I’m Glad I Can Write More for Tuesday.

I will either cook roast pork, or chicken Wednesday night. I like to have variety, but a tender piece of meat is special. I cook pork slowly, and it is usually tender. Resting is the key for this one, and I have. I have read more Bible, and soaked in it. It is a good thing to know the Lord. He is strong when we are weak. He lifts us up out of the miry pit, and establishes our ways. I believe when we go through things, that God comes close to talk, and to comfort. He is special, awesome, and wonderful.

I pray that He will help me to stay close, and to continue walking by faith all my days. It is by grace that I have come this far. One day I will go Home to meet Him face to face. Until then, I desire to know Him through the Word, praying, and by the little things I hear Him say to me.

Standing in the Lord, as in Ephesians 6 is important. We stand on the Word, and in our faith. Wisdom is to know when to go on to the doctor to get a shot twice, and some medication. I did. That is what happened. Ouch, but my arms stopped hurting eventually.


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