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One of My Goals This Year is to Finish Reading My Bible, By December 31st. This is my 7th, time. — May 26, 2015

One of My Goals This Year is to Finish Reading My Bible, By December 31st. This is my 7th, time.

I have started reading my Bible as of the first of this year. When I finish reading it, in its entirety, I save the page that I have used to check off the chapters that were used. This is my seventh time to read through the whole Bible. It can take three months, but I am going slowly through this time. I may only read it one time this year.

Today I finished reading the New Testament book of Philippians. I read chapter 3-4 because they were next on the page. I love this way of methodically going through the Bible, and choosing which book to read next. I don’t have to go in consecutive order, and yet, I can choose where to read next. I am getting excited about this, because the New Testament is coming along. I have yet to complete the Psalms in the Old Testament. I have several books left to finish. I want to be balanced in the reading, so I will read on, more chapters at a time.

I feel a sensing of accomplishment when I have finished the Bible. It is like reading an interesting book, only this one is special. It isn’t like an ordinary book. The Bible was written by men who were inspired by God to write it. It took many years for this to be put together. I love the Psalms. They will be easy to finish because Psalms is a book I read almost year round.

Why read the same book 7 times? I am a Christian. From my point of view, the Word is never wasted when it is read. It produces light. It keeps me walking straight with God on His path. I need the light that it offers. I am not being proud in telling you. I am letting you know that it is a pleasure to read the Word, for myself. I study, because I feel that I will be teaching the Word again. I need to read it for it provides light to my soul. It is a lamp that lights my way, and I readily see areas that need to be healed, or things that I need to change in my life.

I made a commitment to try to finish the Bible this year. I started reading it January 1st, so I am trying to complete it. Several times in reading over a passage helps me see things differently. In Language classes, a professor will require that a piece of literature be read several, times. I believe the more, one can read the Bible, and take it to heart, the better. I am not racing through the Bible. I have taken my time to slowly, go through it this time, and to glean what I can from reading it once more.

When you read the Word like this, it will surface again when you need the encouragement of the Lord. I am praying for someone who confided in me. I believe God will help her. God gave me wisdom, and I think it was from the Holy Spirit. Take the Word inside, and it becomes a light, a treasure, and it will not return empty.

I take with me a pad of paper, and my journal. I date the journal page, and write down the chapter that I’m reading. I usually find five, passages that mean something to me. I write them down verbatim. It is not easy to write long passages of the Bible down, but it is Kinesthetic, because I will remember the passage.

One physical reason for reading the Bible is that it produces healing for the mind, body, and soul. Psalm 1 talks about a person being happy who meditates on the Word of God. I am going slowly, because I respect the Word, and rushing through isn’t the point. I believe the Word of God is like a mighty waterfall. It cleanses, it brings forth blessing, and produces the joy, peace, kindness, love of God, and the fruit of the Spirit of God, because you take the Word inside you. I need the fruit of the Holy Spirit in me as well as the gifts that God will give. I believe the Word is living, and alive and that it produces the fruit of faith, faithfulness, and gentleness. Knowing the Word of God is good, and when you teach, it helps to be familiar with the text…even the Bible, text.

I Awoke First in My, Family. Today is Memorial Day. — May 25, 2015

I Awoke First in My, Family. Today is Memorial Day.

We celebrated Memorial Day with a, special, supper last night. We had a, wonderful, church, supper last night with hamburgers, hotdogs, and the works. The works were baked beans, and special, cookies that my son, Isaac brought in for Sunday, potato salad, fresh, cut, tomatoes, and other, cookies by Isaac. He had one container for after church, and another for the meal, Sunday, night.

A, purple, onion was brought in to go on the burgers. It was brought in by someone who can’t stand onions. He gets sick on them. I cut that purple, onion, and fixed it on the plate. I did the best I could. Have you ever eaten a, purple, onion?

The purple, onion is wrapped in a, purple, skin, and it is really, purple! It can be a, mild, onion. I was thrilled to have an onion! We haven’t been eating them for Sunday, night, suppers, or Wednesday, nights, because I didn’t think this person would want to eat with an onion, around him. He sure surprised us with the purple, onion. He has gotten sick when he has eaten them.

My dad used to eat a,white,onion sliced on a piece of bread, with butter on two,sides of the sandwich. He loved onions. He declared that if you do this when a,cold starts, the cold will not be as bad, or it might just go away.

I have eaten plenty of onion,sandwiches in order to make a cold go away! I don’t know if it helped, but I ate the whole, onion, sandwich with butter! Dad believed in finishing what you start. I had to finish the sandwich, if I started it. Can you imagine the family eating an, onion, sandwich apiece? We didn’t have mouth wash in those days! We didn’t eat them as a family, but dad always would eat an, onion, sandwich if he had a symptom of a cold coming on.

