I Finished Proverbs, Yesterday.

I started Psalms today. It will take more than one day to finish Psalms, unless I read all day. It has over 100 Psalms, and I know that I can divide the Psalms into three days, and make it easily. I don’t always have time, but I take the time on days I am home. I woke up, and soon I was up. I have caught sneezes. I don’t know what is the problem, but I have been sneezing much. My nose is having a fit. The right side of my nose was affected with the numbing shot I received at the dentist office. I wonder if this is a reaction to losing the numbing yesterday. Wednesday was anniversary, and Tuesday, I went to the dentist. Maybe I caught something, but I think it must be the shot that gave this to me. My right side of my face was numb, including the right side of my nose!


50 Years is a, Long, Time.

Next year will be our 50th anniversary. That is a long time. Maybe you have gone past 50, to 65 years. That is even longer. I believe one, day at a time is the recipe. Take the day, and glorify God that you are alive, and that He waits for you to come to Heaven some day.

I believe it is a miracle that I found the Lord. That is God’s grace. My, favorite, verses are Ephesians 2:8-9. We know Him because we trust in the Lord, who died for us on the cross, and He rose again to show that He is not dead, but alive with the keys to heaven, and hell in His hands.

I am typing rather quickly, but I want you to know the victory is His. He has conquered death, sin, sickness, diseases, and He lives to reign evermore. Jesus died for you, and me. He lived in the world, and taught many. Then he gave up his life to die on the cross for you, and me. He was condemned to die, and he died on the cross shedding His blood for us. Jesus is the Son of God, and He died that we might have life forever. He made it possible for us to put our faith in Him, and to love Him forever. Life is forever in heaven with Him, when we give our hearts to Him.

Bind Satan, self, and sin, and give your heart to Jesus Christ. Live for Him all your days. My brother-in-law has done this, and though he may die of cancer, I have the Blessed Hope that he will be in heaven when I get there.

Who knew that Ed, and I would live to be older, and celebrate 49, years together. Who knows if we will make it to 50 years, but we should. We believe Jesus is coming again, and We believe that if we die, we will be living in Heaven, with Jesus because, we know He is our Savior. It is a choice I made. I gave my life to Jesus, and He is mine. No one can take Him out of my heart, because He came through the Presence of the Holy Spirit. I believe, and it is God’s grace that showed me to believe. I hope you KNOW JESUS!

Pray about Everything. Stop Worrying.#4

I didn’t think I had more to say about worrying, but I have worried about things all my life until I stopped. The other day I sat at the piano at the church, and let the music flow quickly from my fingers. I have learned to just play, and tunes come and go. I was letting the music flow, and this is a long peace that even has one of those hit the keys, and let them twang . It goes fast, and you put in the twang, and go on with the rest of the music.

I played on, because I vision myself before the throne, playing to Jesus, and to God. I don’t see the piano, but I am playing before them. I worship this way, and the piece is long. Well, Doris and Toney came in for supper at the church, and I happened to be back at the piano playing for all I could play. I stopped, and she said, “Ruby, go play more.”

I did. When I finished I was asked, “Ruby, how long did you study music?”

I told about a time when my hands would sweat, and I would be nervous if I played in front of anyone. Then one day, I prayed that God would set me free. I said, “I don’t know when it happened, but he has set me free from the person who couldn’t play in front of anyone. I am no longer so nervous, worried, and uptight. ”

Songs continue to come to mind, and I find the tune, and play them to the Lord. I don’t need to publish them. They are His songs, for Him, and at times I sing them back to Him. Last night, after such a week with Ken so sick, I said, “Father, I will play before you and just worship you now. ” I let go, and played fluently, loudly, and at times softly. It wasn’t a concert, but it was praise that was freer than before. It was the same tune, and I believe if I knew the words they would be praise to God from whom all blessings flow!

Worry. 5

Today I slept in for a while. Then I got up. I went in to find Ed, and the television was on. He went outside for a, few, minutes with Butch, our dog. Ed said, “Remember when we got Butch?”

I said, “Yes. He was pink, with no, hair. With medication he has overcome, and he lives with much black, brown, and white hair. Butch was put out at the church, and expected to die. ”

We remembered how Butch showed up after one of the teens in our church died in a drowning accident one, summer. The teenager was greatly missed by his peers in high school. The church was full to capacity when Ed preached that sermon. The young man knew Christ, and that was the great, comfort. Butch showed up after that funeral.

No one claimed him, so we took the dog home, pink skin and all. We fed him at the church for two, days and took him home that weekend. Our vet said, “This dog will live. I have medication that will cure him of his problems.”

He did give him treatments, and Butch lives with us to this day. He is big, with beautiful, brown, eyes, and a personality that shows he is loved, and spoiled.

