We have another Yard Sale this Saturday.

We have another 8:00 A. M. time to have our  yard sale this Saturday. People come in and when they stop coming we close up for the day. I guess a limit would be around 4:00 P. M. but it may be earlier.

Seven hours is a long time, but then people flow in, and out with things they have bought. We have a reason for putting on the yard sale, and it is for helping someone go back to college.

Bills at the church get paid at times through this money, and I believe it is a good thing to sit around, and talk to those who come to see us. I am getting where I recognize those I didn’t know last year. They come back, and now we know some by name. We get to meet some of the community people who live near, and around us. I think it is good to meet and greet people. Most people find something the want, or need. We have a little of everything this time.

Future Travels?

I would like to take a slow boat to China. I know one person  who is studying there.  I have always been interested in meeting the people, and talking with them. In the Fifth Grade I studied China with the class. We were on television to present the customs and ways of Japan. My teacher was creative, and she taught high school, until the staff asked her to teach the 5th grade. She was also a musician, so we had many programs that were entertaining, and educational. Don’t take me seriously about this trip. I have traveled enough that I can settle for a century.


When I Remember, I see it in Living Color!

As a child, I began saving my memories as hard as I could. I thought about them, and then thought some more. Most of them were playing on the hill in front of our house in Hazard, Kentucky. It was a wooded area that was in front of our home, and the creek separated our house from the high hill, or mountain. It was high to me.

When I remember Kentucky days, I am recalling what I remember from 3 years on. My sister was tiny when the folks moved from Atlanta, to Kentucky. Dad had 9 churches to keep up with, and some only met once a month. This was many years ago before gold was found in the creek, and people made their claims. It was a remote area, and on some doors there were many bullet holes where someone had a good time with their gun. Mom practiced shooting her pistil in the back yard of most of the places we lived. Everyone knew within minutes that it was Mom. She was always able to hit the target right in the middle.

I was Mom’s best friend as I grew up. She wasn’t afraid of anything, and I was afraid of snakes, rats, mice, and spiders. I did love the little rabbits that dad kept in the backyard in a pen. It was always neat, and I would cut the grass around the pen with the clippers. One day I punched my foot with those clippers. I bled, and they took me to Lexington to the clinic. We moved to North Carolina when I was 5, and I was already in school. My teacher welcomed me to First Grade.

Why Think About the Angels?

This has been one of those days where my mind has wavered to the Heavenly Hosts singing to God Almighty. I believe they bow before Him constantly around the throne. The Presence of the Lord is awesome. We should think more on the LORD of Hosts, and How strong He is to deliver us from the plans of the enemy. God is the same, as He was in the Old Testament when the children of Isreal were trying to escape from their enemies, or they were in battle with them. God let them win their battles, because they trusted in Him.

I believe we win in the realm of the Holy Spirit when we think on Jesus, and think on God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, and the angels, and more angels that He will send forth to aid us in our troubles.

No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.
This is my verse for today, and yesterday and all this year. I have repeated it over, and over. God has plans for us, and without angelic intervention, the plans won’t happen. We yield to God, and submit in Jesus name from head to toe, mind, body, and Spirit. Then He does the rest. Angels are on the way, is another picture I drew.

You Choose Your Way.

I sat in the service wondering why the incident I went through happened.

The Lord said, “Compassion.”

I believe the Lord wanted to talk to me about compassion that I felt while talking with someone. It was definitely there. Usually I pray over people who come my way. At times it takes several days, and other times it doesn’t take long.

To My Knowledge, I Have Never Seen an Angel.

I have a past of fasting, and I have taken it up again this year. I believe when you fast long enough, that God will reveal what He wants you to know about people, places, and things. I believe Jesus had all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and all the fruit of the Holy Spirit. There was love, joy, peace, knowledge, and many things combined that helped him, but Jesus maintained prayer with His heavenly Father. He talked to Him, and made a point of praying about his life,and what he would be facing.

I believe as we enter the last days, we will see more of the miraculous, and it will become normal to see things happen when we pray. People will be healed, and others will be rescued by the angels.

I don’t play around with the knowledge I have, but I am thankful for the protection of the angels of the LORD. I believe it is awesome to serve the LORD OF HOSTS. I believe Jesus is returning soon, but in the meantime, we have much to do for the Kingdom of God.

I believe Christians should be witnessing about Jesus Christ daily. I believe He is the Son of God, and that He died on the cross for you, and me.He died, shedding His precious blood. I believe the angels were there with Him, but they did not deliver Him from the cross, because he endured the suffering , and the shame that we might have eternal life. His die on the cross, was buried in the tomb, and on the third day He arose. He is risen, and resurrected in Heaven where he makes prayers for all of us who are going through life here on earth.

I believe Jesus had to die for the sinners, and I am one. I have a sinful nature, and one sin keeps a person from going to Heaven. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from, every sin we have done. When God sees a Christian’s heart,He sees the blood of Jesus on it. This is someone who has given their life to Him, and they are walking with Him now.

The Holy Spirit in You, Forever.

The Holy Spirit comes to live inside you, when you receive Christ as your own personal Savior. You receive what Christ has done for you on the cross, and you realize that He died, and rose again to give us abundant life.

The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. We come to Him with repentance, and we receive the gift of Salvation that He paid for on the cross.

When we receive the Risen Lord, as our Savior, and King, the Holy Spirit comes to reside inside us. The Holy Spirit is there to stay when you make this decision to give your life to Jesus Christ forever, and you acknowledge that you are the sinner who needs Salvation. The commitment to Christ in itself will shake you, and you may cry, but when it is real, the God the Holy Spirit comes to dwell inside you. Forever. You are His child, and you walk that way, and you enjoy His Presence. The change is from darkness to Light.