Have a Blessed Easter.

This Sunday is Easter Sunday. I wanted to say have a wonderful day. I don’t put eggs out to hunt at the church. We don’t have children on Sundays who are little enough to go hunting for eggs. I do want to say I just had a shot in my eye today. I have had lunch, and now I am down for a rest. My eye always hurts after the shot, and I go to bed and sleep for a while, or get in the big chair in the den to watch television, and sleep. I take medication to stop the ears from ringing, and the pain from becoming pronounced. Also, I have a vein that popped on me. There is a place on my hand where it popped. It is a small place, but it takes up an inch on m y hand. If I don’t spell a word right, I can’t see straight today. Just want you to know I’m alright. See ya tomorrow. Not literally.