What was in the Dryer?

I have been resting today, because yesterday was when I cooked the roast pork at the church. I get tired from this, so I rested today. In the meantime, I have decided to keep up with my washes. So I put three washes in today. There were blankets that we put on the chairs, and just clothes. I made a colored clothes wash, and a white clothes wash, and then a mixed colors wash. Well, when I went into the bathroom to put the clothes from the washer, over into the dryer, I noticed there were many items to dry. I told Isaac to watch the dryer.

The timer on the dryer has been slipping. If I don’t watch the dryer, the timer will keep going, and the clothes will keep drying until it finally stops. The clothes might get too, hot. I came home from our Thursday night meeting with Guest 1, and pulled the clothes I had in the dryer out, to separate them. When I put them in the dryer, Ed had given me some dollars that I had loaned him for the battery that had to be put in my car, yesterday.

Well, there was something other than clothes on the dryer, floor. It was stopped, and as I pulled the clothes out, I found dollars that I had in my hand while putting the clothes into the dryer. I smiled as they were rolled up, each one of them. I straightened them out. Wow! Now I had my money back.

We had supper with Isaac, and Guest 2. I told my story to them. I looked at Isaac. He has been saving episodes, and funny sayings. He will look at me, and start typing.


Isaac Served us Pancakes.

We fried the pancakes, in several iron skillets, on the stove. I believe they were light, and easy to eat. The too-full feeling didn’t come like it does with pancakes. Isaac had a whim that this would be good to eat. We had pancakes for lunch! Lunch was slightly, early, and our family was the ones who ate it. Our guest 1 and 2 work during the day.

I Have Been Resting Today.

I don’t rest every day. Today I have only put in two washes. One is the colored clothes I have that are dirty. They go in with cold water. Then I put in all white clothes. This is anything white, and it bleaches, and washes just like the other load. I have a white wash in the dryer now.

Have you tried Oxy-clean? I love this with my regular detergent, which is Tide. I believe this detergent adds power to the cleaning, and it makes the whites whiter, without having to bleach.

It has Been Nice Weather.

It has been nice weather here. How about the 70’s. I told Ed the house is hot, and he turned on the air. It won’t be for long, but it was getting hot inside. I do believe this has been a most different time of the year. February has been having Spring like weather. I don’t mind, but we didn’t get snow.

I Just Had a Cookie.

A cookie is not all I ate. I found the ice cream sandwiches in the freezer. I offered Ed one, and then he gave me another, and that was satisfying. Next I had a tangerine, which was not seedless. I had to control the seeds. I believe this is all I had, and I am still eating, and nibbling on the cookie.
We had no lunch. I wasn’t suppose to have sweets, but at times I can’t help but break my intentions. I did.

Blueberry Pancakes, Again!

Isaac found a new recipe for pancakes in the new cookbook he got for Christmas from his aunt several years ago. It is a lighter recipe, and the pancake doesn’t leave a heavy weight behind it. Isaac made light, pancakes, even though it is impossible to make them fluffy.

I’m Putting in Washes Again.

I’ll put in a red wash, a blue wash, and a white wash today. I put in two washes yesterday. I am trying to keep up with my family’s clothes. If I wash daily, I don’t have enough to wash, unless I wash up the blankets we throw over the furniture. They are the thin, blankets and I make sure they stay to cover the furniture. It saves on the wear of the rocking chair, and the big chair. It also hides where Butch attacked our big chair when he was a puppy. He dug a hole in the seat, while we were gone somewhere. I don’t throw away new chairs. I covered this one, and it has two places where the cats have scratched it bare. We won’t buy new furniture until the pets we have are gone. I hope I can last that long.