What Do You See?

My father would take me to the mountains, or to a remote place. I would find some places very beautiful, and almost breath-taking. He would say, “What do you see?”

I would hesitate, and he would describe what he saw. There we were describing the view, and looking hard, because he could see the details more than I could. Painting is seeing, and his advice was to study the subject before you start. Dad taught me to paint, and draw. He watched as I set out drawing a picture that he found that I could draw. I met with him for about two years, drawing what I saw.

It wasn’t easy at first, to draw what I was seeing. I had no college classes in drawing, and I didn’t take Art in high school. I knew a little from a teacher in Elementary school who taught everyone by classroom at the school.

I couldn’t make much progress with Dad, but I could take the canvas home to finish, or come back the next Saturday to still work on it. I met with him for at least an hour, and then we would have lunch with Mom. In those days she made good meals, and sandwiches were a choice. We always had ice cream as a choice after the meals. It was weekly to meet, and I taught school during the week. This was my time with my parents. Ed never had Art lessons. He was always doing something else, like studying for a sermon on Saturday. This was ideal to go study with Dad, and eat lunch.

Other people in my family have Art talents, and some are musicians. My family was all musical, but Mom never told Dad that she had Art talent, or that she loved to play the piano when she was alone at home. She hid her talents from him, because she knew he would want to train her, or talk to others about her. Mom humbled her way our of telling him she was artsy. This was her humility showing.

Mom was my tutor, and she taught me many things. I didn’t learn to cook, or sew, but she listened when I wanted to talk. She led me to Christ, and we could share about what was going on with her, and with the church. She trained me in the ways of the Lord.

Her teaching abilities took me to task. I memorized passages, and small booklets that were valuable teaching tools. I was pushed to the limit with all this, but I am thankful for someone who not only led me to Christ, but then told me what to do next. I studied my own Bible, and I kept a journal. What she taught me I have never forgotten.

Mom was a talented, teacher. I taught school after going to college to earn my degree. II would often call her to pray with me about my classes. She would. Mom taught me what I know about praying. We prayed together separately about many things. We saw many answers. Her gift of teaching was poured out on me. I am thankful.


I’ve Been Working On My Room.

We just returned from our little trip. We were gone three days. It seemed longer, because we did a variety of things, and we were busy, or reading most of the day. We covered a lot of ground, and I am thankful we returned without any incidents on the freeway. Ed drives like a pro.

I am glad to be back home, and I have been grouping, and sorting clothes. My sister died, and we are still sifting through things, a little at a time. It feels good to be in her home. She would work so hard in it, and I try to clean as I work. I miss her, but I know where she is, and it is a better place. Heaven is always happier, and I believe the music is going in places all the time.

I have done several washes. I am catching up on that. We had a washer available, and I did use it. I am thankful for retirement. I am a, year, older, you know. We older ones need to rest, a, little, more.


Another Dose.

The joy of the Lord is my strength, according to the Bible. I believe His joy abounds when we walk in His peace, but at times the peace can be disturbed. So what do you do when you are upset, and overcome by what someone has said to you. Yes, it was honest, and trite at the same time. They thought it was the thing to say, but it hurt. What do you do?

As God’s child you will run into people who are mean, arrogant, and ruthless with their words. They mean to offend, or that spirit of offense won’t be satisfied, until they give you down the road. I can see this if the person deserves it, and will come to Christ, but Christians shouldn’t be treated disrespectfully. They should be honored for standing in the Lord for all this time. So who or what gets hold of people?

If you have studied personalities, there are those who say words, and they don’t care who it hurts. They are ruthless, and uncaring because they have no feelings. They say what they mean, like they are put on earth to do this. At times they do care, but to give a flood of criticism all at once to one who wasn’t wanting it… that is hard to take. It took me a while, but I forgave that person, and asked the Lord to talk to them. You know, He always does talk to people. Instead of using the ruthless, approach, maybe they need to pray for the person who is this way. Maybe they will change faster if they pray for them. This kind doesn’t come out without prayer. It is a critical spirit, that some think is godly honesty. It offends, and causes an offence, and a hurt place unless you take action.




Blood Pressure.

Blood Pressure can be checked by those who are at the desk at the doctor’s office. There are places you can get your blood pressure checked. Often a drug store will have someone who knows how to take your blood pressure. I have been to the drugstore to get mine checked. I finally purchased a machine that gives the blood pressure in minutes. I have high blood pressure, but I take a small amount of pressure medication.

Recently my doctor gave me a reading that was higher than usual. She gave me a prescription for more Blood Pressure medication. I took it, and it ran out. I did notice some difference, and I lost some weight. You know, blood pressure will rise when you become anxious for no reason, or worried about someone, or something. I believe when I read the Bible, it settles me. I often read for a longer time than most people. I try to finish the Bible, and start again reading through it. It takes about three months to finish, when I take the time to read, without hurrying.

