Pray until You Have a Word of Faith.

I have been praying in the day, and at night before I slept. I couldn’t release what I was praying about, because this man has cancer. I want to see God heal him. My advice is to pray until you receive a verse, and then use that verse in your praying. God hears our requests. He heard it the first time, but be tenacious in your faith. God is faithful. He will supply your needs. He will motivate you to pray until He answers. God is light, and in Him is no darkness. He has given me one, verse of hope, and I am saying it back in regard to someone’s healing. The verse is, “I will not die, but live, and proclaim the works of the Lord.” I trust in God, and His word is true. I will pray this until something happens.


Today is Sunday.

I married someone who wanted to go into the ministry. He was preaching before he went to Seminary. After one year of marriage, we went to Seminary, and he studied for four years with one for experience, so that resulted in 5 years of training. I taught school, and it wasn’t always the easiest place to be. The last school was the poorest, and in the worst district. The kids were wild, and I had to teach them daily. I came late, and they hadn’t found a teacher to take the class. Two people were holding it together, and neither one had a degree in teaching.

Ed, and I are in ministry together. I am not the preacher, but I stand with Him, and we both pray for the function we go to, whether it is Sunday morning, or Wednesday night where we have a meal, and then study together. I cook on Wednesday nights, and the menu can be brought in, or I cook up a storm of food. People are used to the cooking, and I took someone’s place. The man died , and I took his place two years before he became so sick.

The footsteps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. I believe the Lord is righteous, and that he loves those who are righteous. We obtain righteousness through believing that Jesus died for our sins, and He is our personal Savior. You invite Christ to come live in you through the power of the Holy Spirit. You give your life to God in Jesus name. We walk by faith, not by sight. I believe we literally can stand before the throne of God and make our requests.

It is our obligation to stand there after making our requests, and to praise Him from whom all blessings flow. God is real as you are. He can’t be seen, but you see the result of His actions. He created heavens, and earth, and He created you. He is finite, infinite, and His knowledge is wonderful. He loves you personally, and wants you to receive Christ, and to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Walk with God, and be full of His Presence through praying, and reading the Word, and doing what He tells you.

The Spirit of Fear

I was born with many fears. When I found Christ at 8 years old,  He started working on my fears. God didn’t,and hasn’t given me a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind. When fear comes at you, rebuke it. This is your right as a, Christian. Walk in His light, where there is no fear of man, or anything. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. It is the starting place.

I called my sister, and we talked. I said, “I am praying for Ken’s healing. I began saying to her the verse I have been giving back to the Lord.”

She said,” Say that to Ken. ”

I said, “Ken I have been praying for you. I keep this verse in mind. “I will live, and not die, and proclaim the works of the Lord.” I said, I am praying that you will live and not die, and proclaim the works of the Lord.

There he was in his weakness, but I had prayed for him off, and on for several, nights, and days. I said, “I believe God wants you to live, and not die, and to proclaim His works. I give it to you with the faith I have. You may go to heaven, but I am praying that you will live, and not die, and proclaim the works of the Lord.”

He was strong enough to answer, and to thank me. Then he gave the phone to Jane. When you have a verse to go with your prayers, use it a million times. I did while we prayed yesterday at the church. It was time to pray, and I prayed for Ken’s healing, using my verse. I prayed in the night, and today as I was cleaning the pans from having fried hamburgers last night. I can’t get it off my mind, so I am telling you. Find a verse, and use it. If you are praying for Ken, use this verse in your praying. Thank you. I believe he will live, and not die, and proclaim the works of the Lord.

Today Has Been Another, Good, Day.

I guess it is because we celebrated our Anniversaries together.  We celebrated at church, and then we celebrated tonight at the restaurant. Ed and I ate out Wednesday, and then went to the church. It was our anniversary. Toney, and Doris had their anniversary on the 11th. We celebrated with them Wednesday, and tonight we four ate together. It was an awesome time, and it is nice to hash over the past. I believe this has been a significant celebration. I believe we will turn and the year is up to celebrate the 50 years together. This was part of what will happen next year.

I must have the results of a summer cold coming on. I have sneezed my way through today. I will gargle, and do all the right things to get rid of this one. We don’t have time for this to take hold. It is from running in and out of the air condition. Ed turned it off some, and I got hot. Then we turned it back on, and left it on. I got cold. That must have brought this on. We walk into stores, and the air is on. We walk out, and the sun is beating down on us. So the difference is showing up for me with sinus trouble. Oh, well. Soon all this will go away……I hope.

We Went With Friends to Celebrate Both Anniversaries.

We celebrated much, but that is fine. 49 years is a long time, and next year will be 50. Much can happen in a year, but we are on our way. This is the twentieth, and next year on the 11th, and the 18th will be a huge, celebration. I believe it is fantastic that we are celebrating together this year.

We ate out together. They ordered steak, and Ed ordered Salmon, and I had steak. I could have ordered Salmon. I ate steak to make up for Ed not having any. Then we all had dessert,

Hello, Everyone.

My sister says that Ken is having a good, day. He ate a little bit of peach, and this was the first solid food in two, weeks. God is good. Still praying for him. They turned off his defibrillator. I believe he will feel better. I can go on this much and praise God. Praise Him with me, audience. God is always good, and He always hears our prayers. He is wonderful, good, and He listens when we are overwhelmed. We come in Jesus name. I believe what Jesus did on the cross for us was wonderful. We can bold come into the throne of Grace and make our requests. It is wise to linger and praise God for who He is. I believe He does more than we can ever ask or think. God is God Almighty, and Jesus died so that we have entrance to the throne to make our requests. Jesus rose again, and He is awesome.

I Have Been Praying for Ken, Today.

He has been very sick with this that he has. I do hope he will recover, but the cancer is aggressive. I went to bed earlier, and prayed to sleep. I awoke praying for Ken. He needs the Lord’s healing, and I have prayed for it. May God heal Him like He has healed my sister. She had kidney stones. When the doctor x-rayed before surgery, there were no stones. They were coming back home, by 8:30 A. M. because the doctor said, “We won’t have surgery today. The stones are gone.”

I believe God still heals. He is the same as in the Old Testament. God doesn’t change. He heals when we call on Him. My faith doesn’t have to be large.

” Father, heal Ken, in Jesus name. I am not begging. I am your child, and I call on You today, because of things that are happening today. If you take Ken home, then it will be ultimate healing. I am asking that he will be healed today, and that he won’t die, but live to tell about it. Father have mercy, and let him live for you the rest of his days, in good health, in Jesus name. The name above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow to Him, and call Him Lord. Father I bow in my heart, to you, and I confess that Jesus is the Son of God, and He died for me on the cross, and He rose again on the third day. I believe, Father in the trinity, and I believe you still heal. Will you heal Ken today, and let him live for you all his days. If you choose to take him on to heaven, then I will know that is your Ultimate healing. I love you Father, in Jesus name.