It’s Too, Early to Plant Flowers.

I have this round flower garden at the side of my yard. It is in the back yard. I can take about 10 steps from the patio, and there is my little garden. It has some bushes. There’s a rose bush, and another kind of flower that is in a bush. They grow side by side. Around the perimeter of the garden is monkey grass. It gives the garden closure. I love my garden.

I have planted Geraniums in this garden for years. I always plant them there. I choose red ones, and they bloom until the first frost in the late summer. You know, when you find a flower that is what you like in a flower, you will do all you can do to keep it alive all year. I did one year. Ed didn’t want to save the Geraniums. Some of the cats got into them last year. I did enjoy them. I look forward to pansies at the church, and Geraniums at home.


I Told Ed What I Wanted. Isaac has Intervened.

Isaac has insisted that we not eat hamburgers tonight for supper. If Ed brings them home, he will be choosing to eat hamburgers, instead of Wednesday night’s left overs. I have worked all day on the house. I did everything, and I am worn out. I am too, tired. Isaac chooses to fix supper. It will be good, but he should listen. I will get a hamburger tomorrow, and I will have it solo.

I’ve Had Spring Fever all Day.

What I do in the Spring, is wash windows, and curtains. I looked at my kitchen curtains. I’m ready to wash them next week, if not this weekend. I have a little more time if I want to wash curtains and hang them up this weekend. I have an empty basket in the laundry room, which is also the bath room. We house our cat in there, and she is usually quiet, and nice. If she doesn’t get out of the bathroom, then she can get fussy, and want to scratch.

Isaac is good about letting her run, and play. I try to remember to always shut her door. I don’t believe she would leave the bathroom, because Sally cat is female also. They might not get along. Missy is head strong, and she does know how to growl, and fight.

Look out Sally. Don’t come near!

Hamburgers with Everything on them.

I feel like having food brought in from the store. Ed is picking up hamburgers, and we will eat at our den table. I hope there is a good movie, or two. It is 6:07. Maybe supper is close.

I want to go get some tomatoes for the summer. I buy them, let them grow, and soon the little tomatoes grow and we have fresh tomatoes from the vine. I love real tomatoes, corn on the cob, and real hamburgers. These will be real enough. I worked hard today. All my washes are finished. No more washing clothes until Tuesday. Smile.

Isaac made Blueberry Pancakes again.

I was doing well with the pancakes, when the cowboy show turned to murder, and gore. I left the room. I can’t stand this kind of program. I ate my pancakes, and left the den.

I am finishing the washing that I need to get done for this weekend. I have the curtains to wash, but that can be next week when all are gone. Changing from Winter to Spring, and then back to needing warm clothes is quite a switch. I believe my Spring Fever arrives early every year.

I Sang duets with my friend in High School. My Sisters Sang with me in a Trio.

Music was a good, part of my family while I was in the house, and at home. I found myself teaching Child Evangelism classes in the summers when I was a teen. I did this for ten summers. I was in school, but teaching about Christ, and leading children and adults to the Lord was a privilege. God answered our prayers.

I sang duets with a friend who had a wonderful soprano voice. It was clear, and I sang alto. We blended. One of the songs we loved to sing was, “It Is No Secret.” It is one of my favorite songs.

My sisters and I formed a trio in our early teens. We sang for our church, and practice was a must. I sang tenor, another sang soprano, and another sang alto, or base. Some hymns are lower. I never sang the melody, unless I had to. One time my sister asked if her voice was solo, quality. She could sing any way..alto, tenor or soprano. She was told her voice was a lead for Soprano. At times she asked me to lead, and she sang alto. She had a big mouth, and much volume. I believe one of her gifts was music.