The Anointing of the Holy Spirit. 2

Have you noticed? Some services are surprising, and others are not. At times I am ready to go home, because I have been up too, long, and I had little rest. It is harder to function when this happens. You know, God sees us when we are sick, and when we are going places that we need to go. God is everywhere, and He will talk or listen to you any time of the day, or night.

Let’s talk about the anointing of the Holy Spirit. When you received Christ, someone prayed about your coming to Him. I don’t know who, but sometimes people just pray, and a name will come to mind that they don’t know. They pray for that person, because God wants them to pray for him, or her right then. I prayed for someone named one lady for a day, and longer. Then I kept on praying. I finally met her. I didn’t tell her I had been praying, but she was so full of the love of God, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit was there.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit comes to break the yokes of bondage that we have in our lives. Do you know He can cause someone to come to Christ because of the prayers of so many people about one, person? They come, and it may take a while, or a short time. The anointing of God is what we should want. I do believe that reading the Word, praying for cleansing, and confession of sins go together.

Humility is knowing that Christ died for you, as well. Humility is forgiving all those who have run away, and come back to Christ. That was the miracle. They came back with humility. Forgiving people gets harder until you see how much God forgave you. You want the anointing? It isn’t there when pride, and arrogance are speaking out of your mouth. God sees to the heart. I usually pray for those who displayed their arrogance.

I pray until God says, “Let go.”


What is On my Mind?

I have had a scripture verse coming to mind for days. “You will lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. “

I don’t have training with Greek, and Hebrew but I do have discernment, and I have been reading my Bible for longer periods of time for days. I always rise about two hours later. We don’t watch the early shows on television, because we must rest, and sleep. Usually I rise early, and go read for the day. If I read today, I feel like reading again.

I am sure you go through this. I feel led to spend time praying, and at times I pray through the night. I am lying there praying, and awake. I might get up, stir around and come back thinking I will rest. No, God has me praying, and I do. I let it happen.

Ed says when you give into the Holy Spirit He will keep on praying through you. He is God the Holy Spirit, and He loves to pray through someone. He doesn’t have a watch. We do.


Isaac is in Traffic.

Ed is sick, and he sent Isaac to get his medications. I am praying that this won’t be long. It is windy, and Isaac mentioned that the wind is up. Praying for Isaac to make it back in a good time. He always finds something else that he likes. It is edible usually. Smile.

I haven’t been outside. I am hoping Ed will get better, quickly. A cold runs its course. It takes about five days, but Ed isn’t normal. Last time his cold, and sinus were working together. This is why I’m praying. I put in another wash. Two a day will do it.

Isaac is home. He said it looks scary, but he might have stayed longer. He was back in minutes, I suppose because most people are at home. Happy New Year everyone.

Praying about this new year. I have been praying about it. “Father, thank you for the new year. Let 2022 be blessed, and let us see your promises coming to pass. In Jesus name.


I will Fear No Evil.

Why would I write this title? Psalm 23 is always a psalm to read for comfort, and when you are needing comfort. The line goes with more words. “I will fear no evil, for Thou Art with me.”

Who is Thou? God is Thou. How do you know He is with you? If you are His child, it is by faith. He doesn’t go away once you surrender your life, and heart to Him. He doesn’t go in the times when you run away. He is in the midst of the places you have been where you ran away.

He doesn’t ever leave or forsake you, even if you ran from His voice. You are His child. May as well surrender and turn from your ways that you know don’t please Him. His voice is always there, but when you are running you don’t want to listen, and you try to hide that you are a Christian.

People know when you are running, and they see you just the way you are. When I ran away, others knew I was a Christian, and that I was running. What happened to You? I was hurt, and I ran because God didn’t answer my prayers. I am sure He was waiting for us to come to Him, repent, and turn from our running away.

God never left, but He had to wait for a while for me to make an important, observation. No one cares like God does. This was my observation. No one can care like God does. He may send you help, and bless you, but when you run from Him because you are mad, He waits for you to come back saying, “I am sorry for my sins, and how I have run away. Please forgive me now, and I want to live for you for the rest of my life.”

People could say, “Why did you come back?”

