This is Another Cold, Day.

We didn’t get any snow. It was snowing at the church, but when it hit the ground, the snow melted. The rain puddles were there and the snow melted. It never did stick, but we had plenty of snow in showers. It was a beautiful sight, and of course, some of us were excited to see the snow. In my opinion, snow is a blessing from God, and it covers all the tiny details of the bare, trees. I really love snow, and I always have. When it was deep, we played in it, and made snowmen, and snow women at times.

Ed, and I will go out, and about to get a few, things before it turns cold again. Somehow bleach has ruined one of my throws in the bathroom. Ed had to bleach something, and it got on the bath mat. It looks terrible, because this one is brown in color. It is a, beautiful, brown, but ruined by the bleach. I have used it anyway, but I know that a, new, one would look better.

We rose early today, after having a, good, night’s rest. I was first to get up. I have been reading in Psalms again. It is an awesome book, but it has many chapters. I read until it is time for breakfast.

I heard Ed coming through the other kitchen door. This one leads to the living room. It by-passes Butch, our dog. Ed usually takes Butch out, but I had to let him out in the backyard, because no one else was up. It has been cold, and Butch returned quickly for me. Ed grabs his coat, and waits for Butch to visit the neighbors. Everyone knows Butch, because he loves people.

I suppose we will take down the trees today. I have had a wonderful time with the Christmas trees this year. I have one, bigger tree, and two, little ones. They only have the lights on them. One, little tree has to go to Christmas Tree Heaven. The lights don’t work any more, and it is older. I just plugged this one in, and it lit up, but now it doesn’t.

I took a long nap today after lunch. It was nice to sleep, and rest. I have just wakened. It is dark outside as I type. We had fish sandwiches, and fries from McDonald’s for late lunch. I went with Ed, and we chose to go by there. It was a nice treat with some kind of fruit drink, or tea for all of us. My fruit drink was made with strawberries, but it had no milk in it. I wanted a milkshake, but didn’t get one.

I lack 5 pounds and I will meet my weight goal. I am trying. I did eat the bread on my small fish sandwich. It was good. I am rattling on about life. I napped, but when I woke up I thanked the Lord for all those I know who know Christ. I encourage you to read the Word, and don’t stop until you have had enough for the day. Hide it in your heart, because we have comfort, and hope when we continue to read it. We won’t be having fish sandwiches for supper. Isaac made a meatloaf, or he will. This is long, but maybe it will make up for not writing enough.