Little is much when God is in it. At times you can lower your blood pressure by staying off salty things, and by limiting your involvement with others. I usually make a list if I want to get something done. Blood pressure rises for me if I go see my doctor, and I’m worried about the outcome. I always have a rise when someone isn’t pleasant to talk with, but there again, they took a risk to speak truthfully.

None of us are perfect. If you don’t have a good friend, then draw close to God, and pray about this. A true friend will stay close to you, and not hide when you were honest with them. A true friend will accept criticism, but then you should be allowed to speak the truth to them.

I believe criticism, and negative thinking get ahold of us, and we don’t realize how negative we are. I believe reading the Bible helps me put things into perspective.

When I have finished reading the whole, Bible, I start again for the next level, because the reading calms me down, and I take the time to find His peace, love, and joy. I am reading more, but daily. I don’t have a checkoff sheet to know what to do next. I read where I want in the Bible, and then I fill in a page that has all the books of the Bible, and the chapters. I can skip around if I want, but I never try to rush to finish a chapter.

Reading slowly, but daily, and plentifully, helps me manage through my day. I expect the Holy Spirit to work on me, and show me things I need to know. God uses people, but don’t become offended by them. Lift them before the throne, and ask God to speak to them about the way they criticize others.

I believe everyone has something to give God, and praise, and worship should happen, daily. You can sing to Him in the car, as you are by yourself. I believe our attitudes need to come in line with the Word. Speak truthfully, but don’t hinder progress with outright, criticism. Harness what you say. Live with the Word daily, and it will change you from sour, to sweet.

Friends are friendly. No one likes a jerk who can’t harness what he says. I believe self-control is important. I believe God gives us wisdom in dealing with people when we ask for wisdom. You know, those who criticize are really trying to tell you something that everyone else sees about you. This may be true, or not true. My father and mother always sent us girls to our room if we were fussing. I never finished an argument, so there was always one coming from my little sister.

Some people have caloric personalities. They are straight with what they say. I studied the personalities with a Bible teacher, and it opened my understanding about people who are forth right about all things. They are caloric. I believe critics have a way of sizing things up. They often are smart, but they aren’t always Christ-like. I believe anger, and meanness go together, and where there is forthrightness, there can be anger, also. A person who can’t say things nicely, hasn’t been taught to be compassionate. They see it like it is, and they don’t vary. Many run from critics because they are too, narrow. They speak like they are perfect. They see things clearly, and they say how they feel without regard to injury of feelings.

On the other hand, there are others who sorrow, and never get over verbal critics. They become offended. You know, when you speak the truth, you should pray about what you will say. God sees all of us, every one of us. He looks straight to the heart. If what the critic says will cause you to buy a new outfit, then let them talk to you.

I believe God lets, or allows people to offend each other. They may come to God, and want something, and He might say, “How did you treat my child?” He stops blessing when we offend Him, by speaking ugly to His children. So shut your mouth, unless you are sure that is what you should say.

God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear. He has given us love, power, and a sound mind. Walk away without yelling at the critic. Let them say it, and be strong enough to let those words drop to the floor, and never allow them to bruise, or offend you.

God sees all. Ask Him to talk to the critic. He will, especially, if they have slandered His child. He has many, children. We should think before we speak.


Daily Walking …

Do you know a hymn, that says, “Daily Walking close to Thee”? I do. It came to mind just now. I try to stay close to God, and at times there is a disruption. I get over what happened, forgiving the person for their smartness, and I do say, at times people come to me with the oddest attitudes. I can tell, they haven’t had their peace of mind for some time.

There are demons in this world, and self in people who team up to give Christians a hard time. I am surprised when someone accosts me. The Bible may say, “Speak the truth with love,” but some people speak the truth, and don’t have gentleness, kindness, and love in their voice. This happens out of the blue with me, even if I have read my Bible, and I have my peace.

I think, “I don’t know this person, and here they are rude, crude, and offensive. ”

Jesus always handled the rude, crude, people who were offensive, and derogatory in their actions. Religious people, but they didn’t know Jesus as the Messiah. They planned how to kill him, and Jesus was teaching straight, and living, praying much, and communing with His Heavenly Father. These people were the Pharisees, who didn’t know God’s Son. They were unbelievers. They had trouble believing what Jesus said, and they always were trying to find fault with Him.

Remember the time Jesus cleansed the temple, because it should have been a House of Prayer? I believe our temple needs cleansing, when we let our mouth run, and say things that are offending, and mean.

Yes, religious people, who don’t know God, or who won’t read their Bible but quickly, won’t change, but slowly.

Jesus ran into many who were thinking they should kill Him. He kept on praying to His Father, and teaching, using parables around some. I believe we should keep praying, and when people try hard to offend us, God is showing who to pray for now. Really!

The person who is attacked by sharp, words, needs you to pray for them. God brought them to your attention, intercessors. He did this so you would pray for those who have treated you with disrespect.

Our pride makes us fall, but their are many reasons why people say what they say. They may be grieving, and they can’t be nice that day they say sharp, words to you. If you will continue to read the Word, and stop getting into self-pity for being verbally abused, you will find words in the Word that will comfort you.

