I am the Least likely to Speak, or Write………………

I work on writing, and communicating. I try to maintain my communication skills, but I do have a background that limited my speech for a long time. When I accepted Christ, I changed so much, because there was a prison that I left. I was bound with shyness, loneliness, sadness, and many things.

Rubies Corner’s blog started when my son, Isaac, said, “Mom why don’t you start a blog?”

He helped me set Rubies Corner up on Word Press. I had written in diaries, and at work, but never so much on the internet. This opened a new world for me. I found that God helps me write about things that are needed to write about. He gives me ideas, and when my hands touch the keys, the thoughts come fluently. I write and think at the same time.

You may see that I talk about everything that is good, decent, and respectful. I don’t like to swear, or cuss in a writing. I try to keep it happy, daily, and interesting. There are now about 449 people following Rubies Corner’s Blog. It has grown, by the grace of God, and with hard work.

I am the least likely to be writing,

Beauty from within comes from fellowship with God through Jesus Christ. It is a gift of God.

Beauty from within comes from fellowship with God through Jesus Christ. It is a gift of God.

and speaking to you, but God is good. His light is pure from heaven. I hope you will come by many times to see what is happening here. Thank you for reading, Rubies Corner’s Blog.

Why I Wear a Ruby Ring—a red stone ring.

I wear two Ruby rings on my right hand every day. I have one in the jewelry store being repaired. I wear the two rings together on my right hand. My father and mother are both gone to heaven. I receive a little inheritance after my father, and mother died. I decided that some of the money needed to go to a memory ring. I always desired to have a ruby ring on my right hand.

I went to a store, and purchased a ruby ring. I showed it to Ed, and he said, “I can get you to a place that will give you a ring for the money. It will look good, and you will like it better than this one.”

I agreed to go look for another ruby ring. We looked at rings, and there it was. It has diamonds embedded in the sides of the ring, and the ruby is big enough to see. I now wear two rubies. My mother’s name was Ruby, and I was her namesake. I was often called, “Ruby2″. So In memory of my parents, I wear the two rings.

When I miss Mom, and Dad, I rejoice they are together, in Glory. I am reminded of their instruction, love for me, and how they trained me to love the Lord with all my heart. They brought me discipline, and grace. It was a straight road to endure, but I learned to tell the truth, walk with the God, and to Love my parents, and people I know. My family prayed, and read the Word daily. It was 15 minutes of reading and praying that we did daily before we caught the bus to go to school.

I haven’t always been a shining Ruby for Christ. It is discipline to walk with the Lord and to love people. I have gone through all the people I know and have known, and I have personally forgiven those who have angered, and offended me in the past. That was worth the crying, and praying. My parents didn’t teach me to do it this way, but I have grown in the Lord for walking with Him. He tells me things. If God spoke to Samuel when he was a child, I figured He had something to tell me.

My rings had to be cleaned. I allow the Holy Spirit to show me things that need to be repented, because I want to shine like a jewel. I don’t want to be clouded by things that will cause His light to not shine through. This is called being transparent. Hurts are forgiven. Words are forgiven, and loosed from my spirit by the blood of Christ. I don’t like for anything to get in the way between fellowship with Him. I am not perfect, but so far this is current. When I run out of love for people, I tell God. He loves all of us. He doesn’t just love me. He wants to communicate with the Body of Christ. We have to sit down, stop , and let Him refresh us, talk to us, and give us a song to sing. Jesus Christ made the way possible for us to have a relationship with God. Trusting in Christ as your own personal Savior gives you access to enter the Throne room boldly.

Explaination of Ephesians 2:8-9

I drew a picture for you to catch the point. Women who know the Lord, and walk with Him have the glow of the Holy Spirit on them. Happiness, and joy come……..from sitting at His feet. I challenge you to find Him today. Kneeling at God’s feet is wonderful. We come in Jesus name because He made this possible.

I haven’t drawn a man’s face, but men who know the Lord, and walk with Him have a glow from the inside. One can tell they have knelt at His feet many times. We are His children when we give our lives away to Him, from head to toe, inside and out.

God in You is the Hope you have. He is the Hope of Glory. We are created by Him to sing to Him, walk with Him, and to communicate. He loves for us to come into His Presence with thanksgiving, songs, and our requests.

I don’t major on the requests. I believe if I praise my God, and sing to Him, that when the requests come, He will answer. I spend a few minutes on what I need, and the majority of the time in worship.

Worship is adoration of Him. In His Presence is fullness of joy. One will catch the fullness by remaining in His Presence all day long. You can work and pray, drive and sing to Him, Clap your hands at the red light, and talk with Him on your way, while you drive several hours away. The angels will be there with you.

Ephesians 3:14-21 is a wonderful prayer. I have often prayed this to the Lord. Don’t lose heart. Pray, Church.
Stop being overcome by your “self”. Give God a chance daily to get hold of you, and keep Him on line all day long. He wants you to talk, walk, and communicate with Him daily. You can get housework done, and chores as you think, or sing to Him. In His Presence all day, means that You Keep Thinking About Him long after you have read the Word.

May the Holy Spirit open your heart, and may He fill you with His Presence in Jesus name. May God be your Hope of Glory. May He loose you from condemnation, and hopelessness. May you find Christ the answer to all your needs, and May the love of God reach you from head to toe, inside and out today. In Jesus name.

My Ring Had to Be Fixed…..

I bought a Ruby ring several years ago. The ring had no warranty, but it looked heavy enough to last a life time. The other day we took the ring to a jeweler, because the band had split and we knew I could lose it eventually if it kept splitting. This was less than an eighth of an inch gap, but still I had the ring for one and a half years.

The jeweler cleaned my ring, and fixed the prongs, and the band. I got it back this weekend when Ed took me to lunch. We went by the jeweler’s and I tried on the ring. It looks cleaner. It sparkles, and the ruby looks good. I bought the ring in honor of my father,and mother, who have long gone to Glory. I miss them, but I know where Mom and Dad are.