Well. New Year’s Eve is Here.

Soon we will be welcoming the New Year. It will take awhile. Ed, and I were out in the shopping areas today. I had to take back a robe that swallowed me up when I tried it on. Did it fit? No, and then some. I looked like I was in a size way………..too big. I could have given it away, but I was all set on a house coat. I wanted a red one. Well, I went back, and I found one that is unique, but it isn’t red. It is beautiful, and is similar to a gray one I have. In fact the design is the same, but this is another color. It fits. I wear a small size in the long robe.

You know, I just lack a few books till I finish the Bible, but I am not going to stay up much longer. I am worn, and tired from the wonderful day. I didn’t know Christmas Day was busily planned. I received more than I thought I would, and it was wonderful! I expected only one gift.

Mom was a Christmas kind of person. She shopped all year for our gifts, and we had too, many to unwrap some years. Dad let her shop, and often he hand-made a gift for one or two or the three of us girls. Usually, we received the same gifts when we were growing up. If Jane found a bike under the tree, so did we!

I miss my family, but I have my family with me today. I had one gift from everyone and then some. Ed and I swapped out the robe that was way too, big. We swapped it for another color, and it is beautiful, but it is not red.

You know, I haven’t read the rest of the Bible for the 26th time, but I will continue, even if I finish in the new year. I try to finish what I have started, but I can’t rush through this time. I have found some jewels this year because I took time to read, and I read long enough to refresh. I recommend this to anyone. Read the word daily, especially if you are retired. I am a retired person, and my husband still preaches.

My opinion of his sermons is that he gets what he is to preach on by studying, and praying over what he will say. Like my dad, he will start early in the week, or he will know ahead that this is a series on a subject. We were in Genesis, and now we have been in Exodus. This is good. Studying, plus praying works when you are a preacher, or teacher. 2 Timothy 2:15 has been a year’s verse since I was a teen.

Yes, when you read the Word so much, you begin to see things more clearly. It is worthwhile to seriously open the Bible for you daily, and spend quality time without radio, and television, or noise in the room. I sit without the radio, or the television and study as long as it takes that day. Most of the time I have all the time I need to take. I finally close the Bible for the day, and I am full of the Word. It doesn’t return without bearing fruit. I am not religious, but I know that reading the Word will help me grow in Christ, and it will help build my faith. Just think, tomorrow we will celebrate having a new year.


Happy New Year’s Eve is Tomorrow, Here.


Ice Coffee Mom’s Way

I used to have the recipe from Mom, of this wonderful drink. I probably still have it. Mom would serve this to us only on special events, such as a birthday, or an anniversary, or graduation from high school, and college.

Mom had her own recipe, and it was served with ice in it. Chunks of ice were in it. She called it, “Special “all my life. We wouldn’t taste it until something special happened, like a birthday, or an Anniversary. She heated milk, and made a concoction that went into this. I served it one time to church people.

One older man said, “What is this?”

I told him what I knew. ” It is a special thing that Mom always served to us, and I needed to serve it since I am no longer with her.” He understood. Old, and young like this drink.


The Gifts, and Calling of God.

God gives different gifts to all His children, and they are there to equip you for service. I received a special gift of the Holy Spirit, and it helped me in my reading, and in my praying for my husband, who is a minister. If I have a gift, it is tenacious faith. I hang in there, and keep praying through when we are going through things.

My husband took me along to Seminary, and we were there overnight, and the next day, we would sign up. I remember the old place we stayed in, and there was a surprise on the floor. It hadn’t been used in days, and there were roaches all over the floor. We were not even one day into Ed’s training for Seminary, but the roaches had to go. I found a broom, and a dustpan, and we cleaned up the place. We cleaned for a while, but we were not going to sleep with roaches all over the floor.

This was not encouragement, but we kept working until the place was better. Frankly, I didn’t sleep well. Smile. I have never forgotten where we first stayed, and Ed arranged for us to move to another place. We did. Someone said they were surprised we were put there. It had not be used in many years. We said, “Well, it is cleaner now.”

The gifts and callings of God don’t go away while you aren’t using them. The are not taken back. God gives them for a reason. You know, God gives us gifts to equip us for ministry. They are not so we will get in the flesh, and act like we don’t have sense. They are not for pleasure, but for our use.

We shout to the Lord with triumph. We sing to the Lord with a loud voice, when we are in the car alone, or when it is time to sing. I do believe that someone who can carry a tune should sing to the Lord, before they sing in a choir, or to an audience.

Singing to the Lord can be in another language, but make sure you are in self-control, and singing to the Lord. I often bind Satan, sin, and self in me, and loose the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

I want to be full of the Holy Spirit. His wisdom flows when you submit to God in Jesus name from head to toe, inside and out. I do believe in worshiping the Lord by singing to Him praise that comes forth. You know, I want to be filled with the Presence of God as I pray for my husband, and as I walk about. You know, it takes reading the Word enough, and then praying.

I had a habit once of reading the Bible every three, days. Then I saw the importance of reading it, daily. My parents had us read the Bible, daily. I should not have thought that every three, days was good.

