“Give God the Glory…….”

Give God the glory, when you get money through the mail for paying bills. Give God the glory, when he lets you find something that you have lost for a long time. Give God the glory when you can’t find your keys, you pray about it, and you find them. Give God the glory, when you lock yourself out of the house, and you figure a way to get inside anyway.

Give God the glory when you wake up in the morning. Give God the glory when you have lost ten pounds that you have been trying to lose for five years! Give God the glory when He shuts the mouth of the lions, and you have peace at church. Give God the glory when you receive an unexpected check in the mail, that is exactly the amount that you owe somewhere.

Give God the glory that you have lived this long. Give God the glory that you have Sunday night church off, and you can type, sit outside in a lawn chair, and just take it easy. God gives gifts to His children. How many times do we give Him the glory? We should be always giving Him the glory, because He is good, and He loves us….and we are known by Him by name. He cares so much about us. Give God the glory when you get up, rebuke the devil, and get to church after all.

I Went Steady Twice in High School.

I fell for two different guys in high school. I don’t know how that happened. I was shy as a post, and boring. I had some dates, but they didn’t turn out right. My high school steady broke up with me right before the prom. He took me, and then disappeared. I think he didn’t want to go with someone who was headed for Africa as a missionary. I thought I would be going there. I didn’t. I married a preacher instead. I taught 19 out of 20 years in the intercity, with American black children. I loved them, and they loved me. They ran over me, but they were wonderful, creative, energetic, and a delight most of the time to teach.

The first guy I went steady with put up with my shyness. We were going steady before I knew it. Eventually I broke up with him, because he had a bad reputation,,,,for some reason. For me, he was always a wonderful, nice guy. I broke up, and cried all afternoon. I didn’t see much of him after that. I think a reputation of someone should not have been what prodded my mother to say, “Break up with him now.”

I did. I always obeyed, and I cried for a while. I didn’t date until my Senior year. Then I met someone else, and we dated for some time. He found that I was going to the mission field. He drew a beer can in his annual, and I signed something. He didn’t want to be associated with a missionary. We broke up.

I didn’t go to Africa, and I married a preacher. It was fine with God,,,,as far as I know. I taught Black American children for almost twenty years. The other group was all white. They were fine, but I enjoyed teaching because the children I taught we always learning, and so creative at times. They were way behind in their studies, because they had not settled into learning. That is where I came into the picture. I settled them, and gave them parties, and treats for hard work. We had movies for hard work also. I motivated them. Motivation was one of my strong points in teaching.

About going steady…….I am sure these young men had dreams of their own that they reached. I am sure they made wonderful husbands eventually. I never forgot them, because we became close. I cold talk to them, one at a time, but I could talk. One didn’t know I could talk. The other knew, and he was reaching for the stars. I am sure he got there without me.

That is my story about high school. Everyone knew me, but I was shy as a post, and I hardly talked. I believe it was an inherited trait. I am glad I was shy. I was headed for school teaching, and for being a minister’s wife. I am not shy now, and I do speak when someone wants an answer. I love to carry a good conversation when someone realizes there is worth under my hat.

I wore my hat today. I don’t know why. I was the only one in a crowded Easter service. It was crowded for us. We had a program, and people came to see their kin perform. That is what to do to gain attendance. I do believe God gives wisdom. I am glad that I finally went through college, and was bold enough to major in Education. I wasn’t suppose to be a missionary. Yet, when I write, I see the map of how many countries I am reaching. The other day it showed that I was reaching 67 countries. So I am a missionary in that sense. That is little ole me………who never spoke from 7th grade through high school. I was shy as a post. So what happened?

Well, someone prayed over me in a line of people who had come forward. We stood until the man of God got to us. I didn’t fall down, but he rebuked a spirit of intimidation off me. I have changed gradually, and my friends now would never say that I am shy. I talk so much that Ed has to say, “Ruby, you are talking too much!”

So see, I have changed. God changed my dad when he became a Christian. He was shy as a post, also. I believe in the goodness of the Lord. I believe one day God said, “She is unshackled from now on.”

Then the man of God rebuked the intimidation. I was set free. I didn’t write like this before I started writing on Rubies Corner. It just comes. That is God, and I give Him the praise right now. This lady has changed. Do I hear a shout? Someone needs to say, “Glory to God! Ruby is set free from what has imprisoned her all her life. Intimidation is gone………WOW!”

