Are You Afraid of the Storms?

Trust in the Lord your God, and walk with Him through the Storm, like He is holding your hand as you go through it. I am praying for those who are in the storms, and struggling with their homes, and other belongings in a disaster situation. This is hard to go through.

Storms leave smashed homes, and clutter everywhere. Working though this is hard, and heart breaking.

We had to take everything we owned, and wash it. We packed it in bags, and set it outside on our carports. We haven’t washed it all, and there are still bags of clothes to dry, or to wash. It will take forever, but I will get to all of it. I worked on some this week, and today I will be cooking supper as always. The storm is coming, but we will have food ready.

Jesus rebuked the storm, and the waters settled. When he walked on the water, He got in the boat where the disciples were, and there was peace, and calm immediately. One time he stood to rebuke the storm when they woke Him up.

“Don’t you care? Why are you sleeping?”  they said.

God does care. We need to wake up, and rebuke the storms of life. Physical storms are an indication of the internal storms that are going on inside us. Deal with them, and may God give you His peace. Stop being afraid.

Absolute Respect.

I believe in honoring those who serve our country. I believe respect draws respect, but sometimes it doesn’t. I believe it is a good thing for people to be of the same mind, and to pray together. I believe there is too, much discord, and strife around us. The church is no place for contention, and strife. I believe what happened yesterday should be forgiven. I believe we walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit when we bind self, and Satan, and give our mind, body, soul, and spirit to God.

Two in agreement is often fought. Satan, and Self know that if you ever prayed together it would be like dynamite.

Isaiah 40:31

THOSE WHO WAIT for the Lord, will gain new strength in their inner man. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They won’t get tired from running, and they won’t faint and be weary from walking.

Waiting on the Lord means to sit down, open the Word, and stop being anxious about what is going on around you. Storms are coming this way, but the peace of God is on me from head to toe. I will manage to walk through the storm with His help, and Presence.

I have supper to cook tonight. Ed wants us to go through with the meal, and have our meeting together. It may be Ed, and me or it might be some brave people who will dare to come out even with the storm coming. We have been through this before, and we sat there and listened as the storm…the tornado hit the town. We were in a safe place, and we continued as usual…..reading the Word, studying, and praying together.

It sounds like a Daniel thing. The three men in the fiery  furnace walked about in the fire and there was a fourth there with them.

I hear sirens in a distance. The hospitals are down town, and the end of our street joins another one that leads downtown. I believe in the protection of the Lord. I am ready to meet Him, but I believe He will keep us in His hand. Smile. God loves you. Trust in Him.

Did You Take Chemistry in High School?

How Far is Guam? Did you take chemistry in High School? I did. I memorized the elements, and struggled through the course. By the time I finished, I was glad to have barely passed. I was ready to take another Chemistry class. I should have. I would have learned more, and known more about it today.

Chemistry was a challenge, but there were math problems that I worked because I learned how to work them. We did labs together, and I think it was an awesome class. I had no background, but I did pass!

March 1,2017…It is windy, and it has been raining. No storm has come near, yet.


I am ready for the storm mentally. I have meat, and supper to cook for those who will come to the meeting. My side has been hurting, and it just started again. I know it is not much, and I won’t worry any more about it. I guess I will fix the easiest thing I can if the power is on. If it is off, we will find food.

Ed Says We Are Meeting Tonight.

I will fear no evil, for God is with me. Psalm  23:

I know the bathroom at the church, has no windows, and that if I need security, I can run there and the storm won’t touch me. We are having a meal at the church, and I will cook as long as there is heat, and water coming in. We have met many times when the storm was going on around us. I remember when the tornado came through this town. We were at the church praying that night.

We didn’t go anywhere. We met with the small group of people who gathered for prayer meeting, and we continued to pray, read the Word, and listen to Ed speak. It was like Daniel when he insisted on praying even though he would get in trouble for doing so. We didn’t get in trouble. We were not harmed, or hurt.

When you go on through the storm, He allowed it for a reason. Maybe your glow will show. God in you is the Hope of Glory. Humility, and boldness, love, and faith with words that are said in kindness and gentleness mean much in perils.

. I believe when two agree, ten thousand can be put to flight. I believe we walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit when we submit to Him 100 %. Have you?


Storms are Headed This Way.

Good morning! Storms are headed this way, and by 4:00 P. M. they will have left their damage. We have trees around the church, and at home. We have some pine trees at home that sway with the winds that come through. I believe the Lord has been strong on our behalf. The house has been struck once, but Ed repaired the roof. I believe we could have seen worse, but God knows us, and looks out for us.

At times I tell Father that we don’t have the money for this or that. Will he fix it. I kicked the heating unit, and it came on. Isaac was little, and we didn’t have the money for a new one. We kicked it in Jesus name, because the Lord said to do this. Obedience is risky at times.

I have been told to do other things, and by faith I did. The result I never saw, but the obedience was working out in me. I have stubbornness that God broke and I am glad. I know His voice, and I know how to fight in the Holy Spirit. It has been a little while since I have fasted. The righteous have many trials, but the Lord delivers them from them all. It is our walk before Him that He sees. He knows us by name, and we visit with Him daily. So why wouldn’t He protect us in a storm when we call on Him?.

I was in another area and a storm was coming. I stepped outside of the store where I had to find something for the person I was staying with. I was visiting my sister. She sent me to get something at the store. Well, the dark clouds were rolling in, and it began to rain. I said, “Father in Jesus name I rebuke this storm from hindering me from getting back to my sister’s home. ” The storm stopped until I got to her home.