We’ve Been Busy.

Ed is steaming his suits. This is part of the clean up plan for Wednesday. I have cleaned out the lower part of my closet. Clothes are everywhere. I scooted some over, and took a nap in amongst the clothes. Now I’m awake, and I slipped into the kitchen to get some of Isaac’s candy. Yum! I guess I’m on sweets! I have worked all morning. Ed is back now, and working on his closet. He may get through before I do.

How to Speak the Truth.

Isaac made about 30 pieces of candy. He didn’t bring them to church. I did taste two of them, and they are wonderful. Cherry cordials. What a talent to make candy, and it tastes wonderful. It takes him hours to make the candy.  Isaac defends his candy, and I am told, “Don’t eat any.” He has patience with me when I do try them out.

The awesome thing is that my son hasn’t had cooking lessons, but he enjoys making food, and candy for others. He gets much pleasure out of it. He has far more patience than I do, and I believe he is a good man.

Isaac, and I have a wonderful, truthful relationship. I am open, and he is truthful. I speak my mind, and he tells me his opinion. At times it is gosh awful truthful. I do not believe in hurting a person in order to make them change. Facing reality often hurts. My relationship with my son is to build him up, not tear him down. I will slip the truth in the conversation, and it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I build him up, and he has confidence.

Isaac is slower in his work, but he is careful, and he makes good grades in school. Isaac works at his pace, which makes others think he is slow. He doesn’t have a job, but he is writing a book, and he lives with us. Maybe he should try to find a job, but it will have to be with someone who will accept him as a, perfectionist, and a, slower, worker.

I believe in building a, person up in the faith. I believe in speaking a, good, word, or shutting my mouth. I believe you can make someone shine, or make them fall. I believe a negative spirit is damaging, and should be rebuked. I believe what we think is the truth, may be nothing more than rainy day irritability. Be careful what you say. Speak the truth with love. The truth sets you free, but when you come from a negative point of view, I doubt that what you are saying is really the truth.


I Guess I will Write about Anything!

Glowing with Christ.I usually write about life around our house, and about our experiences with people. I had an experience with a, bed, bug, and the person who identified it the other day. I sweep, clean, and wash clothes frequently. Isaac found this strange, bug on his bed, and he would have gone to sleep, but he found it before going to bed.

So we have been going through the processes of eradicating the bug, and making sure our home is bed, bug, free. There are things that we have to do, and cleaning, washing the sheets, and fumigating the house is all part of it. Pray for us. We never have had this happen in 47 years of marriage.

Someone brought in this bug, and we are just devastated, grieved, and astounded that it happened in our home. In fact I have been down right angry, but there is nothing I can do about that now. I have to walk through this one, and breath deep breaths. Cleansing breaths.

Today we were waiting for someone in the store, and I started doing my 25 exercises on the right leg, and 25 on the left after that. I might have gotten to 30, but that is fine, and fair. I need to exercise because of the bug-tension.

Have You Ever Dealt with A, Bed, Bug, Bug Man?

We found a strange-looking bug, and Ed put it in a jar, to take to the church, and to show the lady who comes for the church. She cleans, and sprays for bugs. She came at 1:00 P. M. and Ed went home to get the jar with the bug. He left it at home. She looked at the bug, and said, “It looks like a bed bug to me.”

We had a bug specialist come, and sure enough, he knows the bug, and knows how to get rid of him, and his family.

Since those words have been said, we have been cleaning, and letting someone come to check to see if we have them other places.. We have had several overnight guests who stayed on our couches. They had no, where to go, and they asked to stay with us. We think the bug was brought in, and we suspect recently.

The bug-man will be coming back to the house to inspect more, and to spray down the beds, and other places. We caught it on the front end, so it will be eradicated, but not that easily. He must come back several, times to spray, and treat the house.

One little bug, brought in by someone, or on clothes that were purchased at a yard sale. Some people are not careful, and this is how our house is now being cleansed, and cleaned. Our vacuum is frequently run, and we have a new, machine to help us. I do say it is much trouble, but our home will be bug safe soon.

No more visitors spending the nights on the couch. We will get rid of what is needed to rid of. This is no small thing to abolish this strong personality, type, bug. We only found the one, but he did find some things that show the bugs have been here at night while we sleep. How awful, and humiliating. It makes me want to preach, “Put your food away. Clean up your messes, and don’t let the bug bite.

I Keep Busy.

I believe it is wise to keep  busy, and to not loaf on the couch, and watch television all day. I could, but I have too, much I want to get done in a day. I have the house to maintain, and the floors. I have my vacuum back from the shop, and I get Isaac to vacuum for me. He never complains. He has cookies to make for tomorrow, after church.

I am getting sleepy, and for good reason. I didn’t sleep well. I may take a nap!

What a Pretty Day.

I went with Ed to the store, and it is just a lovely day out. We dressed comfortably for lighter weather. We didn’t need a heavy coat. It is strange to have warmer weather in January. At times the days have gotten to 70 and this is odd for our part of the South.

We will enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts. I suspect that colder weather will come in suddenly. One year it did, and we had an eleven inch snow! I don’t forget things like this. I am wondering if we will have colder weather for February.