Have You Ever Contacted High School Friends?

I had a few High School Friends by the time I graduated. I was shy, and didn’t date much. I didn’t dance, so why date. I had to get with someone who could talk, in order to have a good date. I was shy as a post. Can you tell that I have changed? Well, I am not shy as a post. I talk a mile a minute, and no one talks to that extent, but I am not the same as I was in high school.

I went to Bible college for one year. That blew that idea out of the water. I was running from teaching. I came back home, and applied to a four year college that would prepare me to become a teacher. I went through the ropes, and soon, I had my own classroom of little first graders. Mom must have been excited about my job. She showed up my first week, and told the kids she would come back to see them. That meant she would bring them something. On my birthday, they ate cookies, and possibly ice cream. My parents made sure the class was well-treated for that day.

I haven’t talked with many friends from high school. I believe I have talked to one, and that wasn’t for very long. My town is accessible. I don’t know what the problem would be to find some of my friends from the past, and hug them, and say, “Hey, this odd person became a teacher! “


My Friend and I stuffed the Easter Eggs with Candy

My friend came to help stuff the Easter Eggs for the Easter Egg hunt. We laughed and giggled through the task. One reason we were laughing, was that we got into the candy. We ate several pieces between us. But then today there were 410 pieces to share with the children. Adults, and growing youths hid the candy everywhere. Then the time to hunt came. At the count of 1-2-3 the children ran outside, and began finding the hidden eggs. I went outside, and I gave away one egg that I took out of a tree. The children would not have gotten this egg. It was too high to reach.

Ah what a beautiful day for Easter to happen. We had plenty of special music, and children galore. We usually have two children, but today, the Moms sure did send their children. I am so thankful. It was a good day.

Now I am typing, and I have been out in the garden, pruning my flowers. I am so glad we had Easter today.

Isaac has to get Flea Meds for his cats. We will wait for Three days to do this, and in the Meantime, My head is Itchy.

This is why I want Isaac to get to work. He applied to a job, and he will have to fill in some paper work, if they say they have some openings. He needs money for the cat’s meds. We don’t have it right now, and they are itchy, and we are beginning to feel the effects of not have this on the cats.

I am ready to dunk them in water, and kill the fleas that way. I am sure this won’t go over very well with Isaac. He better hurry. If I get bit, they will be under my eye. I don’t plan to put up with fleas any longer than I have to, and it would be nice if he had a job to pay for this. So I asked a friend if he had any openings at his work. He said he would check and Isaac and he had a conversation. That would be wonderful at this point.

We have the afternoon off, and no services tonight. It is a good day to write, and to rest. I am half sleepy from getting up early, after going to bed later. Today was awesome, and I won’t complain.

This was a lovely day to change into sandles. I have them on now. My feet fit in my orange sandles, and they look perky.

I love my sandals, , but I haven’t wore them lately. The weather has been too cold, and I have worn my closed flat shoes. I have my sandals on now, and I am at home. My feet are not cold. They are comfortable, and cool. I plan to wear them on Wednesday night, if I can keep someone from stepping on my feet. We have this big guy who helps in the kitchen. I had sandals on a couple of years ago. He stepped on my feet, and it wasn’t just one toe that he smashed. I was limping for several weeks because of His big shoes. So I take care of myself, and try not to let him step on my feet. Wouldn’t you!?

Easter, April 10, 2014

I have looked forward to this day for weeks. It was a gorgeous, sunny, day. We had a program at church. Several people who are from the audience sang specials. This was woven between the band’s menu. It was an awesome time, hearing different people sing to us. I loved it. One was in the 6th grade. She carried her part very well. She sang a solo, and did a grand job.

The offering was a solo. This lady is used to singing. She did a good job. I wouldn’t know if she got off. She said she did. I believe it was nice to hear her, because she doesn’t sing like she did in the past. She is coming around, to Christ, and I guess her singing is coming back also.

We had a longer service, and we started on time. We should have started at 11:00 A. M. but for some reason it was delayed. We did hang in there and though it was long, the service was a memory that will be there for a long time. I thought the age range of the singers was amusing. It went from below a teen, to past 50 years old, yet all of them did very well.

Surprises do happen. The next big day is Mother’s Day. I have thought often of Mom this week. I know where she is, and I know she is well now, memory and all. She pointed me toward Christ, and I will always be thankful.