Home is where the Heart Rests. Being Kind is Practicing patience. We are all going forward in life. Figuring out what our talent, and purpose in life are will set us for productivity.


Welcome to Rubies Corner’s Blog. I love this page. I love people, and I love to write. I have been writing for ten, years with Word Press. My son wanted me to write, so I wouldn’t be interrupting his time on the computer. He got me started, and I have been writing since. Smile. I love to write.

When you give your life to Christ, you lasso your tongue, and give it to Him. Many are the plans of the wicked, but God delivers us out of all the enemies’ plans. When you are head-to-toe, His child, it shows. The joy of the Lord will be evident. Pride , arrogance, and pity are not God’s characteristics for you. Submission to Christ is total, or not at all. It is your choice to choose Jesus as your Savior. Many have fallen, but those who keep standing in the Lord, will stand having done everything to stand.

Believe, knowing Christ is a miracle , and when you find Him. It is not good to let go. Fall in line with Jesus. Allow Him to come into your life. I believe it was miraculous that I found him at 8, years old, and I am so glad. I changed many times, but mainly the joy of the Lord flowed into my, heart. I was a, sad, child at times, until I found Him. Life was not always happy, and when I found Christ I changed from not happy, to singing. It was the first fruit I had……the joy of the Lord.

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