God will speak to you, first, before you minister to others. He will speak through the Word that you are reading. At times He has spoken to me, and I knew it was the Lord. I had trouble keeping my mind on the Lord, because I was so busy with things that needed to be done. I was challenged to walk with Him anywhere I was.

I began, and the difference was awesome. It is wonderful to have another person to pray with, but at times this isn’t going to happen. I learned slowly, but as I read the Bible I found so many promises, that I began to write them down. I marked them so I could find them. Then I began dating when I read the book of the Bible I was in, and the idea to read through the Bible came to mind.

My parents wouldn’t send me first to a secular college. They wanted me to go two, years to a Christian school. We found one with an accredited program for teachers, and Mom showed Dad where I should be going. He agreed, and I arrived at a Baptist school, with all my things. They had an accredited program for teachers, and I started my long, journey to become the teacher God called me to be at age eleven. I had put this calling on the shelf, because I didn’t think I would make it long. I wasn’t smart enough. I had been at Bible college, and the Dean of women asked, “What else has God called you to do, Ruby?” I had finished one year.

I referred to a time when my friend, and I prayed separately to find out what God wanted to do with our lives. She would become a nurse, and God spoke for the first, time clearly to me.

He said, “Teacher.”

I ran to Bible college, because along with not feeling smart, I wanted to be a missionary. Do you realize how many people come to this blog from places all over the world? My gifting isn’t writing, but it is for now. I write daily, because I want to encourage, people to surrender to God in Jesus name, and then to read their Bible for themselves. It changes you from the inside.

The reason people see a glow on your face should be because you have been studying the Word for you. This is my last, sermon for this year, unless I feel led to tell you more. I have read the Bible all the way through several times this year, I am trying to break the pattern, and read it one more time than last year. I am not racing. There have been several passages that I have read for days, because I couldn’t get enough of that particular passage.

God is so good, audience. All kinds of things happen, but when one house is standing in a terrible storm, I wonder who that person is. Do they know the Lord?


I Want to Know the Bible.

I am older, but I read daily, and the print on my Bible is larger than some. I read for a while so I will change on the inside. I have noticed some changes, and I go on reading. I have a few books left, so I will read again today. If I can’t remember what I have read, I read the passage again.

I am not speeding through the Bible. I know it is the Word that is my light, and it tells me things that I need for today. I have one more little row, and I will be finished with Matthew. Then I will go to 1 Samuel, and then to Acts.

I read some from the Old Testament, and some from the New Testament. This keeps things balanced. This time has been slower, but I am reading for me. When I need encouragement, I can open my Journals, and read what I said on that day. Some days are full of writing, and other days are telling about how I am taking life. It is a good thing to write responsively. Encouragement comes to me at times. I find what I have written in the Bible, and smile.

I date when I finish a chapter, and when I finish the book I write down the date. When I finish the whole Bible, I write at the front of the Bible, where some blank pages are. I tell the date, and the time, and the level that I finished. I do this because, it is wonderful at times to read some key verses that I have listed in the blank page of my Bible.

I reserve two, pages for this. When I want encouragement, I go to those pages, and read the verses I wrote out that have meant more, than much. Some are promises, and others are encouragement from the writers.

My family is small, but my son can tell when I haven’t read my Bible. He asks me, and I go read. It takes time, and he is willing to move out of the den in order for me to read till I finish. He writes at the same table after we have gone to bed, and at times when I am not in the room.

My family encourages me to read, because they can tell when I haven’t.

Relax. Enjoy what you read. It is the Word, and this is light. I read whether I understand the prophets or not. At times, I will ask for help with a passage that I just love, but don’t understand.

My husband tells the history, and talks for several, minutes. It is at this time that I receive more understanding, and then I know why I loved this verse, and those around it so, much. My husband was a History major, and He is a minister. He has preached since he was 16, when he came to Christ.

I need to say one more thing about this writing. I purposely left one sentence by itself. I separated the writing so that I don’t have huge paragraphs for my audience to read. I hope this helps with the reading. Now I must get busy. I will read, and then try to vacuum because we have new bags, and at times I need to vacuum at least my room, and the living room.

Hope you had a Wonderful Celebration this year. I look forward to the New Year with anticipation, but I hope to have read enough to have finished what I started.


I have an Appointment on Monday.

I go to therapy once a month, and Monday is my day to go. I am calling it therapy, because I go through several things while I am there. I receive medication after I have finishing the therapy. You know, God is everywhere. He is even with me when I go for therapy.

Thank you for praying with me about all kinds of things this year. I am close to my audience, because I talk about things that I am going through. I am open with my audience, but I trust those who are still coming to read what I have to say. If there are swear words said on the blog, I might differ and erase the person from those who are following. I try to use only the King’s English.

Christmas wasn’t hard this year, but there was one day when I was aware of my sister’s death. She is in Heaven, and I am glad, but I do miss calling her at times. I remembered her that day, and Ed, and I hugged. I hug him when I just want a hug. We are older, but we have been married for 50 + years.

