Today Has Been Special.

I didn’t get to go for a walk with Ed today. He wanted to walk his two miles, so I let him go. I dressed, and then went to the bench. There I work out, because it is a machine I manipulate, and it exercises the whole body. So I went to 100, in my counting, and then I counted backwards to 1, and that was wonderful mentally. I counted to 100 more, and that was 300. and then I went to fifty and that was 350 times. I could faintly hear my heart beating, and I know I exercised enough, because I did 25 more, and stopped at 375.

I don’t know if you know what the bench is, but it is an exercise machine that you manually, operate. I leaned back so it would work the muscles, and I am glad to say I have two, more days of this. I workout three, days a week. I have an alternative even if it rains.

My diet is in place again. I am off the four things, and this may be for a while. The next holiday is Labor Day, and Isaac has a birthday. Last birthday, I was the one eating the sweets. I am thinking that I won’t eat sweets if everyone else is doing without. It is hard to give up the holidays, but you know, the weight has to come off, and I will be exercising for the rest of my life some way. One holiday at a time, but I know that it makes a difference in the health reports from my doctors, when I have been busy working out, and doing something mentally to keep my body, and mind in place.

I thought of Mom today, for some reason. I know where she is. She is in Heaven. In His Presence is fullness of Joy. Those who know Christ are immediately in His Presence.

I have Goals for Exercising.

I haven’t gone walking all week, but tomorrow, and two, more days straight in a row, I will go for a one mile, or two mile walk. I have been going for three, days a week, and then on the bench the rest of the time. Last night I was up and down many times during the night. I wasn’t sick, but I was wide awake at the oddest times of the night. So I plan to exercise before going to bed, and do this on the bench. Then tomorrow, I will wake Ed early, and I hope to go to the leve* again. I don’t have the little sign on my writer that goes there. Smile.

7356 is an awesome number.

7356 is an awesome number. I do believe it would be wonderful, for may stats per week to rise to a new high. I am thankful for the faithful followers I have. I am thankful for all things. I do believe that some people are faithful who are working in the night, and sleeping in the daytime.

Our guest has taken another job to supplement her income. I hope it works for her. She will keep the job she had, and do this on the side, a few times a week. I do think it is hard for women to make their way in the business world. Some have a mind to work, and others get distracted. Don’t let anyone keep you from meeting your original goals.

Keep things in mind that you know have succeeded. I find time for the Lord, with a cup of tea. I sit down, and read through a passage or five in the Bible, before I finish. When I finish, I am usually through for the day. Well, if I want to read through the Bible more than 5 times, I must work to do this.

Goals are set to challenge. I read the Bible 5 x and it was work. I am well started on the next time, and I have two, more times to meet my goal. I believe we must set the standards higher. This is what I felt the Lord say to me. So I added an additional time to read through the Bible. By now, I am impressed with phrases, and verses that I haven’t seen before. I am where I am seeing more, because the quality of getting the Word in me is that eventually I am aware of more things, than fewer. I am seeing new things that I might have seen the last time I read, but it doesn’t look like I noticed until today.

Why read the Bible? It is our source of comfort, hope, and challenge. I keep an extra copy of the page I mark off, because this way, if I have already read the book, and I want to read it again, I can and I can still mark the chapters off. This new year, I felt the Lord was saying to Raise the Standard.

I plan to raise it by glorifying Christ, singing more to Him, and praising God more with the Doxology. I plan to write more on the blogs I have, and to be committed to Christ so that it counts when people ask me about this, or that.

I go one place where people are coming to ask me to tell them something, or ask me to know they are struggling, and to please pray. I am glad this is happening, and when I go to this particular, place, I pray for at least three, days or a week ahead. It works for me. My fears are gone, and my confidence, and trust is in the Lord.


We had oatmeal tonight, with a few, blueberries. I could eat just the oatmeal with blueberries that warm up to the hot, oatmeal when it comes off the stove. We did, and you know, I didn’t need to pour milk on my oatmeal. I didn’t have any sugar, or Stevia on mine. They were not sour berries. Blue berries are wonderful any time with oatmeal. These come frozen in a huge bag. They will last for several bowls of oatmeal. We have a little oatmeal late. It keeps us full so we can sleep well.

This has been another awesome day. We had a few more faces today at church. It was nice to be there this time. The morning went rather fast. I sat on the front row, because that was the place to be. Today was a wonderful day to sing.


Faithful is He who calls you, who also will do it. (Bible.)

