Weather is Moving In.

Peace. Peace be still. May God’s Presence envelope you, surround you, and be with you as you read the Word, study, and communicate with Him. It isn’t easy to break the chains of unbelief, doubt, and the bonds that hold us captive, but Jesus said to rebuke the devil and he will flee. If you since the devil, then rebuke him, or go to a friend and the two of you rebuke him. You agree, and it is in agreement that you will see recovery. God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a sound mind.

We walk by faith, not by sight. I do believe we must put our faith out there, whether anyone hears us or not. At times we need to rebuke the devil that is standing in our home. Ed does this at times here at our home. I do also. You can create the peace in your home, by shutting off the television, and the radio, and giving the silence to God. Bind Satan, self, and sin in you, and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you from head to toe.

Our unbelief causes us to stumble, and not make moves in the Holy Spirit. Many of us have stubbornness, and we had it when we were born. God turns stubbornness, and willfulness into tenacious faith when we change to submitting to Him from head to toe. You ask God to come fill you with the Holy Spirit. You ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and you rebuke the devils in Jesus name.

You don’t ask them to leave, you command them to leave. Walk through the home, and take authority in Jesus name. This is walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is your moving from self, and Satan, to being fuller of the Holy Spirit.

He bought, paid for your sins on the Cross. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and He gives you salvation when you repent of your evil ways, and turn to face Him with delight, and worship.

Years ago, Ed and I changed our Diet.

Ed had heart trouble, and as a result, we changed our eating habits. We don’t eat steak and red meats like we did. We don’t fry hamburgers, and eat fried foods. We try to eat plain, good, healthy greens, and vegetables. We eat fish, or pork. Tonight we had baked fish. It was delicious. Isaac found Salmon on sale. I have to eat fish, and spinach a minimum of two times a week. I am sure we make this goal.

I changed my eating habits with Ed’s crisis. I had to get a pacemaker.  The doctor was wonderful, and I adjusted to the new pacemaker in a few weeks. At first I couldn’t raise my left hand. I had to do things with my right hand. Ed, and Isaac were careful to help me. I am wearing my second pacemaker. It is new, and it gives me no trouble. I haven’t done anything to break a wire. I am not aware that the pacemaker is there most of the time. I am careful, but I am active most days.

Why are Churches Empty? 2

I would like to cover this topic again. It is a huge topic, but I probably know more since I have been observant since I was a child. My father was a minister, and he pastored churches. I married a minister, and we have been at the same church for over 30 years. We were with other churches before this. There are some real reasons why people won’t come to church. Let me discuss this.

No one has to go to church. You can meet with Christians in your home, and you are fellowshipping, but the Bible does say not to neglect gathering together as believers.

It has been a long time that I have observed services. Dad drew to his teaching, and it caused the church to grow. He kept the services lively, and he had a television program that may have helped one church grow. So why are churches struggling? Some people work a full schedule, and they still come to church.

I notice that those who have come to Christ, and it made a difference, are those who enjoy church. I believe we should enjoy church to a point. If our life is not right, and straight, I believe we don’t want to darken the church door.

here are bitter situations from the past that cause people to give up on going to church. Some get bored with the idea. Others don’t even think of going. I know plenty of people who have had a rough time with church, but they still attend. We do what we want, and insist on doing. Neglecting the fellowship can be what we are talking about. We go to church, it isn’t to gossip, or to cause hard feelings.

I believe church was built on the fact that Jesus died and rose again for us. He is our Savior, and that God loves us. There should be a change when we come to Christ. If not, then we need to ask the Savior into our lives more fully. 

Walking Barefoot among the Daisies. By Ruby J. Craft.

Ed will go for Tests.

There is a pile of posts that are not printed when I hit the button. I go to the website, and the writing is not there. I will complain, and carry on until I see what is really going on with my writing. It is distracting to write, and not get what I have written posted. The posts are going somewhere. I wrote about Ed going for a test.

Soup Again.

I’ve been having soup for lunch lately. I chose some Campbell’s soups. Today’s was vegetables with beef. It really has nuggets of beef in the soup. Everything is cut in squares, or little nuggets. There are carrots, celery, beef, green peas, and beans in it. I usually eat Ritz crackers with this. If I don’t get Ritz, I get a round cracker that is also wonderful. I prefer the Ritz.

Why just soup for lunch? Well, it is becoming a habit. I need to eat light, and in the meantime, supper is either popcorn, or it is a light dinner. Tonight Isaac is fixing fish, and I am asking for spinach soufflé which he knows how to make. I have to have  these for two, times a week… minimum.

I’m Suppose to Be off Four Things.

I drank a chocolate Boost this week, every day. I drank one today. Boost causes the metabolism to rise, and it is easier to lose weight. My problem is weight gain. I had a Greek salad , which was small, and a piece of steak burger. I didn’t eat all of it. I couldn’t. We haven’t had anything else, so virtually, we skipped supper. That is fine. I overdid with the breakfast. Boost, and two fried eggs is enough.