Stats went to 139 Before the New Day Started.

We are having pork chops, baked onions, and baked, sliced, carrots. Isaac will marinate the meat, and then bake them for 45 minutes in the oven. When he processes them this way, they are so tender you can cut them with a fork. I want to make apple pie again. I guess I will, and then if Ed, and Isaac want some they can have it. I am still off sweets, and bread, and I drank Boost for lunch. It is Strawberry this time. I drank it down. This raises the metabolism, which makes me lose weight. Apparently, mine has been low.


Stats went Way Up Today.

I wrote 20 posts, and the stats went way over 100 views. I was surprised, pleased, and amused with the stats. I hope this will keep up. It is wonderful to write, write, write, and then to see such results.

This is a new year. I am trying to meet my goals. One is to finish the Bible that I have started reading. I finished the New Testament last week, and since I have been reading out of the Old Also, I lack from 2 Samuel to Genesis. It looks like a lot on the page, but really it isn’t that much to read. I read reams of Word, because my goal is to finish the end of January. The Word is light, and it never returns empty. My goal is to finish before January ends. This way I will have it done one time for this year.

Stats Continue to Rise.

Earlier today, Isaac had an interview. Then he and Ed went to the Chocolatiers down town. They can eat this, but I am off sweets, and bread until early February. I am determined to lose the weight that holds me back.

Stats today are way over 100. This is awesome. Well, have had several ounces of water today. I drink more from the little fancy stemware. I found these at the Yard Sale one year.

It will Take Time to Maintain Order.

I maintain order in the dresser drawers. I know now where everything belongs. It takes time to figure, but it is worth the effort. I clean the linen closet several times in a year. Sheets are wonderful, but they have to be folded in order to allow room for something else in the bathroom closet. I love to take everything off the shelf, and then put it back in a neater way.

Order helps when you have confusion problems. If you start making your own bed, you will have less confusion. Pick up what you drop. This helps with salvaging the order. I believe people think more when they come into a peaceful, quiet, ordered area. Everything is in its place. Tables should be cleared, and ordered also. It is difficult to maintain order, but those who do are worth their gold in helping people work on their organization skills. This is a learned thing.

Praise God for people who come naturally with skills that help others. Those gifted with organizing learned this from someone. They practice daily with organizing.

In Education, I found that children will help clean up, and straighten the class room. They found something to change, or to do and went to task. I allowed this, because how else will they learn to organize. It is a skill that is for life, and learning is challenged when the classroom is a complete mess all the time. Have fun, and clean up.

There are laws we maintain to have an order about our city, and the place where we live. I believe order in every facet of life helps.

Order is including a Fun Time.

Movies at the theater are fun, and few and far between for us. We can find something to watch, and eat our supper. I believe fun is trying to beat the clock as to how much you can accomplish before the family comes home. I put down the work when they come home. I am ready to eat, and to watch television also. Only the house is cleaner, and I know it.

Life Takes Planning.

I plan to wash clothes, and do it. I plan to clean this area, or that, and sometimes I stall on places that I know will take more time. Everything has a place, but at times we don’t know where the place is that we want to put the out of the ordinary things in life. Books we have read, and will read again are familiar to us. Other books have not been read, because we have run out of time. We have more time when we organize things.

Part of an organized room is the bed gets made daily. I hole to this one. Changing the sheets should be written down. When I think of it I am ready to change the sheets. An organized way would be to change them for sure every two weeks. This is a personal thing, so I won’t say, “How many times a month do you change the sheets. When I was growing up, Mom left this to me. I could wash, and put the same sheets back on the bed, or I could wait forever to change them. I don’t like bugs or spiders in my bedroom. I lived in my room by myself, and there were brown spiders in that house. I made sure I cleaned it frequently, and that included making the bed back up.

Life takes planning and staying with the plans you made is sensible. If you sit down to work things out, then go by that plan. Confusion leaves easily when you sort things by what they are. By length, by color, by size, and put away the things you know you won’t melt to get into. Order is picking up what you drop, and putting in a hamper dirty clothes. Order is spraying the room with a fragrance after you have mopped, made the bed, changed the sheets, and made it again, and hung up, and washed everything else. I believe knowing what day is best for washes is a good idea. Menus vary, and at times it is wonderful to have hubby bring home supper. He likes this also.