(Bible) You know God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a sound, mind. I believe God is faithful. He listens to our prayers, and before we say them, He is already working on our behalf.

God is faithful, and He expects us to be faithful. Our faithfulness comes when we lean on Jesus, and expect Him to work. Today, we were praying most of today. Last night we were praying much. Today, He answered our unspoken request. You know, God is Almighty, and He was there in Creation., I believe God still answers prayer. He is faithful. You can walk with him all your life, and know Him from just a, child. He walks with you through life, and when you rebel the Holy Spirit brings us back in repentance. You know life is short. Then we go to Heaven, if we know Christ. He is God’s gift.

, Accept Him as Your own Savior, and give Him your life, and you from head to toe. Try Jesus. You will never regret finding Him, and you will never want to let go of Him, when you have Him living in you. When you receive Christ, like receiving a gift, He is the gift God gave us.

Come to Jesus. Come accept Him from head to toe, inside and out, and love Him with all your heart, all the rest of your days. Christ died for sinners, and we all are sinners. That is why God sent Jesus to die for us. He gave up his only son to die for us. You know Jesus is in Heaven now, praying for you, and me.

You know, We walk by faith, and He helps us when we cry to Him with our whole being. I received Christ at 8, years old, and He changed me, from always crying, to always singing. Smile. Really, if I received any fruit it was joy.

I Have Been Reading Reams.

I have been reading reams of the Word, the Bible, and I need to spend about 2 hours daily to get enough Bible study in for the day. At times I come back and read more. Today I read only one chapter, because I had to get up, and do some other things before I could settle. Ed got up, and he fixed our daily quota of two eggs apiece. One day this week he fixed me three eggs. They are always the same, fried, and turned over and fried again in butter. I don’t have anything else for breakfast, but orange juice, and water. I have been drinking only water, and three cups of Green tea per day. I have cancer running in my family line, so I am careful not to eat many sweets, if any.

There are days that I do indulge in sweets, but when my honey is not eating sweets, because of his blood, I don’t feel like eating them either. I ate the two scoops of ice cream by myself, except for one bite when I went out after my last shot in the eye.

I have many things going on this week-end. I am trying to get enough praying in for the week-end, and all Hell is breaking out before me. I told Ed, “I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, but you better be praying. I can’t get enough of the Word, and praying hasn’t stopped. I wanted him to pray with me, but he was doing else, and that else got done. I haven’t prayed with him yet, but prayer has a huge part in what you should be doing as a couple. Delaying the praying means that I have to ask for the Holy Spirit’s anointing, and the Elijah anointing. I did this today, because I don’t have anyone else to pray with except the audience with my blog, and those who feel led to pray for Ruby.

Today I said, “Father, tell people to pray for Ruby.” Holy Spirit of God, give me words to say, and please give me what I need to pray.

When you surrender to God, after running with the devil You need deliverance from the evil that caused you to run in the first place. Ed and I used to pray for the sick, and part of that was commanding the devils to come out of the person in Jesus name. Wow.

We had a huge war that came against us, and we didn’t know about Psalms 84:11,12. You know I have cut my Spiritual teeth on these verses all this year, and last year.

I believe the weapons we have in Christ are not ordinary. They are mighty through God to pulling down the strong holds.

I kid you not, God hasn’t called you without giving you the power in His name to conquer the enemy, who has tagged you to die. Satan wants you dead, instead of alive in Christ.

Drug addicts are playing with the devils, when they think they can come out of drugs any time, and not have havoc. We reap what we sow, and if rebellion has been there, the demons will gather, Christian. You can’t walk in darkness, and light. You must choose which one you want. This is what my principal told me years ago. I decided to follow Christ, and later I went to a meeting and gave my heart, soul, body, and future to Jesus Christ. I was having a hard time, but God spoke through this stranger, and I listened because someone had prayed about what he was going to say, and this sermon was for me, and anyone else who gave their life and their troubles to God.

We aren’t playing when we come to Christ, and mean it. He wants all of us from head to toe, or not at all. Surrender is powerful, and the devil fights through circumstances, people, and through the demonic. He was defeated at the cross. The weapons we use are the Word of God, and our prayers. Now why would the devil want to try to stop the praying.?

Don’t Shirk It.

When problems come up, don’t complain, and shirk them. Pray, and ask God for wisdom. Stay calm, and go get your Bible if you daily read. Open it, and read the second time, or the third, that day. Pray, and give the problem to God, and don’t take it back when you get back home from church, or from praying in your car. You know, two in prayer is tremendously, more effective, but I have noticed there is always one, person who would pray alone, rather than with someone.

