Pray, Church, Pray!

God doesn’t want us to give up on what He has said He will do. He will never leave or forsake us. God is not limited in His understanding of things that happen to make us feel that all of hell is suddenly coming against us. You have the authority to speak to the mountains, and they move. You have the authority, church, to tell the devil to stop harassing you. It will stop when you take that authority in Jesus name.

I usually share my faith on the computer daily. I usually share my faith more when the devil starts harassing us. So if you are down, depressed, angry, having a bad day, or just fighting yourself all day, then find your Bible and learn to make this a habit daily. The devil may try to harass you, but you speak and the mountains move. You speak to the mountains of finances that need to come in for your church, and for your family. You speak to the mountains of sickness, and disease. God is closer when we draw close to Him.

Remember, He is bigger than you are. Call on the Lord in the times of trouble, and He will deliver you, and bring the Presence of God more clearly into your homes. Find verses to pray back. I pick 5 a day, when I can. Write them out, and then pray them back because the Word is a ,strong, weapon against Satan.

What Do You Do When All Hell Breaks Out In Your Home.

Suddenly the commode was stopped up. Ed used the plunger, but it wouldn’t come free. Ed took me to the doctor’s office this morning, and he went to get three, big, prescriptions to knock this infection in the head. It suddenly seemed to me that all of hell was coming against us. Ed was getting mad at the toilet, the sinks, and the opposition.

I got up on the bed, and began praying when he left the room. Eventually, he came back with medication, and was in a better humor. All hell had stopped coming against him. Don’t question God in the times when hell breaks out. Just pray, and speak to the mountain, and it will get up, and be gone, in the name of Jesus. Keep your cool. God understands even when we don’t think He is seeing all the troubles we are having, particularly in one day.

I have set my face to come to church Wednesday night. I think this is why all hell broke out in our home. Satan fights Christ, God, praying, fasting, being full of the Holy Spirit, and joins with self to give us hard times. I usually pray: Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I bind self, Satan, and sin that stands in the way between you and us, and between my family, and me. In Jesus name I do this, and say there will be no further harassment in Jesus name.

I did pray, and after a while we were much better. I did go to the doctor, and I have antibiotics to take, and other medication. I see him again on Thursday. Thank you for praying. I needed it today.

I Am Having Trouble Writing Today.

Right now I could shake this computer. It isn’t giving me a new post when I want to write. So now, I am using the Quick Draft. I am old-fashioned. I just like to write, when I set out to write. Why the delays? I have no idea.

I saved the Quick Draft, and now I will continue writing. I don’t like this slowness that is happening on Word Press. I hope someone from there will have pity on this writer. I need to write daily. This week has  been a rough one.

Monday was spent getting ready to go to the hospital for surgery. I packed, and cleaned the house. Then I went with Ed to the church. He did some things on the computer, and I went into the sanctuary, and began praying about what was going to happen, Tuesday. We were scheduled to come early…like 6:30 A.M.

Surgery happened the next day. We were on time, but the hospital wasn’t. We waited in the room for a while. Then they came to get me. I had to put on a gown, and I climbed up on the bed.  Ed came to see me, and we talked.

I have a new pacemaker, and they took out a lead wire from the other pacemaker when they took the old one out. I was out for a while, and when they brought me back, I was not ready to go home. Ed said I would stay the night. He stayed with me for a while. He walked out after saying good-bye, and got some rest. One other person came to see me. They walked out together.

The next day I was dismissed. I had been up all night, and made a million trips to the bathroom. The nurses, and staff were wonderful, and now I am recovering.

I have been itching, so we went to the emergency room to get this tested . We went yesterday, which was our Anniversary. We have been married 45 years. I thought it was necessary to celebrate this one in style. Ed took Isaac, and me to a restaurant after I went to the emergency room to check out my places. I have a rash, several places. All the rash on my chest is red, and looks ugly. The staff took a scraping to test it in the lab . My blood work was wonderful.

Last year about Fall, I had a ,new, lead wire put in, and surgery was at one of the local hospitals. I wound up itching, and the doctor had to go back into the sight, and take out the staph infection. It was easy to find.

I have broken out. I may be allergic to the glue at the surgery sight.I have some salve to put on all those little, bumps. Now I am itching again.This is the fifth, day from the surgery. I was careful to put salve on the bumps. I will know soon about what this is. I also have a doctor’s appointment next week.

I came on Word Press, thinking that I could quickly write something, and go tend to my itching. I couldn’t get an empty, new post to appear. It did appear, and there was red above the form, saying that an error had occurred.

The form disappeared, so I went to the second, best, thing. I saved the rough draft, and it was small. Then I called it back by its title, and I have typed since.

Many times in life I find that we go through things that try our patience. This has tried my patience, and frankly, the whole week has been a hard one for me. I am thankful to be alive, and to know that I am getting better. If you know the Lord, please say a prayer for me. I need to be about His business, but I may not make it for a week or two. In the meantime, I am reading, and writing.

You might read 2 Kings 4: 18-31. It is with the same courage that I write today. I hope you have a blessed day, and I will write more because I have this new pacemaker!






Light, Lamps, and, Clear, Spiritual, Sight…..

The Word of God is a light. When you read it, the light goes inside to your innermost, spiritual, place… where the Holy Spirit dwells.

One verse spoken at the right, timing will shed light, and comfort to an individual. The Word of God is a light that you need in your own life, daily. It will teach, correct, or comfort. When you know the Word, it will come to mind when you need it most.

