People Cause a Church to Grow.

Some say, “God is everywhere, so let me stay home on Sunday.”

He is everywhere, but we need fellowship. Worship is fellowship. Churches have become either crowded, and packed, or almost empty. There are two, extremes. Many have given up on the old, churches that have been there forever. They want lively music, and a younger, generation to work with.

I say, “if God isn’t there, then shut the doors.”

You can tell when God is there. The anointing breaks the yokes of bondage, and people are singing for all they are worth. The music brings in the anointing, and we are all part of the worship. When you refuse to sing, you are refusing to sing to God on His throne, who is watching. Psalm 100 says to make a joy noise to the Lord. Do you?

One lady I knew couldn’t carry a tune, but her voice could be heard as she sang. We let her sing, because she sang to the Lord, and she worshiped Him anyway. Her singing was an example for us all. God wants us to sing to Him a new song. How can we with our mouths shut?

I believe sins are many, but when we refuse to sing to Him, that is dishonoring to God. If you don’t think you have a good voice, sing anyway. God in Heaven wants you to sing in the car, sing in your homes, and sing where you are for a short time, alone so that you are ready to worship Him when you get to church.

We look at the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart. He sees our sins, and those who are humble will plead that His blood covers their sin. I believe we must walk in forgiveness, and keep on forgiving others for what they do. Humility shows when we sing. The anointing brought in through the congregation’s singing will inspire all of us, and the preacher’s message will be powerful, because he has sought the Lord while the singing transpired.

We think we can comment about the service, or the people, but when God is there the silence of the Holy Spirit draws us to Christ. Quietness comes in after a while, and the Holy hush is there. I love to worship the Lord, and though we walk in the flesh, God sees our hearts, and our worship.


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