I love to cook on Wednesday for the church group who come to listen, and pray together. They listen to a short message by Ed, my husband. He preaches, and I cook for the group. It works. Last week, we had fresh, pink, iced, cake, with cornbread, and then the meal. I believe we had several people there. The chicken was marinated, and it was wonderfully tender. We bought it already marinated. I put a light coating on it, and put it in the oven. We had four chicken breasts left from the meal. I could hardly eat a whole one. I am dieting, and I guess I can’t eat like I have………except for the cake! Pink cake was wonderful. I loved it.

10 is a Nice Number.

There are presently 10 countries that are tuning in to Rubies Corner’s Blog. The stats are up to 819, but I have just put the roses on the blog. People will either not like them, or understand that these are quick sketches. Smile. I am amused with the countries that are looking at this blog. Thankful also!

I Draw the Roses, Before I draw Them on the computer.

For the last roses, I sat at the living room table and drew roses from the glass vase. The roses were popping with blossoms. It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t easy because there is much detail to attain in the drawing. I patiently drew in the easiest parts, and then tackled the harder parts. Roses grow different directions, and the green hull around the freshest ones opens, and falls off the rose as it matures. The leaves are unique, and I hurried through them. There was light from the lamp which shone on the bottom of the vase. I spent time on this, but then I drew it again from the original drawing. That is the one you see. I will display the latest roses again. I keep them in my bathroom in a vase, or in the kitchen on the little shelf below the window. They can be seen. Roses from my garden by Ruby J CraftFresh roses in a vase.

Spring Has Been A Wonderful Time For Roses.

My rose-bush is blooming with roses, and I picked several when I needed to fill my vases again. I have a vase in the kitchen at the window. We have a little shelf for the vase to rest on. Then I have one in the back bathroom. Two roses taken from the bush is not enough. I may have three in each vase. Yesterday, I cut more roses, and refreshed the water. I have been doing this all of Spring, and for a long as the roses have been budding, and blooming. I cut the buds too, because they may bloom.

I believe the rose-bush has propagated more with my cutting the roses. It is about 15 a time, and this gives some to look at through my windows. I have a picture window in the den, and I can see the roses from there. I have a window with a seal in the kitchen, and I often have a rose in water there. I love the small vases, but I have other sizes. I don’t have that many flowers, but I love to cut what I have.