I Have Been Busy.

Yesterday, I cleaned, and today I am sorting. I am going through things I will need in everyday living. I am on an older computer, and at times my mistakes slow me down. I keep writing until I finish, but with the mistakes, and correcting them, I may take longer than an hour to get one post done if it is a page in length. Even then, when I go back to read the posts I have made, at times I find mistakes. I guess I am not perfect as a writer. I am still learning what to do and say, and how to observe and keep that thought until I get home to write. I enjoy writing, and I have never run out of something to say, or a topic to start.



We have been going through Sunday all day. I came home, and worked some on the computer. I like to take advantage of the time I have. I did. I went to the computer several times.


We decided tonight is popcorn night. Isaac fixes it in the air popcorn popper. It works on air, and there is no butter involved unless we change our minds. I love popcorn. My dad fixed it for my family many times. We grew up loving popcorn.

How do you Finish?

My goal was to finish the Bible another time this year. I started with a sheet to check off when I finished chapters, When I came to the end of the chapters in the book I was reading, there were no more to check off. After a while I will know how many chapters are in each book of the Bible. Smile.

I read the Bible for me. I need encouraged, uplifted, and taught to trust in the Lord with all my heart. The Old Testament has given me example after example of good, people who trusted in the Lord, and didn’t let go.

This is called standing in the Lord. It isn’t easy to stand, when all around me is going wrong, or when I feel I stand out like a, sore, thumb. I have been withdrawn, because I have other things on my mind. I want to stay alert, and to keep working until I have  finished what I started.

It isn’t easy to give my time, when I could be doing anything else. I read in the sunshine at the table outside, I read in bed, I read in the den, at the table where we also eat. I read until I was cross-eyed, and then I stopped for the day.

My goal hasn’t been to rush. I found some jewels today in 2 Chronicles, and I melted before the Lord as I read . Do you find yourself melting in His presence? It is awesome what the Bible has to say.

I know, I need Him to change me into His likeness, and I need Him to teach me the Word, so I will change in my thought, habits, and ways. God is good all the time. When we seek Him with our whole, heart, He comes through with His Presence. We have closeness with the Lord, when we submit to Him from head to toe.  I do again, and again. Smile.


This is a gorgeous, sunny, day. I came home after eating out with family, and friends. I tried to eat on my diet, but I gave into a hamburger, without the cheese,  I have been told that if I want cheese, even if I say all the way, I have to ask for the cheese. That is fine. I don’t need it. I may go off cheese. I need to lose some weight.

For the rest of today, I can relax, knowing that I have one book to finish, and I am done with the Bible. I will go get on the bench, and then relax in my chair. I will put my feet up, and watch the news.

I Have Finished the Old Testament.

I read 2 Chronicles, and finished the Old Testament. Now I will read Acts, and I will be finished with the Bible for the 15th time. I am going to be glad when this happens. There are several chapters to read, and it is over 25. When I finish, I might be shouting. It has taken some time to finish, and no, I don’t plan to start again, but then I have to read somewhere. 

Groceries Are Essential.

Groceries are essential. Isaac, and I purchased things for tomorrow. September is a good, month for celebrating birthdays. We have several to celebrate in September. It is still very warm this week, and I expect that without the rains coming in to cool us off, it might just be hot.