I love any kind of onion! I chew on breath, mints to overcome the smell of onion-breath.. They may not have any, nutritional, value, yet…………but I love a, good, onion on a, hamburger. Ours were grilled, but the fellow who cooked them had to go on to work. He has several, jobs. Today he might be off from work, but last, night he had to report in for duty.

I am a, retired, Elementary school teacher. Teaching is one of those jobs, that isn’t a job. It is usually a calling. Most teachers have been smart all their lives. They come to high school graduation, and know what they want to become. This means more, education, but they take the task on, because they are led, called, feel like it is best for them, or something gets them into the field. Maybe Mom was a teacher, and there is the heritage that plays an important, role.

My son did not become a teacher, but he does teach the children on three, nights, at the church. The child he teaches is getting older. We have visitors, and Isaac teaches them. One just graduated from 5th grade.

My son is a Graphic Designer,and Communications major. Instead of attending a, four, year, college, and going to work, Isaac decided to go through another, major. We attended two, college, level, graduations, and celebrated both, times.

He will be making a birthday, card especially for someone who saw his work for our graduate at church. She graduated with honors, and also celebrated her birthday in the same week. Isaac worked on the card that the church gave her. A card seems simple, but it took some work.

Isaac, is writing a book……which he has been working on for about a year. He is witty, intellectual, and creative. If he could illustrate his book, it might sell faster…..when he finishes it. It has taken as long to read through it, and edit it, as it took to write. Wow!

I am also slowly, writing a, book. I plan to finish by November, and that is whether it is ready enough, or not. I am not into details. I write fluently, and let it flow from page,to page. There are days I don’t write on the book, and there are times when I am inspired, and I push on to new, pages. I have three, other, manuscripts that were started in November of other, years. This is the only year that I continued writing in order to finish the novel.

Yes, it is a novel. I feel there is a need for Christian, novels that are up to date. I read one, author when I was a teen, who inspired me to read my Bible, when I finished reading her, books. They were dramatic, love, stories, adventuresome, and all that you want in a novel, but good, literature without smut, and foul language. She was the type, author who sat down, and finished the book within months of writing. It poured from her heart, and in those days, typewriters were old-fashioned, and a pain to write with. I do believe her objective in life was to share Christ through her novels. By the time she finished writing, I wanted to read my Bible, and pray more than I was. It was at times painful to finish reading her book, because I was so led to study the Word of God.

This appeal was not in the form of preaching at the audience. It was sharing the characteristics of a Christian, godly person, versus the worldly, person who knew God, but didn’t have a relationship with Christ. They had a false, Christianity, and a, religiousness that carried much pride.

Who was the older, author I am talking about? Grace Livingston Hill. I read many of her books. So many as a teen, and as a, young, person growing up in a world that was always choosing right, or wrong, religion, or Christ. I value this author, and though she has gone on to Heaven, I know that I will speak with her when I get there. She inspired me to pursue Christ through her writing. If I can write a book that will inspire one person, it would be worth the effort.

We Just Got Home About 15 Minutes Ago…………. —

We Just Got Home About 15 Minutes Ago………….

What a nice day. I went home with Isaac, after we ate at Panera Bread with Ed. It was just us three. I had a meat salad. It had fruit in it also. It was very good, but I didn’t eat all the lettuce. I ate blueberries, strawberries, and nuts, in the salad. The nuts were pecan. I thought the pineapple was good in the salad. It had several, kinds of fruit, but not apples.

We had our carry in supper tonight. It was nice. Isaac made chocolate chip cookies, and I didn’t make brownies. I will for Wednesday night. I brought home the brownie mixes, and a cake mix. Now I have plenty to make this next week. I will bring one dessert.

The meal was wonderful tonight. The person who cooked the hamburgers had to go on to work. I don’t know what he ate for his supper. Maybe he had a hamburger on the way out. I doubt it. The burgers and hotdogs were all done by the time Isaac, and I returned to the church.

We had our meal, and then Ed had us pray together, and talk. We had a nice, small, group. We are growing.

Typing With My Cat on My Shoulder! — May 24, 2015

Typing With My Cat on My Shoulder!

I have had a, busy, week. Yesterday was Graduation for someone at the church. We went to her graduation.  I  cleaned the house. Some areas needed more attention. Yesterday I also cleaned out my Cedar Chest. It took a while, and I had to choose what to put back in the chest.