Don’t shirk when the problems overwhelm you. Find another person to pray with, or bring it up in church, and tell others they must not spread this request. Keep it Here.

I believe the reason we don’t pray together is lack of spiritual, sense. We think we must pray alone, but Jesus died that we might have abundant, life. We enter boldly before the Throne when we come to God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit. You see the three are One. We have them hearing our requests. God has already answered, and He is waiting to hear the requests. You know, when you are full of the Word, you should use it in your praying.

,Two people in prayer puts 10,000 to flight. Blessed is the man, or woman who trusts in God. Ps. 84:11-12. I have been tested, and fried, but God wasn’t. He allowed me to go through this for some reason, so I would turn to Him, the author, and finisher of my, faith. He wants me to come boldly, but with humility. How about kneeling? I still do.

Stop Hiding.

At times it is time to stop hiding. You have all the Word that you have read, and read stacked up in your heart, until it is overflowing. Do you have anyone to talk with who will listen to what you received from God today?

We aren’t preachers, but we are in the fellowship, when we meet Christ, and those who have just come to Christ need fellowship, and tutoring for a while before they are let go to walk by themselves.

It is time for them to listen, and talk to the person who led them to Christ, and to fellowship, share, and stay humble. There is a season of learning, and part of the learning is praying with others, and praying aloud with others.

God grows us, but the Word should always be in our life, and so should be the praying. Reading the Word of God, and Praying, are vital for growth. You may sing all you want, but you must talk to people, and share what God had for you. I do believe fellowship is important, but I worry when the crowd leaves quickly to go eat.

Personal, Bible study, and praying is vital. Today I only read one chapter. We are praying. Ed had our same two egg on the menu today, and I frankly never tire of his fried eggs. I don’t eat bread with them, and as long as I stay off four things I will be losing what I have gained, that now I must get off.

Today I read in Ecclesiastes 5: I didn’t have verse19 marked, so I marked it. Here it is: God gives people wealth, possessions to enjoy, and accept. They should accept it as God’s giving to them, his gift.

He won’t remember all the days of his life, because God occupies His mind, with the joy that comes from His heart. True, joy is pure, unbroken, and always there to bring before God, our Creator. You know, the joy of the Lord is your strength.

He knows where His children are, and when they run away from God. He is still there, grieving that they are not talking to Him, and working things out with Him. God wants us to talk to Him fluently, without getting religious, and pious.

God loved first. He gave up Jesus, His son, so He could become our Savior, and come as a baby like everyone else, and grow up, have a wonderful ministry, and then die an ugly, death on the cross, because it takes the blood of the Lamb to meet God’s requirements. His blood wasn’t shed to no, avail. We know Jesus rose again from the dead, because He is God. We make our requests in His name, but my point is that we have life, because Jesus died on the cross, shed his own blood, for you, and me. He was buried, and He arose the third day. He is in Heaven now interceding for you, and me.

My sister was gone. She married someone who had all the traits that Mom, and dad didn’t want in her husband to be. He drank, partied, was not saved, and the list went on, and on. She found the very one she was sure Dad wouldn’t like. She kept this a secret, but Mom wasn’t shy about hiring a detective to find out what was going on with her daughter. Sure enough, we found out she was married, and faced her with it.

This Mom taught me to pray. One day were were crying, and praying, and the next day she was telling me, “Ruby, give it to God. I did, and I knew if I didn’t give up this burden, I would be in a wheel chair. I gave it to God. You must do the same.”

I was ready to cry with her, and here was Mom saying she gave her burden to God. “He is carrying my burden, and Ruby, He needs to carry your burden.”

I prayed, and cried. I went to my room and cried, and cried. Would my sister ever return? She did after she was married to this man for seven, long, years. I was afraid to go to sleep in their home, because he was not a Christian, and his hands were all over other women. He had no, morals, and plenty of good men who don’t know Christ have morals. Some don’t. I don’t expect a non-Christian to behave like Christ.

He knew of him, but his intellect was telling him to “Live life, there is no, Hell.”

Demons lie. This man was not a Christian, and when we witnessed, he had a sassy, answer. He knew better than to make a pass at me. The night I arrived, I stayed awake in their home all night, and my sister, and I left him together the next day when she finally left him. It took 7 years, and Mom, and Dad saying they would give her a place in their home.

