I Was Outside Maybe a, Half Hour.

I cut the weeds in the garden I have. I believe it takes time to cut weeds by hand with flippers. I remember doing this last year. I also cut off the dead roses, so more will blossom. My bush is red roses, and I expect the bush is loaded with roses because I snipped off the old, dried roses several days ago. Now the rose bush is blooming again, but I didn’t cut the old ones off until now.

I love yellow roses as well as red ones. I don’t know what colors roses come in, but I think they have been beautiful for years.

I also love daisies, and you know, I broke daisies when I was young. I would take all the petals off, and repeat a rhyme about boys. I wanted a boy friend, and I felt this might help. How silly. I was young, and I didn’t know that some things are not true about life.

Well, it is still sunny out. I don’t know when the sun will set today. I did enjoy snipping the old roses off the rose bush. I wait for the other flowers to blossom. It is wonderful to have some free time to write. I believe I really enjoyed being in the direct sun for a little while. Isaac sent me to write, because he is fixing supper solo. Smile. I love his pork chops.



It isn’t often that I take our dog, Butch outside. He needed to go outside, and I said, “Come on, Butch. Let’s go.”

I held the door open, and he hobbled out the door. We were suddenly, in the sunshine! I thought, “Wow. I thank he made it without falling down. I led him to the grass, and he was safe to fall now. Butch has been falling down repeatedly, because his back hip is giving way with old age pains. He falls down inside repeatedly, and I can’t pick him up. He weighs too, much.

I have found that if I offer a Ritz cracker, Butch will eat it where he is. Then I offer another, and he has to go to his bed. He eats it there. I took all his bedding that he has on his bed, and I washed it today. It made a nice load of blankets to wash. We get baby sized blankets for him. I do believe he is going down hill, and it is hard to see this older dog go down hill so fast. We pay him attention, because when he has to go outside, he doesn’t let us know unless he really needs to go outside. Then we make sure we go with him.

He is still a card, but this dog is 14 years old. This times 7 is what his dog age is, and he is older than dirt. We don’t know how long he has, but we are doing whatever we can. Today, Butch slept on the couch with Sandy our newest cat from my sister’s home. He is patient, and they slept on the same couch, not far apart.





I Have a, Rose Bush in my, little, Garden.

I have a round, circle made with brick. In the circle are 2 sets of flowers, and and a rose bush. I have been outside just now, trimming the rose bush. You see, when the roses have bloomed, and shrunk to nothing, it is a, wonderful, idea to prune them off the rose bush.

Then the rosebush will bloom again, and again, if you keep trimming off the old, wilted, roses. I learned this somehow from a, florist, and I have been doing this with the roses at the church, and in our backyard. It works. Isaac, and Ed can mow down the weeds in the garden with a, tool they have.

Isaac thinks he will fix pork chops tonight for supper. They must marinate for 30 minutes, so he sent me to the blog to check on it, and to write. I have written several times, but people must not be reading what I have written, because no one is reading what I have written. Odd. I can draw a, picture, and the stats go up.

I trimmed the churches rose bush, and our rosebush. That is two. I have peonies growing in the garden I have. They have blossom that have popped up, but they are not open. I believe last year they bloomed. This is May, and some flowers don’t like the direct, sun. I hope these will soon bloom. I took some flowers from the corner where other flowers are growing. I put these in a, big, pot, and they will bloom, also. I don’t have enough, flowers.

I absolutely love, and have loved Daisies.


This is Monday.

I usually rest on Monday because it is the day after Sunday. We are busy as bees on Sunday, and we do go to eat lunch in the country. I love soup with chicken pieces put in the soup. I buy a chicken sandwich, and cut the meat. Then I put it in the small, bowl of chicken soup. It makes quite a meal.

I have found that the Signature Chicken sandwich has some good qualities. I never eat the bun, but I do love the chicken, cut up, and put in the soup.

I will rest, and write today. I might go with Ed to the country, because this is when I read my, Bible. I do have some observations for today. I see that the rose bushes at home, and at church, are just bearing roses like crazy.

I just cut the old blossoms off the one at the church, and yesterday it was just as, rosy as it could get. There were multiple roses. I did the same with the bush at home, in my garden. I keep a, flower, garden separate from all the pots of flowers.

The garden is in the direct sun, so I water it as I think about it. Roses are red, but they come in yellow, also. We planted a, yellow, rosebush at the church. It is small, but it too, is producing roses. Wow!


Well…..We Have Supper Ready.

We are having an old Fashioned hamburger, cooked on the stove, and we plan to have onions, and the works with this. We have tomatoes already for the meal, and Ed is out talking to someone. The person doesn’t know that supper is ready, and so this could delay us for a while. It’s alright.

The timing of the Lord makes the meal, or we don’t eat it hot. Some one gave us some mushrooms, so we fried these up, and they were hot, when we finished cooking them in the frying pan. I am not used to mushrooms, but they are wonderful.

So our supper is simple, with onions, cheese, ketchup, and mustard, without chips. I don’t have baked beans made, but that is fine. They will be for another time, maybe at the church. I love barbeque in my beans. I don’t know how much calories they have.

