What Do You Do When You Are nervous with News.

Nerves should not be working on you, but they do when you have heard news that is involving you and the unknown. I believe we must gird up with strength, and courage. This is another way of saying, “Have some faith here.

Stand in what you have been taught. Stand in your faith, because you should have some to stand in. Pride has no, place in you when you know you will go through some trials. Humble yourself, and seek the Lord. Find His strength to be a comfort, and don’t fall to pieces.

Pick up your Bible, and read where your fingers open it. I believe the Word of God stands forever, even in Eternity. If you have been faithful to hide it in your heart, then say the Word back to God in your praying. God is holy. He is just.

He watches us daily. Give the problem in its entirety to Him, and give Him your life. When it belongs to God, then you can be assured, that He who has begun a work in you will complete, and finish it.


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