Sunday is Always Good.

Today has been a pretty day, with a little rain coming in at the close of our day. I believe the sun was out most of today. Church was good. We heard a wonderful message, and I am sure we were blessed. I believe Spring is trying to appear.


We are Home.

We arrived home about a half hour ago. I am glad we went to see Joanne at the Nursing Home. She knows us, talked a blue-streak, and prayed with us. This lady is with the program, and she is smart. Her mind is wonderful. We prayed with her and left after staying for a while. I believe today’s visit was good. I haven’t seen her in a while, and she was delightful.

We Went With Guest 1 to Fresh Market.

Somehow, in discussing the day, Isaac agreed to go with Guest 1 to the Fresh Market. Guest 1 asked me if I wanted to go with them. I didn’t, but I went, because I needed to get out of the house. I believe we are coming along today. Guest 1 is fixing supper. Isaac and I woke to calls to breakfast this morning. Guest 2 had fixed breakfast in the oven. What a day so far. All this guest cooking is helping me to rest a little more.

Isaac is working on the cookies he is having after church, tomorrow. Oatmeal luxury cookies. They sound loaded with goodies such as nuts, raisins, and possibly chocolate chips. I can’t have any. I am off sweets, and bread until the week before Easter. This is my first day successfully to have not gotten into the sweets. I was fasting Wednesday, and Thursday, but I broke over for ice cream. It takes me longer to start. Once off, I won’t miss the sweets.

Guest 1 has sweet potatoes in the oven. When she gets back from the store, she will fix supper her way. It gives me a break, and another cook is welcome. This makes four of us cooking food. I was surprised last week when Ed fixed the eggs before we left for the doctor’s office. I believe eggs are full of protein, and energy.

Isaac is Making Cookies for Tomorrow.

Isaac is making cookies for tomorrow, after church. He won’t make sugar cookies. He is making Luxury Oatmeal cookies. They will be good, and the luxury will be the ingredients he uses. We serve something to spoil lunch every Sunday. Really, it helps start conversations about life, and the message they just heard.

Psalm 71 will Be Mine All Year.

I plan to read Psalm 71 frequently. I have to find a quiet place daily, and at times there is no place to read except in the Bedroom, or in the computer room where Isaac sleeps.

The Word of God, the Bible, is living and active. It is sharper on both sides, and it is a sword. It pierces and cuts, dividing parts that it chooses. I memorized verses to go to camp, and they are still with me to this day. I believe when we read the Word, that it is planted in our spirit. When we cry for help, God sends us a Word that is planted by the reading. It is a lamp to our feet, and it marks the path we should be on spiritually. If you read the passage enough, soon you will be recalling it from your memory.

Carrying the Banner of Faith to Another Generation.

My husband and I have been in Ministry almost all our married life. Many are the trials of the righteous, but God delivers us from them all. My observations of Mom and Dad in ministry have helped in my own home. Of the things I inherited from my parents, I received the dishes, and the silverware. Mom entertained the leaders of our churches many times with her meals. Dad encouraged us girls to help her, and we did.

Now I cook dinner on Wednesday nights for the people who come for study. Between Ed’s Mom, and my Mom, I learned to cook, and to serve meals. We have carried the banner of faith to several churches, and going to Seminary was quite an experience. I worked while Ed studied. I believe what I have learned is volumes, but I am still learning.

The Banner of Faith is that Jesus died for me, rose again, and He is coming back. I believe the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all our sins. We change when we receive Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. I did. I went from shy as a post, to joyful, and talking to those I knew. I studied the lessons in Child Evangelism and taught children for 10 years in the summers.

We have one son. He is on the web. Isaac is the first “Isaac” in our family lines. I believed the redeemed of the Lord say so. Isaac works with children at our church, and his creativity, and talent is in sculpture. He gave a little girl a doll he had created in 6 minutes out of a napkin. She took it, and loved her doll. He has had this talent since he started at 5 making animals out of napkins, clay, and cookie dough. We would bake the cookies he made into shapes. He has a degree in Graphic Arts, and Communication. Two degrees. I am not the smart one. My husband pursued his De-min degree at Seminary.