Pull Down Strongholds.

The weapons of our spiritual warfare are mighty through God to pull down strongholds. What could the strong hold be that needs to be knocked down?How about apathy, lethargy, complacency, and intimidation. What about fears. We don’t wrestle with flesh and blood spiritually. Remember the battle is the Lord’s.We wrestle with principalities, and powers in the spiritual realm. Remember Daniel? The angel was coming to give him a message of encouragement. He had to fight his way through the flack, and then give the message, and fight some more. When you are feeling discouraged, ask for angelic intervention on your behalf.

Pull down the strongholds of unbelief,and doubt that often attack. I know that my Redeemer lives. Sing to the Lord, even if you have to make up a tune. I believe God’s Word is there to be consistently,read. Read it, and pray it back in Jesus name. These are ideas for working with a difficult,situation. Know that the stronghold can be broken when you resist it in the name of Jesus. Two in prayer put 10,000 to flight. You are not alone in battle. Find someone to pray,who knows God, and is going to pray rather than just talk.

At times Satan will stir in the family so you won’t have peace. Pray together, in Jesus name. Bind Satan, self, and sin, and loose the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit in you. These are suggestions. I believe we are in warfare. Don’t become fearful. Praise God, and worship. Read your Bible, and repent of your own sins. Things change when we humble ourselves before Almighty God. God forgives you of your sins when you confess them. Do it. You will see a load lifted off you.



Open the Word, and study for yourself. It helps, even if it is at the dining room table. The Lord will encourage you if you will read the Word for you. It takes this for all of us. Those in ministry need to be in the Word after you speak. Build back up in the Lord. Remember, we are in spiritual warfare. Pray before you speak, and after you have spoken. God answers prayer. Pray with people before the service. God opens, and shuts doors. Opposition will happen, but times of refreshing come when you sit down to study the Bible for yourself. Do it with the family, or when they are around you. A half hour of study will do wonders for the atmosphere of your home. Go through the house and praise the Lord, and pray over all the rooms. God in you is the Hope of Glory. Ask God to send the angels of the Lord to help you. Be steadfast. Be unmovable in the Lord. Know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

Isaiah is an Awesome Book to Read.

I believe there is time to still read tonight. My goal is to get started in Isaiah. It is a refreshing book at times. Other chapters are interesting. I love chapter 40, and 61 especially. I will read straight through the book, and go on to the next book. This book has many comforting passages. I treasure it.

I Started the Book of Acts Today.

I read the Word up through Chapter 5 and it was so encouraging to read about the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and the empowerment to witness about Jesus Christ. I believe this is a powerful, power-filled book of the Bible. It is exciting, and I could hardly read the first two chapters without getting excited about God’s gift to us, and what happened on Pentecost. I believe we read the Word to be fed in our spirit.

Ed and I were on our way to Seminary, and the night before he registered,to start school we slept in a dirty, apartment that was the only place to house us for the night. Our apartment wasn’t ready. Neither was this one. We cleaned, and cleaned, and finally went on to sleep. The place had not been touched, but the people at the Seminary were kind to us. Why we slept in that particular place, I have not an idea. It was not a good place to spend the night. There were many roaches on the floor. The place was full of dead roaches. We cleared them out-of-the-way, and then found our Bibles.

We sat down together and turned to a passage in Isaiah which was wonderful, and refreshing. We didn’t forget that night. We had traveled far to sleep among the dead roaches. We found our Bibles, and God was faithful to show us a passage in Isaiah. We encouraged ourselves in the Lord, before going to sleep. The Holy Spirit was right there to encourage us.

Our apartment was ready the next day. There were no roaches. It was clean, and waiting on us. We met other Christians on campus, and started a fellowship time on Friday nights. God was with us. He has been with us through our years of ministry. God is faithful and He has helped us many times.


Faith Comes by Hearing. The Word Comes.

I am writing about faith again, because I know this verse. I have used it many times in my walk with God. I believe God gives each of us a measure of faith. Genuine, faith moves mountains.

There have been times in my life when the only thing to do was to pray. Mom C. was in the hospital when we came from across the country to see her. She was in a coma. We prayed all the way to Ed’s home town, and then to the hospital. There she was, and she didn’t waken. We went to his home, and started cleaning the house. We found a robe she hadn’t shown us. We prayed over the house, and trusted that God would do something.

Pappy went to the hospital early the next day. He had been going daily to see her. He arrived,  came into the room, saw her sleeping in the coma, and kissed her good-bye. He was leaving to go home. She woke up. She continued to improve. She came home, and  she gained her strength. We were thrilled that God woke her.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. I know there are other things God has done that you know are answers to your prayers. God works in mighty ways. He hears our prayers. Nothing is impossible with God.


Faith comes. I am Verbose, but Sharing Today.

I received Christ as my Savior at my Mom’s bedside. I was eight years old. I knew about Jesus, but had never submitted to Him. My sister had recently accepted Christ, and I wanted to receive Him, also.  The person didn’t ask me about Christ. She thought I was too, little? I felt left out. I was old enough to receive Him.

Mom must have caught on. She always had sick, headaches. That day she was on the bed, and she called me in the room. In minutes I was praying to receive Christ as my Savior. Yes, I wanted Him to change me. I had never received Him although I did love to sing.

I taught children’s Bible classes in the summer, in my teens, and among people who were working in the Winter months. There were several school teachers. I was 13, and I taught for ten summers. I was good with children. I wanted them to come to Christ early in life. We went through teachers’ training, and then we worked together.

That first summer I observed, and helped an, older, person who taught the Bible to adults in the Fall, and Winter months. After that first, year, I went back to help again with the children. This time I found myself in Florida, and I was let go to find children, and teach them the lessons. I had children coming by the boat load, with no helper. I gave invitations to receive Christ, and several came to Christ that summer. I found that if I prayed , that God helped the children understand, and come to Him.

I believe those who receive Christ as adults, will have openness to witness to adults. I received Him as a child, so I shared what happened. Children are not always easy to lead to Christ. At times there is a stone, cold, hardness. I know. I had that at camp.. When children are ready to come to Christ, they know it. I rededicated my life to Christ when I was eleven, or twelve. I received Him all over again, and gave Him my life. It was a real, genuine time of submitting to God in Jesus name. I wasn’t with Mom or Dad when this happened. No one interrupted me. I sought the Lord, and He gave me peace. I quit doubting, and received Him, again. I believe children who come to Christ may have a second time of receiving Him, fully. I believe children have more, faith than adults at times. Smile.