I have written 21 times, and the stats are to 100 now. Thank you for coming by Rubies Corner’s blog. Get some sunshine, drink some sweet tea, and relax now. Thanks for reading.

This is rare that I write this Long.

I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I do know who made today. I am a Christian from head to toe. My joy comes when I have been in quiet time with the Lord. My joy comes because He makes me glad. I am not a joyous person most of the time, but He is my delight.

I believe it is rare to talk this much today, and I think it is wonderful to get to share the paintings, and sketches. Thank you for coming by Rubies Corner’s blog. You have more to read. Get busy. Smile.Roses from my garden by Ruby J Craft

Roses in a Vase.2

Fresh roses in a vase.

20 is a good Number.

If you have the desire, you can work at it, and the pounds will melt. You may have to give up ice cream for a while. You may have to take a walk, or do exercises before you go to bed. You may have to take back the ground that you gave to eating all you wanted. I am having to decide if I want any more of this or that and believe you me, I am having to take control of my diet.

It takes discipline to walk that way. It takes discipline to exercise. You can exercise your mind, but your body needs some too. Discipline is observing a rose, or two, and working on the same art piece until you know you can do it well for others. It takes work to practice, but it pays off. Get to know the cow you are painting. Observe her face, and her ears. Is she honey brown, or several colors. You might visit a farmer, and help him feed the cow, and you might milk her.  All this has to do with the cow that you will paint. The eyes sparkle at times. Have you noticed?

I Must Stop to Fix Supper.

I have been writing more today. I had the time, and took it. This should last until tomorrow afternoon, when I will have more to say. I don’t usually write this long, and this much. My sister will be surprised. Some of these are lengthy. Others are shorter. Smile. Never lose your smile. Do what you want. If the post is what you want to read, then do so. Thank you for coming by to read.

Roses in a Vase.2

I Bless the Food Early.

Ed and I pray over the meal we serve on Wednesday nights to the church people who come for the Bible study. They eat with us, and then we sing, and study together after the singing. Wednesday is a day to encourage each other, and to pray together. I have come many times to the group with a prayer request. At times I am hurting, and need prayer. I have tried everything, and they pray. The pain goes away.  I believe the church is used in praying for others. Why not?

I have some friends who are bringing something to go with the meal. One brought cornbread, and it had no, flour in it. It was wonderful. I believe an iron skillet makes cornbread sing! The other brought fruit salad, and she took the left overs on the salad home. I believe we had a wonderful meal, because I had help.

One night, I didn’t have help in the kitchen. I made ,and that for the meal, and when my friends came in, she had something to go with what was already made. I believe we are having a good, time with meatloaf, chicken three kinds of ways, and pork chops, pork roast, and what ever I buy. I do pray over the menu.

God has a good, imagination. People contribute, and we take left overs home. I believe summer will help with tomatoes coming in on the vine, and other things that grow. I love squash ,casserole!


The Kind of Paper is Important in Art.

Strathmore has a Sketch book that is excellent. I am in the process of drawing roses, and sharing the results on my website. I believe paper quality makes a piece shine quietly. This is 60 lb. paper.

There is another book of paper that would have a rougher, quality to it. It might be better to use the rough, paper if you are working with rocks, and trees.

There are things you can do to make the water look more, real. Dad didn’t finish telling me all he knew in art, but I did listen, and I did use his brushes, and paints for the times I went over for an art, lesson. He helped me for two, years, and frankly that is a small amount of time for someone who has had little or no, training in the fundamentals of art past year one. I did take Art Structure at UTC in our town, and I worked very hard to do all my teacher wanted us to do. I took another course there, and I learned much.

You can imagine not having much schooling, and still wanting to convey what you have in your heart, mind, and soul? You can order Art magazines that will help. I have done this, but presently I have none coming to me. I pick up a pencil, and draw. Then I fill it in. I might draw the same thing for weeks, and then one, day I am ready to do the finished painting.

I can paint,now, because I know the subject. Many are more, talented than I am, and if they spent the time that I do, their work would be known around the world. I paint until I am finished with the subject. Then I rest the work for a little, while. I come back to it to see if it looks like what I was trying to draw. My sister was pleased that I was painting, but she would laugh out loud when I first started. Her talent kept me from taking art classes. When she died I had taken a few. She was the youngest, with extreme talent. I believe she paints in Heaven.