I Knelt before the Lord.

Our power was out, and the house was dark. The daylight was still there, so we had some light, but the day was fast passing, and we would be in darkness if the power didn’t come on. The power company came to our site, and worked on the power to our house. It took some time to get it back on.

During the power outage, I was led to kneel and pray. My prayer was thanksgiving to God, even for the power outage. I surrendered to Him, and blessed His name.

When we confess that Jesus is Lord to the Glory of God the Father, and that Jesus came in the flesh, that is powerful. He is the Savior, who died for you and me.  I personalized the relationship with Him when I gave Him my life, forever. I believe this is a time when you surrender from head to toe, and give yourself to Him forever. It almost made the house light when I got up from praying with the power out. I believe it came on within a half hour after this.

What we do in secret will be revealed. I believe our reaction to things is important. Keep close to God so there is no power shortage between you, and Him. Read, pray, and speak to Him about you, and about His Presence always being there with you. He never lets us down. You can depend on God to help you.

Giants Have More Control than you Think.

Have you ever read Pilgrim’s Progress? My dad used to read this to us as a devotional time. We learned many things about life through this book. Pilgrim came to the cross, and found Christ. Then he proceeded in his journey as a Christian, and a follower of Christ. He meets giants along the way. One was the giant of despair.

Pilgrim was in the giant’s castle, in despair, until He realized what had happened to him. He began reading the Word, and praying. Soon he had defeated the giant, and he was out of his castle. There are subtle times when we are faced with the enemy who scorns us, and wants to do us in spiritually.

I believe we must stand in the name of the Lord, and do the battle with the Word of God on our lips. His word is a sword, and it is two-edged. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of our testimony. We have an awareness of the Lord when we draw close to Him without being religious. When you draw close, you should become totally honest before Him, and tell Him all your know. The Lord knows His children, and He delivers them from evil, and surrounds them with His protection. The angels of the Lord encamp around those who fear the Lord. (Bible)

I have talked about Discipline

Discipline is getting out of bed, washing my face quickly, and heading for the living room to read the Word, and study it. It is discipline, because I could be sleeping, but I have a calling every morning, to abide in the Word for a while. It takes time, but I find something and write it down in my journal which is actually a book with empty pages until I fill them. I keep this and my Bible together in a carrying case. I find that reading daily keeps me from going into depression, and keeps me full of the Lord’s Presence. I need his Presence, because I struggle with people, places, and things. When I spend time like this before the Lord, I know He is there to comfort, and to help me learn about His ways which are higher than mine.

If you struggle with depression, then find a notebook, and your Bible, and open it to the Psalms. Read them until you tire. Then take notes on them. David found the Lord in some of his despondency. He found His comfort, and today I was reading how the Lord was so close that he warned him about going somewhere that the enemy was hiding. He was told many secrets because David’s trust was in the Lord His God. Our trust should be in the our God.

Our God is a rock to go to. In the passage I read, David went to a Rock and stayed there. When the enemy came, He was hidden in the Rock. God is our Rock, and when we put our trust in Him, He helps us hide in Him..our Rock!

I Called the Power Board Right Away.

Our power went off, and this meant the refrigerator, freezer, and all power was off. We couldn’t cook a thing.

I called the Power board, and they were very friendly. They said they would be out to fix the power lines. They needed fixing.

We waited maybe 15 minutes. When the men finished, the phone rang and I had to tell the person on the other line that the work done was wonderful, and fine. It really was.

I went to the Bench.

I read my Bible yesterday, and then I went to the bench to do several exercises on it. I made it to 25. Tonight I made it to 75. Tomorrow I may do 35, but it will be less. I am thinking that 5-10 minutes on the bench will be better than no exercise. It is hearty steel, and it won’t be going anywhere for a while. This exercise machine is for both men, and women. I believe I paid 75 dollars for it at a 2nd hand shop.

I saw it, knew what it was, and said, “I want this.” I took it home, and Ed, and Isaac set it up. I got it for them, but they don’t get on it. I can’t do 100 of these things, but I have seen the marked difference when I do exercise this way. It is like this takes the fast track.

I don’t want to overdo, but I did have a wonderful report on the pacemaker. I should be just fine. I will continue low exercise on the bench. We do have a movie of exercises. The leader is leading this. I plan to get this on and work for a while also. It takes time to get the fat off. I can eat anything if I exercise enough. I don’t want to have ice cream daily. I am cutting back, and will get off this wonderful treat. It is great, but I don’t need it now.

I knelt in the Living Room this Morning.

I knelt in the Living Room this morning. Then this afternoon when the storm came through I knelt to the Lord. When I kneel I tell Jesus He is Lord of me, and this is His house. I asked protection over us. I believe Jesus hears everything we say. I am not used to kneeling, but with what was going on today, I felt I needed to kneel.

The Storm on the First day of Summer.

Suddenly there was rain, and lightning. Then our lights went out. I called the Power Board, and they came out shortly to get the lights, and power back in the house. The storm was not a huge one. It did damage at the power source where the wires go to the house. When it hit this, the power went out in the house. We called, and the Power Company worked for a while to get it back on.

I was glad the taped message came to us on our phone, that now the power was back on. I thanked them, whether they could hear me or not.

Sometime during the storm, I felt led to kneel in the den. I got on my knees and prayed for a few minutes. I believe we had little reaction come our way. You see, Jesus controls the power, and He can rebuke the storm and make it behave. I was not afraid. I have been through many things that are just as scary. God was there today. I am thankful that the storm didn’t last any longer.