I Had a Snow Headache Today……………

I had a snow headache today. No snow came, but my head hurt for the first time in a long time. When I was working, I would get a snow headache. Sure enough the snow would come within a few days. I don’t know the reason for the headaches.

I don’t have as many headaches, but yesterday I ate some of the candies Isaac is making for Christmas. I had to try them out. Maybe this caused the headache. Tonight, when we had Salmon, I ordered a Coke. I rarely do this anymore, but I felt this might help the headache. It did. Now it is gone. I took one Tylenol before supper, but I had a slight headache until I had the Coke.

I guess I had a sugar drop. I don’t know. Maybe it was an excuse for a sweet, that I shouldn’t have gotten into until Christmas Day. I have been thinking that I won’t eat sweets except on holidays. Well, I guess I will start again tomorrow. I am human. I am without excuse. I was having some pain, and I did what came to mind. Drink a Coke seemed the normal, natural, delightful thing to do.

I don’t drink Coke unless I have a problem, like an upset stomach. I haven’t had that in a long time. I am reasonably healthy for someone my age, but I am cautious. I won’t be drinking Coke again this week.

As for the snow? I am not sure it will get here without a decrease in temperature for several days. It is possible. I used to pray for snow. I had people agree with me to pray for snow. The first snow was slight. The second chance I prayed against. Then the third time it really came, and we had a good snow. I believe it was 9 inches. When you get young people who are in school, praying about snow, God hears. They were sincere. They wanted a snow, and they did pray sincerely. Smile.

I don’t know where those young people are today, but they won’t forget the snow that came as a result of praying together. I remember kneeling, and they might have. Usually after that, I had to keep quiet about my prayers about snow. If anyone caught me praying for snow, they prayed the other way. “God, don’t answer that prayer!”

Ed, and I have Been Eating Salmon, Frequently.

Ed had a five by pass operation on his heart in 2009. He had pains running up his arm, to his face.

He said, “Ruby, you need to get your things, and go with me to the hospital. “

I got my things, and we neither one knew what was happening. If I had known he was having a heart attack, I

would have insisted on driving. Ed is headstrong, and forthright. We had just gone to see his family. This was two weeks of joy, and a long trip to see them. He drove most of the way. Now he was having this pain. I got in his jeep, and he drove himself to the hospital. I had no choice. He knew what he wanted to do.

We waited in the Emergency room, but he told the staff at the front desk that he was having pains in his arm going to his face. He might have said more, but they immediately had us in a room waiting for a doctor. Ed looked his normal self, and I believe he was worried.

We got him in a gown, and on the big hospital bed. He laid back, and the nurse came in to check his stats. She left, and soon a doctor came in to say that they needed to run tests. They did, and the doctor said, “We need to operate. You won’t go home tonight. You are staying here.”

He happened to be a heart doctor, and surgeon. I called the family, and they headed to our town right away. They were worried, and I know concerned. I stayed right there, and waited in the waiting room. Ed went to surgery, and his relatives came in time to see him when the door opened for the ICU. Ed had a 5-By pass surgery.

The doctor who operated told me Ed’s vessels were all bad. He did the best he could, and he was very encouraging. I am sure this was the first time Ed had been in the hospital for heart surgery, or any other kind of surgery. It was January, and cold outside. He remained in ICU so I would go home, and come back. Eventually we got him home, but this time he was going to take a while to recover. I drove him home, and someone helped me get him to the bedroom.

Life changed. Diets changed, and it took at least a month to get over surgery. I was working in those days, but I stayed off work, because this was my Ed who was recovering. My boss let me go, and I came back too concerned, so I stay out a little longer. First things first. We had to tend to getting him well.

His family left for home after a while, and I had Ed to deal with by myself. He liked the couch better, and the first weeks he was on Oxygen. Then the oxygen was taken away, because he improved. It took a month to get healed, and I had to change bandages, and get used to medical things that I didn’t do before. I am a teacher, and I wasn’t used to medical anything. We took him to the emergency room once for something about the wound sight. I believe he was losing fluid from the sight. We didn’t know that was normal.

