I know how to sew a button on a shirt, or pajamas. I just lost the black button on my pajamas. It came off, I put it somewhere until I could sew it back on. Now I can’t find the button. Do you do this kind of thing? I will sew a black button on my pajamas, if I have to go buy some. These are my new ones, and I am surprised that a button fell off. I am not that hard on garments.

Mom taught me to sew simple things. She taught me to sew on a button, and I do this with Ed’s shirts at times. He loses the button, but keeps it. Soon I have it sewed back on the shirt. It does take time, but minutes are nothing.

I love buttons. I used to work around lots of buttons. We took some of those buttons home, because they are beautiful. The button factory was long gone, and closed. Yet there were buttons still in the yard, and around the place where the factory was. Buttons are made from a variety of things. These were made from sea shells. A factory shows its products. These buttons we found were uniform. People didn’t need this kind of button any more.

Well, when you lose a button, you can always replace it with a, needle, and thread. Hang onto the button before you get the needle, and thread out. Smile.


I Have My Bible Out.

I discussed Psalm 81 just now on another web sight of mine. Have you read this Psalm lately? It is sixteen verses of wonderful instruction. The author doesn’t say, “Do you feel like singing?” Many times we might say, “I can sing, but why?”

This Psalm says to sing to the Lord. It says to sing aloud because He is our strength. Singing to the Lord includes shouting to Him, for joy. It includes playing an instrument, and gathering to worship Him, even if He remains invisible. We come by faith before Him, and it is our Faith that causes us to sing to Him. We haven’t been before His throne, but one day we will be there. When we sing to God like this, it is before His throne, because we a purposely singing to God in adoration, and worship.

The person will get active. Clapping, singing with a shout of joy, with a tambourine, and guitar, are some ways to draw to God’s throne. I know this was written to Isreal, but you know we are His children if we have received Christ, and the joy of the Lord should be there in our singing. We by faith come before Him, and sing in His Presence. We stand, sit, or stand as a group, but He does listen to us as we praise Him. Remember the Doxology. Angels adore Him also.

The result of praising the Lord in song is the quiet that comes as we listen to the minister speak on what God has given him to say. Ministers study the Word, and God gives them something to say. God will subdue our enemies as we continue to walk with Him, and sing to Him. Do we forget that He is ever present? He feeds us with the finest, and part of this is enjoying the Word. I know I have stirred some to study this Psalm. I hope you are going to read this two more times. Smile.