I Got Up Early and Made Tea. Then I Found My Bible……………..

When you walk with the Lord, He may waken you in the night, or early in the morning. Some of us are not early birds. We would rather sleep. I understand. I used to be that way. But I have found that the secret to being sane for me, is to get up early, before everyone else stirs. I was in the den, and kitchen early this morning. It doesn’t happen every morning, but here lately, it has been early. I go to bed early to get up early. This is healthy for you to go to bed early. You need what sleep gives you.

I have fair skin and complexion. I look younger than I am because I rest and eat right. My life is not entangled with so many things that it is complicated. I sit before the Lord without reservation, and I find something that will be for me, and that I can share on Word Press for Rubies Corner’s Blog. It is one of 9 blogs that I write, and it has become the biggest with 473 followers right now. I believe it will go to 500 and beyond………..and I believe that His Presence helps preserve me. Smile.

God is good, so I was praying and thanking Him for blessing Rubies Corner’s Blog. Thank you for coming by to read, and to laugh at the drawings. I will be drawing more pictures. The last time I looked, there were 470 followers. It will go to 500 I am sure.

First, turn with me to 11 Corinthians 9:6-11;14-15 and 11 Corinthians 10: 3-5. Read, and then see what I have to say. I have written out the verses on a piece of white paper that I found in my desk in the den. I have run out of typing paper that I have used for notes. This was the last sheet I could find. Usually I have my notebook with me, but this morning I was fumbling around as it was, trying to get out of the dark bedroom and go read. I grabbed my Bible, and found some paper in the desk. It was the last piece.

I read back these verses after I copied them down verbatim from my Bible. It is a good thing to write scripture. I have done this for a long time. It plans the Word inside my heart, and it stays there. It causes some reaping to happen when I read the Word, and write it down.

This passage is talking about spiritual warfare. You can’t see it. The demons fight against the angels, and our praying is effective to demolish strongholds of unbelief, doubt, weariness, tiredness, tormenting thoughts, accusations, arguments, and anything else that plagues your peace. God’s children should go through life without all of the above bothering them. I have learned to find verses of scripture, and I find five a day. I have for a long time. We walk in the flesh, but our battle is spiritual. We don’t war with the flesh like armies do, but we know that our weapons of warfare are powerful weapons that God has given us. They will destroy fortresses, speculations, and every prideful thought that comes against the name of Christ.

It is a good thing to take captive every thought, and present your body to God daily. I knelt before I left the den. It is peaceful on my knees, but I knew I needed to write early, not late. The day gets busy, and others come into the den, and I can’t find one to one peace with God to start the day, if I start late. I must have gotten up around 6:00 A. M. It is worth it. I spent several hours writing down this scripture, and going over it in my heart, and mind.

We take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Some thoughts are not clean. Get rid of them in Jesus name. Watch what you watch on television, and hear on the radio. You can tell if it is trash. You know it in your spirit before you watch, or hear it.

Shut the trash off, and find God in your Bible, and through your prayers. Bring every thought to the obedience of Christ. This is a daily walk with have with God. It started by submitting to Him from head to toe. Have you done this? Really? You will have the peace of Christ when you shut your own mouth, and bow your own knees before your loving God, and minister to Him.

I can tell if a man, or woman has been praying, reading, and humble before the Lord. She/He doesn’t have anger on him/her, and she/he is happier, and peaceful. I pray over the congregation at my church, and I pray that they will grow in Christ. You have to open your Bible, and your heart in order to grow in Christ. The peace of Christ has to rule in you. Philippians 4: is wonderful. Do you struggle with maintaining peace in your heart? It means that you need to kneel down more to God, and read the word more, not less.

We do what we want to do. We find time to exercise, sit with friends, and shop. Don’t leave God out. Put Him first. Ask Him to waken you. He will. You have to cooperate. Going to bed at a time before 12:00 midnight will help to get up early. Finding God means that you sit before Him before you do all the chores that didn’t get done the night before. The floor, and the dishes can wait. You are up for a reason. Give God time to talk to you. He loves for you to sow the Word in you. The verses that talk about sowing are usually referred to for tithing, but I think giving God time is sowing the Word abundantly in your heart, Even if you take this scripture, and study it all week, you would be benefitted by opening the Bible, and reading.

Taking captive every thought means to do that literally. “I take captive every thought to the obedience of Christ. “
Giving Him your thoughts will change your way of thinking, and your anger will be less. God in You is the Hope of Glory. Remember, He lives in You because you submit to Him daily.

“You are Mine. I will guide and direct you ” says the Lord.