The staff was wonderful in their dealing with a novice like me. I was glad that several people would not leave us alone to go through this by ourselves. Ed did get better, and he and a friend found a way to go shopping for my birthday. It had been almost a month by then since the operation. Progress was still slow. I appreciated the gifts, but I worried about him getting out and doing all the shopping. He would come back exhausted if he ventured. Sure enough he did, but that birthday was special.

For those reasons we eat Salmon as much as possible. Last time the heart doctor checked Ed, he gave him a good report. Ed walks three miles when he walks, and he is faster than I could ever be. I believe exercise is on his mind because of the heart attack, and the 5 by pass. We eat oatmeal daily. We try to stay out of sweets, and we don’t eat fried food anymore.

I had a pacemaker put in that same year in November. This year I had the second pacemaker put in. The first one lasted five years. I had more energy, and with this new one, energy is steady. The only thing is the bottom chamber of my heart is functioning with the pacemaker. Otherwise it isn’t. They kept a pacemaker substitute going when they changed out the old pacemaker for the new one. I recovered quickly.

We are getting older, but we were in our sixties when this happened to us. I hope that God will allow us to live for a long time together. We celebrated 45 years together after I got home from having the new pacemaker put in this past July.

I have always supported the pacemaker. I believe someone had a wonderful idea when the pacemaker was invented. It keeps more people alive, and functioning. I believe the Lord has been good to me this year. I told my audience about the operation, and I believe they were praying with me while I went through the change to a new one.

I never did like Salmon, but I have adjusted. Now I can eat it without having to have Ranch dressing totally on it. I don’t eat sweets as much lately, and I am trying to stay off of them until Christmas Day, and special days like birthdays. Ed likes this idea.

Weight gain has crept up on me. I plan to walk more, and I don’t plan to use my arms as much as I did this summer. Washing windows is out. I will have to have Isaac’s help. Our son has been a trooper this year. He is helpful, and he watches fat content, and calories on everything he buys when he shops for things he will fix us for supper. He wants us to live long lives. We will with his cautious shopping.

Laundry……….Tide Right Now…………..

I have switched laundry detergents off and on, and now I am staying with Tide. I used others last year, but I will stay with Tide next year, also. I love it. My mom used Tide. I guess I will follow suit. If I want white clothes to stay white, I will have to use bleach at some point with all white clothes. That is what makes them whiter. Otherwise I use Tide for sentimental reasons.

It has a history with me. I think one of our first washer came with a box of Tide in it. The box was very big, but it seemed good to pursue Tide some more.

We have been cleaning, and washing clothes, and I ran out of laundry detergent. I need a big bottle of detergent, and I will get all my washing finished. Laundry is weekly if I don’t keep up with it. I found a wooden rack for clothes. I have it in a nice place. I hang what hasn’t dried the first half hour it dried. This way I know that it will dry with less expense. Our heat bill is less for drying clothes on the rack. At times they come off the rack stiff, and like starch has been added to them. I didn’t mean for them to be this way, but a penny saved, is a penny earned.

So I am going to continue washing, and soon hanging another load on the wood rack. I put special clothes on the inside rack, and other clothes on the outer part of the rack. It is old-fashioned. Most people put all their washes in the dryer. I have noticed that the heat and air bill is less these last months since I am hanging clothes to dry. I put the in the dryer for a half hour, and then load them on the wooden rack. It doesn’t look classy to do this, but my home is my castle. We are ordinary people trying to make ends meet. Hanging clothes to dry may take a day or two, but they don’t sour, the cats leave them be, and I can iron them if I have too many wrinkles in the towels.

I Have been Filled with the Holy Spirit of God…….I go to other churches at times.

