More on Back Troubles.

A good chiropractor will correct most back problems. I went once, but he didn’t adjust my back right away. I came several times, and it took time to see, or notice a tiny improvement. I was used to faster answers. I finally went to my doctor, and to therapy. This helped, and now I don’t have the pain in my back that I once had every morning.

Part of the remedy is to get up at a decent time, and don’t stay in, and on the bed all day. Another thought is to stay off the couch. It isn’t going to help your back. A straight chair is better, even if comfort has to let go and you sit at the table for a few days. It makes a difference.

I change sheets often. This way it assures that we are getting an adequate amount of sleep. Dirty sheets have germs, and this isn’t go to lie down on. I may be silly, but I would rather sleep on fresh sheets, than to wait four weeks plus to change them. Every other week is fine with me. At times when I know I am going to the doctor, I change the bed, and start cleaning. If I am going to the doctor, I don’t want to come home to have to clean the house.

Sitting too long on the couch will irritate your back. Sitting in the recliner too much may not be good either. Watch what you eat. Sweets will cause a backache eventually. Everything needs to be done with moderation. This was my dad’s favorite saying, because he knew how easy it is to do one thing too, much.

I hope these words have given some advice, and encouragement. When you are going through a negative day, and everything is falling down around you, it is hard not to hurt somewhere. Watch you attitude. Pray much, and walk on through it with victory. When you call on the Lord in the hard times He loves for you to draw close.

By rubiescorner

I am an artist, and a retired classroom, and Reading teacher. My son introduced me to Word Press, and helped me start a blog. I called it Rubies Corner's Blog. At first I had few clues about writing, but as I wrote to my audience, I began to share daily. I thoroughly loved my audience, and writing.
I have majored in Rubies Corner's blog because it has grown over the years. I have a blog with more art on it.
My interests are Art, drawing, and reading the Bible. . My audience has grown on rubiescorner because I write what comes to mind. I have 8 other blogs, and they are organized by title.

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