My Favorite Drink , and Other Thoughts.

I drink water for three meals a day. I believe it takes time to like and enjoy water more than a Coke, or Pepsi. I believe it is with discipline that I have continued drinking water at meal time. I do, because this helps me with the goal to drink 6-8 glasses of water a  day. With this thought, what are the results?

I no longer have knee pain when I go up or down steps. I had severe pain, but when I went off sugar, I notice the pain left. I also had a shot in the knee, but you know that people have to have operations for knee replacement. I haven’t had the need, because my knees are fine, and dandy now. They were painful, but the diet helps.

I am presently persisting in staying off sweets, and bread. These are too fattening. I need to lose some weight. Not much has moved, but when I am more insistent, the sweets, and breads won’t be part of my diet. So I take a firm hand.

The other day I wasn’t firm enough. I gave into a hamburger, and Coke. This was a surprise, but when I got this need out of my system, then I could go back to no sweets, and bread. I didn’t eat the bread with the hamburger. I believe that having a break is helpful in adding fuel to the fire of my diet. The break helps me take a breath before resuming my diet. I am still trying to lose the same 20 pounds, but with the Coke, and the hamburger out of sight, I will charge on ahead. It really helps to break the diet at times.

This is the Day the Lord Has Made.

It is my choice to be positive, or negative. I believe God loves for us to laugh, and live in His Presence all day. A positive attitude has to come under training. Everything doesn’t always go right. So give the day to God who loves you. Ask Him to help you maintain your joy. In His Presence is joy, so walk with Him today. The joy, love, and peace of God will continue to be around you. This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in Him.

Olive Oil?

I have used olive oil for years. Now someone has spoken to me about coconut oil. I believe I will try it. A small bottle will be good for now. I love my olive oil. I use it in cooking, and I have my own bottle for my face, hands, and feet. I believe oil goes a long way, and that you don’t have to have much to make a difference. I wash my face, and then I put a little olive oil on my hands to put on my face. I wipe it down, because oil should soak into the skin. I let it. Then I put on make up. This works. The plan has been enforced through Winter days, and summer. I believe olive oil has some unknown attributes.

I notice that olive oil made my hands soft when I took some to anoint my forehead before our church started. There was always a little left, and I would put the oil on my hands. Soon they looked better from the oil. So I bought my own jar of olive oil and kept it at the church. I can be seen putting olive oil on my hands from the place where I keep my personal olive oil. I believe the Lord gives wisdom.

This May Be a Resting Day.

This may be a resting day. I won’t be seeing my chiropractor until Tuesday morning. I am trying to be good, and follow the routines. I sleep with the cotton brace on my neck. I woke with no trouble. At times the problem is still there, but I am not hurting like I was. I put ice on at the church yesterday. We are thinking about storing an ice pack there. They work.

The treatment yesterday was thorough, and there were several places that we found with the special machine. I believe I am better. Isaac says he has neck problems this morning. He is not afraid to work his neck. It will stop hurting if he exercises it.

I did a ballet move to pick up something that I dropped on the kitchen floor. I have done this for years. One semester of ballet has gone a long way. I believe my feet are strong because of what I do with them in ballet moves. I don’t do much, but I remember the exercises. I believe all young mothers should take ballet to get back in shape.

Isaac Served Pineapple.

Isaac says the pineapple he purchased at the store dropped on the floor, and this sweet smell came from it. He put it in two, grocery, bags, and purchased it. It was sweet, and wonderful. Rarely he finds one this ripe. We know how to cut it, and Isaac did this for us last night. We had pork chops for supper. They were breaded, and thin. I believe he has perfected his skills in this area. It was nice to be home. We were away all day.

Good Morning, Again.

I am up. I wore the little brace all night. It worked. I didn’t have to call the chiropractor. I believe I might survive with my plan to sleep with the brace on, and to wear it in the car whenever we are on the go. I have a piece over the brace. I can wash it, and slip the piece back on the cloth brace.

Can you believe all the excitement about the eclipse? We bought our glasses yesterday. The lady had several pairs. We only bought three pairs. I can remember when another eclipse happened, but this one is really a rare event. I look forward to Monday afternoon. Maybe we will be home.

So Where is Your Hammer?

Do you have a hammer? Does this song mean to hammer with a real hammer, or is it suggesting that peace has to be hammered out between people? I believe at times the one who holds out, has a hammer hidden somewhere. They will use it if they need to, but for now they will talk about having peace.

I believe the world will always be fighting, and in an upheaval. It will get worse, because wars, and rumors of wars will stay prevalent. So what do we do? My hammer that I use is the Word of God. It is a sword, that is two-edged. It also is a hammer. I believe we need to find how many of us are praying for our country. Who has the hammer?