I’m Praying For Someone Who Has Surgery, Tomorrow.

I’m praying for someone who has surgery tomorrow. It will be day surgery, but being put to sleep is always a matter of trust. I know. I have had two pacemakers put in, and that was a recovery time of 3 weeks once in place.

The Lord changes on the inside as we read the Word, and talk to Him. I asked an important question the other day. I don’t mean to blow the person apart when I ask this question. I was concerned, and moved to ask. I knew the answer, but wanted to see what would happen when I asked.

If you died tonight, would you go to heaven? Some people would walk away from this question in a moment. The two people I asked were immediately replying they would, and that it would be a wonderful experience. They are looking forward to heaven.

There are many people who are having surgery today, and tomorrow, and the days ahead. It has become a routine, scheduled thing, that families have to go through with their loved ones. I won’t be there when this happens to my person that I know who is going through it. Yet, it is like I am there. I am thinking about it when I waken, and when I am trying to fall asleep.

I believe in praying until there is peace from God over matters. I have been praying over many things. I know that God needs to do surgery on me at times. My peace leaves, and I worry about all kinds of things. He won’t move when the worry is in control. Yet, I know that He does move when we don’t know He is.

There was a woman who was quite a bit older who had herself scheduled for surgery the next day. My Ed came to see her in the hospital. She told him the stone was too big to pass. They were going to have to take it. She was in her nineties. We both prayed about her. The next day, Ed went to see her.

The bed was empty where she had been . He asked at the nurses station. This lady had gone home. There was no stone on the next day.

We deal with stones daily. Anger can be a huge stone that needs to be crushed. Demons seem huge, but when Christ comes on the scene they shrink and run away, or they bow to Him. Anger has to bow to God, also. There is a perfect place for it, but anger should not be a weapon that is used lightly.

God heals. He heals memories of hard times. He heals broken hearts. He loves us even when we don’t deserve His love. Our task is to receive the love of God by faith. It causes the hardness of heart, and the anger to go away, and in its place is the Presence of God, producing the healing balm. Like oil it comes on us from head to toe, inside and all around. God’s presence will crush the huge boulders in your spirit. Then the flow of the Holy Spirit is deeper, broader, and more than before, because the rocks are crushed, and washed away.

I Have Thought About Anger Issues All Day……………

I don’t understand why people have such anger towards others. They open their mouth, and this flood of words comes forth. I was in one of these torrents recently. It stung, hurt, and I went home, and then cried for a while. I was upset, and angry.

I have not been able to get this off my mind all week. I would like to. It is over. I can be relieved, and forget what happened to me. Why let it haunt, or come at me in my mind. My thoughts are more like, “Why did this happen? Will it happen again?”

I don’t go to a psychologist. I have often thought that maybe I should be going to one in order to tell what is happening in my life on a weekly basis. I don’t have the money to go to one, and I really don’t have the time. I believe they get somewhere with people. I believe they do the world much good. I would rather go straight to the person and talk until we get the obstacle out of the road. It keeps us both from going forward.

Some people would be farther along, if they would listen to what people are saying to them. Instead they have to say things that are curt, tart, and mean. Meanness can be forgiven. Words can be let go of, but I don’t see myself doing this. I want to go over the event over and over in my mind. So I will have to let go, and stop.

I am ready to stop dealing with hurt feelings, and recognizing that I did no harm. The person talked with me first. I believe it was a very bad day, and I was in the way of someone who just didn’t know what to do with me because I was in the way. So the person yelled, and ranted some. It was rude, cruel, mean and uncalled for.

I am a Christian. I forgive this person in Jesus name. I let go of those mean, and hurtful words, and I say, “I forgive as best as I can. I forgive her for being senseless, and harsh, rude, and dogmatic. I ask you Lord to heal me from these wounds. I don’t want a wounded place to turn into a scar. Cleanse me from my hurts Father, and pour oil on them, in Jesus name. I need your help.”

What a Wonderful Day on the Computer.

I came back to the computer, to see what my stats were. This morning they were climbing to 110. Tonight they are at 137. This is for visits. I am excited, and wondering what happened. I guess people found Rubies Corner’s Blog. I am blessed, and thankful. I have written for over four years. At no time in the past have the stats been this nice. Yes, I said nice!

I don’t have to have as many visits tomorrow. I can run on today for a long time. I do like to draw. Have you seen some recent drawings?

Stats Stayed up All Day

I just checked the stats. They are up to 137 views right now. I don’t know how this happened, but I am glad. This is unusual. Maybe some of you are used to high stats. I have never had them this high. It is wonderful. I feel God has given Rubies Corner a boost.

Yes, I pray about stats, and the audience. I write to my audience. Tomorrow is another day. I go to the church some to work on the yard sale. Then we go to a meeting tomorrow night. I usually have been going lately. We haven’t always gone, but it is good to go.




Stats Went Way Up Last Night………..

Stats are up to 105 right now. The 105th just came, so I know people are reading the Rubies Corner’s Blog. I am making chili tonight for supper. We are low on the money, but I have all the ingredients but the meat for this one. It won’t take long to make a nice pot of chili. Last Wednesday we had 21 at the meeting, and I believe those who came later ate. So I am making my pot of soup, and if we run out, the later ones will have to go elsewhere.

I can pray for the food to multiply. That may be a good idea. If God is in the cooking, He will make the amount I have stretch like it should. I am not worried about much today. I totally am trying to give all those to the Lord. He takes care of me, and His Presence gives me peace.

So let me show what ex105 viewscited looks like.

Confiding In Someone? I Would Rather Tell A Group of People How I Feel.

I would rather talk to a group of people, than to confide in one person. They would swear to silence before I would share anything. People are going to talk, so I don’t know if I can open up completely to a group of people. When I do, relief comes.

Anger, and resentment don’t help you live this life. A relationship with God through Jesus Christ is often ignored, but is needed in the world today. I find that it is for my protection,and sanity, that I read my Bible daily. I find that it is better to have trust, and love in a friendship on a high level, than to have to watch what I say around people.

I don’t respond to anger very well. I have been yelled at, and manipulated through anger that came out of nowhere. I have learned to deal with the anger, rather than to let the person go. I come back in an hour, or a few hours, or the next day. It takes time to regroup on the inside. I pray over the confrontation, and then, when it is the right timing, I go back, and we talk about what we went through.

This is how my husband, and I have handled our marriage. We talk it out after we have had a huge argument that was not expected. It might be right then when the heated argument happens, or I may come back to him hours later. I don’t like to show the tears. I do like to get my words together, and come back to see what I can say so we can have the peace of God between us.

I married someone who says things forthright. I was not use to such a direct approach, and we argued early in our marriage. We loved each other……we couldn’t get along. I wasn’t use to standing up for myself, but I learned to speak to the situation.

The other day I wrote about two different confrontations with one person. After the last one, I noticed a lump in my throat that would not go away. It was in my esophagus. I told Ed about the confrontation. He knew about it. He heard it. I cried most of the night.

The next day, we were in the car, close to where this person works. Ed made a phone call to her. We would drop by. We talked openly about the confrontations. I said many things that day. I thanked her for taking a chance, and for telling me what was bothering her. I told her I had been trying to be a friend for a long time. We prayed together after a while, and the lump in my throat left.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I look forward to cooking a good meal. I look forward to seeing those who come for the meeting, and the meal. I will be praying………