Thank you for Praying.

I gave you a prayer request. My sister, and brother in law were needing healing. I prayed with them Tuesday night. They called, telling me they needed prayers. Ed joined with me as we asked God to heal their ailments.

Yesterday, around 9:00 A. M. they called. I am telling you, because I put their prayer request for healing on the internet. I figured some of you would see the request and add your prayers to mine. Well, Ken spoke when I answered the phone. He never calls, so I thought, “Oh, no!”

It wasn’t an “Oh, no!” result. Jane was dressing for the first time in several days, and getting ready to go with him out to eat. He said his blood sugar dropped to a good number, and it had been running high for several days. He felt better. They called to thank me for praying with them, and I am thanking you for praying in agreement over them. Thank you for praying with me. You know, I haven’t seen most of you, but God has put us together for writing purposes, and for encouragement in the Lord. You have it. I am so glad that I have agreement with you. I didn’t remember to tell my church last night. I cooked, and then ate thankfully. I did tell Ed.

I Write Until it is time to Stop.

I slipped from the table, and came to write at the computer. Ed and Isaac had eggs with me today. Ed was going to make oatmeal, but I said, “Would you like an egg or two today?”

He consented, and took Butch out to the front yard where he does his business, and Ed sweeps off the front porch. They are out there for a good ten minutes, but Butch only goes to the front yard with Ed. I can’t whistle like Ed can when Butch wanders off to the neighbor’s yard. One good whistle makes the dog come running.

We eat two eggs a day unless Ed makes oatmeal. I got Isaac up to eat with us, and today I gave them three eggs, and I had my two. One piece of toast, with jelly underneath the toast, and the eggs on top is how I eat mine. I don’t spread the jelly, but it adds something to the flavor of eggs, and toast. I guess it is moisture, and sweet, grape jelly. I don’t eat toast with jelly, but at times I do have a spoonful of peanut butter. It gives me energy.

We had church last night. I fixed lasagna, and the big dish was empty when I turned around to look. We took home two containers of lasagna, and this is easy to freeze in individual portions. I believe lasagna is always good.

My lasagna has some changes, so it isn’t really Italian. I  mix ricotta cheese with cottage cheese, and add two eggs. This adds fluff to the lasagna. My Paul Newman jars open easily, and I add browned meat to this sauce. When I am ready to make the lasagna I have everything right there to make it. The meat is browned, the cheese is mixed with the eggs, and the bags of cheese are opened, and ready to pour between the layers. It still takes time to make this dish, and I pray over it.

When the timing is going right., I set the lasagna in the refrigerator for two, hours to ruminate. It does, because the spice I use is herb spice. I put it in the meat. At times I add it on top of the dough also. The time it takes to rest the lasagna assures that it has time to consume the flavors I added while cooking. I turn the oven on at 5:00, and by 6:15 the lasagna is bubbly, and smelling up the church sanctuary. We are a small church, but cooking for the church is what I love to do. Ed and I pray over the meal before I start buying the things for it, and we continue to work in our places…He studies, and I cook.  When they come, I have it ready and waiting. We had salad, and Texas toast to go with the lasagna, and that was enough. I didn’t think of dessert.

More Water………

There are different kinds of water, and we have all been close to smelly water that is stagnant for some reason. It stinks. We bathe ,and we see how dirty we were. We shower, and see the dirt falling off of us as we wash it off.

Some work requires getting dirty. You can’t get the floor really clean, unless you get down, and scrub certain areas of the floor that have dried something on them. My kitchen stays clean when I mop it frequently. I need to get another string mop, because I have used my old one until the strings are coming loose.

We had a problem with frozen, pipes one Winter. Our neighbor over 10 miles away had running water, so she invited us to shower there. We did, and some of us bathed. We were dirty, and we cleaned her tub. We continued to come to her home to shower until our pipes were fixed. It was nice to shower at home, but we never forgot her kindness.

“Come on over. You can shower and bathe here.” She thought nothing of it, but in my mind I was forever grateful for this woman who professed Christ, and was a joy to be around. She always laughed with us, and not at us. Her wisdom was profound, and her hospitality showed that day. We are blessed when we give a cup of cold water to someone who needs it. She gave more than a cup of cold water.

Fasting Before Easter……….

I usually do without something just before Easter, in order to fast for the approaching holiday, and sacred time for the church. I have gone through many Easters, and I am older than dirt. I do believe there is some wisdom in pushing back from the table and keeping on reserve something that we don’t eat. Fasting is a means of humbling oneself. It isn’t easy to start, but once you are on the fast, it seems like it could go for a long time.

I ask God what I should go off, and tell Him that I would like to fast. When the food comes to mind, or the way it is cooked, I go with this as my fast. Why fast? When Satan comes in like a flood, the Holy Spirit will raise a standard against him. This came to mind, and I agree. Satan comes in cunning, and little ways to make us weary, depressed, and apathetic. We make excuses for walking in the discipline of the Lord, which is to walk in His light.

