You Never Know What You Can Do Until You Try!

My first year of teaching was in the heart of the city where I went to college to get my B. S. degree in Education. I had never taught school, but I practiced with First Grade, and Fourth Grade. I received high marks in my Student Teaching, and I did work hard to teach the children. Another student was also practicing her teaching. We had to perform every other day. The children loved the idea of two, new, teachers.

I want to encourage you to pursuit what you know you are called to do in life. Maybe you have run from the idea, but if you know you are called to teaching, or ministry, don’t run from it. Pursuit it.

God hasn’t give you a spirit of fear, but love, power and a sound mind the Bible says.

I believe in the goodness of the Lord, and that when Psalm 23 talks about goodness, and mercy following me all the days of my life, that it is for all of those who know the Lord. To get to the place where you know you are in God’s will, meet with Him by yourself for three days at a certain time. God makes appointments. Ask Him what He wants you to do with your life. Bind Satan, sin, and self from speaking. It could be that you are on the wrong track. Have you asked God what He wants you to pursuit?

I happened to ask, and God spoke to me for the first time. I knew it was God. He said, “Teach.”

That was impossible to me, and I ran from those words, but when I faced them, I knew it was a calling on my life. I changed from Bible college to a Liberal Arts college where I would be taught Education, and become certified to teach. It took all the grit I had because I knew my sisters were smarter than I was. Yet God said to teach, and I told my dad, and mom. They were quiet, especially my Dad. He bowed his head in his hands, and didn’t speak, and I went out of the room finally. I didn’t understand . He must have been giving this back to God. I wasn’t going to be a missionary, but a teacher.

I believe God puts inside us what we should be doing with our lives. This post may be longer, and I know I repeat too, many times, but this time I feel someone is doubting that it is God speaking to them about what they should pursuit. Bind Satan, bind self, and sin, and loose the Holy Spirit to speak to you, Christian. He will through the Word, or in your mind, or heart. Then stop and listen. If you search for the answer, God will tell you.


FOR SOME REASON, my first thought with the word, “learn” is the song, “Learning to Lean” which is an old Gospel song.

I am a retired school teacher. It was my task to learn Phonics for the first time as the Reading Consultant of my school taught the first lessons to my class. I had no training in Phonics, and the whole school was going to the Primer and learning Phonics. Our teacher, the consultant, was an avid reader, and she was capable of entertaining, and helping my class. I learned Phonics, and my class now had a chance to learn to read with a new tool.

My first year of teaching, I didn’t know Phonics, and a retired school teacher came in January to help me. She taught my lowest non-readers, and most of them could read by the time she finished working with them. I did learn Phonics, and years later the school system laughed that I was using phonics in my classes to teach the children to read. I taught it like you would teach it for life to come into their faces. Once the children caught on, they beamed, and they wanted to read. The light inside came on, and they were no more hanging their heads because they could not catch on to reading. The gift of knowledge is wonderful! I am so glad someone taught me the basics which I never learned. I used Phonics until I became a Reading teacher, and I kept using it. Thank God for Phonics! The children Learned what they needed to Learn in order to become successful READERS!

So What Have You Been Wanting to Do That is Your Calling in Life?

I felt inadequate to become a teacher. I knew this was what I was going to do, but I put the whole idea on a shelf, and forgot it most of the time. I did buckle down in my studies, and I was good with everything but Math. I needed help, and I got by until I took Algebra. I excelled, and made A’s in Algebra. So the teacher was going to advise me to go to Algebra 2. I didn’t. Geometry was terrible, and General Math was fine. I believe I had no problem teaching math with the 5th graders when at times they had geometry, and other times they might have beginning Algebra.

I didn’t overcome the Math problem, but I did see that I had no gifting in this subject. One teacher worked with me, and by the time I had her for two, years, I was doing much better. She was a stickler for memorizing, and she drilled her homeroom class on their facts until we all knew them even to this day. I bless her as I write of her. She did me a world of good.

So what is your calling in life? Don’t run from what you really would like to do. If I can teach, you should be able to do what you have always wanted to do..write, write a book, travel, see the world, dance, sing, write music, make things in your own Art shop? I am listing possibilities. What I want to say before this gets lengthy is that everyone has a task they could do with their life. Christians are often gifted, but some are,shy to pursuit their talents. If you feel a tug when you think  of something creative that would set you free from the mundane, then pray about it. I know people who have taken the risk of doing their dream, and they won in the end. It really was their calling.