Just now while I was typing, the Smokie, our youngest cat, hopped up on my back. I didn’t want her to get on my back. She licked my face, and she is humming now, as she is holding herself on my shoulders. She just started licking.

I am going to say, “Yuck,” and now she has scooted back. She is wagging her tail slowly, and it is hitting my lips. She scooted back again. Now she is licking my hair. I don’t like this, but I am writing you, as she is doing things.

I came home to do something other than wait at the church. I needed a break from being there. Usually I stay, and study, pray, work in the kitchen, and I am available for these things. I didn’t want to stay this afternoon. I have been doing things all week. I am tired, and not rested. I have to be there tonight. We are having carry in for supper. Everyone is bringing their food, and then we are cooking hamburgers.

I am resting “my way” and the baby, kitty is still licking, purring, and whipping her tail. It is amusing. This will be a “Different” post. I am aware that some people can’t stand cats. This cat, who is on my shoulders, usually stays in the first, bathroom. It is her home. Now she is purring. She may go to sleep, resting on my back. I notice that her claws are clinging to my shirt. She doesn’t want to fall. I can’t respond to her, but she seems to be so happy flipping her tail, and still licking me at times.

I know she loves me. It is that I am always too, busy to let her do this when I come into the bathroom. I put clothes in the washer, and into the dryer, and take clothes out of the washer, and the dryer. It is a big task, and with her “love” it makes my time a little, longer in the bathroom. I am letting her on my back this time.

I guess I need to be thankful in all things. This is the will of God for me. It is His will for us to be thankful. Now I will get Smokie down, or find Isaac, who gives her attention. He is her caretaker, and the one who feeds, and changes everything out.

I have said much, and she is quiet. The purring has stopped, and her tail is wagging back and forth to the beat of 1-2, 1-2. How odd. I will tell her out loud, “I love you,” and put her back in a little while. For all that Isaac does for her, I can let her rest for a moment. Wish I had thought about putting a towel on my shirt, so if she gets upset, I won’t have scratches. She usually scratches all of us who pay her much attention. She is shades of gray, and she has pretty, eyes. I don’t want to look at her eyes. She may want to move, and that might hurt! Smile.

I reached back, and petted her nose, and face. She moved, and now she is purring, again.

“It’s a baby Boo!” I said.

I put my head near her face. She must like to snuggle. Soon she started to move, and to lick my face. I am not used to the tail swinging into my mouth, and her licking my face. I must stop typing!

My Stomach Is Growling , And I just Ate Oatmeal… —

My Stomach Is Growling , And I just Ate Oatmeal…

My stomach is growling, and I just ate oatmeal. I can’t help it if I didn’t want much. I have eaten well for some time, and I am trying to stop eating well. I need to push back from the table. My stomach is growling!

Tonight will be the test. I assure you there will be plenty of sweets. I don’t want to overdo on the sweets. I could eat one of Isaac’s cookies. They are wonderful, but I am trying to trim down, not make the weight worse. It is hard to come down, when I have gone on with the weight. It is slowly coming down.

Perfect Is Not Better. —

Perfect Is Not Better.

I like to dress to perfection. On the way to my destination, I lose some fingernail polish, and my nails are not perfect. I might get a spot on my pants at breakfast, so I eat, and change. I want to look nice, but it isn’t possible. I always take extra clothes, because of the messes that I make in the kitchen. My world is too, busy.

We went to Graduation exercises, and sat in the bleachers. I haven’t sat in bleachers, since I went to hear someone in Atlanta, who was a, famous, Bible, teacher. We were in the gym, and she was down front. Later we went to see a young, promising speaker. We sat in bleachers.

Gymnasiums are larger, and I guess it makes sense. I have sat in huge, buildings, in the back. It was hard to see the speaker, but we could hear him. It might have been better to stay home. We could have watched everything on television.

I have on beige, pants. They will be dirty by tonight when I go home. I have extra, clothes packed. I hate to be dirty, but I can’t cook without getting messed up. We have carry-in tonight. I am tired. This is my third, day of activities. All of them were important. Our Graduate is coming tonight. She will be cheered in church for her accomplishments. I believe she is the most humble, straight-A, student I have known.

I am wearing black for Memorial day, and I have a beautiful, printed, shirt to wear over this. I leave the shirt unbuttoned because I have the black sweater on. It will act as a jacket until I get hot. Then the jacket will be folded. I included a yellow, shirt in case I get real, hot. Usually we have the air condition on at the church. It gets cool.

Sometimes perfect is not better. You want a perfect, cake but it falls. From then on people want the cake to fall, because it really was good.

“I like it burned. Some people do! Burn it, Ruby!” someone told me.

