The Food we eat Most.

Breakfast is the first meal of my day. I usually eat two, eggs, because this gives me protein, and energy for my day. I eat one piece of toast with the eggs. This is all the bread I eat during the day. I love bread, but I limit it. Breakfast lasts when there is enough. I don’t relish lunch, so if I am not at the church, I don’t eat much lunch. If I am with him, we go later in the afternoon to have a meal. It is mid-afternoon  by then, and we have fish. I don’t eat rice. I prefer Salmon, because it is heart healthy.

Isaac fixes Salmon for us at the house. I heat up two pieces last night that were left from cooking another night. I left the fish in the oven for over twenty minutes. By the time we ate, the fish had cooked until well done. It was edible this way, and good. I usually eat a dob of mayonnaise with my fish. I dip the piece in it. It adds moisture. Last night I didn’t need the mayonnaise on the fish. It was wonderful, and moist. It was cooked longer, but perfect.



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