I feel led to join with the body of Christ at my church. I am there because God doesn’t want me going to other churches, and receiving the blessings of God there, and forgetting my people. I pray for my church, and I have seen people come, and go, and come back, and go again. That is hard for a pastor to see. God is doing a work in those who linger with us, and who want to hear the Word.

I went through a time where I was so sloshing full of the Holy Spirit that I was a bother to anyone I was around. I believe my flesh was in more control than the Holy Spirit . Finally, I landed back at my church, and I stopped getting high on the Holy Spirit. I stay at home, and read the Bible, and fellowship with Him. I go to church, and stay quiet, until God gives me something to say. Then I give what the Lord has given me to Rubies Corner’s Blog.

This has settled me. I pray more, read more, and study the Word, because I have time at home alone with Him. He will say in the end time, “What did you do for me?”

I will say,” I worshiped You by myself, and read the Word. Then I found Rubies Corner’s Blog, with your help.”

The Lord has taught me to TURN MY HEAD towards Him. Forget the anger, evil words, manipulation, and those things that come from people who don’t want to listen. Turn your head to Christ. He loves you. They may, but they can’t love you as much as God does. Get your Bible out, and read it. Lack of reading means you are suffering from a luke-warm attitude. Stop helping everyone else. Sit in His Presence, until you have put Him first place. Then help people all you want.


I would like to talk about the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It comes, and it never leaves. You can build it by reading your Bible, and praying, sometimes on your knees! When Satan tries me the worst, I get on the web, on rubiescorner’s blog, and start talking about Christ, and what He did on the cross for you, and me.

The harassment stops, when I begin witnessing. It was there for a reason, and I bind that spirit and tell it where to go. You can send a demon to the pit of Hell, especially, if it has harassed for so long.

I study frequently, and thoroughly all day at times, and then some days for a shorter time. Many times I have gotten a bottle of oil out of the cabinet, and anointed my head with oil in the name of Jesus. Then I go to my hands, and feet, and give them to God in Jesus name. I anoint those places especially. That is three. Three drops of oil on my head, hands, and feet will be protection from the enemy. If this doesn’t work like I want, then I start fasting one thing.

Today I am off bread, and sweets. Tomorrow it might be something else along with sweets. I go by what God says. Sweets are an addiction, and I have given them to God for a season. Bread is effective. At times I will choose to be off three things at a time. It is important to keep myself fed if I have pills to take from the doctor. I do. I take them daily.

I am telling you I am off something, because this is my secret of how I handle stress, people, and the devil. I fast, and pray for the people who offend, stress people out, or who are having trouble dealing with their self. If babies have a hard day, you know grown, adults will have a hard day at times.

God in you is your hope. He loves you. Ask Him how to solve your problems. It is not healthy to let the problems over take you until you are depressed and so low to the ground with depression. Take depression off you by singing to the LORD, shouting to the Lord like the Psalmist, and anoint yourselves for at least three days in a row.

I have anointed my head and feet when I knew I needed to do this. At times I have done this along with a fast. Other times I sense that I need the anointing on my head and feet. I go put the oil on them. I know, I could pray. I do. My faith is small. I need something on to know that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous woman avails much.


WALKING DAILY WITH GOD.We live on a hill, and we have to turn the car around, or back down the hill. Many times I have backed down, and gotten into the side near the road. I would straighten the wheel, drive up the drive, and back up again. I don’t have any trouble getting down to the highway now. I got used to backing up.

Move MissyMaybe in life we need to back up more. Back up and apologize for being irritable, and starting a fuss. Go back to the person you offended and apologize. You started the argument. How do you like the way God is answering your prayers.

The Bible talks about offense. It does this so we can come to our senses, forgive the person, and leave them sitting in the road still stewing. We go on with the walk with Christ, because for us to live for Him we must die. Daily, dying to self, and Satan, and putting Christ on the throne of our hearts. Pride and arrogance have to be told to go in the name of Jesus.

