One Difference with Cubed Steak.

You can buy packages of cubed steak. I usually buy two at a time. I rinse the meat, dip it in flour, and fry it to a crisp coating. The difference with cubed steak is that you can eat it at this state, but real cubed steak has to have two cups of water over it. It boils for about one hours at the most, in order to thicken the gravy, and to bring the meat to a desired tenderness. I use a thick flour on each piece, and you have to be careful that the meat doesn’t have non-edible fat in it. I cut that part out. Cubed steak needs a spice that flavors it well. It is a creamy, gravy. You can add milk to it. You pour the water over all that is in the pan including the bits of flour that have made crunchy pieces. They are a favorite. I allow time for this meat. It might work in a crock pot. Allow the time it takes to make this delicious meal. I love this meal with mashed potatoes.


Keep Praying, and Reading. Don’t Change.

Be steadfast in the Lord. Don’t move. Stand in the Lord, and keep His Word. Believe, and don’t give up. Don’t look at the appearance of things, and judge that God isn’t hearing your prayers. God hears them before you have said a word, and while you are praying he listens. I believe God knows us well, and He is in control. So don’t become depressed. Give that mountain that needs moving To God. Rebuke the mountain, and tell it to leave in Jesus name. Mountains of debt can leave in the name of Jesus.

Keep praying, and reading the Word. Don’t let up. Become consistent, and full of faith as you read the Bible for you. I believe there are times when we are tested in what we know. We should stand in the Lord, and in the power of His might. We must have His armor on, and walk the walk even though it is a discipline we are going through. We are taught and trained by the Holy Spirit. We are in His Presence when we come before his throne with our requests. Linger there, and praise His name. All isn’t hopeless. Put your trust in the name of the Lord, and don’t grieve. Nothing is impossible with God.

We are Home.

I’m glad we are home. Here we can ponder over the day, and get a good night’s rest. The day has been busy. I made two pot pies for tonight’s meal. It took a while to make those pies. I carried one pie home. The other one was completely gone. I have increased the recipe. This one keeps improving, and changing. I only use Pillsbury crusts. They are the best.

It is nice to be in the comfort of my own home, with my family. I hope you have a good night’s rest. It is up to you, really, because when you give yourself fully to the Lord, He will help you rest. It is the best sleep.

Life is short. People are not always aware of the world around them. At times our problems overcome us. I am aware of this. There are many things that have to be on our minds. When you have an illness, it is good to have a church that will pray with you. When you need to pray with others, it is good to have church people who don’t shy away from praying for each other. It is the Bible thing to do. It is in the Bible where people prayed and God answered. He is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

I Will Praise the Lord.

I have determined to follow the Lord tonight, and tomorrow. I have determined to praise Him, because He is worthy of all my praise. I believe Jesus is coming back for His church. I believe in the soon coming of the Lord. I believe we must be ready for His coming.

May He change me into someone who sings at the drop of a hat. May He give me songs to sing tomorrow, like he did this week. There is a Fountain came to mind this week. I sang it, and we sang it tonight at church. It wouldn’t stop flowing through my head, so I just sang it when it would come to mind.

Have you sung this Hymn. There is a fountain, and it is the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed for you and me. The blood of Christ was shed on the cross, and it was shed when the crown of thorns came on his head. I believe His blood won’t lose it’s power.

We walk in a dark world, that doesn’t have the light of Jesus except for those Christians who walk in the light as He is in the light. May God speak to us what is on His heart.

I’m Praying over the Meal Tonight.

I pray about the menu, and then over the meal. Ed, and I pray the blessing over the meal long before we serve it. It is a by-faith thing, because we know that I can make a mess out of a meal easily. I need the Holy Spirit to help me.

How do you mess up pot pie? Well, you might put in the wrong vegetable. You might burn the pie. I don’t have another pie to serve that will feed as many. My biggest dish is what I am bringing, and then one more. I believe God reminds me to pray over the meal.

Have You Seen the Lord in Someone?

I dreamed that someone came to my house. The person had the Lord in them. I hugged them. It was a dream, but you know I can still see the person. At times God shows you what to do in reality. Praying is what He wants us to do. I believe we are in submission to Jesus when we fast over someone. It can be time that you come up with, or you can ask God, “How long do you want me to fast? Ask what to go off. All fasts are not alike.