I learned to pray with Mom, and I am still shocked that she told me to stop worrying, and turn my sister over to God. Let Him carry my burden. I did. I still give my burdens to Jesus, because I know who Cares for Me.

1,234 is a Beautiful Number. (This is a long one.)

You know, change brings change. If you rise early, seek the Lord while it is quite, and you can find Him. At times I have counted 1-2-3-4, and then started what I didn’t want to start. At times we are up late, we sleep little, and when we waken, we are still trying to find some sleep. We have to count, if we are going to get up and follow the routine pattern laid out for us.

I get up on the 2nd time I wake up. If I am not feeling well, I may get up more. At times I know there is someone to pray for, and I am awake in the night, praying. Do you know that your prayers are never wasted when signed in Jesus name. I believe prayer works, and it goes with speaking. For those of you who weekly must come up with a sermon, you might think about who in your church, or group knows how to pray, and stay with it until they are finished. The Lord gives dreams because his character hasn’t changed. He is the same as He was yesterday. So if you have a dream, decide if it was from the Lord.

Wisdom comes if you ask for it. I will pray in the night, or during the day. I believe some are more likely to pray, than others. It is a gifting to pray when you are praying much. What would we do without someone praying about us, and about our meetings, and about people coming to Christ. My Mother was an intercessor type, and she also could tell what was wrong with a situation. She had wisdom from God many times before we did. When I found her singing, or whistling, I knew she had victory. I would try to whistle, but it didn’t work with me. So I would sing when I was happier.

It is important to stop worrying, and give that lost sheep that is running away to God. You know, He knows His own sheep, and when they run away, He sees right where they are. If you stop praying for the lost sheep, and turn that one over to God, all kinds of things will happen, but you leave them in His hands, and you stop worrying. My sister became lost, and she married someone who loved women, drinking, smoking, and all the worldly things. He pursued her because she wanted to pay Mom and Dad a hard blow. They turned her over to the Lord, and I turned her over as well.

Mom said, “Stop worrying. Pray. Leave it in God’s hands. Worry won’t get you anywhere.”

I was stunned. I thought I was spiritually worrying for good reason. When I stopped, my sister finally left the man she purposely married, and she had been cooking, and peaceful with him. He had such a drinking problem, that he locked her in his study, and he would continue drinking. She knew she had to leave, and Mom and Dad let her stay with them for a season.

There are some people who have to learn the hard way. They want to listen to you just enough, and then do what they want to do. They have rebellion in them, and it is the leader of the things they do to hurt the family, or those who are trying to help. You have to turn them over to God, and let go. Mom said to me, “I would be in a wheel chair with back trouble if I don’t turn loose of this daughter who is living in evil sin. She has run away, so I’m turning her over to God. You must do this too, Ruby.”

Wow. That was a hard one. I cried, and cried, cleaned my room, cleaned her room, and made the bed right. I might have cleaned my room for a week, and I tried to get so tired that I could just sleep. Dad never liked to see me sleeping. He would wake me, and say, do something else. Don’t sleep late. So I would find comfort in reading my Bible, and yes, I found a lounge chair that I dearly loved. I would get up dress, and sit in my chair to read the Word. This was my plan, and it worked. I knelt in my room, by my made bed, and prayed to God that He would help me to get along with my family. Some days I would, and some days we girls all got spanked. Mom was sure the rest of us would disobey, so she spanked us all. We agreed together to be happy, and play outside, and not bother our parents.

Discipline is what this was, and you know, I still make my bed daily. Ed can’t leave the bed long before I make it. I study my Bible for about an hour, or two so I have enough for the day. By study I mean, I read it well, and take note, and write the favorite passage on cards, or in my Bible, or in the Journal I carry. I date the pages of the journal. You know, God leads us, our parents teach us, and those habits that are not good we must break in Jesus name. All of us have something that is a bad habit. You know a soft answer calms an angry tongue.

Just a Mile

Just one mile a day makes a difference with me. My weight is at a solid place, and I am not thin, and not fat. Just look a little better. I plan to make it 6 more pounds, and then stop. I will land on a ten, and that is fine with me. This way I’m not puny, and I can still walk a mile a day. Smile. I am beginning to like the breeze I feel earlier in the morning when I walk with Ed. It is cooling, and refreshing. I don’t get so worn out anymore, and I could go on another mile, but you have to go back once you go out a ways. I learned the hard way, that a mile is not just a mile. It has plenty of benefits.