Some People Work All Night.

It’s called night shift, or third shift. Some people work from mid-night to 8:00 A. M. They get used to sleeping in the day time so they can work these hours. They get some things done, but mainly they must sleep so they can work all night. This is not easy. It takes a certain kind of person to do this work.


Kidneys 2

I do believe that going off sweets will help you, not hurt you. It is a matter of self discipline. I love cakes, cookies, and candy. I do know that my kidneys act up if I have had too, many pieces of chocolate at Christmas time. The sweets are made, and they are rich. I usually can’t resist. I have learned the hard way to eat one piece, but not four, or five.

I believe being heavy is a hinderance to your kidneys. Try going off bread, sweets, fruit, and potatoes. This will help you lose weight, and you still have many things you can eat. You will lose weight slowly, and feel better if you go off these four things.


If You Have Kidney Problems

If you have kidney problems, it will affect your back. Yes, too many sweets sets off my kidneys, and my back. I avoid heavy sweets for this reason, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love sweets. I do. It is harder to resist them, but I can’t have many sweets.

Ice cream with pie is too much. It should be a small cookie instead of four or five at a time. Your weight is another thing. If you cut down on the sweets, you will lose weight, and this will take pressure from your back. All things should be done with moderation.

I drink water instead of sodas. I rarely have a Coke. I notice a difference when I eat many sweets. I used to eat them anyway, but my kidney would flare up, and I would have to go to the doctor. He would say, cut the sweets, and fried foods for a while. Eat lightly, and don’t over eat.

Your body can’t handle all those brownies, and ice cream, cakes, and pies. I stopped the sweets, and sure enough with the weight loss, I came back to a normal, back. I also started walking at that time. I joined a place where I could exercise.

I lost more weight, and I felt better. It is hard to lose, but if you decide to lose for yourself, it will come off. Think of a simple plan. My plan is to go off sweets, bread, fruit, and potatoes. I lost right away. I stay out of the bed once I am up, unless I take a nap on the bed in the afternoon. I don’t sleep on the couch. It will cause my back to ache. I stay off it.


More on Back Troubles.

A good chiropractor will correct most back problems. I went once, but he didn’t adjust my back right away. I came several times, and it took time to see, or notice a tiny improvement. I was used to faster answers. I finally went to my doctor, and to therapy. This helped, and now I don’t have the pain in my back that I once had every morning.

Part of the remedy is to get up at a decent time, and don’t stay in, and on the bed all day. Another thought is to stay off the couch. It isn’t going to help your back. A straight chair is better, even if comfort has to let go and you sit at the table for a few days. It makes a difference.

I change sheets often. This way it assures that we are getting an adequate amount of sleep. Dirty sheets have germs, and this isn’t go to lie down on. I may be silly, but I would rather sleep on fresh sheets, than to wait four weeks plus to change them. Every other week is fine with me. At times when I know I am going to the doctor, I change the bed, and start cleaning. If I am going to the doctor, I don’t want to come home to have to clean the house.

Sitting too long on the couch will irritate your back. Sitting in the recliner too much may not be good either. Watch what you eat. Sweets will cause a backache eventually. Everything needs to be done with moderation. This was my dad’s favorite saying, because he knew how easy it is to do one thing too, much.

I hope these words have given some advice, and encouragement. When you are going through a negative day, and everything is falling down around you, it is hard not to hurt somewhere. Watch you attitude. Pray much, and walk on through it with victory. When you call on the Lord in the hard times He loves for you to draw close.



The Almonds with melted Cheddar cheese is not sweet, but it is a good combination. It is chewy, and a little goes a long way. I literally threw this together on the saucer. I knew I love almonds, and I love cheddar cheese. Now how many calories is this?


A Simple Meal.

At times I must eat something, but I am not hungry for much. Ed may not be home, so I do see what there is to eat. Just now I melted cheese over Almonds. Wow. It is energy food, and one bite is about enough, but I have about five bites here. The slivered Almonds do well with melted cheddar cheese. I have not ever made this, but I had to eat something. Smile.


Do You Have Backaches?

I use to have a back ache when I first got up out of bed. I rose early enough, but I loved to sleep a little longer at times. This is when my back would ache, and I realized that the bed was making my back hurt. I began to get up earlier, and I relaxed with my Bible in the den.

I found that these two, things were helping me with my back. I also went to exercise class, and I found that the weight I was carrying was also helping with the backaches. You know, I trimmed down for me, and when I turned a corner, I was much less than I was when I was sleeping late in bed. Really.

I had good mattresses, but there is something that makes my back hurt if I stay in the bed for a long, time, daily. I also became busy with exercises, and this helped the back. Losing weight helped.

Do you know, a little, exercise is better than you think. I have the bench, and I exercise on it for 200 times. I find that my back gets the exercise it needs, and I feel better when I weigh less. If I don’t exercise, and curb the sweets, and bread, then I gain weight, and hurt. These are just thoughts that I share today.

I don’t like to see people in pain, but the eating has to be cut to really lose that backache. You are carrying too, much, and nature is saying in a shout, “Hold the sweets, and bread at least!”


We Haven’t Left.

We are going somewhere today, and Ed will speak to our church, so I go with him to finish what I am reading, and to clean the tables for the group who will come eat supper.

This has been a quiet morning. I have been on the internet off and on, and I do this because I like to write, and I like to keep writing to my growing audience. Some leave, but many come because I put fresh writings on daily. I write what I am thinking and usually this flows.

