Sundays are Wonderful.

I love Sunday mornings. We had a quick breakfast this morning. Ed fixed oatmeal, but I didn’t have time to eat it. Isaac and I went on to the church, and we began getting things ready for church. I made coffee, and water for hot tea. Isaac brought in his special oatmeal deluxe cookies which he made last night. He was up for all hours making these cookies. They are heavy with ingredients.

I love Sundays. We go to church, and come home in the late afternoon. We stay in most Sundays now. I love the idea of going, seeing everyone, and serving something to eat after church. We sing, and Ed speaks. We sing again, and we go home. Our church is close. We talk, hug, and talk some more. Our treats are not always home-made. Isaac does love to make them. He has a sweet tooth, and the knowledge, and ability to make different things for after church. His oatmeal cookies were not real sweet. This is what I liked about them.

I’m Waiting.

I write on Rubies Corner’s blog daily. Today I didn’t get to write before now. Isaac made cookies for the church after church. They were loaded with all kinds of nuts, and fruit. Isaac called them his supreme oatmeal cookies. They were good, and not too sweet.

The other day I opened a can of black olives. I ate several and wrapped the rest with tin foil, and put them in the refrigerator. I didn’t find them again until yesterday. I ate a few, and put them back where they were. I believe black olives are excellent, and wonderful.

I am still waiting to lose more weight. I am doing without sweets most of the time. Isaac’s cookies got me today. I had several.

The Rain Came, and Now it is Gone.

Ed did get the front yard mowed before the rain came again. This makes the total lawn mowed. It takes time, and effort that I can’t help with. I don’t mow the lawn, or wash windows. That is out for me, because of the pacemaker. I can’t do everything with this left, arm.

I became warmer in the house due to the baking, so we turned on the air. It gets cold, and I wrap in a blanket, or quilt. It is better than being stuffy, and hot. I love the rain when it comes. It blows in a breeze, and the temperature outside is cooler than it was. All summer we will have rain. Today we had plenty of lightning, and thunder. I don’t like them but I let them stay around because with them the rain comes and it is plentiful. We don’t have drought this way.

I took a short nap today. I was drop-out tired so I took a small blanket, and went to sleep We don’t always stay up late. I believe in getting sleep before 12:00 midnight. It is healthy to go to sleep before twelve. Your brain gets added chemicals that it wouldn’t if you wait until later in the morning to go to sleep. If I get up early, then I go to bed early. Long days are too, tiring.

Isaac Made His Super Cookies.

Isaac made super chocolate, chip, oatmeal, cookies. They have so much goodness. They are heavy cookies, but wonderful. I don’t drink hot tea at night, but these would be excellent for dipping in coffee or hot tea. They are hard because he has everything in them. The cookies are fresh-baked, and the chocolate hasn’t hardened. I love these cookies. I should have only had a cookie for supper.


The proud fall because they are full of pride. I believe there is a time to honor someone, and it is when they are still alive. I believe that parents have a strong, influence on you in your young, days. They teach you all you need to know for life in a few, years. Then you work on what they have taught you, and you might learn more from them. Attitude counts. When parents see that you listen, obey, and like to be around them, they will grin, chuckle, and be cheerful around you. They want to enjoy you, as  their family.




I TOOK TIME TO READ THIS MORNING. I DO THIS DAILY. It is becoming a habit. Early to bed, early to rise makes me happier, and wiser. I rested my coffee cup on the living room table by the window. I could see out at the traffic, as I open the Word for today and studied. I went to Joshua because I haven’t finished this book yet. I still lack several chapters.

This person was a warrior, soldier, and captain of the army of Israel. He was a wonderful leader, and very fast with his weapons. He helped conquer many cities, and He brought more land, and happiness to Israel in his time. I believe this man was strong in his faith, and I love to see this characteristic in men, and women. To be strong, means to stand having done all to stand in your faith. I believe God gives you weapons of warfare which will take down the strongholds that should come down.

Lying is an awful stronghold. You might pray that God will make you an honest person, who loves Jesus from head to toe. I believe God is true, and what He says is the truth. If you ask Him what is in the way between you and Him, He will tell you, Christians. He hears the sinners prayer when you pray to receive Christ as your Savior.