The Nice, Sunny, Days will Come to an End.

This is beautiful Fall weather here. We love the Fall. I believe it is so pretty out, almost like we are in lighter, summer weather still. This will close out, and come to an end, and the cold of Winter will come. I love snow, but not Winter. Smile. I love to be warm, and if I am, I manage Winter just fine.

One has to plan ahead on what to wear in Winter. The clothes are heavier, and it takes them longer to dry on the line, or on the hanger. I hang dry many things during the month, because I don’t always like to put everything in the dryer. It is expensive to use it that much.

So I am enjoying the last of the sunny days, and the fact that I am retired. I don’t go to work, but I do work around the house. I mop the floors, and sweep behind the couch, and under the heavier chairs. I find dust bunnies this way. I vacuum, and dust when I have the time. I believe I have all the time I need to read, and then to clean.



The Day Changed. I had more Posts. Now I have One for Today.

One post is better than no posts. I sit before the computer and write, and write. Eventually the day changes, and I go back down to one post when I write it. I guess the game will continue. Who can type that many posts? And does everyone want to read thirty posts all at one time? Maybe a minimum of ten would be better. I could go watch television, because ten posts don’t take that much time.

The grass is green. Winter is long in coming, but I love it when the sun shines to 77 and 88 degrees. I love this kind of perfect weather. It is perfect to take a walk. It is perfect to be cleaning, and take things outside, and bring them in after sweeping. I believe we must enjoy the weather, and smile more when it is perfect.


A little bit of clutter will grow until you know you must do something about it. The clutter is there because you were interrupted. You had to go, or do something else, and then you lost momentum. Well, don’t give up. You can deal with the clutter. It attracts dust, and dust can be light, but in dust balls. So sweep, and remove the clutter, and sweep again. It takes time to redo what you were doing, but in the end, you will be glad you got rid of the clutter. Take spots, where clutter has happened. Throw what needs to be tossed, and then look at what you have. It is more roomy without the clutter. There is a neater look. You might just want to sit down, and read. You have nothing to move so you can sit down. Wow! The removal of the clutter has its assets.

Step Away.

When you know the situation you are in is caustic, step away. Go with your peace to the car, or to the bedroom, or to the computer. You will see that doing this will leave the argument to take up with the other person in the house, not you. If someone is so sure they will argue with you, then argue, but most of the time, I bind Satan, sin, and self, and step away. I go to another place for a while. Then I reflect on the Lord, and build up some peace before I go back to them. It helps. Stepping away at work works also. When you hear contention, strife, or gossip from someone, just step away. They will get the picture. You are not going to add to it.

I believe this works until you have to say something. When you do, if you are trusting the Lord, He will give you wisdom. Some humor may break the dark clouds of strife and contention. Otherwise, I say rebuke those two demons of strife, and contention in Jesus name. It works. If you are His child, you have authority in Jesus name to rebuke the devil. He will leave you and them. Do it where you can hear, but they can’t tell what you are saying. I do this at times aloud. It shocks people, but I may have had enough.

Strife, and contention are not welcome when we come against them in Jesus name, and tell them to leave. Our Bibles need to be read, open daily, and we need the pride, and arrogance bound in Jesus name. Humility is for all of us. Be humble before the Lord, and then speak. He will give you what to say.

Do You Have a Family Doctor?

This is a good question to ask yourself. Are you satisfied with the doctor you have? Do you go for regular check ups once a year? Have you had all your shots? I am not nosey. I don’t need to know the answers, but I must remind you, that when the times get tougher, a good doctor will be most beneficial. Someone who won’t rush to see you, and fly out the door is not a good doctor. You need someone who will take a little time to talk, and see what the problem is that you brought them. It can be a small little finger that is infected. A good doctor will still see you, and take the time to prescribe the right medication. The small things are sometimes the ones that need our attention. Be aware, that there are wonderful doctors who will talk, and who will prescribe with care. When you need pain medication, they will give it to you, but not in exorbitant amounts.

We are Having Supper Soon.

I am out-of-the-way, and writing, because the last minutes need to be busier than I want to be in the kitchen. I am tired, and I have been running the washer, and dryer all day. I need a break from the cooking. So I am out of the kitchen. We are fixing meatloaf my way, and when it is done, it will be eaten at this meal with vegetables, and then later as sandwiches. We love meatloaf sandwiches. I try not to eat much bread lately. Isaac made the meatloaf, and he doesn’t add a topping. I will have to have ketchup on mine. I will do fine. We have enough ketchup. I am used to putting a mixture of ketchup and sweet things in the meatloaf. Isaac keeps it healthy. He won’t add the topping.

Saving For a Rainy Day.

I have always had a piggy bank. Since I was a kid, sharing the bank with my sister, I always put a penny or a dime in my bank. Now that I am older, I find myself still saving here and there in order to have enough for a rainy day. I hide my money where no one will guess where it is. We have plenty, but I save towards the day when all of a sudden we owe, or we need and not one dime is there to pay it.

Is this wisdom or insecurity? It may be both. It isn’t raining today, and I am not talking about an ordinary, rainy day. When you don’t have enough to buy groceries, you eat what you have. You don’t borrow. You pray. I was raised in a minister’s home, and there were times when we had the table set, and we didn’t eat. I didn’t remember fasting, but we had no, choice.

If you have two, jobs in your family, you still need to put away for a Rainy Day. We think banks are the place to put the money, but I know there are other places to hide what I have to save. I don’t have much, but some money can buy food, and help with a bill we can’t pay. Or if the bills are paid, we can coast on what I have until payday. Most wives should read this again.

Tithing your income is a must for Christians. I know people who are givers, and they aren’t worry about giving. The give, and give, and I know the seed they sow will come back in harder times. You never know what God will do when you  give the money to Him. He gives us wisdom. I believe wisdom is to put 5 dollars back for what you may need. It may never be spent, but at least you have it in the cookie jar. You might put some in a notebook, or a satchel. You might put some in an envelope, and hide it in your drawer. When time comes that you need the money for a bill, and there is no other avenue to have the money, your savings will help. I have done this for several years. Ed knows that I hide the money away for when we need it. When that time comes, I am glad I saved. It may be a small amount, but it usually helps with that impossible situation. You know, when you tithe, God will take care of your needs when they come to a head. I do, a little at a time. I can’t give over what Ed, and I do, but I go ahead. God is faithful. He doesn’t count the money.