If You Have Kidney Problems

If you have kidney problems, it will affect your back. Yes, too many sweets sets off my kidneys, and my back. I avoid heavy sweets for this reason, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love sweets. I do. It is harder to resist them, but I can’t have many sweets.

Ice cream with pie is too much. It should be a small cookie instead of four or five at a time. Your weight is another thing. If you cut down on the sweets, you will lose weight, and this will take pressure from your back. All things should be done with moderation.

I drink water instead of sodas. I rarely have a Coke. I notice a difference when I eat many sweets. I used to eat them anyway, but my kidney would flare up, and I would have to go to the doctor. He would say, cut the sweets, and fried foods for a while. Eat lightly, and don’t over eat.

Your body can’t handle all those brownies, and ice cream, cakes, and pies. I stopped the sweets, and sure enough with the weight loss, I came back to a normal, back. I also started walking at that time. I joined a place where I could exercise.

I lost more weight, and I felt better. It is hard to lose, but if you decide to lose for yourself, it will come off. Think of a simple plan. My plan is to go off sweets, bread, fruit, and potatoes. I lost right away. I stay out of the bed once I am up, unless I take a nap on the bed in the afternoon. I don’t sleep on the couch. It will cause my back to ache. I stay off it.

By rubiescorner

I am an artist, and a retired classroom, and Reading teacher. My son introduced me to Word Press, and helped me start a blog. I called it Rubies Corner's Blog. At first I had few clues about writing, but as I wrote to my audience, I began to share daily. I thoroughly loved my audience, and writing.
I have majored in Rubies Corner's blog because it has grown over the years. I have a blog with more art on it.
My interests are Art, drawing, and reading the Bible. . My audience has grown on rubiescorner because I write what comes to mind. I have 8 other blogs, and they are organized by title.

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