I read my Bible daily for me, so God will change me. The Doxology is my favorite song to just sing with Ed, in the car. It was awesome last time we sang. He drives a truck. I slide down from the seat, because I am short. I hang onto the seatbelt for the back seat, and slide down to the ground, or pavement. To get in I have something to hold onto. This is good, exercise, and seeing from the front view through a truck is awesome. At times Ed is there to help me out of the truck. I still have to slide to get down from the front seat. Smile.


I Read Matthew Today.

I read the first row of Matthew today. I plan to go back and finish the second row. I go by the page that I have, and all the chapters are there to check off. I can see my progress as I read the Bible. I can see what is left to read. This makes reading through the Bible easier for me. This paper is put out by Teen Challenge. It is alright to make copies, and we do.

I have suggested this page to several, who now are successfully reading their Bibles all the way through. Some couldn’t do the sheet of paper, but the benefit is that I can skip around to any, book of the Bible, and read it. I know how many chapters it has, and this is important. Some take two, days because they have so much in the book. I insisted on reading Psalms, and Proverbs, first. So I will have to read them again when I start a, new, level.

I have read the Bible 5 times this year, and that isn’t more than last year. I wanted to add one more time so I could say that I finished 6 times. Next year I won’t insist on reading 6 times. It is harder than I thought, because the deadline for this year is closer. My goal is there, and when I get tired, I close the Bible, and start reading again the next day. Today I will get it out again.

We have two, days until the new year comes. I may not finish again, but I will bask in His Presence again today. When I find a passage that is meaningful, that I haven’t noticed, or even if I liked it last time, I will write it out in my small Journal. I am a busy person at times, and keeping up with where I am reading is important to me. I love this page because it is so helpful.


Isaac Has New, Ones.

Isaac has new curtains now. We will encourage him to put them up in his windows today. These are sturdy, new, modern and will be his colors of blue. I would have to get on the old desk Mom used if I hung the curtains. My husband, Ed, said to let Isaac hang them. He will and it will look wonderful in his bedroom.

I love new things, but at times I am hesitant to change out. I like what I have hung for years. I think of the money we spent, and divide that amount by the time we have used them. They have gotten their worth, because these have lasted. I didn’t buy but the best to replace what was here. We don’t need new, curtains. Ours will last forever. Smile.


Some of Us Know.

Some of us know to pray over the new year, and some of us started this Fall praying for the coming new year. I believe this is a vital plan for those who want to pray about the year. Some have more faith, and they kneel, and get up to face the new year. I linger as long as it takes, and then pray on until I’m finished. I start in the Fall, but it gets busy. I spend time praying over the new year, and soaking it.

I don’t understand all that I see when I dream, and I don’t understand all that has happened in the past, but I know that when we seek the Lord, He will find us. He is looking for people who want to seek His face.

I don’t have instant faith, unless I am called on to pray about something that has just happened, and people need me to pray with them. I believe when you give the year to God He will bless. If you can’t do this, He may bless anyway. God is awesome, and wonderful.

I know it helps to have faith when I read the Word, and spend time with the Lord. In His Presence is Fullness of Joy. I need Joy, and you know we stay in His Presence when the Joy comes. We don’t get in the flesh.

At times people miss the blessing when they ignore God’s Presence. The joy may come, but continue to seek His face. In His Presence is Fullness of Joy. The Joy of the Lord is your strength. I believe there comes a still, quietness that is of God. Be still, and know that He is God.

There are doors that we go through as we seek the Lord. Psalms says to come into His Presence with singing. It says to make a joyful, noise. Then you go past this into the stillness.

He has something to say in the Word, and if your spiritual, ears are open, that is good. Ministers have to pray, seek His face, and pray some more.

My father was a minister, my grandfathers were lay people who spoke about the Lord, and my husband seeks the Lord to find what God wants him to speak on. He studies more than one I have known. 2 Timothy 2:15 talks about studying. You know, it has been a favorite verse of mine. Smile. I study, but I don’t always speak.

My grandmothers were godly women, who carried God’s Presence with them. They were quite an influence on me. My aunt Frances was a devout Christian, and she influenced me while I was in college. You know, God puts people in your life to draw you to Christ. Some will fellowship, and others will help you grow up. She was concerned and she told me so. I had no fears because she prayed while I traveled back alone to school, from her home.

The battle is the Lord’s. I love the Bible, because it never returns empty when you read it, and plant it in your heart. His Word is a light. His word comforts me, and His Word is there for all of us. Pray over the New Year, because you will find a verse that will be yours for all year. Mine was Psalm 84: 11, 12. No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. Blessed is the man, or woman, who trust in Him. I have, I did, I will next year also.


I still Have One Unfinished Goal.

I have one thing more to try to accomplish before the New Year. I need to do some reading, so I won’t be back on the internet, on my blog for a while. I have gone beyond my goal, and I have decided to try to finish reading one more time. I lack a few books. I won’t rush. I read early in the mornings, and at times I find time at night. This was a busier day for me. We left the house, and received our Coved Booster shot. It didn’t hurt, and hasn’t yet. Awesome. The nurse was older, and she gave a good shot that didn’t hurt. I was blessed!