It is 10:17 P. M. by My Computer.

I have had a wonderful, long, enduring day. My day started early when I woke up knowing that we had our first yard sale of four. We will have four weekends of yard sales. Ed and I arrived a little after 8:00 A. M. and our director for the yard sale was already there. She was busy with items. The lights were on, and we had time to make coffee, and pray over our day.

We met people until 4:00 P. M. and then we closed the yard sale down. We didn’t have to move tables. We will sit on the side of the sanctuary that doesn’t have yard sale items. As we sing, and pray, and hear Ed preach, so will the things in the yard sale. We have a church full of items, and they have been blessed, washed, dried, and cleaned for their presentation. Why not present them to the church family who didn’t get to come to the sale.

We didn’t make much with the yard sale, but we did get to meet, and greet people who have been coming to the sales for a long time. Every time we have a special yard sale inside, they come, and they buy what they want, and it supplies for paying the bills, and helping a student through college, and some missionaries that have received support. For real.

We have these by faith, and part of the proceeds go to others. Maybe not every sale goes for the same thing, but we take what is collected, and give it to those things that we know are needed. We pay our bills, pay missionaries, and we give to things that we know and feel led to give.

I have been at the church a long time. Isaac fixed us supper, and I have stayed up until now. I didn’t nap. I plan to hit the hay soon, and you know, tomorrow is a new day. We will go to church, and rejoice that the Lord was with us today from start to finish.

He was with us when we talked to the visitors who came to see us. He was there when they gave extra . He was there when we stopped, and we hadn’t made as much as we received last time. I believe if the money doesn’t come through our hard work at the yard sale, that God will provide another way. We are still glad we had the yard sale, because we spoke to many more, people, and some I know brought us their faith as they paid for their items.I could tell they found just the thing that made them happy. We have a wonderful organized leader who made the place shine.

Several of us were scrubbing, and washing the glassware, or cleaning the toasters, and other items that came to us dirty. We washed them, and then they were set out with a tag. We meet, and greet the neighborhood, knowing that God who is in us is strong, and He has given us the will to open our doors to sell things that someone will come along and buy. Merchandise waits for the right, person to come along and take it home.

I believe the footsteps of the righteous person are ordered by the Lord. This is a Bible verse, and I believe God loves order, cleanliness, and faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. I know that God will lead people next time to our sale, and the next three,HERE GOES THE ANCHOR, LORD. weekends will be for yard sales at the church! Yeah!

I’m Up with No Headache!

This is a wonderful day for a yard sale. We are at the church, and it is full to capacity with clothes, and items for the yard sale. Customers have been coming through, and they take their time finding what they want to buy. This is a good day for a yard sale. There is no rain, and the weather is slightly cool. Smile.


I Have a Headache in my Eye.

Right. It is in my eye, the headache, and I have take some Tylenol. I had some Root Beer soda tonight with the fried chicken Ed brought home. He brought some vegetables to go with it. I was home working today. It was peaceful, and restful. Tomorrow is our yard sale. I hope to be there early to help collect from the sales.

I don’t have headaches, so this is puzzling . What did I do to get a headache? I will drink more water, and relax. The news has been on all day. I have watched off and on. November 8 can’t get here fast enough.

Photo Challenge: Shine

via Photo Challenge: Shine

When the sun is shining on a creek bed full of water, there are areas that shine more. When the sun goes down at the creek, the water picks up the light and it sparkles, and glistens. If the sun hits it just right, the water is sparkly for a few minutes.

Once I was with my sister by the creek when the sun went down. We drove quickly to get to this spot so we could see the sun’s effects at sunset. Wow. The water was beautiful, and so was the sun setting. I didn’t take a picture. You will have to visualize this in your head.

I have a painting that I did of a creek. It is swollen because the rains have raised the water level. I put in the white water rapids, because they were in the picture that I had. The sun, and shining on the water, are combinations that are so real, and right. They are harder to paint, than to make a photo.


Down at the Creek, by Ruby J Craft.


The Well of the Lord’s Presence.

The Well of the Lord’s Presence In Me.

By Ruby J Craft.

Spring up, a well inside me,

One of the riches of the Lord.

Let me be deeper than I have ever been,

an, Artiescian, well ,

full of your knowledge.

Lord, Your Presence is what I want.

I want to be a well, flowing with you.

May the waters I give be full of Your comfort, and love.

May the waters flow in the riches of your wisdom, and grace.

May the waters be healing for others.

Be a well that has endless, depth, Father.

Well up oh, Lord inside me.

Well up, with the joy, love, peace, kindness,

and gentleness of the Holy Spirit.

Be a well inside me to give fresh, water to others.

Father, Let me have the love of God without measure.

May it replace anything that stands in the way of You, and me.

I surrender to the filling of the Holy Spirit,

and the well of Salvation you have given me.

Let me be this well,

that never runs dry, because Your Presence is the water for me.

Your Word is Water,

that I keep consuming.

I know the water you give is Everlasting Life, and hope .

Thank you, Father. In Jesus name.

Thanksgiving is Around the Corner.

I think of the turkey first. Where will we buy it, and how big this year? I love turkey, but I wrestle with the tenderness of the bird. I don’t like dry meat any time, or way. I have found that butter, and oil work together. Put a stick of butter in the turkey, and rub the bird down with olive oil, or cooking oil. I don’t put salt on it, but any other spices I can think of. I put oranges, and apples in the cavity, and they help with the moisture.

My family used to eat the dressing from the cavity of the turkey. I don’t do this but the flavor was wonderful. Some people grill their turkey, and others boil them in oil. I would not boil my own turkey, but it would be nice to taste a good, boiled one. Taste is wonderful when the meat is tender. Some turkeys take longer to cook because they weigh more. I remember going to a turkey farm. They fed those turkeys. You could hear them gobbling. I believe turkeys are wonderful when they are fixed to perfection.

I love cranberries cooked over the stove. They have two, cups of sugar in them. By Thanksgiving I will be off my diet. I don’t think that eating many sweets would be good for me if I have been off them for so long. I will be going back through this diet again. It will stop 6 and a half months up the road. I have lost weight slowly, and all the days on this diet have not been without bread, or sweets. Most have been. I am far more peaceful.

I Have Been Up.

I have been up studying, and working through the Daniel book that goes with the Beth Moore series on Daniel. I have listened to several of these with a friend. No one is up right now, even though it is later. I must have gotten up 2 hours ago. IT takes time to read, and write down the answers to the questions. The series is very good, and this next one should be over my head. I will listen to it, and gain insight.

We are sleeping in, because today is another work day at the church for getting ready for the yard sale on Saturday. Isaac has his work cut out for him for coming with a cake on Sunday, or cheesecake. Usually he stays home, but I have been told to rest today. How do I rest when I have a Daniel study? It is driving me to open the Word, and listen to all I can.

We worked at the church some yesterday. I tired, and so did Ed. We had lunch, and some banana to give us energy. Some things will have to be scrubbed. Other things will have to be hung, but we did come home with some things we found, and liked. Our first sale is Saturday, starting at 8:00 A. M. We share coffee, and tea, and sit down at lunch to talk, and fellowship. People come in, and some sit with us. Smile.