Stop whining, crying, and get up out of the middle of the road of life, and walk with God. You won’t go any further until You forgive Your neighbor, or sister, brother, or husband. Forgiveness is beautiful. Holding a grudge, an anger, or an offense is telling God that you won’t forgive this person. You won’t forget the reason you are angry.

If you started the argument, you should go to the person and say you are sorry for coming at them. The offended person, who is innocent, needs to forgive and not let anger take a root in them. Even if it wasn’t your fault.

We get in the way of people progressing when we try to straighten them out. We have too much to work on with ourselves. Make a goal in 2015 that you are going to work with God about you. Pray for people, but center on what God wants from you. Let those who don’t want to walk in peace, stay where they are. Pass them up on the road, and keep walking with Christ. Stop sitting in the middle of the road to heaven, crying over how sad life is. God wants you to tell Him in five minutes your request, and then start praising Him without hesitation, like you are cheering at a ball game. This means GET IN WITH BOTH FEET. GOD WILL COME CLOSE, IF YOU SEEK HIM BECAUSE YOU WANT TO WORSHIP AND PRAISE HIM.

What I Love About Christmas.

I love the Christmas carols played on the radio. They sound nice, play better, and I can sing to them, because they are written in the right key.

I adore the song, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”

I love a tall Christmas Tree. It can be live, but I love an artificial tree, because it doesn’t start turning brown by the third day you have it up. We have had several live ones in the past. I believe a tall, dark green, pine tree makes a wonderful tree for Christmas.

I love the joy, love, and peace that is spread at Christmas. I don’t believe it is around even at birthdays like it is at Christmas time. I love Christmas in the city, Christmas in the Country, and Christmas that Rock…like the song I told you I love. I always enjoy Jingle Bell Rock.

I believe that is the silliness coming through my writing to say that I love these two Christmas songs……..yet I hear Christmas carols, and no one is singing…….except for Silent Night.

I love candles lit, and a dark church. I love worship. Christ endured much in order to die for us. He was within Mary for 9 months. He had to grow from a tiny baby to an adult. He couldn’t talk until he was about three. He was/is perfect, so it wasn’t easy growing up with other sisters,and brothers.

I love Silent Night. I love Winter Wonder Land…I love anything that has to do with cold, snow, lights, Christmas, and Jesus Christ.

I believe  someone could come up with a wonderful song to adore Christ . Away in a manger is old, but sweet. We need some new worship songs that are born from someone spending time with God, and writing while they are fasting. You don’t see many who are fasting lately…….but I know there are some.

I love my  fruitcake, but I won’t be making one this year. Ed says we can’t this year. It was the only fruitcake we like, but it costs money.

I love to make fudge, and share it with some Divinity . It is the white fudge, and it is special.

This year I am not on sweets, so it is just as well that I don’t cook too much. I have to help Isaac make Christmas candy. He says I must sample, but I won’t. It is hard to stay off sweets. I am determined, disciplined, and if you don’t think I am, you try it with what your addiction is.

This is Candy Making Day for Isaac, and Me.

We clear the kitchen, mop, sweep and get our candy making recipe out. We make candy all day for friends, and relatives. That is what Isaac and I have planned to do. If you need to be with someone, I suggest you find some good company. We are good company, but you would have to wear an apron. We will be creating cordials, and peanut butter centers. Isaac has all the details. I assist. I could do it on my own, by now, but I assist.

I have successfully stayed out of the sweets. I am going until Christmas Day. Then I can eat anything I want, but by then I will know that the candy is tasting different…I may just stay off. I plan to lose weight this way. I plan to be more sane, have a quicker mind, and look younger! Ah, I’m just saying all this……….I need to stop and get busy.

Someone said, “Well you have to taste the candy to see if it is right. I won’t. I have gone this long, and I’m not going to budge from my position. I must stay off until Christmas Day. It is as strong a knowing as I have had. I think this is hard, but not an evil plan. It is a good thing to break an addiction.