We are Relaxing At Home.

Church was awesome, and we ate soup together. Then we took Isaac some food to eat. By the time we came back with lunch, he was ready to chow down. Smile. He eats, and he hardly gains weight.

Today has been awesome. Ed preached, and he is always interesting, and he knows how to keep our interest. Things went smoothly without any problems with the program that is on air. You know, we were soon on our way to eat lunch.

We go where we can eat healthy, food. It tastes wonderful, and usually it is good for you. They also make sweets. I usually order soup, and a Chai Tea. Ed has had one today with his sandwich and soup. I also had a oatmeal raisin cookie. It is sweet, but I share this with Ed. He had half. I had half. I will eventually, drop the cookie. We decided that we don’t need supper, after such a lunch.

By now Isaac has eaten his lunch that we ordered. He likes a certain kind of sandwich, He always orders the same thing. He likes mostly healthy food, and many times he can make what he eats. He does this at home, during the week.

I am still off bread, on sweets with the cookie, and Chai Tea, and off potatoes, fruit, and the rest of the major sweets. I will exercise some this week on the bench. Well today went well, and I am glad I went with Ed. He is glad to be home.


I am ready to get ready for Tomorrow.

When I get up I know what I’m wearing, and it will be easy to dress, eat breakfast, and do what we need to do. I won’t be speaking tomorrow, but I did enjoy studying, and finding some things that needed to be studied for last Sunday. Ed is speaking tomorrow, because he feels better than he did. You know, “All things work together for good to those who love God, and who are called for His purpose.”( Some paraphrase there.)

I finished the Bible again on January 5th. We counted it for last year. I read my Bible again the next day, and finished Matthew. I am not in a hurry to finish the Bible, but I read enough in one sitting. Enough for me is more than enough for some. I expect to finish again. You know, I am going to be glad to finish one time this year. Smile. I will keep reading if I finish the first time for this year. I have no goals except to study the Word more this year than I did last year.


Saturday Washes.

We had a pile of clothes, and one blanket to wash. I started earlier today washing what was in the basket. This was a cold, but sunny day. We haven’t had any snow, and the pipes to the sinks are functioning like they should.

Here lately I wash clothes together that are the same color, or mostly. I finally have a multiple pile of little things that have colors, but they won’t fade. I have a blue wash for blue jeans, and heavy things like this. I don’t overweigh the washer. I try to wash only 4 jeans at a time. My washer is not new this year, but I will say it is a good washer. It is thorough, and it takes time to wash the clothes. They do come out clean. There is a special box of cleaner for this machine, and there is a place for “Clean the machine.”

This is the first washer we bought in a long time. Our other washer was a Maytag that we found on sale. It lasted for us 28 years. No kidding. Some last longer than that. After awhile you have to replace things on the washer. We did, and then one day it couldn’t go any longer. A new machine would be cheaper than putting in a new motor. So we bought a new one, on time.

This is my story. The dryer we had was still going, so for a while we didn’t trade for one, but then our faithful dryer left us. We have a new one that we made payments on. I know payments are awesome, but a new one would save money on the repairs. It was better to buy a new one.

We learn the hard way. We bought an old washer after we were married, and it cost 25 dollars. It served us well, and eventually we obtained a newer one. When you are starting off in life with each other, it is nice to do the washes at home. Smile. I used to hang washes on the line with clothes pins. They dried in the sunshine, and the birds didn’t bother them.