My Computer is fixed for some reason….

I didn’t think I would be writing, when I did get on here, but now the computer is doing alright. I have had a PEACEFUL DAY.
We had a movie last night at church. We had sandwiches, and treats, and snacked through the movie. It was on the life of Christ including the resurrection. It was one of the newer movies. I enjoyed it.

My itching is better until it decides to start-up again. I scratched too much this morning before getting up. It seems this has to do with the bonding in the wound site where I have the pace maker. I am doing well far as healing up. My place looks better today. I bathed and some of the glue left as I did this. I can get the site wet, but I am not bathing too long. I keep it short for good reason.

I will be glad when the itching stops. I have medication for the itching, as needed.

2 Peter 3:18 ..This is good to commit to memory.

Everyone doesn’t study the Word of God on a daily basis. If you are a Christian, this should be part of your daily plan.Praying after studying is helpful also.Reading, and praying are the ways you will grow in Christ.

2 Peter 3:18 encourages you to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of God, Jesus Christ.

The way you grow in the Lord, is to open the Word, and study it for yourself daily, praying that God will enlighten it for you.Answer the basic 5 questions..who, what, where, when, how, and this may help you understand it more. Praying for guidance, and wisdom, with understanding will help you understand the passage also.

The Holy Spirit in you, will teach you as you read the passage, and apply to you. I hope you have already started doing this on a daily basis.

Once you have received Christ, it is so important to read the Bible, and get something from it. Pray that God will open the Word to you, and then begin reading. The Holy Spirit in you will explain it, and make your understanding in the Word keen.

It will also be important to tell someone who you have received the Lord as your own Savior. You should find a church that believes the Gospel, and go there to learn more.

Basically you grow by reading the Word of God, and being consistent in this. Pick a Book like St. John first, then read, Acts. These may be a little easier to understand at first.

Peach Cobbler for Tomorrow!

This is Saturday. All kinds of things have gone on today, because tomorrow is Sunday. I’m going to church for the first time in a while. I had a new pace maker put in and it has been a problem getting back to see everyone at church.

So this week I feel better. I am taking something for the allergy I have to the medication, and the itching has more or less stopped. Otherwise I am coming along, and the place, where the doctor inserted the pacemaker, is healing. I am planning on sitting on my row, and worshiping God with everyone else. I won’t be in the choir, because someone will take my place. I just want to worship.

Tomorrow night is an activity where we watch a movie together. I plan to be back for the event. I am thankful to be getting over surgery. I don’t lift anything yet, so Isaac will still cook for a while longer! We eat during the movie, and bring snacks, and eat sandwiches.

I made the cobbler, and he lifted it into the refrigerator. That makes a big difference.

Questions About Pacemakers?

I just had my second pacemaker put in. The first one died, so they had to take it out, and insert another one. My experience with the pacemaker has been generally positive. I feel active, and I have more energy most of the time. With the insertion of the second one recently, I am still recovering from that operation.

The choice to have the pacemaker was made by my doctor. He saw that I needed help, and this was the solution after spending a week in the hospital. My lower heart rate was too low, and the upper one was not as steady. I needed something done about this,

I didn’t know too much about pacemakers, but it has been a life changing experience. Once I get used to the new pacemaker, it is not long , and I am out the door, driving, and going like nothing was the matter in the first place. My first one lasted about 5 years, and with frequent checks, my doctor said, “We will have to change this one out for a new one.”

So I spent the afternoon before at the hospital, and they replaced the old pacemaker the next day. It might have taken two or three hours. I feel better immediately. I have the energy, and have to get use to the care of the wound sight. I have been home since the next day after surgery.

Hope to be back on the computer more, later.

What a Lovely Day to Work on the Porch.

Ed and Isaac have been working on the porch all summer long. It had broken on the front of it, and brick spilled out into the front yard. This is the summer to repair. Ed is out again, finishing what he started over a month ago., It is good experience for Isaac. He mixes the mortar.

I know nothing about brick laying, but I did mix mortar one time when we lived near Ed’s folks. We had to repair a culvert, and I mixed the mortar and did that work . It was tight, a hot day, and Ed let me do what I was going to do. He didn’t have to redo it, but I am sure he and his dad laughed with me about mixing mortar.

