I Have Relaxed All Day.

My aim is to keep my peace through the night, and to not become anxious. I believe the Peace of the Lord is with me, but I hesitate to think about going for the test, or to think about the result. I give it to God, and wait. No one called to schedule me today. I will get a call tomorrow, maybe. In the meantime I must do what my newest memorized verses say.

No good thing will He withheld from those who walk uprightly. I put my trust in Him. So I will not hesitate to do this. I will stop thinking, and start reading the Word, and storing up verses for my day when I test. Then I will repeat them in my mind. Frankly I think I have been taken care of, because now I know that I have two places that need attention in my kidney. I will get the care I need, and I will be fine. God is on my side, and I am on His. It is better to be on His side. He made me to sing, and to love Him. I do.

I have relaxed today. I will continue. When I am called in to test, I will have rested. My faith is sheer trust in what He will do, and that He is right with me. I am holding His hand, to go through this. His Presence is awesome.


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