This has been a, longer, day for me. I didn’t get to read, so I am waiting for quiet time to happen. Maybe now is a, good time, since we are waiting to eat.


Ed will soon Start Breakfast.

I will wait for breakfast to pass, and then I will read more of Proverbs. It is the next book for me to read. I am trying to read much so I can finish the Bible again. I need large amounts of the Word. It comforts, and teaches me.

Bless this day, Lord, and thank you for rescuing us from the plans of the devil. Thank you for Salvation, and that, We Know You.


I Have My Potassium with Me.

I take potassium in water daily. It is required, and I have my glass beside me. It will help to take the rest of my pills. I take one blood pressure pill two times a day, and some of the other medication. It is a list, but I am not as blessed with many pills, like some are. My new doctor made sure I had enough blood pressure pills. Smile. It makes a difference.

I planned on reading this morning, and the first time I rose from sleep was not late enough to get up. The second time, I was too, sleepy yet, so I went back to bed. Well, maybe I should have gotten up, because we have had some havoc this morning.

Nothing to be alarmed with, but our dog didn’t get to go out when he needed to go. I won’t say much more, except my chair is in the middle of the table. He probably wanted to bark for us, to come there. We didn’t hear him, and though Ed was up, the dog was asleep until I came through the door.

Don’t let Satan blow your candle, or light out. Watch what you say, or do until you can read the Bible, and pray early in the morning, for you. I think it is so important to read daily. I read reams, but that is because I want to finish the Bible again this year. I finished Psalms, and I am working with Proverbs. Have you read Proverbs lately?

If you get angry, forgive yourself. If you stumble on your way, and fall down spiritually, forgive yourself, and get up to walk on with the Lord. He won’t drag you, but there are demons, and the devil who don’t want you to have a wonderful time reading the Bible.

They are hindering spirits, there to keep you frustrated, and angry with life. Stop, and rebuke them, and tell them to leave in Jesus name. Once you know they are trying you, it is hard, but rebuke the devil, and the demons, and tell them to leave. Ask for the angels to assist the demons out of the house. Yes, they will come help deliver you out of the planned chaos, and evil.

Our battle is strong, because Satan doesn’t want us to rise to read the Bible. He wants us to become frustrated with life. Anger doesn’t show the righteousness of God, but at times you need to get angry with the devils. Rebuke them, and demand they leave in Jesus name.

Jesus prayed for many of the sick, but He had to rebuke the demons many times. So do we. Take the authority you have in Christ, and don’t let the devil stay in your home, or in you. Rebuke him in Jesus name.


Who is Left?

My whole family is in Heaven. I am the one left standing, with my family. My parents, and sisters are there. I know they are, and one received assurance before she left this world. I led her to Christ, although I knew she had received Him before I did.

It is a good thing to make sure. I know some people who were never sure until they received Christ again. Some have received him 10 times, and finally the last time was there assurance. They didn’t have to ask any more. They were certain that Christ heard their prayer, and that the Holy Spirit lives in them. They are gone on to Glory, now.

Our son is still alive, and he had a, good, doctor’s, report yesterday. Our fears keep us from thanking the Lord enough. I believe what we go through before we settle to read, is a test to get us off track.

“Oh, she’s reading, let me create some havoc.”

So it happens.

Our responses to havoc are so, important. There are times when you need to start rebuking self, Satan, and sin, and anything else that is in the way of your time to read the Bible.

It is your encouragement for the day. Hang in there, and don’t let Satan blow our the candle you are carrying.

Let the light shine, and don’t give up, No MATTER WHAT!


Good Morning!

If something happens first thing when you walk into the kitchen, take it as a message that you will need to pray more over this weekend. We may have troubles, but they will cause us to walk in humility. Our reaction to troubles affects the whole family, so be careful. If you become angry, it is normal, but pray. God will help you if you will draw close to Him, regardless of how the day went for you.

Old dogs get old naturally, and they go through much before they let go and leave our world, and us. I don’t look forward to our dog leaving, and we have done about everything we can to keep him moving, and doing what he can. He was asleep until I walked into the den. Ed, and Isaac were up, but they didn’t have to work with him, or take him outside.

So I walked in the den, with Butch asleep, and soon he was awake. I fixed my tea for my time of reading, and there Butch was back in his bed. I had given him an, ordinary, cracker. Well, he needed to go out, and didn’t make it. He was sleeping, and I woke him.

Ah !

My day has started, and I am disappointed. Isaac is cleaning around my chair, where I usually sit to read. Butch should have been taken outside even if he was sleepy. He wasn’t, because he was fast asleep, until I came through the door.

Life goes on, but I have started my day with a, pet who is older, and needed to go outside first, thing. He will go. He is awake now, and so am I.

I had my Bible in my hand, and I spilled it on the table, along with my journal. I brought my blanket in to put on my chair, and I did that before I checked on my tea. I was ready to sit down, and when I came in the room, I realized that our dog should have gone outside earlier.

My day has started. It must be important to God to read as soon as I can, and to leave the dog asleep. I gave him a regular cracker. He chewed it up, like he was starving. Well, today has started, and tomorrow is Sunday.