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Messy Cake………. — July 6, 2015

Messy Cake……….

What is it? It is chocolate cake with fudge icing that rolls down the side of the cake onto the platter. The icing is thick, and boiled on the stove. I let it cool to warm, and then I pour it over the cake. The chocolate cake can be a box cake. The icing is what makes this cake. Last night I put a white icing in the middle of the cake, by cutting the cake into through the middle vertically, not horizontally.  The result is chocolate cake with a thin layer in the middle, and it is drizzled, and droozled with this thick, fudge like icing. You make it over the stove, and it starts with the fudge ingredients. You don’t beat it long, and it pours onto the cake. You cover ever bit of it.

The first time I made this was a mistake. The icing didn’t harden like it should, but I had to do something, so I used it anyway. People loved it, because this coats the cake, and it is chocolate from start to finish. I don’t think you would want to eat much at a time without some vanilla ice cream to go with it. You can make your own sauce. It is easy, and yummy. I believe the recipe starts with 2 cups of sugar! This is sinfully, bad for you, kind of cake!

I Woke Up Praying —

I Woke Up Praying

Sunday was a busy day. Isaac and I made pies Sunday afternoon for the night meal. I wouldn’t say they were the best we have made. We both worked Saturday, and Sunday to provide ice cream, and cake. I made the chocolate, cake from a box. Then I made Messy cake icing. We poured the hot icing eventually on the cake. Isaac wanted to let it cool some. I wanted to pour it warm.

Sunday was awesome. At last we watched the firecrackers. They came close. They came right at me, because I was sitting directly across from where they were set up in the field beyond us. Talk about beautiful.

I woke up praying for someone who seemed discouraged, tired, and worn out. The person made it to the church, and it was hard to keep awake. He had a late supper, and talked to several of us. This person walks with the Lord, but says little about his personal encounters with him. I felt led to pray for him, and he came on to see the fire works. It was nice to talk, but I continued to pray this morning, because of all the trials now.

Another person has shingles. Pray for him. He is a good, person, and he needs the Lord’s help. Shingles are painful.I am praying for someone for three days. I promised. Those of you who pray……will you agree with me?

God Will Take Care Of You —

God Will Take Care Of You

When I am not around to sing to you, pray, or talk, God will take care of you.

Sister, I love you. You have been talking with me lately, and I love you more.

It saddens me though, that you were feeling bad from medication you took. I am

sorry you had such a hard day, and had to stay home.

I pray that God will bless you, because you have blessed me many times.

I pray that He will enfold you, and cause you to come close, and lean your head on His chest.

That is close. You can walk with God in His light, and feel His shoulders. I feel that you need the comfort of the Holy Spirit. I pray that God will encourage you today. If you read this, know that I have already prayed for you, and for my Rubies Corner’s audience. We are at 555 right now, and I know the stats are headed toward 600. It has been slower. God will take care of you.

It is a song, you know. God will take care of you. God will take care of you!

Exercise Lifts Depression. —
Sunday Has Been Awesome. —

Sunday Has Been Awesome.

Sunday has been awesome, and all day. We just got home about a half hour ago. It has been rainy this week. We had firecrackers at the church, and this went well. We had a little bit, and everyone was safe. We don’t have much to spend on firecrackers, but they were wonderful, what we did see. We do this every year. We have hamburgers, and hotdogs, with what we bring, and then we watch the fire works.

I made messy cake. It is chocolate cake with messy, chocolate frosting. You have to cook it on the stove, and it is almost fudge when you pour it on the cooled cake. I pour it on the hot cake, but Isaac thought it should be cooled. He insisted on several things today, but I let him. I am too tired, from cooking and making ice cream, to argue. We made the cherry ice cream together, yesterday. We made it ahead so we wouldn’t be rushing today to finish.

We came home and cleaned up. Ed walked in the field, and then felt he might have a tick on him. So we both showered. I don’t like ticks either. I didn’t walk in the field, but hearing about ticks made me want to get clean from today. I did. It took minutes.

Isaac, Ed, and I went to lunch, and then Isaac and I went home together to work on more things. I took to the church the messy cake, and the homemade ice cream. These went together well. I call it messy cake because the first two times I made this cake, I got icing all over me, and the cake. It was sticky, gooey, and messy. It still is, but Isaac doesn’t complain. Now that he handles this one, I don’t complain.

I bought a blue broom to sweep the  back patio. It is my size, and not enormous. It wasn’t much, and I plan to use this much. I showed it to Isaac. He may have to help me sweep.

Well, I’m glad to be home. Hope you had a wonderful, day also.

There is Freedom in Talking . Happy, Fourth Of July ! — July 4, 2015

There is Freedom in Talking . Happy, Fourth Of July !

Fancy Lillies.
Fancy Lilies.

There is freedom in talking with someone about what is going on in your mind, and in your heart. It is hard to find someone who has the time to sit down, and really talk to me. I like to chat, but there are times when a longer, conversation would be nice. People are busy, with jobs, their households, and their future. They work all day, and want to come home to take their shoes off, and put on some, shorts, and a cool, top. They want to relax , and there is no, better, place than home to relax.

So how do you have freedom in talking out what is on your mind. I talk it out on the internet at Rubies Corner’s blog. People know me, as a long-winded writer at times. I have been advised to write shorter, posts because most people don’t want to read long, posts. I would like to qualify this statement. I won’t read it if the print is so, tiny that I have to draw closer, and even then it is difficult. There is a click you can do to make the type a little, larger. Click once with the mouse.

