Hamburgers Fried Slowly in the Skillet.

I go to therapy tomorrow. I haven’t been in a few days. Yesterday I ran out of baby Bayer Aspirin, and I went through church with two Tylenol. The pain in my neck was not gone, or alleviated. When we got home, Ed gave me the box of baby Bayer tablets he purchased for me, and I put one box with his pills. I find that four of these makes a good difference.

I took my prescription today, and I ate a cookie to help the pill go down right. I have kept up with the water today. I have been careful to drink enough water.

It is odd how weight slips up on you. I can look at the wrong food, and gain weight. Ed and I are trying to stay off ice cream. Some days this doesn’t work. Other days it does. I love a tiny dish of ice cream about 9:00 P. M. We ate late, so we haven’t had ice cream.


Common Sense isn’t Common.

I have known some bright people who didn’t have much common sense. I believe God has much wisdom, and that bright people should ask Him what to do when they are in a corner. We go through life thinking that we need to accept all that is dished out to us. I believe Jesus rebuked the devils, and people were healed of their diseases. He said that some kinds of demons won’t leave without prayer and fasting about them.

The wisdom of the Lord has been put down so many times. I believe the Bible is the Word of God, and that Christians should read it daily. Thirty minutes a day makes a big difference.

My son, Isaac, often says, “Did you read your Bible today?” I am stressed when he says this. He sees the peace that comes when I spend the time reading, instead of worrying.

Those who have the Lord will shine like the stars as the world becomes more and more dark. I believe our light should be shining for Jesus. If you don’t have Him in your life, John 3:16 is a wonderful verse to refer to, and one that every one of us knows. Your name goes in the whosoever.

I Finished Leviticus today.

I’m reading through the Bible again, and my goal is to finish by December 31. This time I am reading straight through the Bible, and Revelation will be the last book to read. At times the books are more technical, and complicated than I understand. The prophetic books are not always what I understand, but I read the Bible through as a hobby. I figure if I have read it enough, I will understand it.

The Word will be effective in helping us become faithful, and strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. The Word never returns void.  We learn to sit before Him, and to walk in His Presence. It is an awesome thing to finally have understanding over a passage that I have read many times.

God opens our minds, and sheds light on His Word when we surrender the time to Him, and when we seek Him, and pursue Him. Tenacity is not giving up, but standing in the truth, and in His Presence after having read the Word for the day. Tenacity is staying with the quiet time, and making it your time with God. I believe He knows those who are His children. John 3: 16 is a verse we have heard many times, but when I received Christ, I put my name in the Whosoever. It means anyone can come to Christ, and receive Him. Sinners receive Him. Jesus died for sinners.

Tithe Anyway. God Looks on the Heart.

Isaac, and I have just had a conversation about tithing. When anyone tithes, it is because the Holy Spirit is leading them to give. They may be giving more, because they have more. I don’t think you can tithe, and not be rewarded by God for having given. I believe God looks at our hearts. Those who can only give a dollar should do that. Those who can only give a dime should do that. Those who can give more should with thanksgiving that they can give more.

Stats Should go Up as I write More.

I am up, fed, and sane. I am excited about finishing Leviticus today. I tackled the whole book today, and it is finished. I must read Numbers next. It won’t take long if I am disciplined about reading it. It takes discipline, because sitting down to read the Bible is work. I mark off the chapters as I read them. /1 with a slash means that I have read the chapter. I can’t get my keyboard to show you.

I wrote down the amount of chapters I thought I could read. 12345, and as I read a chapter, I marked it off with the slash mark. Soon I wrote down 678910, and it went like this. I read through without writing down any passages. I saw one that I loved. I didn’t stop to write it down this time.

If I continue reading several times today, I can get through Numbers. My goal is to finish the Old Testament again, and to move right into the New Testament. This is a hobby of mine. I love to read through the Bible. It is special because God moved men who knew Him to write it, and I believe the Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit. I believe hiding the Word in my heart is not wasted. It surfaces for comfort, and it gives instruction when I need it, and when it needs to come to mind.

I believe the Holy Spirit causes us to want to draw closer to the Lord. He draws us through people praying, and through the Word. I have been drawn this year. This is the start of the third,time to have read the Bible this year. I finished one reading in January, and the second time took until September. I don’t rush through, but I believe it is wisdom to mark off chapters, and to be consistent in this goal.

This is my 10th time that I am working on. Going through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is what normal people do. Last reading I skipped around, but I had a record page that kept up with what was still unread. Well, reading straight through means I will read the Old Testament first, and that is the larger of the two,parts of the Bible. The New Testament is important, and I will get to read Revelation when I am ready to finish my goal. Hopefully, I can finish by December 31.

I Fried 8 eggs This Morning.

I fry eggs every morning for Ed, Isaac, and me. Isaac works late on projects, and he may not rise early like we do. Today he came in the den after we were eating. I didn’t cook his eggs, since he was asleep. I fried his eggs, and added an extra one today. I fry the eggs in real butter, and that is also a known “No-no”.

My reasoning about the eggs is that it is protein, and that even though we shouldn’t have eggs, they are good for the body. I fry them in real butter, because that is the kind of butter we use here at the house. It goes a long way, and two pads of butter usually is enough for the eggs I cook in the little iron skillet.

I believe we have maintained more energy since we have been having this simple breakfast. I never did like oat meal, and I learned to like it by adding blueberries, sugar, coconut, pecans, and butter. This made it good. Ed agrees to eat the eggs. He had a by-pass in 09 and I don’t want to see his heart act up again. We have gone off most of the red meat that we love. Ocasionally,we may endure a juicy hamburger.

Cats are Active Eventually.

Our cats are now active. We have a few, and two are wanting to chase in the house. That doesn’t work, but I am typing, and I will try to ignore them. The cats are taken care of by Isaac, mostly. He has agreed to feed, and work with them. They are strays, but beautiful. Each one is different, and they love HOME.