He will. You put on the armor every day by bowing your knees, and reading the Word until you have had refreshment coming from the throne. Fifteen minutes is good. Fifty minutes is good. 2 hours is wonderful. Some days you will have only fifteen minutes because you didn’t get up early enough to spend more time. This is Saturday, but I could not lay in bed. I had to get up, and get moving with the tea, and sit before God for something refreshing. People will begin to notice that you are peaceful, and cheerful, because God has come to give you all you need.

We destroy speculations, lofty things, and we take all of our thoughts captive in Jesus name. That means anything that doesn’t bow to the name of Jesus Christ must be gone from your thoughts, and thinking. You know what it is. Tell it to go. Lust has to go in Jesus name. That does not exalt Jesus Christ.

“Fear has to go in Jesus name. Fear of man needs to go in Jesus name. We take all thoughts, and bind all those that are not of God. They are gone in Jesus name. Now Holy Spirit fill me, and give me the love I need for today. Give me wisdom, and I give You this day, in Jesus name.”

I went shopping with my mother more than once. She could find more sales, and we would buy two of everything. This way we could dress alike on special occasions. She was a shopper, but I am not always. I stay home, and find the Lord, and walk about my home in the peace of God. Shopping comes after I have spent time with Him. That is discipline, but I am no longer driven to shop. That is gone. When I don’t shop as much, Ed will take me somewhere, and we will shop for what all I need. He wants me to shop until I have enough. I do then. There is a time for everything. God comes first.

This principle, has to be worked out in your life. Everyone is different, but your head to toe has to belong to Him. Does it? You can bow your head, and say, “Father, I bind every spirit not of Christ in this room where I am in Jesus name. I give you me, from head to toe, mind, body and spirit. Fill me, Holy Spirit of God, in Jesus name. I submit, Father to You, in Jesus name.”

My Heart

My Hair

My hair is straighter than straight when I don’t roll it.
I don’t roll it every day. It holds curls well.
My hair has to have color on it. I would be gray otherwise.
I like gray hair on other people, but not on myself.

My hair has always been difficult to curl and to make tame.
I love it, but it doesn’t always do as I curl. It wants to flip
for half of my head, and go under on the other half of my head.
This is what it does for me, but when I take my head of hair to
the beautician, she makes it do what she wants it to do. She heats
the hair, curls it, and waits. The steam and the curling iron work
together. I really don’t totally like my hair. I am growing it out.
I haven’t been to my beautician for that reason. She may cut it down.
Then I would have to start all over with my hair.

I dare not go to the salon. They would think I had neglected my hair.
I haven’t put olive oil on it in days. This makes it oily for a while.
I may make a hat and wear my hair in that hat for a while during the day.
Then I wash the oil out of my hair. I don’t wash and wash, but one shampoo
is enough. The dried hair looks tamer, and it curls easily. The oil has caused
it to settle down. I drew some pictures to illustrate.

New Hairdo

Frozen Yogurt is my Down Fall…………….

We eat frozen yogurt instead of real ice cream. It is healthy to eat the yogurt frozen. It tastes great, and I can hardly tell the difference.
My family loves frozen yogurt. Of course we buy vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and any other flavor we can get into. We love chocolate chip frozen yogurt.
It doesn’t leave me cold. It is frozen, and it goes down my throat easily.

I love to eat raw apples. I had an apple this morning. I cut it in half, and in half again. Then I quartered what I had. The slices are thinner by the time I finish cutting. I love to eat them just like they are. Apple wedges are good for you. Apples may give energy. I don’t eat but a bit of sliced apple. I don’t want to eat too many of them.

This is definitely the time of the year to wear heavier pajamas. Ed and I looked at pajamas today. Flannel for this kind of weather is acceptable. They are warm. There is a section at Penny’s where they have pajamas of all kinds. They are wonderful, warm flannel pajamas. We bought a pair the other day. The next day was very cold. I was so glad we had bought some new flannel pajamas. Today was not as cold. I had to wear a coat, but I wasn’t freezing while outside. The cold weather has been like this. It get a little warmer until the sun goes down. Then it gets cold.

What does frozen yogurt have to do with colder weather? I don’t know. I won’t want any if it gets much colder. In the meantime no headaches, and I am cool.

We had Salmon for lunch. Tonight Isaac is fixing it again. We are trying to lose weight at our house. All three of us will eat Salmon, but since I had some for lunch, I may not eat as much as I did last time.

Happy Thanksgiving In A Few Days!