Acts 16: 9 A vision appeared to Paul in the night. It was a man asking him to come to his town, and help them. The man was from Macedonia.

There Paul taught, and He met some special, people. Lydia, and her household came to Christ. She was baptized, and so were the whole household.

Paul had a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit came to live inside him when he surrendered his life . Read Acts nine, for Paul was no longer against Christ, but totally changed when God appeared to him on the road to Damascus.

The light of God knocked him off his horse, and Christ appeared to him. When you fight against the LORD, God may knock you off your horse.

Christians have the Holy Spirit of Truth living in them. They may pray all night, not really knowing why until the next day, when they find themselves speaking one verse of encouragement.

If I had one word for you today, I would say ,” Sit down. Open the WORD, and stay there with paper, and pencil, until God the Holy Spirit talks to you. Confess your own sins. The blood of Jesus Christ will wash your sins away.”

God’s Word is the light, the lamp, and the revelation that will bring conviction, and heal you on the inside where those hurts, and wounds are. Reading the Word will change you on the inside, and you will begin to glow with the WORD which is lighting you.

Cast your burdens on the LORD. Lift your Heads, and rejoice. God is in control, and as you PRAISE Him, the angels of the LORD will make their camp around you.

I have had heart, surgery. I have a, new, pacemaker, and I bow to Almighty God, in the mighty name of Jesus.

“You can have me, LORD, inside, and out, from head to toe, in Jesus name. Thank you for getting me safely through surgery. I serve a RISEN Saviour!”

Thank you for your prayers!

Hello, Again……I Have a New Pacemaker!

I have a new, pacemaker. I have some new, wires going to it. I am set for another five, years, possibly. My other pacemaker had to be changed out. It has lasted five, years. I can’t be on here, long. I am home from the hospital, today. I had to stay overnight last night.

I couldn’t sleep, and I got up all night. The head nurse told my doctor, and I could hear her from where I was in my room……several doors down. She was loud about how I had gotten up so many times, and called for help.

I was trying to be careful, but when you need help, and it is time to get up, you just call for it. I was awake most of the night, and about every three hours I woke, and got up to go to the restroom. It is just a natural response when I drink water.

I didn’t take the incident of her loudness to well. We had just talked. She didn’t mention my getting up when she talked to me. She did warn me that she would do this if I kept getting up. Well, she kept her word.  I have gotten up too, much . The assistant on the other hand was very nice. She went with me, because they don’t want me to fall. I closed the door, and the attendant waited.

I am home, and very glad. Breakfast was soft, oatmeal, and soft, scrambled ,eggs, with whole, wheat, roll, orange juice, and coffee. I ate it down. I didn’t eat much of the oatmeal. I did taste the pancakes, but I left them, also.

I can’t lift anything for a while, if then. I can’t raise my left, hand above my head. I am minding, because I want this pacemaker to last for a long, while. Hospitals help people, but I don’t need to spend the night there for a long time. Smile.

More Thoughts Before Surgery.

I have been with Ed, my husband, all day long. Now he is doing errands, and he plans to be back in a little while. Tomorrow I have surgery on my heart. I have talked about it in the other posts. I am coming home after going shopping for what I needed to help me out.

I am not dreading tomorrow, but I pray about everything. This time I have prayed endlessly, and I am not sure why, unless matters of the heart are serious. My doctor will test the lead wires, find out why they died, and then decide about putting another pacemaker in this time.

I seem to have more energy without the pacemaker working right. I don’t understand. We have been up all day, and you know shopping will wear you out. I can still type, and get some posts out.

Tomorrow comes early. Pray now, and you can rest while they work on me. Don’t pray, and I have prayed ahead, but I need the prayers of God’s people. Pray, church.

Getting Ready for Surgery…

I have to take off my nail polish. I love nail polish, but I’m having surgery tomorrow morning. I have to be there at 6:30 A. M. That is early for everyone else. I love to get up earlier than this, but I need sleep to do that several days in a row…

I  spilled polish remover on my pajamas. It didn’t hurt them.  Removing polish is not as easy as it looks. I have to be plain for surgery. I’m having surgery on my heart for putting in a pacemaker, and for testing the wires that are all ready in the pacemaker I have. I don’t know…but I have been praying more over this operation, and the procedure. I know he will be testing the lead wires, and seeing what the problem is and why the last lead wire died.

This is all a mystery to me. I am just the patient. I am not medically minded, but I am conscious of a cleaner home, and environment when I see what I see in the hospitals. Last time I had an infection….a staff infection, and they had to give medication for this. They had to go in and get the infection out of the wound. So I have been through enough to know that we need to pray.

Thank you for praying for me. I need a group of people praying, but maybe by the time some of you are rising, I will be out of surgery. I go in mighty early. I am an early bird, but Ed loves to stay up late. He is worn out today. Maybe he will turn in early. He is out and about, doing business. I have been with him all day. We ate fish for lunch, and we had frozen yogurt.

My sister says the yogurt is fattening. She says that a dairy queen ice cream is less fattening. I don’t eat eggs any more. I don’t eat toast. I love Cheerios, or Oatmeal. I love blueberries. I eat plain most of the time . Today was a day of looking forward to surgery. Tomorrow, I will be in recovery mode.  Whatever that means…..I hope I can have popsicles and ice cream.