A Sense of Humor- 2

This is my second time of writing about a sense of humor. I believe some have lost their sense of humor. In the work place, I can tell when the sense of humor is gone. Let’s talk about the school system. Kids want to have fun, but when we have fun with them, the class gets noisy. We switch from serious to fun, and many times the fun is remembered.

A sense of humor is needed. My children always wanted to take their shoes off in the classroom. I don’t know why. We studied, and worked hard, but there were those days when I had them working at the white board, or making reports. We didn’t sit still, and quiet all day. Many times I would break the silence in the classroom, because I didn’t think it was truly a learning environment when the class was totally quiet all day long. I couldn’t stand the quiet for long.I would try to make them laugh, or we would get up, and do something after the lesson to illustrate what I was teaching them.

There is a time to be quiet, and a time to be serious. There are times when it is better to cry, than to laugh. At funerals, if you miss the person, you will cry. I believe remembering the good times that brought laughter will help when someone in the family has died.

I believe it would be good for adults, and children to collect times when they have laughed til they cried over something. The times are rare when a whole group of people laugh this hard. Can you remember doing this with those you know best? A sense of humor is good for you, and laughter is like medicine for your soul. Who do you know who is always laughing with you about something. Good laughter is not making fun of someone. Good laughter is not laughing over someone’s plight when they get caught. I believe good laughter is spontaneous.


A Sense of Humor.

I believe a sense of humor is wonderful, and yet authors should not leave this to everyone else. I believe humor is good in a sermon! I encourage my husband to add some humor, and he always has. He is an interesting speaker, but his humor has us in stitches at times. He is serious about the subject, and right after the humor may come the first dramatic point.

My father was a pastor, and I grew up hearing his sermons. He wanted them to be concise, and short, and he usually could speak with authority, and good delivery. When I went to Bible college, I sought people who were Christians, and who really knew the Lord. There were some who were apathetic, and ignorant about Christ. Really.

I went to a Liberal Arts college where I stayed to become a certified teacher in Education. I was told not to return to the Bible school, and the Dean put me on her list of those who wouldn’t be returning. We were in agreement. I was to go find a teaching degree.

People can’t believe that a Bible college told me I would never come back. I haven’t. I am glad that I did graduate from college with a B. S. degree in Education, and certification to teach in the classroom.

God has a bigger sense of humor than we do, and he did not lead me the wrong way when I went to Bible college. I needed to grow up in Him a little more. Roots have to be deep in ministry. I wasn’t going to run be a missionary, when God wanted me to teach. I couldn’t understand why I was kicked out, except for the calling to teach! It is still there. When you run away, God always finds you, and when you listen, you obey. I’m glad! Ephesians2:8-9 By grace!

PSALM 23 “though I walk through the valley…”

I have been thinking about Psalm 23 for a week or two. This part of the psalm I have not discussed enough. When you walk with the Lord, you may find yourself in a valley. It is normal. Your approach to the valley is important.

With God all things are possible. If you are going through something impossible..face Him who cares, because He loves you so.

This is a song I wrote, but I can’t sing it to you. I have to refer to the words. It was the first song I wrote, and the struggles I was in were improbable, and impossible, and so hard.

I sought the Lord, and he delivered me from my troubles at the time. But until He did, I had to go through the valleys. Despair is not welcome.

It is better to have little than not to know the Lord. I believe in the soon coming of Christ where he will catch His bride, the church, and we will meet him in the air. We should remember that he is coming back for His spotless bride.

How can we be spotless? Our sins are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. We are covered, and he sees the blood. We are cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ when we repent of our sins, and turn from walking with the devil, to walk with Christ.

The Person’s Clothes …

VISUALIZING THE ANOINTNG TO PREACH, SING, OR TO MINISTER THROUGH TEACHING TO SOMEONE. God says to love, but there is such a thing as speaking the truth with love. I believe in it, but those who do this are like gold. I would rather know the truth, and be free from the sin, than to stand, not knowing that I have something that needs to go.

On the other hand, God covers all of us with the blood of Jesus Christ his son who died for us on the cross. His blood covers when we confess our sins to Him in Jesus name. Humility comes forth by repentance, and repentance is needed by any one who professes their faith in Jesus Christ.

I believe you can tell if someone is walking in the Presence of the Lord, when you have been walking there also. Stand in His Presence, and sit in His Presence as you feed on the Word. The heart counts, and if your heart is right, your clothes will have his presence on them also. It isn’t brought. It is spending time with Him. In His Presence is fullness of joy. The love of God constrains us to tell the Gospel, and the good news about Christ. I often anoint my hands and feet, because I want to move in His Presence. Some days are all day with Him. It makes a peaceful home.