You are made to worship God, and to enjoy Him forever. We find God, and some days we have too, much coming at us. We stand at first, and then because the opposition is so strong, we forget to rebuke it. We endure, and we are tempted to give up. We call another Christian, and usually they are there in a moment with you, or over the phone, They will pray, and rebuke the amount of harassment that is coming your way. When two pray, it puts 10,000 to flight. Even getting one, other person to pray with you at times is a mountain to climb.

I don’t know how many times I have told my audience to pray with me. “I am going to the doctor. Pray with me that I will have peace, and receive the treatment without fear. My doctor, and his staff are wonderful.

He knows what he is doing, and the staff is always peaceful.

Well, I made it through the treatment today. My eye has come to, and I hurt, but I will take some Baby Aspirin, and deal with the pain that way. Thank you for praying. A shot in the eye is painful, but my eye usually is numb when I get the shot. If it isn’t numb long, then the shot hurts.

Did you pray, or did you let it go by? You know, we go away from a conversation either encouraged, or aggravated. God never turns away your thanksgiving.

Patience is a virtue. Just don’t answer. We shirk from answering the phone at times, because we need rest, and quiet, and no, more service calls for a little while. We need a break from Christians, and their problems. Is this so? All of us have our breaking point, and yes, we do bother each other at times.

I have found that the Redeemed say so. They talk about the Lord, and let others know of His grace and mercy. When we are about to have victory, I have noticed that this is the most difficult time.

Ed, and I have gone toward the church many Sundays just worn out from the harassment from the enemy. He has tried, and fried us. Why? I don’t know, but God is holding the victory. We pray together, and the harassment ceases.

Ed is now on video on the internet, and the demons don’t like this. At times he is harassed, and at other times I am. I am one of the prayer persons in the church, who prays through.

At times I go to Ed. “I am having a difficult time today. The family knows, and I want you to agree with me. He might, and then he may say, “Not now.”

We are human. We need 8 hours of sleep, and rest that is unbroken, or interrupted. Jesus spent the night praying. He went to the mountain to pray, and He found that taking people with him helped. A few made much difference. They prayed also. One instance, they slept.

He kept coming back to say, “Wake up.”

The last time He said, “Let us be going.” It was time to go, and meet the challenges of the day. He had the cross to go through, and His prayers were to get ready for this, and to submit to God the Father’s plan for Him. With this I close. I have given you enough to read until I return to write more. May God fill you with His knowledge, and may the Grace of God go with you tomorrow to church, or where ever you go. And when you need His touch, I pray that you will cry out to God in Jesus name.


When the Election is over, this is what I do.

When the election of officers, or people in leadership, even the President of the United states, I do this. I stop criticism. I shut it out of my mind, and I ignore it when people are talking about my leaders. Instead, I go to God, and start praying for that person who has done something fantastic. If he is a lousy President, I don’t say so. I pray harder. By lousy, it would be someone who doesn’t respect others, and doesn’t seem to care about people. Promises are given, but never fulfilled. It isn’t the outside of the person that God looks for.

God looks for the heart, to see what is there. We need to pray for our leaders, and stop talking so much. If it is negative, don’t bring it up publicly. Talk to God about the people, and give them to Him.

At times I say, “I have tried to talk to this person. I know I should have said something to them. So now, Father, since they won’t listen to me, I give them to You. Will You talk to them? In Jesus name.”

I leave it like it is. God talks to His children. If you are a sinner, he convicts you of sin. If you are un-loving He tells you the truth. When you read the Word, you become refreshed. Do you read enough to change you from the inside, in your heart? Try God.

Pray, and ask God to give us good, leadership in our country. He sees straight to the heart, and He will give wisdom if you ask for it. Don’t ever judge someone by their looks. The saints at times run around with stains on their clothes, and holes in their shirts. They gave their money to missions, or to the lady down the street who needed it far more than they did.

God says, “Come to me all you who labor, and are heavy laden. Take my yoke upon you. My yoke is easy, and my burdens are light.”

This is all I have to say about this right now. I pray when a name comes to mind. I read my Bible until I am finished with it for the day. At times I have wisdom to kneel in a certain room. I try to do that when I am told, because it is His wisdom. You know, obedience is learned. Those who submit to God are happier when they do what He says in the Word.

We must walk in His light, and fellowship with Him. There is another kind of fellowship. It is when you call someone, and they want to fellowship with you. You may be on the phone 5 minutes, but God was in that conversation. You rebuke the devil, bind self, and Satan, and pray for those who don’t want to walk with the Lord. Bind self before you talk with them. Many are the plans of the enemy, but if you will listen to what God the Holy Spirit is saying, You will have wisdom, and the answer you need to say to those you need to influence. God is not mocked. What you sow you reap. Some people study more, because they are working on themselves. They aren’t studying for someone else. They know that they must walk with God, if they are going to become an influence on others.


My Shoulder.

I had a shoulder replacement last April, when I fell, and broke my shoulder. The surgeon meets with me next Wednesday, and I think he will dismiss me. It will have been a year since I fell. I did go to the Easter service last year, after falling on Saturday before it. I don’t plan to fall again. I am older, so I hold Ed’s hand at times as we move quickly towards our vehicle. We have a, red, truck, and that was my idea to get a truck. You see, we want to live in the country. When we go live in the country, we will take what we have in the truck, and come back for a, little, more. I think what is precious should stay, and sell the rest.

Memories linger. Those memories dear to us linger. I believe they are there for remembering. Mom’s last look at me when I entered her hospital room. She followed me with her eyes, and I know she recognized me. I spoke to her, even if she was very sick. She overcame her illness, and she didn’t die. It wasn’t her time. She lived to 97 years old. My sister took care of her those last years. Dad died before Mom, so Mom went to his funeral. She must have known, but she had no, tears. She was quiet.

Her eyes followed me, as if to say,”I can’t speak, but I know you, Ruby.”

I was a namesake. My Mom’s name was given to her by my aunt, who loved her Sunday school teacher. Her name was Ruby. So I wear two rubies on my hand for Ruby 2, and remember my Mother. This year I have one new shoulder. I hope to never go through this surgery again. I wear good, flat shoes.

In conclusion, I want to say I was treated well after surgery. There was one time early in the morning when I woke to a conversation that was going on nearby. I left later on that day. It is odd to wake out of sleep at 4:45 A. M. I kept my peace. We wake for good reasons. I believe the Lord know His children. I rested better at home. It has taken time to recovery from replacing my shoulder. It was crushed when I fell on the asphalt.

I will be careful throughout my life when I am walking about. I don’t plan to break anything else! The Lord was there, and I went through the broken shoulder, and its replacement for good reason. When we go through harder than usual times, we draw on the Lord’s strength. You might not be reading your Bible right away after surgery, but you can pray. I did.