“It isn’t perfect.” I said.
“I like it just like this.” someone told me.

I have tried to make the Easy cake for years. It comes out imperfect…nothing seems right about it, but people love it. You put a cake mix, pineapple, butter, a can of cherries, and some nuts together,with a stick of butter. Put it in the oven, and don’t touch it. Don’t melt the butter, or stir. Leave it alone. It comes out perfect. You scoop this out of the pan, and serve it with ice cream. Wow!

My Room Has Been in Turmoil for two, days…………. —

My Room Has Been in Turmoil for two, days………….

I tired of cleaning, so I sat down to type. I have put everything back into my cedar chest that needs to go there. I have the rest to disperse somewhere. I have bagged up some of this good, stuff. I want the room back in order. I don’t like chaos for long. I work on this, because I was born with chaos, confusion, and disorganized ways. I have just begun with the organizing, and straightening. I will be doing this all my life.

So my closet is fine, but crowded. My cedar chest is just finished. Now to find a place for everything. I might be better off to take some things to the next yard sale, so we can sell the. That is the easy way, but I don’t like clutter in this bedroom. It is too, small for clutter.

Exercise is Good………….., —

Exercise is Good…………..,

Exercise is good for you. I know it causes you to be mobile. I found myself slowly walking to the bleachers today to see the graduation ceremony. Then we slowly walked back through the grass, across the road, and through taller grass to the car. At least the sun was out. My shoes did not get wet again. I noticed that I needed to be slower for some reason. Maybe it was sitting for two hours in the sun, or maybe I am getting older. I have my senses, so I might need to walk more, not less.

I know exercise is good for all of us. I used to walk with my P. E. Class for two, miles. We all had enough money to buy a candy bar to eat on the way back to class. This makes me smile. I could hardly wait to get to the store, to have a Babe Ruth candy bar. I didn’t need it. I was sure it would help me make it back to class. We turned around soon, and headed back to school. At least P. E. was worth coming to when we took this long, walk.

Some People Are Always Prepared….. —

Some People Are Always Prepared…..

I noticed a lady with a fold-up chair in line today. She was prepared, like I wasn’t. She had a hat, sunglasses, and the fold-up chair that maybe she took also to ballgames. I do envy people who think about what to sit on at a graduation that holds guests in the bleachers. I had no water, and no special seat.

We weren’t there long enough for the sun to really shine hot, but it did get rather warm. Some water would have been better than nothing. I wanted to get up and find some, but I didn’t. I wore a light sweater, but it was soon too hot for the sweater. I struggled, but sat there without complaining. Ed and Isaac were smart. They wore blue jeans, and sports shirts. I should have worn something more comfortable. We walked to the bleachers, and back to the car. That was good to walk, but somehow I was slower until we ate. I didn’t have enough energy.

We ate with the family of the young lady who graduated. She was tickled pink over graduating. I know she was thrilled to be out of school, and out of high school. She knows where she will be this Fall. That decision was firmly made. I believe she made a good choice.

Sitting in the Bleachers……….. —

Sitting in the Bleachers………..

It was a beautiful, sunny day for going to a 9:00 A. M graduation. Today is Saturday, and we attended an outdoor graduation today. I was glad for the sunshine. The students who were graduating, walked from the cafeteria, to the field where they took seats in folded chairs laid out carefully, row—after–row.

The program was laid out for us on a bulletin. We knew it wouldn’t be a long program. It moved through the program. I lost my attention on some of the speakers. They couldn’t keep my attention. I was up in the night more than I was asleep. I couldn’t concentrate on what they had to say.

Several did capture my attention. They had their speeches as prepared, but they knew that the attention span today was going to be lower due to the excitement of the graduating class. They spoke with sincerity, clarity, and some added some funny lines. I don’t think much could have kept us from laughing. We were excited for our family members who were graduating.

My family didn’t have anyone graduating. That was last year. This family had a Senior, and they came to Isaac’s graduation last year. It is nice to have company at these events. It was interesting to study what people wear to special occasions like this. There were some in pants and tops, and others in skirts, and tops. Everything was matching. Then there were others in dresses. The length varied. For the most part, everyone chose something reasonable, and pretty to wear. I am talking mostly about the women. Some were too big to be wearing what they had on, and others were just right. I didn’t say anything, nor do I judge. What makes you feel good, is what you should wear.

I do think that at times a little boldness is a good thing. I wear bright colors….because I am the artist type. I love to paint. I am not for the pale colors. Give me bold green, light green, and bright yellow. How about orange? Is it really as popular now? It has been so popular others have called it the new substitute for red. I have an orange dress. My eyes are green, but somehow orange looks …..great!


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