Supper tonight was Awesome. . Again!

We had creamed beans, pork roast heated from last night, and cookies for dessert. Yes, I ate a, huge, cookie. I walked a mile today, so I felt I could. I did eat that cookie. It was a sugar cookie, with icing on it. Isaac made the icing today to put on them. I don’t believe I will get to bring them tomorrow night. He will have to make another kind of dessert, or I will. I have an inkling about what I will make on Wednesday. If the creek doesn’t rise, I will make pork chops. They will be breaded, except for one or two of them.


The Peace of God.

The peace of God is not being nervous. The peace of God is like a coat, and you wear it. How do you get His peace? If you are already a Christian, it is by simply finding time to sit down, and read the Word, and pray. You find His peace, because you choose to be in His Presence for an hour of the day. It takes that long to read without rushing, and to settle into writing what you need to write from the Word that you studied.

I write key verses down, and then my thoughts. I date the entry, and I don’t write my words in shorthand. I write it out what I have on my mind. Then I pray about things.

Today I got up, and it was still dark outside. I have no idea what time it was, but it was dark outside for a while. Daylight doesn’t come just because you walk into the room to have devotions. God’s Presence does come when you study, concentrate, and stay motivated to hear what He has to say to you. This is why I study to show myself approved unto God. I work at it when I am seated. I write down key passages, and then pray. I use some of the verses in my prayers.

God is good. He is available whenever you open the Word,and give Him the time of day. Today I happened to get up. I don’t know why it was still dark, but I continued reading, writing, and praying. When I got down to pray, it was awesome. I have His peace, and it is worth it.

How to be sure.

This is written to Christians, and so was the last post. You have your choice if you are not a Christian. If you are a Christian, then Christians marry Christians. Pray long and hard about who it will be. Some start in their teens praying about who they will marry. It is wisdom from God that will help you find him, or her. Dating is fine, but when you know it is the one, then continue to pray about her, or him.

God is the match maker. He brings people together all the time. When you start praying for a mate, he will find you the one who fits you the best, and most. There will be little doubt when you find the right one. Set your standard and stay with it. I believe God loves for you to trust, and obey. He may tell you to do some things. Fasting is not out. I fasted to know which one I was to marry. I believe I made the right choice.

Praying about the marriage is the first step to many times of prayer to God. I find myself praying about many things, and I have time with the Lord daily on my own. He does also. We pray together, but your personal time with God is your time to talk to Him, and tell Him what you are thinking, and how you feel today.

I get up early, and Ed is sleeping when I get up. I don’t bother him. I just go out the door, and down the hall to the den. I find tea, and open the Bible. It is my quiet time before Him. It isn’t exhausting. I don’t feel tired for the rest of the day, and staying in bed longer is an option at times. I find when I go have my time, that Ed will waken, and have his time with Him. Person quiet times are what help in a marriage. We grow in Christ every day, and all year long. After 47 years of marriage you find that finding Christ daily helped you get along together. It held the marriage more than if you had left Him at the door knocking to come in.

Are You Sure?

Just because you are attracted doesn’t mean that you are in love, and should marry someone. Are you sure? Marriage is an awesome thing when two are in love, but when one is not sure, it can be terrible. I would advise you to wait a year until you marry, even though you have the ring, and have announced your wedding. Set the date far enough in advance that you have time to decide for sure. Why rush, when it is going to be marrying someone for “life.” You know it doesn’t always happen to be for life, but we think it might be. We say it will be in the vows, but at times that doesn’t go through. Something happens, and the marriage is gone.

I hate to see a marriage go down the hill. I hate to see ruckus, and anger happen to a couple, who did love each other at some time in the past. What happened? Why did the divorce word ever come to mind?

I believe without Christ in the middle of the marriage, you have a 98 % chance of failure. You may have found the right man, or woman, but you have self to deal with. No Christ means you have to behave like you think you should, and that is confusing. I see some that last, but these people know how to weather together.

Tragedies help keep a marriage together, but if there are many, it may weaken the marriage. I believe with Christ you can survive them.