So now Isaac gets that job. I can tell when the new mortar is being mixed. Scrapping, and scratching sounds, and mixing are done all by hand. It builds muscles that you don’t know are there, and the area where they are working is facing the street. I am sure everyone is talking about how long it takes us to finish a porch repair. It will look nice, even though some of the bushes that weren’t cut down will hide most of the new work.

I am proud that Ed has a concrete finisher’s background. He was a fourth generation, concrete, man, and I am sure his dad thought long, and hard, when Ed said he was going to school, to go into the ministry.

Ed’s dad loved me, and treated me right, with respect. He was a concrete finisher, and a hard worker who knew how to cuss a blue streak, drink beer to get cool, and fight anyone who came against him. Yet, with the family, he was firm, a leader, and a good man.

I called his dad Pappy, and he worked hard all the time. Ed, and he were in concrete. After Seminary, Ed came home to live in his home town, and to work with his dad, and see his mom, and sister, every day. I survived, and part of the reason was Pappy. He respected me, and treated me, fairly.

Mom taught me to cook. I learned all her recipes, and particularly how to make pies from scratch. I never was as good as she was, and we loved her cooking. She taught me how to put sugar in the corn, and flour in the gravy. She taught me about a finer flour, than the usual, and putting it in water to thicken. I had cooking classes in high school, but I learned Alabama, Southern cooking.

Sometimes when you are learning, you have to just give in, and take the task in hand. I have been stubborn in what I know, but I am glad God helped me learn from Mom about cooking. I found this helped later, when we moved, and his mother wasn’t there to save the day. I could cook like she did, and he learned to appreciate how I did.

My own mother tried to teach me to cook, and I knew how to make coffee so black, and thick that you had to add water to it to taste it.

I knew how to make cake, and worked hard with those, but they were not from scratch. I am thankful for Ed’s family. His sister was always more patient with me, and laughed at times with Ed over the trouble I would get into with Mom, and how I would continue to try to be a peacemaker.

I didn’t know how to speak the truth in love before I married, but spending time around his mother made me become very honest at times. She was rough at times, but I learned to communicate, and say what I had to say. Pappy always respected me, and we never collided. Someone had to be peaceful with me.

Just because a person isn’t peaceful, doesn’t mean that they are not to be in your life. I learned to pray, to set appointments to pray, and to deal with life on my knees. I taught school to keep busy, and the children were very nice to teach. It was a comfort to have a quiet class of children, after I had struggled with discipline in the big ,city where we went to Seminary.

God is good. He brings us full circle . Ed ,and I celebrated 45 years of marriage this July. We reflected on his parents, and regretted that both parents on both sides are gone on…but then, we have taken what they have taught us.

The family God puts you in is where you learn lessons in life…..if you allow this. My two sisters were very intelligent, and Mom, and Dad were ,also. I had shyness, inferiority complex, and insecurity struggles, but somehow I broke out of this more as I grew older.

I have learned that God wants us to be steadfast in our faith. He wants us to be unmovable, and to walk with Him, and keep close. I have learned that if I don’t do this, that God gets my attention somehow.

I just went through the second pacemaker operation, and it is working. I started itching that afternoon from the glue they used at the sight. I had to deal with this, and my doctor has been there to make recommendations. The itching finally settled down. In the meantime I developed a red rash , and we are dealing with this.

In all things I am giving thanks, for this is God’s will for me, today. I have survived the operation, and I plan to have another 5 years of pacemaker. By then, Ed and I will be married 50 years! I look forward to celebrating, and living my life in thanksgiving, for His goodness, and mercy. It is by faith that I stand, and keep standing in the Lord. Life hasn’t been a bed of roses, but God hasn’t gone away when I cried, and hardened from the hard times. He has been faithful, and I salute my Heavenly Father in Jesus name.

I bow before Him to say, “Thank you for helping me all along the way. You have never left me, or forsaken me. I bless your name forever. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Matters of the Heart…Recovery…

I have been at home recovering from surgery. I had a new pacemaker inserted on the 15th. I am getting along fine, but must watch what I do, and how long. I was advised to rest more on my last visit to the doctor. That is next to impossible, but I try.

I have another appointment, tomorrow. Please continue praying. I am healing up, and I will feel better, and be more active soon. Thank you for praying. Ruby from Rubies Corner’s Blog.

It would be nice to have a good report tomorrow at the doctor’s visit. This is my second visit after surgery.