Maintain a Sense of Humor.

I love to see people laughing about good things. They may be talking, and laughing because the subject is so funny. I believe good, wholesome laughter is not full of mockery, or scorn. It is wonderful to see someone laugh until they cry over what someone has reminded them to remember.


We Went to the Laundry Mat, Again.

Our guest had more clothes to wash, so I went with her. One other person was in the laundry mat when we got there. We got a Coke apiece before going there. We also had a Cliff bar. It is sweet, and nutritious.

We proceeded to talk to the young, man who was in the laundry mat. I wasn’t listening well enough. He implied that he was in a gang. He had been shot several times. We were nice, and when he left, he didn’t come back in the building. I believe the angels let him go on about his business.

I thought when he was talking about himself, “Father, am I to pray over this man? Why are we hearing what he has to say? Protect us, Lord.”

Shop Till You Drop?

Do you try to finish shopping all in one day? I would think that would be hard to do. We usually give little presents, and one big one. It isn’t too, big, but it is the one gift the person truly wanted. Then there were those Christmases when all we got for Christmas was a jar of un-popped popcorn. I was by myself with Isaac, and it was a miserable time. Mom, and Dad gave me popcorn for Christmas. I don’t know why. Maybe they thought you can always eat popcorn.

Ed Says We will Shop Today.

It is nice to be finished with all the shopping, but there are times when Christmas Eve has been a wonderful time to shop. All the sales are going, and most of the people are gone home to celebrate the loaded tree, and their Christmas. I believe it is wonderful to have many packages, but after a while, it is work to get them all opened.

My mother would shop all year for Christmas, and she would buy three of each thing she purchased. We girls had just alike clothes, and toys. She found what she liked, and bought it. I don’t know of many times when she put something on lay away. She saved her money to go shopping.

Stats Last Night Went to 76.

It is a cold morning, and most of my family is not up. I fixed bacon and eggs for Ed, and me. I had two pieces, and I think I will walk it off with the shopping, and things we have to get at the mall. We will go see about Isaac’s things today. He is sleeping, because Isaac has worked all weekend, and then some. He was up late Saturday night making cookies.

The title of this cartoon is, “No, don’t stop!” I drew a series of golf cartoons. This was one.



This is a Quiet Night.

The television is on in the den, but I slipped out to get ready for bed, and then to read the Bible. I felt led to read. There are days when it is harder to get to read. Today was busy, and it wasn’t a day to relax, and read. I didn’t get up early enough. Soon the house was busy, and I was making bacon, and eggs. Yes. It is special. Ed brought home the bacon. I served one piece to each of us. It wasn’t fat bacon. It was very lean.

Tonight is a good, night. We have watched television, and I am about to suggest popcorn, even though I am not hungry. I must stay off sweets tomorrow, and I will try to walk. I can’t gain any more weight.