Happy Thanksgiving is coming in a few days. We have less than a week to wait. We haven’t bought a turkey yet. We get the fresh turkey if we can find it. Last year Ed came in with a fresh one. It was nice to have, and Isaac and I doctored it up. Not so you couldn’t taste the meat. This year my spices will be different. I have fallen in love with herb spice.

I got my Ruby ring from Penny’s today. I bought it over a year ago, and it has been in the shop 4 times. I just got it today, and so far everything is fine on it. I paid the fifty dollar insurance, in case the ring loses something. It has been worth the money. The Ruby came out in one of the areas, and they replaced it. The Ruby was messed up, and they had to take that out and put a new one in. The band was giving me problems, and there was something else that didn’t do well. I hate to keep turning it in, but I did pay for the privilege of sending it back to be worked on any time any thing goes wrong. I know, I had trouble with the prongs, and they had to be rebuilt. This is a lot of times for a ring to have to be repaired. I paid good money for it, but I didn’t get it where I got the other Ruby ring.

I have two Ruby rings, because I am, “Ruby two.” I am a namesake for my mother who was named Ruby. She was named by her sister, and my Aunt who loved someone by this name. Grandmother named her Ruby for a Sunday School teacher. I used to hate the name, but you can’t hate a jewel. It was confusing at times to have the same name.

Happy Thanksgiving! Some of you may not be on here next week. You may be at Grandmother’s house to fix turkey there. I know Thanksgiving Day is a working day for me. I make pies, and bake until we sit down to eat. Pumpkin pie is wonderful with the recipe I have. Turkey is looked after carefully, and then some. I love to cook. That is what I know.

I was telling Ed today that I love to cook. We aren’t having Wednesday night supper at the church because of Thanksgiving the next day. I will have a break from feeding so many. I wish I had two more at the table. I have grown used to cooking for 14-17 and it is the same as for three. Work! But I love to cook.

Isaac does a good job with what he makes. He has a new pumpkin recipe that he will try out on Sunday. You may bank on it, he will have this pumpkin treat for everyone.

Psalm 23 “I Will Fear No Evil”

Why did the writer of this Psalm have no fear of evil. It was because the Presence of God was all around him. God’s rod, and staff were there for him. He knew God had prepared a table, with a feast of things that he could eat. Blessings, answers to prayer, thanksgiving, and all this was before him even in front of his enemies. He knew about the comfort of God. He looked ahead to the Savior who would come and die for Him.
My Heart

“We look back at Christ’s death on the cross.”

The devil is your enemy. He speaks through people who don’t know Christ, and through Christians who have,”self”on the throne, instead of God the Holy Spirit. You can tell if someone is walking in the Holy Spirit. They will wear the joy of the Lord, and the fruit of love, peace, joy, kindness, gentleness, and other fruits of the spirit will be obviously there in their life.

The New Testament says they will be singing, full of the Word, and glorifying God when they are full of God the Holy Spirit. They may drive someone else crazy with their words, songs, and attitudes. Everyone needs to get into God’s anointing and be full of the Holy Spirit of God. You step into the oil of Gladness for the heaviness you are used to wearing. Read Isaiah 61.

A true believer is humble toward God. They will kneel to Him in Jesus name. They receive God into them from head to toe, inside, and out. They leave nothing out when they submit to God. True submission to God makes you change, and you start walking in God’s light, and you don’t wear a religious spirit. God the Holy Spirit will be evident, without you saying a word.
The glow of the Lord is powerful.

How do you get the glow? You bow before God, and read the Word. Praying and reading the Word are two weapons that we use against the devil. A steadfast walk is one that includes reading the Word of God daily, and praying to God daily in Jesus name. Start with the book of John, and read it. You could read it in two hours, or in several days. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you, and bind self, and Satan from talking to you. Receive Christ as your own personal Savior, and then start reading the Bible, and praying. God will grow you. Find fellowship so you can grow with those who believe Christ is their own Savior. Fellowship is important. You won’t survive by yourself. God made us to fellowship with one another. That means to talk about God, and Jesus, and to read the Word together.

Why do I use the Blood of Christ so much in my writing? Because 1 John says, if we confess our sins, God is faithful to forgive us of our sins, and cleanse us from every unrighteous ..from all unrighteousness.

All means all….every sin is forgiven, and under the blood of Christ. His blood washes, clean our hearts. His blood brings us into fellowship with God Almighty. God sees the blood on us, and He recognizes us as His children.

If you know Him, you should be praying daily, and repenting of all known things that you are, or have done. The blood of Christ covers your confessed sins. He puts them as far as the East is from the West. He puts them behind His back. I believe God exists, and that He rewards those who seek Him.

