Organization Makes Life Easier.

I have come a long way with my Organization Skills. This does not come naturally with me. I like order, and that is what organization is about. Everything has a specific place. When you remember for ever where something goes, this is part of it.

I have a bucket of golf balls. The red., and blue ones are the ones I use for hitting the ball as far as I can. So to organize them, I find a bucket or two. I put the blue ones in one bucket, and the red ones in the other bucket. If I put a paper down the middle, of one bucket, I can carry the two sets of golf balls together. It isn’t cumbersome.

There are trays for organizing silverware. You set the order, and where the silverware goes. I found three small drawers in the kitchen. They are just under the stove top. I put one set of silverware in each drawer. The last drawer holds bigger items like holders, and grippers for serving food. I have all the items in older trays that had been used for other things. Order helps. I am not good with this, but I love order.


Practice Helps. 2

If you want to speak freely to your audience, you will have to know what you are going to say, or have a very good idea. I put down the 5 points so I won’t stray too far from the subject. There are five points, and I make them. I may not say the speech aloud, but I read over it, and pray about boldness for speaking, and freedom to say what I should say.

Illustrations in speaking are wonderful. Some are affected by the illustrations, and others don’t remember them long. When a speaker, pastor-type talks to you from their heart, they have mulled over what they are going to say, and there is depth there. I am aware of people who know Christ, but am I aware that Christ is living, and active through the Power of the Holy Spirit in them. I will continue my goal this year of studying the Word daily. I want it to change me, so that my heart wants to be in His Presence even more.


You are With Me. I will Fear no Evil.

Your courage comes when you know that He is inside you, and causing you to be victorious through Christ. He is the Holy Spirit who comes when you surrender to God from head to toe in Jesus name. You can say with confidence, “I WILL FEAR NO EVIL. YOU ARE WITH ME. ”

No weapon formed against you will prosper. Those who know their God are strong in the Lord, and they shine in the dark world. Others can see the light, and Jesus is the one who is the Light. God is light, and in Him is no darkness. He doesn’t lie. You can say with me, “Father, you are with me, and I will fear no evil.” You can rebuke it. In fact, Jesus rebuked many demons and they left the people. He has given us authority in Jesus name. This is not being religious. It is not being sincere. This is leaning on His everlasting arms through life.

Psalm 23. I will Fear No Evil.

I have memorized this Psalm I love this part where David writes that he will not fear evil. This is huge for this day and time. Anything can scare you, but fear, when it takes hold, has to be rebuked off you. I have taken this verse and run with it. To fear no evil is to not have fear, and it means you have God’s peace. It is like a coat you put on to wear, only you wear it all the time. The coat of peace covers you and no good thing does God keep back from those who walk with Him, and know Him. How? How do you walk and know Him.

He wants us to pray to Him, and to read the Word. These two things make you blossom, and grow as a Christian. This starts with giving your life to Him, and saying, Father in Heaven, I surrender from head to toe in Jesus name. When this is the effect of prayers, take it and run with it. God in you is the Hope of Glory, and He is what you should thirst for. God is far bigger than you think.

So What do We Learn from Observation?

I learn that saying what you mean, and speaking the truth is important. It is the way you say it that is important. I was in a local restaurant. We were there to eat, and to go back to the church. A person was beside us, and she had someone with her. She was joyful, and talkative. We were on the outside aisle, where we could easily get up and go.

Somehow I made this person feel they could talk straight to me, and express their words of truth. I went back home, and in reflection, said, “Father I pray for this lady.”

We must remember that those who are Christians will shine like the stars if they hold onto His ways, and His thoughts. Walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit is being full of Him daily. Our thoughts, and words should line up with the Word. Kindness, gentleness, the joy of the Lord, and sincere love for those you know are Christians will show them you have Christ in You. In fact your gentleness will be known by all those around you if you are walking the Power of the Holy Spirit. God redeemed us, changed us, and we are a living testimony of His grace. We found Him. It was a miracle.

Views are to 102. I happened to See This.

I stood outside in the garage as Butch tried to sniff the grass near the garage, and do his thing. He didn’t linger very long. It is a wet, rainy day, and he doesn’t like to be cold. He came inside with no, problem. Ed and Isaac are working with things. We have the music to watch over, and they are planning things. I believe our church is growing.

I know one couple who is celebrating 50 years this summer. They mentioned it last night when they were discussing things. I believe they are anticipating a wonderful time of celebration with friends, and family. These two deserve several days after this by themselves wherever they delight to go. This is a long time to have family, friends, and to be married. Nothing is impossible with God, and attitude with them is the gentle reminder that this is going to happen. This long together is a miracle these days.