It is Cold Today.

The temperatures dropped, and Ed is experiencing the Sinus problem of the year already. He is not in bed, but he has been, and this is why I took the message yesterday. I study daily, but God allowed me to study, and then get up early. I found what to speak on and applied it. I had a calendar ready, but then I couldn’t find it. I spoke on starting the new year right.

There were some brave souls there, and the time went by quickly. I was surprised that I spoke so long, but God gave me plenty to cover. I came home, and found myself praying about what I said. I always pray after I speak, and it might take up to 3 days.

My gifting is to pray. I am a teacher, so I used my gifting. You know, there was no nervousness. I asked my audience to pray for me as I spoke. They must have, and I gave all that God wanted me to say. I kept to the subject. I am still adding prayers to the sermon.

I don’t get to speak often, but we had to go with the flow of events. Ed couldn’t make it, and Isaac was a big help. Our recording person was there, and he put things together for the usual audio of the sermon.

I am not a pastor, but I do have a teaching background. It wasn’t easy to find what to say. I had one thing, when I went to bed, so I would be rested. I woke up early, and sat before the Lord, kneeled at my chair and still sought His face about what to cover.

Finally I had a message, and I gave all that He gave me. I didn’t cut corners, or leave something out. It was given without fear, and trembling, but knowing that I needed to cover the subject of 2022 well. I listened to the message.

I touched my face multiple times during the sermon, but you know, God was with me. Praying brings in the submission, and the necessary thoughts. Isaac said I spoke for an hour. That was what it took. I needed to say everything needed.

You know, I prayed Saturday night about the New Year, and tried to study. Nothing came until Sunday morning early, when I sought Him again.

This is my history. If He doesn’t give but two words, I say those words. I might explain some, but I don’t take lightly the task of teaching the Word, and speaking before people.

I am sure the Holy Spirit helped me through the time I spoke. I forgot about time, and they stayed until I finished. Smile. God is so good, and here again, “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” is applicable.


I’m Taking it Easier Today. I just Put in Another Wash.

I have discovered the secret to keeping up with the washes. I do all the wash, and catch up. The basket is empty when I finish. Then, I only do two washes a day after that, and at times I don’t have to do that many. It is a good thing to wash the linen, and fold it up from the warm dryer. We have two new, flannel sheets, so we are in linen Heaven. Really. We are warm, and secure with these sets of linen. I just put on the second set of sheets for our bed last night. They are full of little pictures of bringing the Christmas tree home in a truck. We thought this was an appropriate set of sheets.

Isaac helped get some of the washing done last night. He was up till late. Hope this finds you healthy, and happy. This year is starting out for us with several unexpected surprises. I didn’t finish the 26th time in my Bible, but I lack about 5 books. It is amazing how this worked. I will keep this method going this year. To have finished the Bible one time is amazing. I read reams, because it produces light, and wisdom when I read, and store it. I am almost finished for the 26th time. My goal wasn’t met, but I am happy today, and content, that I did all I could this year. I read for long, and short amounts, and it always help to read leisurely, without speed. Smile.

And what about the New Year 2022? May the Peace of Christ always be there, no matter what circumstance we face. May God open doors that need to be opened, and shut those that need to stay shut. May we grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord, and may we never be lazy in doing well. I want to be sensitive to the Presence of God all this year, and it has started. I rose early to read 1 Samuel again. I always find something new when I read. It never gets old. I prayed about this year already, and I began last Fall. You know, praying enough about the year will help you get through it even if it is a rough, year.