I believe you have a better chance of success if you love each other, and there is a drawing like you have not noticed with anyone else. God should be in the middle of the choosing. Two Christians, that are committed to Jesus Christ will make a better, happier marriage, because they will be studying, and reading their Bibles at times during the day, and the focus is on Him, and not on what can I do to please her, or him. I do believe in love, and in giving, and taking. I believe God gives wisdom, and if you will wait for the right one, God will show you who she is when you are ready to marry. These are my thoughts, and I have spoken rarely about this subject. I know that when you pray about who the person will be who will be your mate, that God will honor the marriage, and show you who it is. You will just know.

Today Has Been Awesome.

It rained a little while ago, and I thought it would get worse outside. Now the rain is gone, and we are in a calm, mode. I get uptight when there is a storm. I don’t sit to watch lightning, and fire go through the sky. I stay inside, and if the storm is real bad, I might be found sitting in the windowless area that is our hall way to the rooms in the back part of the house. I do believe in sitting down in the hallway and waiting out a tough storm. I am safer there, than anywhere else in our house.

Storms are hardly ever as rough as they have been in the past. We have maybe three bad ones a month. This is light compared to some areas. I listen to the thunder, and hear the lightning. I don’t stay near windows, and I eventually will stay in the hall………especially if I am home without Ed, or Isaac. That is rare, but it does happen.

I Have Already Napped Once.

For some reason I got up extremely, early today. It was still dark. I made some tea, and sat before the Lord, reading my devotion book, and making some comments. This is my fourth day of forty, and I am agreeing with one other person. She is going the forty days on her own also. We don’t study together, but we are agreeing for forty, days.

I believe the author of our booklet is perceptive. She talks about finding the face of the Lord, and getting on your face before Him. It was awesome when I finally got down on the floor, and turned my face toward Him. I rolled over to get back up, and for my age it could have been difficult. I have trouble at times getting into our front door, because of the steps. To lie down on the floor, is dramatic, but I always find a way to get back up. This time I hung onto the huge table in the kitchen. It is solid wood, and sturdy for my weight.

We have 36 more days, but if they are like the first four, it will be awesome! Ed said, “When you finish the forty days, maybe you will turn around and do them again.”

I said, “Why would I do that? Do you know how long forty days is?”

I am sure he did, but I said, “I am willing.”

The author knows about finding His face. I have been on the floor more than any time in my life. I guess I better mop it, and make sure it is clean for the next time we get down on the floor to worship! Maybe God is working on us at home, so it will be easy to do this elsewhere. The move of the Lord comes, and people come broken before Him, and it doesn’t matter what they do. They are kneeling, lying on the floor, standing, sitting, and in line for ministry. I frankly don’t like religion, but when the real Presence of the Lord is there, awesome things happen. At times there is so much happening that the speaker may as well get on his knees before the Lord also. I have been to such meetings, and it was a regular service until God broke through the clouds and we were all hit with His Presence. When He is awesome, He is there in Power, love, and to say something to all who are willing to listen. This is when the Silence of the Lord is AWESOME! Bring it on, Lord.

We Laugh Often, Here

We find ourselves laughing often here. I believe it is because we pursue the Lord, and His Presence brings in the joy of the Lord. If you are discontent, cranky, and mean today, it may be that you need some of the Word to settle your spirit and give you His joy.

It takes about an hour to settle things with Him, and to find the Peace of the Lord. That is how long I take, at the minimum. If that is too, long, then size it down to what you can take. Get a note book of paper at the store, and make it your notes as you read the Bible. A good pen is a must. Then start reading in the Psalms, or find a sheet that has all the books of the Bible ,and mark them off as you read. I do this so I will cover all the Bible.

You know, it is so important for His children to read the Word, and study for themselves. Church is for fellowship, and if you haven’t been with Him, you won’t have anything to say but griping, and discontent. When you settle things with Him, you will want to smile, and stop the discontent. It won’t be coming at you, and you will be glowing with His Presence.

I have been angry, mean, and discontent, without the Lord. I had Him in my heart, but I wasn’t consistently reading. I decided to make it every day…to find Him. I am not letting g0. He settles things for me as I read, and study, and soak up His Presence. In His Presence is fullness of Joy.