this is the great relief that all those feelings, hurts, and responses are now on the bits of paper. I made sure no one would put those back together. It would take time. It is a private conversation with God, but the writing helped to get those thoughts out of my heart, mind, and spirit. I have done this for years, and I have clarity later. I might repent more because I know that my anger doesn’t confirm that I am righteous. It is there for good reason.

In doing this I find great relief. If you are depressed, and you know it, you can get those feeling down on paper. Give them to God, and then tear the pages up. I believe Satan tries us, and self in others comes at us at our vulnerable points. When we have to become angry, we are guilty at times. Anger doesn’t show the righteousness of God in us. It can be controlling. I think getting what we are angry about is therapy. It is therapeutic.

People don’t like to listen to our whining, but at times it is necessary for others to hear how we really feel. I rarely say so. There is no greater Friend that Jesus Christ who died for you and me and rose again. He really cares. God cares, and Jesus is the Son of God. The Holy Spirit draws us to Christ.

I believe when we get through with the writing out of our offenses, and attitudes, that the best thing is to say, “This is how I really feel, Father. Cleanse me now by the blood of Jesus Christ. Take these thoughts, and attitudes, and make me into a quiet, agreeable person who loves you with her/his whole heart. Forgive me for holding all this inside me, and not talking to You about it. I ask for freedom, and healing now, in Jesus name.”

Then tear up the paper, throw it in the trash can, and walk away from it. Make sure it stays there and is emptied into the trash can in a bag with a tie on it. I believe this is one way of releasing the burden, and walking in repentance that is whole, clean, and complete. When the people come to mind, practice forgiveness, and you will see that Satan doesn’t bring that person to you again and again. You are forgiven, and you are set free.


Lists. 4

Ed goes to the store, or we go together. Usually, on Wednesdays, we go together, because this is when I buy for the church supper. I have found that it is helpful to have a legible list so that I can give it to Ed. I don’t list many items, but this way I don’t have to say, “Ed, we forgot to get two items that I must have.”

Getting in the study is Ed’s goal, and when he is interrupted, he gets perturbed. So I make a list, and have it ready. I might read it to him, but usually I give him the list. This is valuable time wise. He sees that we don’t need many items, and we work the plan together. I know that for pot pie, I need four tall cans of this, and 8 cans of that, and he finds the best cans at the least price. At times the most expensive items are not what are the best. I know what I like, and I stand for certain items by certain people. One person is long dead, but I always buy his brand of Spaghetti sauce.

I guess I learned to make lists when I taught school. I listed what we needed to accomplish. We would check it off when we finished. Soon we could clean the room, go outside, and come back to get ready to go home. We finished what we started because I listed what we needed to do before we could have recess, or stop working. I feel the lists worked to inspire the children. They saw progress as we erased, or checked off my list. At times they could list the subjects, but I had to list what was planned. Each day was different. Special classes had to be included such as Library time, and Music. Teaching was all about organizing, and making a plan that worked. When the special classes happened, I planned for most of that time. It helped to regroup, and to make new lists.

I am retired, but I cook for the church on Wednesday nights. We pay for the meal. When people don’t come, then we take the left overs home, and eat on them for the rest of the week. I am careful the next time, and I try to lessen the amount of food I fix. This way we don’t have to eat that left over all week. Smile.

List 3.

When I have a full day, I list what I have to get done. I even number them. Then I check off the list as I complete it. I don’t think this is a waste of time. Checking things off inspires me.

I read my Bible daily. I mark off the list of chapters that I write out. I will make a row of consecutive numbers. As I read those chapters, I mark them off with an x. This works. I am thrilled to have finished. At times I sit there longer, because I know if I persist, I will finish another book of the Bible. Reading through the Bible is goal oriented and I consider it a hobby. Listing the chapters I have left to read is a wonderful way of getting them read.

When I talk to people, at times I am there giving advice. We list the problems, and then we correct them verbally. I feel there is great relief when someone can list what is bothering them. They may make the list, and then tell me each thing, one by one. I listen. Another thing is that with the list you tear it up into fine pieces, and put it in the trash, or you carefully burn it.

At times I become upset with life. I list what is bothering me, and I may go into detail. I don’t go to a person about this. When I have listed how I really feel, and how anger has caught me, I begin giving those things to God. I leave the persons with Him, and I ask Him to free me emotionally from their thoughts, and feelings. I can make people plentifully mad at times. I say what I mean when I am backed into a corner. It is not easy, but I write out in detail how I feel. Then I tear off the pages from my journal, and I give them to God. I tear the pages up into fine pieces. I have read through, and I know what was carefully listed.

