I Went to Bed by 8:30 P. M.

I went to bed by 8:30 P. M. last night, because I was feeling sick again, and needed to lie down. I went to sleep and woke up praying. I guess I prayed for a while, and got up at 6:00 A. M. My day started with coffee, and water, and one dish of custard that I made day before yesterday. It was cold, but good.

The rest helped. I must have had the flu and this was the last part of it. My stomach usually is not the problem. Ed came to bed later, but he knew it is rare for me to turn in this early. It is rare to waken early and pray. I did. I don’t know what God’s concerns are, but when someone comes to mind I usually pray for them.

God in you is the Hope of Glory. It is good to pray for people. It is good to give your days to the Lord. I am writing to Christians who know Him. Many profess, but walking with God is daily. Read your Bible, pray daily, and walk with Him. Talk to Him. He does care. Give Him your heart, and say so.

“Father in Heaven, I give you my heart. Turn it upside down, and get the crud out. The right it, and put joy, peace, love, and all the other fruit of the Spirit in there. I love you, and give my life anew to you. In Jesus name.”

Fasting, and praying is Brokenness Before Him.5

Pride, and arrogance speak loudly at times. It can be self, or Satan speaking, but pride and arrogance need to leave in Jesus name. You can rebuke the devil loud enough for all to hear, or you can say it under your breath.

Fasting, and praying is brokenness before Him. People may try to break you while you are fasting for a season. This has happened. I went to the Lord, and told him, “I’m fasting, and they are coming against me.”

I have learned to pray for those who come against me. It works. I finally lay the problem before God and leave it there. He does answer, and I don’t always know. God speaks to those who abuse you, and talk against you. Stay in His light, and keep your mind on Him. Forgive them, because it is the enemy who uses them.

I am sure the Lord took care of the people who came at me verbally. We work with our own sins. We don’t point at someone else and act innocent. God says all of us have sinned. That means you, and me. The blood of Jesus Christ covers our sins when we confess them before Him. 

Allow God to work on you. Be broken. Cry about your sins, and repent. Turn from your wicked ways, and seek forgiveness, and rescue from the things that bind you, and keep you from walking in freedom in Christ.

Fasting, and Praying -4

Many people pray over the coming new year that will be changing over. I believe it is smart to pray over the next year. You want to grow in the Lord, and to have His light inside you. The Word is the light and it directs your path. I believe fasting and praying over someone, or something works.

At times I have put a piece of cloth with anointing oil on it under my husband’s pillow. I put it inside the pillow case. It helps him to walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Two walking with the Lord together, will put ten thousand to flight. Two in agreement. Many times the devil tries to break up the unity between the husband, and wife. He will work other people in to cause strife and contention in your home. Just because they carry a Bible doesn’t mean the person is reading it, and walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit. It is for us to read daily, and fasting will mean you read the Bible, and pray back verses that will help with what you are fasting. The Word, and prayer work together.

Fasting is not so you will lose weight, but I have seen people lose weight, because they were fasting. I lost weight this last time because of no, sweets, and nom bread. When it was time to take a break, I ate sweets. The last month I was more particular to make sure I stayed on the fasting as designated. Other times I took a short break. The praying continued, because the fasting was long, and it needed to happen.

Fasting is to break something in you that has been a stronghold. It doesn’t bow to the name of Jesus Christ, so it is a stronghold. I believe in being quiet about fasting. I usually tell my husband that I am going to be fasting. He listens, and waits to see if I am going to obey.

Obedience is better than sacrifice. I believe if God says 3 weeks, then you need to fast 3 weeks. I believe if He says to fast, then surrender is necessary. It is setting aside time to pray, and seek Him. Praying is necessary. If you fast, and pray you will see results. God in you is strong, and the One who loves and cares about you. He will hear when we turn from our sins, and ask forgiveness. He wants us to repent while we fast. Remember Nineveh? The King and all the people fasted, and prayed, and God didn’t send the doom on them that Jonah was telling them would happen. God intervened.

When you fast meals, you pray during the mealtime. When you fast meals, and you are invited out for lunch, you drink water, and listen while the other person talks, and eats.

It builds discipline, and strength in you to stand, even when another is going to eat jelly rolls, and sweets in front of you. Stand in the Lord, and know that your flesh is weak, but your spirit is willing. We need to be standing in the Lord, and convinced that He who has started working in you will complete what He started.

Be strong in the LORD, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God to stand against the enemy. At times the enemy is yourself. I know how difficult it was to start, and to try to resist the sweets. They were the stronghold that needed to be broken in-side, me. Yes!