Everyone isn’t walking with Christ on the Throne of their life. Some claim to know Christ, but their is no, love. Some feel they can speak truthfully, whether it hurts the stranger, or not. I think it is a sign that you are effective, but the spirit in that person, Who sits on the throne of their life, is either the Holy Spirit, or Self.

Self often offends, and we think it is a, demon. I often advise, bind self, Satan, and sin in the offending person, and in you. Your reaction will be strong in the Lord, and in His Power to be quiet. Don’t get into self-pity. Walk away without a word.

Those who are raised to know Christ, will be tender to others. At times people see tenderness, and they take advantage. The person assaulted you, but pray for them for three days, and don’t give up. Speak to God about them, and harness your pride, and offense.

Satan, or self wanted you to become offended, so there wouldn’t be any reason to read the Bible. “If that was a Christian, I quit.” is not what we should take as a Christ-like attitude. For me, I have nothing to say until later, and yes, I get angry, and upset, until I remember, that it is better to pray for those who are your enemies.

Pray that God will bring them into Christ, and that the conviction of the Holy Spirit will talk to them. Otherwise, give that person to Jesus, and say, “I tried, and I couldn’t get through to them. Will you speak to this person?”

Drop any anxiety, and brush yourself off, spiritually. Pray for them to come to Christ. See, God allowed that person to be mean, so that you, as a Christian will finally pray for them, that they will stop being offensive, and unhappy, and really walk with Christ.

The bitterest person came to Christ one day, and she changed from mean, and cranky, to showing that the joy of the Lord was her strength. People began to ask her, “What happened to you?” She started walking with Christ, reading the Word, and the Holy Spirit’s Presence changed her face from no smile, or joy, to much peace, and love.

They will know us by the love we show! Speak the truth with love.


I Got Up With The Birds.

I am reading my Bible to finish for the 22,23,24th times. I have started the other levels, because I didn’t have much to do when I was at the church with Ed. He does his studies at the church, and I went with him so I wouldn’t be cleaning, and busy with house work. I needed to rest, because of the funeral on Saturday. I did rest in the Lord, and I am glad to have done this. The Word is alive, and it never returns with empty, or void. I believe in reading the Bible, but in the past years, I have been reading the whole Bible, and then starting again.

At the church, I thought, “I am never going to race through this Bible. But, it order to read more, I will start several pages, and when I find them, and no Bible at the church, I will take those pages, and begin to read in one of the Special Bibles that Ed has at the church. I did this yesterday, and started in Luke. I finished Luke, but today I read it for the 22nd time. Have I confused anyone?


No Excuse.

Some times all three of us girls were angry at each other. Mom had her hands full, but when she finally had her fill of the attitudes, she spanked us, or dad would. It hurt when it was either one, or both. Dad was told to make sure we hurt. He hit hard, and so did she. We grew up knowing what would happen if we rebelled. We all were spanked at once.

One made sure the others had to be spanked. You see, we had to be good, or soon someone else would get a spanking. So Mom figured, she may as well spank us all now. It hurt. We learned to get along, be at peace, and to not argue with Mom, or Dad. We played outside, way over in the field. We stayed as far from the house as we could. This gave Mom a good break, and they didn’t come get us.

We came home when she rang the bell. There again, we better get there. We were taught to obey, and to be respectful. If I ever would have sassed my Mom, or Dad, I would be sent immediately to my room to wait for a hard spanking. I didn’t talk back. Most of the time, another family member was the problem. I learned to pray, and read my Bible by 8, and soon the meanness stopped with all of us. When you pray about the situation, God does hear you.

Don’t ever think that God is deaf to your prayers. He does care, and He cares when humans are rude, and ugly, and in a hurry to be on their way. I believe Satan, and Self are at fault when we don’t get along. It isn’t God who causes an argument. It is usually self. Bind self, and loose the power of the Holy Spirit in you. Ask forgiveness for your own sins, and mean it. I believe God listens to all of it…….all we say. He knows those who have been in His Presence. He does care.


I Made a Pie.

Isaac has a roast in, and I made an apple pie. We may have mashed potatoes with this, and it would be nice to have green beans, but we are out of them, I think. It is too, late to ask for those. I love green beans, when they are cooked right. Some have their own opinion of mine, but I like mine with little or nothing on them.

I have to lose the weight I gained when I was enjoying myself, with no worries about gaining. That turned into gaining way beyond what I have been weighing. I won’t do that again. Now I watch, and wait for the pounds to come back off. I am going slowly.


Have You Watched the Lincoln Movie?

There is a Lincoln Movie on television. It is portraying Lincoln, and it seems true to History. I watched as long as I could, and then I left, because my eyes are not working so late in the night. I am tired, sleepy, and ready to hit the hay. Smile.



Who knows if we really will get a little snow. I think I saw a tad today, but it wasn’t much, if any. It would be nice, but then it is cold, and the weather will bring problems. Either way we are winners. Look at Texas. They are having real storm problems right, and left. Our friend just moved to Texas. I hope she is dry, and warm. Some out there are not.