Spoiled, and dirty in this picture. This is Butch. Those eyes talk. He arrived after L. drowned.


God is Greater Than Your Biggest Worry.3

I want to conclude this subject today, after thinking about the subject some more. What could be your biggest, worry? Family is close here, and if something happens to my family, I am worried. I have been very, concerned for my sister’s, husband who has cancer. She has called in Hospice, and he is lingering, but it can be any time, when he will go to Glory. I talked with him when I found out he has cancer.

He said clearly, “I don’t want to die. I have a wonderful, life, and I want to live.”

I promised to pray, and I have prayed. Nothing has happened yet, but we wait, trusting God to do what He will for Ken. I heard of someone who was healed when they were brought before a minister on the internet. I haven’t found such a, person. I have been praying, and I have asked my audience to please pray. I figured if he didn’t want to die, that God would take note of that.

My brother-in-law has seen one, miracle. My sister was ready to be operated on for kidney stones. They made another x-ray before putting her to sleep. They could find no, stones. They were not there, but they were the day before.

Ken called, and he said, “Ruby, they’re gone.” I could hardly hear him.

I said, “What is gone?”

He said, “Jane, and I checked out of the hospital. She didn’t have the operation. The kidney stones were there last night, but they are gone now.”

I think of his complete shock, and his delight that he could take her home. I said, “Praise God!” I told Ed, and the church.

Now our church is still praying for Ken. I spend time praying when I am sleeping. I go to lay down on the bed, and instead of sleeping, I am laying there praying. Many times I have gone to sleep after a while of praying. No, one has to know, but that is how I get my prayers done. I took a nap like this today.

I started with, “Dear Heavenly, Father, I am concerned about Ken. He has cancer, and he wants to live, instead of die…….” I don’t remember any more after I said that much, but I prayed for a while. I want to make sure I do my part in all this. He wants to live. He is a good, man, and my sister has been through much with this illness. They will talk, and then she will clean up, and I happen to call. I know this is hard for her. I know he knows Jesus.

I called saying, “This is year 49, Jane. Happy Anniversary to me.”

She called back. She said, “Congratulations. I will be there next year to help you celebrate your 5oth. ”

We talked about Ken, and she went on home. She was on her way. I have my audience to talk with, and I expect you will help me pray for Ken. I know heaven will welcome him with open arms, and plenty of angels. God bless either way. I love the Lord, because he hears when I call to Him, and He answers in the best way. Jane found a wonderful man, and now he has cancer. I put Ken in God’s hands, and I will leave him there. I will trust, and not be afraid. For the Lord my God is watching over Ken, and I know what it is to trust in the Lord with my whole heart. May the Lord have His way, and may my sister rest in sweet peace tonight, rather than being worried.

A Person Can Gain Weight on Ice Cream.

I love to eat ice cream cones. Those Nutty Buddy cones have chocolate inside the cone at times. Ed has gotten a box of these twice now this summer. Here, Ruby. Do you want an ice cream? I am thinking, “No” until I see it. There it is ready to grab. I take the paper off, and there is this small, scoop of ice cream on a, cone. Yesterday I found chocolate inside the end of the cone. How neat!

I tried on my shorts today, after eating last night and yesterday for anniversary celebrations. Ed took me to a nice restaurant on the mountain. I described this in another post. This was where the chicken I ate was burned. I guess it was burned on purpose! I don’t know. The peach cake with ice cream was awesome, and well worth the visit.

So I put on my shorts today. They are snug, and I know I must drink more water, and try to have some self-discipline today, tomorrow, and until tomorrow night. I believe we have promised to go eat with Doris and Toney. Their anniversary was a week before ours. We were in each others weddings, and she was my roommate in college. We were close, and they have 3, children, and several grandchildren. We have one, grown son. One boy is plenty.

We Have Dry Weather Today.

I left church last night contemplating about things. We have a yard sale coming up the first weekend of August, and I won’t get to be there. My neck was injured last year, and I went to the yard sale, and helped. It didn’t help my neck calm down. I remember that one person filled in for me. I didn’t need to be there with my neck like it was. It is still stiff, and I am wondering that maybe I should stay home. I love yard sales, but there is time to resign, and do something else.

We have dry weather today. A repairman fixed our washing machine, and I do have some more washing to get done. I battle with getting Isaac out of the bathroom. Our kitty is in there. It is her home. So Isaac will play games with her to keep her happy. In the meantime, I am saying, “Isaac, get out of the bathroom.”

He is helpful with the washes. I need to stop getting things out of the dryer. My neck can’t bend to get the clothes out. I did go to the dentist for my¬†tooth. He filled it temporarily, and he said I will come back in 8 weeks. By then we should know whether I need more with this tooth. I have only had one root canal, and I would rather pray for healing.