I believe that God is everywhere, and that He truly loves us so much. Jesus Christ died so that we might have abundant life. He died personally for each of you, and for me. One sin keeps us from heaven, and even if you don’t have any sins, you have a sinful nature that will keep you out of heaven. The blood of Christ, God’s Son cleanses us from all our sins. All means all of them. It doesn’t matter what you have done. He accepts confession of your sins, and repentance, and He forgives, and forgives, and wants us to live for Him forever.

Spiritual Warfare….What is That?

Spiritual warfare is spiritual. It starts when you become a Christian, by receiving Christ as your own Savior. Then you get into the Word of God, and read the Bible from cover to cover one time a year. That is much for a new Christian, but those who read, will become teachers eventually. To teach the Word, you need to be full of it. Sloshing full of it.

Ephesians 6: talks about warfare in the Spirit. It also talks about the armor of the Lord that you should be wearing daily. To wear it, you must have prayer and Bible study in your life on a daily basis. I rarely skip this, because the weapons we fight with in the spiritual realm are powerful to pull down strongholds. They are spiritual weapons that are available to you after you accept Christ as your own Savior.

Ephesians 6:12 talks about wrestling against something that is not flesh and blood. It is principalities, and powers, rulers of the darkness that we wrestle with. Let me get plain with you. You will always have your “self” or Satan fighting against you spiritually. You fight against spiritual wickedness in high places. They may be invisible to us, but they are real in the “Spirit.” You come against anything that won’t, or will not bow to the name of Jesus Christ. The whole armor of God is what is placed on your head…the Helmet of Salvation. You are His child, and no one can snatch you out of His hand. You receive Christ by faith, and that is when the helmet is placed on your head. You take on the whole armor so you can resist the devil. Standing against him, will eventually make you the winner. At times we have to take a stand, and not budge from it. Your loins are equipped with Truth. Christ is the way, the Truth and the life. No one comes to God except through Christ.

We take the stand with truth on us, and we have the breastplate of righteousness to wear. We receive the righteousness of Christ. Our righteousness on our own is like wearing filthy rags. Christ puts His Righteousness on us. Our feet are equipped with the shoes of the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace. You can not receive much from God without the peace of God on you. You hold a shield of Faith, which will quench the darts of the enemy. Satan will always throw darts. Being in the Word of God will help you become knowledgeable with the Word of Truth. You take the Helmet of Salvation and wear it. You use the Sword of the Spirit, which is God’s Word. Prayer has a big part to play in a Christian’s life. Supplication means that you pray through about something until you have peace that God has done for you what you have asked. There is no room for spiritual pride and arrogance. Our weapons are necessary to fight the good fight, and win against the enemy. Watching with prayer and supplication for the saints is a good idea. We must be diligent, and we are worth because of the blood of Christ that He shed for us. Our hearts are washed by the blood of Christ when we receive Him as our Savior.

Do you have doubts about this passage? Is something questioning whether the Word is the Truth? Well You might need to stop, and bind self, and Satan from talking to you. Do that now. Then loose the Holy Spirit to speak to you about the truth you should walk in and know. Ask the Holy Spirit to talk to you about the
passage you read. Remember our warfare is not with flesh and blood. It is spiritual. Therefore you have to believe that if we come to God He exists, and He rewards those who seek Him diligently.

Discouragement comes against those who teach the Word, or preach it.

I know someone who is discouraged because one of his sheep is not a believer. She pretends to be, but her actions show that she is not a Christian. There is no Holy Spirit there. Her ways are always toward the devil, and the crowd that doesn’t know Christ. She has no fruit of repentance, and yet she comes to church. It is her lifestyle that tells on her. A true Christian comes out from among the world, and is separate from the world’s ways. You can tell a change has happened. If there is no change once you receive Christ, then do it again. Receive Him by faith again. Confess your own sins, and repent. Then invite Christ to come live in you from head to toe. He will come to you by the Presence of the Holy Spirit of God.

For those of you who are struggling with discouragement, I say, rebuke it. See if you have the relief that God gives you. Bind Satan, bind self, and rebuke discouragement. There may be some more rebuking to do, but it will make you free when you do. Christ shed his blood on the cross for us. By His blood we are saved. The word saved means deliverance. Psalm 23 says I won’t fear evil. Thou art with me. That says much. Bind up the fear, and tell it to leave you in Jesus name. It will leave.

Many times when I want more freedom in prayer, I will say,
Father, I bind up every spirit not of Christ between me and You. I loose the Holy Spirit in this situation in Jesus name. This works for me. I hope this passage in Ephesians 6 has been helpful to you.