Snow Hasn’t Come.

At times it is harder to tell if this area will get snow. We have mountain ranges, and where I live is not on the mountains around us. I live in a bigger city, but no bigger than Atlanta, Ga.

Snow hasn’t come because the weather is about 36 degrees. It can snow anytime, but usually when the sun goes down, the degrees outside go down. If there is a chance of snow, it might happen tonight. I like to see snow, but it does have to get terribly cold. Some are not use to this cold and they just won’t adjust. I believe in wearing what is warm, but I don’t like heavy bundles that keep me too, hot. When I was real, young, we had snow and plenty of it. I loved to play in it. Now that I am older, I love to look at it. Snow has a way of falling on everything.

If I am out in the snow, and it is falling, it is liable to get on my face, and nose. The first snow is beautiful, and quite a change. I will take what we get. If snow doesn’t come, I have good memories of past years.


Healthy Habits.

Let’s talk about healthy habits. Wear a mask when it is mandated. Believe what the doctor says, and follow the prescription that he has given you. Clean the house, and keep up with the laundry.

Don’t let the dirty clothes pile up around you. If you have too, much, go to the cleanest, local, laundry mat. You can catch up easily by using the huge machines for white clothes, and light clothes, and the other, machine for the jeans, and other items that will fade. Same colors together when washing helps, because you never know when one will try to fade on the other.

I put basically two, washes in daily, unless I didn’t wash enough the day before. I have kitchen towels for drying my hands while cooking, but I change these out frequently.

Plan healthy meals, and when snow is in the forecast, get some items that you don’t have to cook in order to eat. Canned food can be canned, chicken. I know fresh is better, but canned has been preserved. You can make chicken salad, and put many things in it to make it filling.

I keep a stock of soup for lunch. I eat soup at lunch daily, unless we don’t have any left, and I don’t go to a restaurant. When you are coughing, and worried about your health, eat some soup for lunch. There is something very, comforting about a bowl of soup. When you lose weight, try to keep it off. If the scale says you are gaining, then don’t eat more, sweets. Back off until the weight goes back down.

If you want to lose weight, try to be on a program, or make your own. Try not to lose fast if you are older. I have found that drinking water will help you lose weight.

Wrinkles will eventually come, but if you treat your face with care, it will be glad to hold back on the wrinkles. I use oil on my face at times when it is dry, and needs moisture. A little goes a long way. It is special oil, and I buy a small container. I also use it on my, hands. It isn’t baby oil. This is Olive Oil. People use it in cooking, but I have noticed that my hands turn softer, when I use a little bit on my hands after washing them. Let the oil soak into your skin. See the difference in about a week.

Yes, a little will soften your hands, and feet, and I use a dab on my face. It works, and I might wait a week, or months to put it on, but with cold weather, it keeps your hands, and face from feeling the cold, and responding.

I used some Olive oil on my face one, time after we had used it at church to pray for the sick. I noticed the change that happened to my hands. Soon I bought my own bottle, and found that a dab will do. Hands were not rough as sandpaper from the harsh, weather.


Today We Should Be In Snow.

Snow defines the trees, and I love to see the details that it covers. We need cold Winters every single year, but at times we only have a mild Winter. This year snow is trying to come, and I will be delighted to see it again, as I sit by the window. I don’t have boots, so I won’t be out much.

Stock up, and find something that will take several meals to finish. Meatloaf, and Pot pie is on my list. Wednesday night was canceled. We had an evening at home. I want us to have enough cold to kill the Coved virus, if that can happen. It has been mercy less on those who didn’t get their recommended dose of what would be fighting Coved. We had all and the Booster. If it comes even so, it should be lighter than just terrible without the dose to keep it away.

You know, I don’t like shots, but I took it bravely every time, and turned my head so I couldn’t see what was happening. You convictions are yours. Nature comes and goes, but this one has not been easy to conquer. I am praying for those who have it that I know. You know, God is on the Throne.


I Have Started Reading.

I am reading Matthew again in the New Testament. The next one will be Acts. I always read first, the book that I read as the last one. I read the book of Acts last. I completed 2 Chronicles to finish the Old Testament. I don’t find any part of the Bible boring. I read through 6 times last year, because I am counting what I just finished. Most of it was completed in 2021.

Now we are in a another year, and I have begun reading as much as I want early in the mornings before the pets get moving. Butch, our dog was even asleep. I had a chance to get up real early, but I didn’t take it. I was glad to have finished the Bible this last time. I read reams, but not in a hurry. My pen was handy to write down verses that were like finding treasure. Smile.

I don’t have a goal for how many times to finish the Bible this year. I will just read, and study, and see what happens. I will keep marking the helpful sheet I use that has All the chapters, and books of the Bible listed by section, of Old, and New Testaments. You know, I haven’t gotten tired of the Word. Persistence, and reading every day is a must if I am to finish one time. Smile.


Today Has Been Peaceful, and I Have Made Progress.

My goal was to finish reading the Bible for the 6th time this year, but that was in 2021. I wanted to make it that many times, because I made it 5 times last year. I wanted to work hard, and go for the 6th time. Let me say, that I read the text, and I don’t speed read. If I haven’t read it so that I have connected, I read it again. Today I finished with Acts, in the New Testament. I finished the Bible totally at 9:30 P, M. tonight. This was my goal, and I made it for 2021 by 5 books.

I asked Ed about where I would put the credit. I read this week, and finished what I started. Today is the 5th. I have decided to count it for 2021, because I finished all but five books before 2022 began. I will start over tomorrow, and this one hasn’t been started like I had last year. I read quickly, and I found it valuable to read all the books of the Bible that were longer. Then I went for the other books of the Bible. Each day I lingered long, because without lingering, to read, I wouldn’t have met my goal.

In reading classes I learned that reading the story multiple times would help with comprehension. I hope that reading multiple times will help with my comprehension of what is happening when I read through the Bible. I am planting the Word, because some day the Bibles may not be available. I want to know the Word, because I have read, and read it. This was the 26 time to finish, and the 6th time for the year.

I did get to speak at the church on Sunday. I reviewed what I said, by watching it several times. You know, I touched my face many times. I wasn’t aware that I do this. I was at ease, and I was prepared. I kept going with the lesson, because I knew all of it needed to be said. I believe God has taken me a long way over the years. I have gone from nervous, to teaching the Word after studying.

Thank you for praying for me. The peace of Christ covers me like a robe. I walk in His peace, and this is such a change from when I didn’t know the Lord. I used to wring my hands in nervousness. I was shy as a post, but God took away, or replaced some things and I truly have the joy of the Lord, like a, bubbly, brook.

I will be starting again tomorrow, on another journey through the Bible. Like I did all year, I will check off the chapters, and soon a book will be read. I do know that God speaks to me about reading the Word. I did give Him more this last year, and I want to share more this year. God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a sound mind. Reading Acts as the last book was awesome.