When you run away, you know it before it happens, and you know you were walking in the mud of the World, instead of walking with God. I say, God is waiting for you to run back to His open arms, and to tell Him what has been so wrong with your thinking.

He is waiting for you to drop the sin, repent, and live for Him in humility. All of us are sinners. We were born with a sinful nature, but without Christ there will always be an empty place, that you have tried to sing away. Really submitting can be standing, walking, or sitting, but when you tell Him that you want to live the rest of your life for Him, and you talk honestly with Him, He will receive you.

It may be hard, because it is like starting over. Surrender is from head to toe, and lots of crying isn’t a sign of surrender, but a sign that something has hit you like a ton of bricks. You want God to change you, and you just sit before Him, read the Word, and resist condemnation.

You talk to Him, like you would talk to your earthly father, and tell what you did wrong, and why. God knows why you left the path, and why you are not talking to Him. Hurts, people, stronger words than you wanted to hear, and others pulling to say, “Let’s go this way.” will lead you down a path that you will have to get off.

Get in God’s path again, even if you have to repent, and accept Him again. When you have done the above, then you can say with God’s Word, “I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me. Thy rod, and staff comfort me. ” This is Psalm 23, but make it personally your Psalm 23.


Strong Winds?

This would bring on rain, and rain can become the maker of lots of water collecting quickly. The day looks sunny, but I can see one little branch on a bush just a blowing. So the wind is up now. Tornado possibility is strong today. I stay in the hallway when the storms get strong. There are no windows, and it helps to be there.

We don’t feel good today. Isaac is recouping from a bad, serious, cold. We caught one. We take a pill that we drop in water. It fizzes, and then we drink that portion. You know it does work. I have other remedies for cold. Stay home. Go to bed. Rest, and don’t get up so much that you are doing for others and wearing out again.

Colds come when we get worn, and don’t rest enough. They come because of germs left on the sink when you wash your hands. They come, because they are the hardest to wipe out.

I pray about the person who is sick, and I start cleaning. I clean by vacuuming, and getting the place renewed. At times a cold robs of energy, and you should go to bed, without the television, and get rest. That’s when you really are sick. I wash clothes when I get a cold. I wash everything in sight, and Isaac manages the washes when we can’t do much. Colds are awesome. They spread easily, and no one wants a hanging cold.

I advise you to stay home, and get over it. When you have a cold, you want to go to bed, because it wears you out. If it lingers, I usually go to the doctor. I believe we should gargle the cold away. I do, and they leave in three days, instead of five. Salt, and water will help. 3/4 full glass, with enough salt to taste like very salty water.

Take an amount, and don’t swallow it. Throw your head back with your mouth closed, and open you mouth. Breathe, make the sound, and the gargle will start. You have to make the gargle sound. I do this out loud. It works if you gargle several times a day …about every three, hours. Doctors will prescribe medication.


January 1, 2022

Wow! Did you think you would live to see this day? It is a sunny day, here. I rise early. I guess it is an habit, set by my parents who were always getting us up early, so we could eat breakfast, and ride the bus to school. Later I didn’t like to sleep, because most of my day was gone, and the depression wasn’t bad, but it was low key. Why would I be depressed?

I never told Mom, but she noticed that I was the sad one, and someone else was always bothering me. I finally spoke back. She was surprised. I gave a list of things I didn’t like.

When I find someone who doesn’t like me for me, I start praying for them. I figure God has shown me who they are for me to pray for them. You may think that is silly, but I pray for three days, and let go. I pray all day, in the night, when I wake up, and I keep praying.

God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a sound mind. We may think that reasoning will work, but sometimes people will not change their ways until we resist what they are saying, and pray for them.

Mockery was never ever a godly, thing to do. There is no, condemnation that we need to take on when we know the Lord, and confess our own sins.

Walk a straight path. It is narrow, but this is our journey until we go on to Heaven. Reading the Word is never a mistake, or a waste of time. I am reading the Bible so that I will change.


We Had Our Booster Shots.

My little family had their Booster shots. It is a little stronger than the others, I suppose. My arm is no longer as sore, and I am fine. Ed is doing well, and so is Isaac. We are home, and ready to see the New Year. Keeping this shorter.

You know, is is almost 9 PM here. I’ll wait on the New Year to get here.