Today I finished Leviticus, which is a smaller book, but over 15 chapters. I read, and read. Finally, I came to the end of it. The next book will be Numbers, and this will be another long, detailed book. I don’t mind. I have the time to read, and to glean.

By this I mean if I find a passage that I must read over, and over, I copy it down in my journal. It usually takes me two months to finish the Bible. There are some books that are shorter, so I read a variety of books, but I stay for about two hours on a day when I have nothing else to do. Those two hours are peaceful, quiet, and not interrupted.

I wake up, and get up. I might brush my teeth, and comb my hair, but I leave the dressing for the day for another time. My thoughts are that I want some hot tea, and I want to read the Bible for me.

The peace of Christ settles in the den where I sit. I turn the lamp on, and notice that the dog is asleep, and there are no cats who want my attention. I fix Green tea, with Stevia that is in the powdered form. You know, I can’t read all day. My eyes would not do well, but they do get the privilege of reading with me for two, hours. I might get up to stretch, and refresh my tea.

Why do I do this? I have an organized page before me, and my goal. I think, “I need to go read for me. ” If I don’t go read, then my son will soon ask, “Have you read your Bible today?”

I believe the Word when it says that it is a light to my path. I pray much, but there must be a balance of the Word, and the praying. I use verses in my prayers, and this is another time that will take a while to finish. I am currently reading a row of verses for the Psalms. I read about twenty at a time. They are so peaceful, and some are very long.

I read shorter books, and the longer ones. Exodus is long also, but it is finished. My plan is to read the same amount of times this year. I finished the 7th time one week into the new year. I still counted it for last year.

You know, God is so good. He wrote the Bible for us to read, study, enjoy, and think on. It is a light in us, and if the light is not turned on, then you are walking in darkness. The darkness doesn’t like to read the Bible, and it works against those who are trying, but can’t seem to open their Bibles.

I do believe in the future I may have passages memorized. It is not going to be hard to know them if I keep reading and reading. I believe God is not willing that any of us perish, but He wants all of us to come to repentance, and to receive Christ as our Savior. Have a blessed day, and know that God loves you, and wants you to read the Bible for you.


I read many chapters of the Bible at one sitting. I get up early, and read for two hours. This works for me. Today I finished, Leviticus.


Ed Asked Me To Make Cubed Steak.

Ed went to the store with Isaac. He came back with Cubed steak ready to fry up. I took it out of the package while the oil was getting hot in the pan. I knew I must fry the cubed steak, before letting it cook. Isaac beat the patties longer, and flatter. I dipped them in Cake flour at his suggestion. It worked.

The cubed steak adhered to the cake flour, immediately. I dipped both sides in the cake flour. Meanwhile, we had a frying pan, an iron skillet with oil in it. This became sizzling hot. I put two, huge, cube steaks in the iron skillet, and waited for each side to brown. I had to turn it once or twice. This took time. Once the meat was fried in the oil, and the flour was cooked on them, they were ready to be put in a bigger, pan with some water in it.

We put all the cubed steak in one, big, round, pan. We cooked the meat for an hour on the stove. Gravy was made soon, because the flour thickened the water, and the water turned to this sauce that you put on the cubed steak when you eat it. I added salt, sparingly, and pepper. I The meal would be done soon if I made the potatoes.

We bought a small bag of oversized, potatoes. I peeled these with a knife at first, and then I used the peeler.. It worked well. These were not easy to peal with just a knife. Soon the potatoes were ready to rinse and slice. I did this with a sharp, knife. We put the potatoes in a pan of water after it was hot, and ready to boil.

There was no rush. The meat had an hour to cook in the big pot before it was done. We bought three packages of cubed steak, and this was enough for four people. We served squash Isaac’s way, and it was soon tender on the stove. He has a way of cutting the squash into standing squares. They are small, but when cooked, they are sweet on their own. He peeled the squash, and cut it with a special cutter that makes squares. This yellow squash is good to eat without much on it. It cooks in about 15 minutes.

We found butter for the mashed potatoes once Isaac beat them well. They were up to the rim of the large pan. We made plenty. I said, “We can make potato patties of them tomorrow for breakfast, if we don’t eat all the potatoes. “

Ed ate, and ate the meal. He went back for seconds. He had no lunch, so I supposed he was starving by the time we ate at 6:15 P. M. after doing all the above. We have left overs for today, or lunch tomorrow. You know, cubed steak is work, but this was so tender because he beat them flatter, and larger with the cook beater. It is a hammer with teeth on it. The teeth go into the meat when he hammers it one or two times. Each side gets hammered.

I have learned that real butter is better, so we put a large piece on the hot potatoes. Talk about silence while we ate. We were later eating, but the meal was hot, at home, and fresh off the stove. The cubed steak was so tender you didn’t have to chew and chew it. It was swallowed, easily. No wonder Ed loves this meal.

A good friend showed me how to make this, and I think of her when I make it. It took time to make this meal, but it was worth the effort. Isaac could do this on his own, but I was there to lead, and to keep things moving. We ate in time before his class, and before Ed had to go anywhere. He didn’t go, and we were full, and well contented.

We had a tiny, dish of ice cream for dessert. Ed bought the things we would need for this meal that afternoon. That took time, and I rested until time to cook. Our guest went out to shop, and brought back Neapolitan Ice Cream. Wow. So good.