I Started Reading the Bible Again.

I plan to finish Romans tomorrow, and start another book of the Bible. I believe it was such a wonderful feeling when I read the last word of Acts today. I finished the Bible for the 15th time, and this time now is started again with level 16.

Reading Romans isn’t easy, but this is where I started the Bible last time. I decided to read it again, since I haven’t for over two months. Time goes by fast, and this year will come to a close. I have read the Bible 4 times this year. I will see if I can make it another time. That is, if I can read the Bible again before the new year takes its seat.


Two are Better than One.

Our family loves to go eat at times. Other days, we eat at home after shopping for what we want to serve. I make pies, Isaac does well with soufflés, and we both work in the kitchen, when we want to render supper in an hour.

Isaac is careful, and he follows the recipe book. When I make my apple pies, I don’t go by a recipe in the book. I go by the taste of the apple, and I always put a cup of sugar in the bigger pies. If the pie isn’t sweet, it isn’t pie. 

Isaac can make anything. He has no degree in cooking. He reads cookbooks, and he studies on line. He has become a wonderful cook, who can make anything.  


 At times Ed, and I go out to eat for lunch. We get Salmon, which is good for anyone, but for me, it is essential . I have dry eyes ,so it is imperative that I eat spinach, and fish at least two, times a week. Last week we had spinach every day. We might have eaten out for fish one time, and we cooked fish here once. Isaac does a wonderful job on the fish, and the Salmon is plentiful. We can heat it up for the next time we eat. I did one day this week for lunch. I had some left over Salmon.

Isaac made soufflé for us with the spinach. He bought a new bowl for the kitchen, since one of our bowls broke. The new bowl is red, and it makes wonderful soufflé. He knows how to make them. He is getting quicker with time. For Isaac, cooking is an art, and he does this well. Someday, he may be asked to bring a soufflé to a meeting. It won’t work. The soufflé has to be babied, and served quickly. His are light, fluffy, and full of cheese. Yes you can make cheese soufflé. He also has the chocolate one practiced. I love soufflé.

I Woke Up. Ed was Gone.

I woke up. Ed was gone, and I didn’t wake when he left the room. I got up, and there was Ed in the living room reading his Bible.

I thought, “I will get up also. I didn’t leave the room before making the bed. It was quite early, and I finished in minutes.”

I took my Bible, and notebook to the den, and finally, after making tea, sat down to read. I decided to start like I did on round fifteen. I read several chapters. Romans is long, and hard to read, but I managed. I didn’t finish. I assume that if I read one, book a day, I might finish the Bible in 66 days. I haven’t finished one, yet. I might go read again.

There hasn’t been much time from finishing, to starting again. I always put the date down when I finish a passage, or when I find a date on the page from another time when I was reading through the Bible.  I found several of these while I read Romans. I stopped, and I will take that book to task today. I plan to finish what I started. Time is not a problem anymore. I take the time, and the Lord encourages me.

Back to Exercise and more..

 I am still losing weight, but it doesn’t show on the scales. I weight at odd times. Today I weighed after just eating breakfast. I was impressed. It went up two pounds. I have been trying to lose slowly and it has worked at times. Then I have to eat something special, and I gain. I always eat the birthday cakes we provide for those celebrating. I had a piece of the one Sunday. Just a piece, but think of how many calories a piece of cake holds. There you go.

I always have the bench here. I use it daily now, and I am thinking about going to it twice a day instead of just once. I can’t go to one- hundred, counts on it. I am building. I did fifty counts today. My ears don’t stop ringing when I hear them start. I know this is a blood pressure kind of thing. I eat well, and yes, I still have Ed fix me two fried eggs every morning. Then I might drink a Boost on top of this, because I don’t indulge in the bread if I can stay away from it. Today I didn’t have bread. I let the yolk dry a little, and then ate it. Smile.

Did I tell you I finished what I started? I finished the Bible again. Favor  was working in her room and when she heard me tell her, she came out and exclaimed with joy. I told Ed when he came home. He gave me a hug. That was enough to make me happy. Today, I started the Bible again. I have read Romans, and I have more to finish. This is my sixteenth time to read through the Bible. It never gets old, and I find something to write down every time I read.

I Finished what I started.

I read in the sunshine for a few minutes. I had to get out of the heat. I checked the thermometer, and it said 100 degrees. I took the chair to the wall, and put the water and my Bible on the den table. I sat down to finish what I started. It took minutes to finish Acts. I have just finished reading my Bible for the fourth time this year. I am excited, and delighted to be finished with what I started. This makes fifteen times, which isn’t much, but we will see if I can read another time before December 31st.

I am Still Reading.

I read more today, but I didn’t finish Acts. I will, and I will be totally through with the Bible. I can probably get this done by Wednesday. Today is Monday, and it usually is a working day. I love to wash clothes on Monday, and Thursday. These are after we have been in meetings, and I haven’t been home long enough to manage the washes. Right now Isaac has been watching the washer for me. He sits on it so it won’t make much noise. It can sure get loud lately, even with a smaller wash. Smile. I love my Maytag.