So what do I like to talk about? I love to talk about the Lord, and to share what I have received that morning in my daily, devotions. On the other hand, I love to share about life. I can’t mention names, but I have had some difficult, encounters of the kind that I don’t understand why I was the victim of the anger. If someone is going to straighten me out, I am one to run the other way, rather than stand there, and take it. When I am forced to listen to the anger, then I find a way to get what I think said. Then I go home upset, unable to sleep, and I do cry about having had the confrontation. I may not get over this for months, because it caused wounds, because it was not done the Bible way……….without, anger.

The Bible says not to let your wrath go down with the sun. Otherwise get over the anger. Some people are loose, cannons, and they vent on those who they know will not be able to talk back to them, because they will become upset. I watch the anger, because my son doesn’t need to experience anger from me. I get aggravated with him, but I try not to shout, yell, scream, and get real, angry with him. He has a very, sensitive, heart . His advice at times is straight from the throne of God. I believe he is the best, Christian I know, because he is cool, even though he may not show his anger. I believe God has given him an anointing, and that will not go away.

Freedom in talking is good, but what do you say? Is it clean, pure, like water, or is it full of anger, hatred, ornery, and meanness. The difference between the world, and the Holy Spirit is that God will give you peace when you confess your own sins. Anger can be a sin, when you are so, angry with someone who is walking the walk, and you cream them with your angry, hostile, mean, words. Where is the compassion of the Lord? I believe we must be so careful to really love the Body of Christ, Christians. I mean with our words, our prayers, and our actions. I believe strangers can tell if you have been with Jesus for two, hours, or if you have been with him for five, minutes, and that was yesterday.

Freedom of speech is what we have in America, but at times I have been shut up. I don’t like to be treated like a minister’s wife.  I know it is not always the person, it is a spirit that doesn’t like me. It comes to discourage me from speaking, talking, and saying things that I am led to say when we are in a Bible study. I believe the freedom of the Lord is vital. I believe everyone should feel good about what they want to say.

I believe Christians need to repent for many things before they leave their homes to teach a Bible study. They are the ones who most of the time have hurt my feelings. I don’t plan to be writing much more on this topic, but if you are a Christian, then the love of God will overflow through you, and people will know without your saying anything.

Love is the greatest, fruit of the Holy Spirit. You can praise God all you want, but if you have belittled, me, or said a sharp, word, I have difficulty for a while getting over it. I am human. I forgive, and practice it, but at times it takes me longer, because my nature is like my son’s. Gentle, but with many wounds.  It is easy to forgive, and then do the same thing all over with someone else.

Love from God is what we all need. You get love by being in the Word of God, confessing your sins, and being thankful that Christ died for you. He needed to die. He needed to die, because I am a sinner. One sin keeps me from Heaven. I need the blood of Jesus Christ on my heart. I walk carefully, and I have written another one of those long, posts. If you don’t read this, that is fine with me, because I am talking, straight forward, from the heart,today.

“Untitled Exercise Advice”, Now Titled. —
If the Print Is Small, Click with the Mouse, and My Picture Will Enlarge. —

If the Print Is Small, Click with the Mouse, and My Picture Will Enlarge.

I have been drawing exercises that I have been doing regularly, and more than one, time a day. I lost 15 pounds, and I plan to lose that much more. I don’t have long to go, but I have a day that I want to look more excellent. It is this month, and this is my month to push the throttle, and see more come off. My goal is this to lose another 15 pounds. Then I might be through..

I have trouble if I don’t eat a meal, or a healthy snack. So I keep them handy. I used to make pudding, with skim milk, and store it in the refrigerator. That works, but I am out of pudding. I don’t think I will buy any for a while. I am clamping down on the weight, but if I make a cake, it doesn’t mean I have to eat some of it. Let’s be reasonable. Once I am supercharged to lose this weight, don’t make me eat what I shouldn’t eat. I can cook anything I want, and bring it to church. And I will. We are having homemade ice cream Sunday with the church. I will have Isaac make a cake for Sunday, morning, and I will make a chocolate, one for Sunday night. I may, or may not indulge. I get holidays off! Yes, since I read about it, I have been dieting on all the days that aren’t holidays.

What works for you should be continued if you are trying to lose weight. I haven’t been on a diet in years. I manage without sweets, and fast frequently. But this is a real, diet that I am on. I am pushing back from the table, and yes, I can have yogurt on a cone, if I want it. We bought the same kind of frozen dessert, in the frozen yogurt! I believe there is a way to practice discipline. It is to have a plan and stay with it.

One More Exercise That Shakes You from Head to Toe. —
My Mind Is Made up, And I Have Lost Fifteen, Pounds. —

My Mind Is Made up, And I Have Lost Fifteen, Pounds.

lOSING WEIGHT EXERCISES.When I make up my mind, I can lose weight. It is mind over matter. I need to lose more weight so I won’t have back aches, and so there is room to eat on holidays. Yes, This is July 4th and I could take my holiday today. I could take it tomorrow. It is a simple breather from the strict diet of not eating anything fattening. Mainly I am off sugar in tea, and cold drinks. I don’t eat sweets except on a holiday. Since I have just begun, I don’t want to stop losing, so I may suffer through this holiday. I am proud to have lost a little. Now I have 15 to go!

So I have exercises that I do for all day today. Every time I think about it I will do the side swing out, swing in. As you can see, the lower half of the body is getting more exercise, because it needs it. I have lost 15, and I will have to practice the exercises to lose more. I am tenacious, and disciplined in my mind. It is when I get around food that I have to settle for eating less, and talking more. Smile.


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