Tearing the pages gives me freedom to say, “Father, I am tearing up what I wrote on how I feel about this situation. I give these people to you. Go talk to them, Lord. They won’t listen to me, but I give them to you. Forgive me for my sins, and I’m asking you to remove this mountain, in Jesus name.”

Lists. 2

I keep a pad of paper on the round table in the kitchen. I put a pen, or a pencil by the pad of paper. When I know we are out of something, I write it on the pad of paper. Soon I have a list of things that I know we need from the store. Ed, and Isaac know to look on the list, and take it with them to the store. It is a progressive way of making a shopping list. It is done, and we go on tot he store, instead of waiting to make a new list.

There are times of plenty, and then there are times when we don’t have time to sit down. We leave early, and come back later. I make lists so I will remember what to do the next day. I make lists of things to get at the drug store. This way I can easily find them and leave. Shopping is wonderful, but shopping, and getting where I need to fix my meal is another story.

Yesterday we had several things to shop for in order to make supper. I had my list, and we gathered them. I may be in the bedroom, which is in the far end of the house. If I think of something that needs to be on the shopping list, I go to the kitchen, which is on the other end of the house. I write the item on my list which is on the table my Dad bought me. Isaac, or Ed go to the store. I may go with them. I don’t drive now, because of my stiff neck. I have driven with it this way, but seeing to the left of me is not as easy. Today it is stiff and hard to turn.


I have a round, tall, table in my kitchen. My Dad bought this for me when I asked him to make me a high table for the classroom. We went shopping, and I found this table. He paid for it, and he said, “This is better than what I could have made you, and far less expensive.”

I was not accepted because I had a table in my classroom. It was tall, and Dad bought one chair for it. This was my teaching post. I had to climb the chair to get in it. The table was light, and I could carry it from the car to the classroom with ease. I was excited when I put it in my room at school. I hoped it would be there the next day. I knew it was valuable, but I loved my new table. The children would climb the chair, and one at a time would sit in my chair. I allowed this, because it gave a quiet post for some to look over the room, and smile back at their peers.

I loved it, and when I resigned from teaching, I took my table, and chair back home. I placed them in the kitchen. Dad was right. I think about him, and Mom all the time now. The table holds many things, and I have to clean if off, and sort through the things that have gathered on it. Isaac cooks and he collects cans of flour. There are several of those on the table. I put everything on lazy-Susans, and they go around, to give me what I want off them.

Pot Pie Takes Time.

I brought my pans to the church to boil the vegetables together before putting them in the pie. This cuts down on the cooking time, and it assures that the vegetables are done. No one likes raw potatoes in their pot pie.

After the water is put on the stove for the vegetables, I prepare them for the pan. Broccoli has tiny stems that need to be cut off. I half the bunch, and may half it again. Then I can find those tiny stems in-between the broccoli. Carrots need to boil for a while. If you cut the potatoes thinner, and then cut them into pieces, they will have no trouble baking.

I bought a red, ceramic dish that is at least a foot long, and 3 inches high. The inside is cream, and the outside of the dish is bright, red. I put my pie dough on the bottom of the pan after rubbing the pan with oil. This assures that cleaning will not become a problem. I could have sprayed the bottom of the pan with oil, but I forgot to bring it with me this time. The begin to form the pie shell. It will take two layers, and 1 1/2 rolls of pie dough for the bottom, and the top. I cover the bottom of the dish, and then start putting in the ingredients. I have no system. I use canned meat, because I have tried cutting up meat, and it has parts that need to be taken out. You will need at least 5 cans of meat for a good sized pie. I prefer the canned meat. It has already been selected, and fixed. I do rinse it out, with the top of the opened can over it. Every step and detail to the pie is important. You can’t rush through this pie.

Yesterday I added the tops of the broccoli, carrots that were steamed, and cut, and several slices of potato that I cut again into smaller pieces. This is a simple menu of vegetables, but men like meat and potatoes mostly in this pie. It is a good pie when fixed right. I add cans of creamy soup, and butter, and peas. By the time I have added all this, my pie is thick, and full of protein. It is hard to tell how to make this pie tasty, but when all the ingredients are together, it has much taste. At times I cook the broccoli, and serve it as a side. This time I put it in the pie. I don’t us many vegetables, but the dish I used was huge. It took time to fill it, and another Pyrex dish. Baking the pies takes time because I bake them at 350 for about an hour and a half. I wait until the dough is completely done. Some liquid will spill out if the pie is too full. I think this is a sign that the pie is about done. If you don’t have a timer, write down when you started to bake the pie. Allow a good hour plus if the pie is thick. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like pot pie. We had left overs because some people didn’t come due to sickness, and tiredness. I use one spice. I did salt and pepper the inside of the pie after the filling was in. On the outside I used more herb spice as a decorative finish.