I believe we must trust, and obey, and when the Holy Spirit leads you on a fast, then give into it. I believe the simplest fast is to go off one or two things. Some people drink water only, and they don’t eat. They spend time praying and meal time is more praying. As a housewife, and preacher’s wife, there have been times when our church prayed for the days before Easter.

It was humbling for all of us, and as we began the fasting, there were some times when we were cross, and agitated easily. It is all in the working out of our flesh. Self doesn’t want to comply ever with the Word. Self will sit on the throne if you allow, but the One who should sit on the throne of your heart, Christian, is the Holy Spirit. Yield again to the Holy Spirit. Give the Holy Spirit your body, mind, and spirit, and see what happens as you fast. We fast in Jesus name, and we tell God what we are fasting.

I love to fast because God loves me, and found me. I make short requests, and then worship.

I believe when we come to the place of being thankful, and worshiping the Lord, then we get off the throne of our lives, and allow the Lord of Glory, the Lord to come sit there. I believe we walk a fine ,line. Submission to God from head to toe, inside and out makes a huge difference. We aren’t bored with God any longer. He draws close to those who humble themselves, and seek His face. I pray that God will touch you, and show you His love, and grace today. I pray that you will begin the journey of fasting one, thing that you feel you could do without. At times, Ed and I have fasted television, because it was getting out of hand.  Whatever is in the way of you, and the Lord needs to be put under the control of the Holy Spirit. We grow much when we fast, pray, and seek His face.

The Importance of Drinking Water -2



Walking two miles......
More from walking.




I am still writing about this important subject to convince you, that many health problems come along because we are not drinking enough water. When water has been treated, and purified, it is good to drink, and I recommend that you start in the morning with a glass of water, or if you don’t like it, do like I said, and find a goblet. Smile. It helps you drink your glasses of water without hesitancy.

If you want to drink water from a glass, go ahead. I recommend that you keep it cold. I believe ice water makes it better. At any rate see if you are consuming 6 glasses in one day. I suppose those of us who take walks, or exercise will need that water when we get home. I have stopped walking the mile on the levee, but I maintain the leg exercises. I am up to 150 per leg now. It helps, just like water helps. Working your body should help keep it limber, and agile.

The Importance of Drinking Enough Water.

We all know most of the reasons for drinking the minimum of 6, glasses of water a day. It provides moisture, and keeps the food we eat in digestion mode. Lack of water would cause a problem. Many of us love water, but at times I believe adding a, little, lemon, and some sugar is a good idea. You can use no calorie sugar, and then you have good taste without the weight.

I get busy and forget to drink water. I have water at my meals, and this is whether we are going out, or at home. In our home, I serve everyone water for their meal. We mainly drink water, and this has good effects. I don’t like it when a glass of tea spills on the tablecloth. This way, it is just water that has spilled.

I am back to putting a table-cloth on the table for dinner and for all our meals at home. We prepare three, good meals, and I believe the table is added trouble, but it should be presentable, and not haphazardly put together. So I found some of my tablecloths from the past. If they are too, big, I fold them in half, and they make our table look its best.

Isaac fixes anything we want for supper, but at times I still serve up a supper from scratch. How about fried okra, mashed potatoes, and fresh corn on the cob. Then add breaded pork chops and you have a real meal, and something that will stay with you for the night. We don’t eat as much beef, because Ed, and I are heart patients.

We really shouldn’t eat the fried okra, but it is a favorite of mine. I buy uncut okra, and chop it up myself. Then I dip it in a mixture of flour, and cornmeal. I put it in hot oil, but not much. I line the pan with the okra, and that is all we have …a pan full. When it is finished, I put it on paper towels in the bowl, and allow the okra to soak the paper towels. It takes most of the grease off the okra.  A serving of okra goes a long way. Two servings heat up fine the next day.

A Goblet Helps.


Goblet of Water 2

drink water, and hot tea, and they are about equal in the amounts. I love real, hot, tea with boiling, water poured over a tea bag. I add a little sugar and a little skim milk to it.

I have learned a way to make the water go down easily, with my delight. I bought 6 goblets from the yard sale. We wrapped them and took them home. They will replace the goblet that I broke. I drink my water from a goblet. This one is glass, and the stem is swirled, straight, and more swirl at the bottom. It has a little glass that keeps it upright, and safe.

I can tell easily if my goblet is dirty. I hold it up to the light, and I can tell if the Joy needs to be applied to it again. When it is well rinsed, and dried, it is ready to set in the cabinet. I have already had one goblet of water. My goal for today is 6 goblets of water, and 3 cups of green tea. The green tea is excellent for fighting cancer. I have a Kuric which I can use to make tea in a cup in seconds. Once it is on, the tea comes quickly when I have enough water, and put my cup under the spout.

I can’t put hot tea in a goblet, but I don’t usually like to drink 6 glasses of water. It is a routine, and a discipline. To help with this, I put the water in my goblet. I have plenty, and I can buy more at the yard sale. Goblets sell for a dollar a piece, and they are used when you have company, and put out the china. I put the china out anyway, company or not. The goblets are delicate, and fancier than a glass. One lasts a long time if you just want to drink from a goblet instead of a glass. I do, and my consumption of water is enjoyable.