Fasting, and Praying 3

There are passages about fasting that you can read for understanding. When you fast and pray, it is for a purpose, and God will tell you what to fast, and how long it will be…..usually. On the last one, I didn’t know how long it was going to be, but I had an idea that it would be for some time. It was, because God was working on me on the inside. Sweets are like giving Him millions of dollars. I love sweets. I gave him sweets, and bread. It was loaf bread, cornbread, and bread. It wasn’t food that is counted as a bread.

I believe the goodness of the Lord keeps us walking with Him. He encourages us to do things that will bring His Presence even more strong among us. You can’t tell by the outward appearance of someone what they are thinking, or how strong they are in the Lord. When you fast, you are giving up self, sin, and  Satan, and turning to the Lord who is your God, your maker, and the One who desires for you to walk with Him, totally, and completely in surrender. Jesus died on the cross and rose again. He prays for us from Heaven’s throne. He made it possible for us to boldly come to the throne of Grace and make our requests. I believe we should boldly sing to Him!

I believe reading the Word is for all of us, not just those in ministry. I believe the Lord will help you get up and read the Bible if that is your plan. He will help you become strong for Him, and in Him. Picture the Holy Spirit stretched out inside you. Inside with feet. The Holy Spirit comes in Power to turn you from the darkness, to walk with God for the rest of your life. Surrender is key. All of you has to surrender for Him to move inside you, and turn the light on. God is light, and in Him is no darkness. We come boldly before the Throne of Grace to ask requests. I believe praying and fasting helps us find Him, and breaks us so we turn from dissension, and strife to serve the LORD!

Fasting, and Praying-2

I have written some about this subject, but it is deep and wide for all of us. I want to give some pointers, because I frequently fast for good reason. I believe fasting and praying is the way to go in ministry. God wants you to know Him, and to walk with Him in victory. The devil seeks whom he can devour, and he doesn’t stop if you are in ministry, unless you rebuke him. Bind him, rebuke him, and tell him to leave in Jesus name. He will.

I frequently fast for good reason. I am a preacher’s wife, and the little church we have been with is growing at times, but it is slow to grow, and to move with us. We have come a long way. I believe we have learned so many principles, and powerful teachings by staying where we are, and not moving on to a larger field. The church hasn’t benefited as much as we have. God has taught us to read the Word daily, if you have to go to bed late to finish the task.  God is steadfast, unmovable, always abounding with us. He stands, and we kneel. He stands within us then.

I believe we have seen the wicked leave, and die. We have seen the goodness of the Lord, and we have met some mighty, and some little people. We have met mighty giants in the Lord, who were humble, and who fasted frequently. We could go to them and pray with them, because they listened to us as we poured out our hearts to them. They agreed to pray with us, and when we finished, we stood stronger. Our prayers were from our heart, and deep than that, from our gut. That is deep.

Ministry is never easy. Ministers pray, and seek the Lord. They seek until they know what He wants them to say to the congregation. At times it takes minutes, and other times it may take a few days to work on a message. Then the message might be delivered in 45 minutes. It works on ministers first, if it is good. We have to make sure we are melted like gold before Him. Pure, hot, and ready to speak. It is His voice we hear, and we use the Word against principalities, powers, and the evil of this world. The weapons we use are powerful through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

Strongholds are apathy, lies, confusion, pride, arrogance, and anything that won’t bow to the name of Jesus Christ. This is the first of a series of writings on this subject. I want to make it clear to you, that fasting means you humble yourself before God. God will talk with you through the Word, through others, and then in your heart. He will interrupt your reading to talk with you. Bind Satan, self, and sin, and loose the Holy Spirit in you, Christian. Then pray, fast, and seek His face. Ask Him what to go off. He will lead you.

Daily Prompt: Missing

via Daily Prompt: Missing

My glasses frequently have been missing. I can’t find them, and I can’t see. I will pray, and they suddenly show up. One time I put them in the sole of one of my shoes I was carrying. I laid them down, and my glasses were in the shoe. I didn’t find them very quickly. I prayed, and went right to them.

So what is missing in your life? Do you feel there is something not there, even when you are happiest. Well the missing factor is someone you don’t know. It is Jesus Christ. He fills the emptiness when you give your life to Him. This is a simple answer to a big question. If you feel there is emptiness, then surrender to Him, and know there will be a change. Surrender means give your heart to Him. Turn it upside down, and empty to your heart to Jesus Christ. Tell Him you give him your life, and your heart. Surrender everything. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and to fill the missing place in your heart.,.the emptiness. He will, and you will never ever be the same. It is a head to toe experience when you give your heart to God, in Jesus name. Surrender is forever. He becomes the missing thing. He fills you with the Holy Spirit, and you walk in the Light with Him. What a difference. The key to life is Christ.

Merry Christmas!

It is the season of the year to say these words. Merry Christmas everyone. I believe Christmas is wonderful. I believe the love of the Lord is spread over the holiday season. May God bless you, and your family at Christmas time this year.