I Picked Out Several Paintings to Share.

I picked out several paintings to share with you. Then I couldn’t find the word, “Publish.”

I am trying again. This one is a self portrait. It is in acrylic. The one below this one is “Down at the Creek.” An Oil painting I did.cropped-foot-steps-are-ordered-by-the-lord1.jpg



We’re Home.

Isaac has been home today, and out, and home again. He had a meeting this afternoon. Ed and I headed for the church, and we had a couple come in who helped us get more things out, and he went to get sandwiches for us. Nice way to eat. Subways are nice.

We continued to work putting the things in the boxes out for our yard sale tomorrow at 8:00 A. M. It is Saturday, but I find that more people are going places on Saturday. They come to our sales early.

They say, “Wow! This yard sale is so organized!”

I didn’t think of organizing the sale, until I had several people take on the yard sales. Wow! Work, and work trying to put everything in the right place. I cleaned some things this afternoon. When Rita took one of the tall vases from the table they were sitting on, it had water in it, and it spilled on the table. I thought, “I guess we didn’t get it dried on the inside. It is a tall vase. and the water was easy to go inside it, but I couldn’t get my hand inside it to clean it. I used soapy water, and rinsed it several times.

8:00 A. M. is early. I wake when I wake, and then I go read. I will read, and then hurry to get to the church. I am through Genesis, and now half way through Exodus. I am reading straight through the Bible this time. I am not skipping books. This is my 10th time. Yeah.


So what are my Goals?

I always try to keep my goals in mind. I don’t want numbers as much as I want a group of people who love to read, and who are patient with me. I change my posts frequently, and I won’t draw at every writing. I have paintings that are hanging on the church wall. They are mostly paintings of flowers that I have found. Have you noticed how intricately planned they are? I love to paint flowers, water scenes, and what ever comes to mind.

What about angels? I do have one angel painting. It took three times to get as far with this one as I did. I believe art is fun, and much work. It is more work for me, because of such a zeal, without much training. My sister used to laugh with me when I showed her what I did in art. She had a degree in art. One day she sat with me while we drew a flower together. She drew her rendition, and I drew mine. This painting I called, “Painting with Mary.”DSCF3103creek scene

886 is a Wonderful Number.

I haven’t been on the computer writing much, and the stats go down when I don’t write. They level off, but they go higher when I write more. My goal for now is to try to write more without getting stiff in my neck again. I believe in the goodness of the Lord, and I believe He has a sense of humor, and loves for people to draw close to Him. I believe the joy of the Lord is your strength. His joy is happiness that wells up, and then resides inside you.

I checked the stats and we have 886 followers for now. At times the number shifts lower, and at times the blog grows. When I draw, it grows. People have always been amused with my drawing. I haven’t had too, many classes in Art, and it shows. Smile.

How Do You Ever KNOW?

I received Christ as my own Savior at my mother’s bedside one day. She told me how to receive Him, and I was ready. My sister came to Christ, and I felt left out. Mother was quick to discern, and she always had a headache. She had one, and was lying down, but she felt led to ask me if I had Christ inside me. I told her the truth.

“No.” I said.

“Do you want to receive Christ as your Savior?” she said.

“Yes. I want to but I don’t know how.” I said.

She had me pray to receive, and then she led me in a prayer to receive the Lord. I knew how to pray, and I didn’t have Him inside me. But that didn’t matter. She continued until I knew I received Christ as my own Savior. I was 8. At twelve I concluded that I needed to make sure He was living inside me. It took several days of submitting, but finally I knew that I had submitted fully to Him, forever. The whosoever in John 3: 16 helped me, because I put my name there.

“If Ruby believes she will have everlasting life.” Wow!

It is by Grace that I found Him for real, and that was when I was eleven, or twelve. I seriously sought the Lord, and He found me and gave me assurance that He lived inside me. I didn’t say much to my folks, but that is how it came about that I trusted in the Lord with all my heart. After that I was ready to help an older woman of God with children’s classes. We met in the park and told them about Jesus.

I taught with this organization until I was 21, and gave 10 years of working with children in the summer in Bible classes. God in you is the hope of glory. When you receive Christ as the gift of Salvation, the Holy Spirit comes to live inside you, and there is a change. I went from bashful, and shy to talking to others about Jesus.

I went one year to a Bible college, and realized that I was called as a teacher. I went to a Christian college in Tennessee, and received my B. S. degree four or five years later. I taught over twenty years in public schools. I believe God didn’t drop me when I went into teaching. He was there every day in the classroom, or when I taught Reading to those who were behind. I believe God leads us, and He is my Savior still. This  is my story. I believe just like John 3:16 says. I am one of the whosoever people who have trusted in Jesus for salvation.


Stats Go Higher when I Write.

Once I wrote 33 posts, and the stats went way up. Now I don’t make it that far, and the stats haven’t been that high. I think it is wonderful to sit and write to my audience. I don’t picture them, but I am free with the writing. I keep it happy most of the time. I believe in the Goodness of the Lord, and it is with me. I believe my favorite passage for this year is Psalm 23 where it talks about His goodness following me all the days of my life, and dwelling in His presence forever.

Do you know? Forever is a long, lengthy, unending time. We decide whether to go to Heaven, or Hell. Those who believe are on their way to Heaven, and it is simple faith and trusting in Jesus as our personal Savior that starts this. I believe many people are encumbered with stubbornness, and their own way of getting to heaven. There is one way that is through Jesus Christ who died and rose again. He is God’s Son, and we are given the opportunity to live for Him all our days.

True Christians yield daily. True Christians have the love of God on them, and their life shows that they are walking with Him daily. Our emotions are love, joy, peace, gentleness, kindness, and the list goes on. Most people who trust in Christ as their personal Savior have those qualities. You either have him fully, or you don’t. It takes simple, total submission to Jesus Christ that makes you change from walking in the darkness, to walking with Him in His light.