If I Had a Hammer……..!

Remember this song? The last time I sang this was when I was ready to go home, and to stop being at school. I sang the song with those on my 5th Grade Teacher level, and then I took my packed things to the car. I managed to take my table to the car, and the one chair that went with it. It was to watch the children as they worked. Really they loved it. They would sit in the chair.

If I had a hammer, I would hammer out peace between us…all over this land. Justice, peace, love for God, and this country, and apple pie. Hit them with a hammer, if they aren’t going to be peaceful, and then you have peace? No, that never works!!

I have Goals for Rubies Corner’s Blog.

My goals have been spoken, but I believe that writing something daily is a good habit for this blog. I believe God has given me ideas when my hands are on the keys. I believe this is a wonderful day to sing the Doxology. Do you know it? I sing it at times. God loves for us to sing to Him.

Little is Much When God is In It.

I think this thought at times. I believe little is much when God is in it. When you give in church, little is much when God is in it. When you give at church, more is much when God tells you to give more.

I believe in tithing. I give Him my time, and my money. At times I tithe extra. I believe God is in it when we tithe. He prompts us by the Holy Spirit. Have you been prompted by the Holy Spirit to read a passage, or to go see someone? What about praying for someone? Have you stopped talking and started praying for them? Words are powerful. Little is much when God is in it. What you say to encourage someone may be small, but it may be much for that person.

Isaiah 61 is a wonderful passage in the Bible. If you haven’t read it, take some time. It isn’t long to read, and you may like how it encourages you.

Ed, and I Don’t Eat Supper at times.

When we have had two good meals, we might choose not to eat a third meal. Instead we wait a while, and pop popcorn. I know you might think that is more calories, but not so with the way we fix it. One meal for popcorn, means you use fewer calories. We might do this two times in a week, or one time in three days. It is good to stick to good food. We don’t eat bacon, although it is good to eat. We are heart patients, and we watch what we eat.

How about pork chops, or marinated chicken? I am planning to fix chicken next Wednesday night. It will have been marinated. I served this several weeks ago. The chicken is tender, and the dressing isn’t too heavy. This time I am giving the menu to Ed to put in the bulletin.  meat makes it tender!

I Have a Bag of Ice in the Freezer.

I have a small bag of ice in the freezer. When my neck hurts, I take the bag of ice out, and put it on my neck. It is hard to sit still, but I find a place to land, and wait for 30 minutes with the bag of ice on my neck. Voila! The time is up, I take the bag off my neck, and stick the bag back in the freezer. I have a cover over it when I use it. It makes a difference.

I have a semester of Ballet in my background. I still do these exercises that I learned 36 years ago when Isaac was a tiny baby. I believe they will help with keeping my feet straighter, and with balance. They are like a fresh bag of ice to my body.


Ed took me to Sears store where I picked out a pair of new, tennis shoes. I couldn’t find my old pair, and they have been around forever. My feet are still there. I have the new tennis shoes on now. I believe this will give good foot support. Wow!

We have hung around together. We ate breakfast before going to my chiropractor. he wears tennis shoes. He looks comfortable in his. Mine is fitting fine, and dandy. I am forever grateful, and yes, I was surprised with buying new tennis shoes. They will last forever. Smile. I’m dancing!

I won’t go to the chiropractor until next week. Ed goes with me. I am getting better. I just took the brace off my neck . It feels so much better. I wear the brace when we ride in the car. I am getting more used to the adjustments. I relax and it doesn’t take much. I am in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. He has been adjusting people for years, so I am in experienced hands. I like that. Knowledge has leverage.