This is a Quiet Night.

The television is on in the den, but I slipped out to get ready for bed, and then to read the Bible. I felt led to read. There are days when it is harder to get to read. Today was busy, and it wasn’t a day to relax, and read. I didn’t get up early enough. Soon the house was busy, and I was making bacon, and eggs. Yes. It is special. Ed brought home the bacon. I served one piece to each of us. It wasn’t fat bacon. It was very lean.

Tonight is a good, night. We have watched television, and I am about to suggest popcorn, even though I am not hungry. I must stay off sweets tomorrow, and I will try to walk. I can’t gain any more weight.


This is not the Last Time for Dressing.

I just made another batch of dressing for out meal with pork chops. I have made dressing about five times since Thanksgiving Day. It is close to Christmas, but we have over two weeks. I am still making dressing, because it goes so well with pork chops, and other things. We don’t eat beef, so most of what we eat is pork, or pork roast. We do eat hamburgers, or meatloaf when we buy the meat. Change is important.

The dressing will be ready soon, but if not, it can be for later on when we have supper. Our lunch is late. It is 5:17 P. M. Church was wonderful, and we hung around to talk. Then we left, and Ed and our guest went to get something from a friend. They are back now, and she is helpful in the kitchen.

This lunch is taking time since we are starting from scratch.

We are Fixing Lunch At Home.

By the time we have lunch made, it will be supper time. Ed has gone with our guest to a friend’s home. They will come back with some things our guest needs. The woman who is giving these things is a friend, and sees the need. Some one stole some things, and this way they will be replaced. A generous heart that gives, and gives. Wow.

In the meantime Isaac and I will fix lunch. I will make more cranberries, and help put the meal together. I am tired. Church wears me out. I will sit in my chair this afternoon, and watch some Christmas movies. They better be on. I need some Christmas movies in my life. Up to now, I have been excited about Christmas. I plan to be all this month.

Sunday Morning. 2

I believe in the goodness of the Lord. He wants us to dwell in His Presence, and to sing to Him. I sing to Him when I drive alone. I find myself driving when I am headed somewhere to get groceries, or to finish what I started. Some things are ingrained in me. One of those is to finish what I have started.

I have some paintings in mind. I did drawings on the internet, on my blog, but otherwise I haven’t painted this year. I would like to resume the painting, and maybe take some Art courses. I have had Art Structure from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Tn. I have had reading classes from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. I stayed three weeks, or five to take classes for¬†¬†certification. I came home for short times, and left. It wasn’t hard to find time to pray, read, and study the Word. I gained much from spending time at the University.

Then I was also doing classes at the University of Missouri in Columbia. This one I drove to, and loved. It was a writing course.

I believe in the goodness of the Lord. I believe we do what we want to do. I haven’t had time to read, but I have had time to write. I figure I will read longer today. I am in the Old Testament, heading for the New as soon as I finish the Old Testament. Smile. Reading is daily, and not religious. I read the Bible because I know the benefits of hiding the Word in my heart. I don’t want to purposely sin against God. His word is a light to my path, and it directs me. I believe the goodness of the Lord follows those who have their minds stayed on Him. That is, they fix their mind on the Lord, and leave the television for another time. They find the early morning to be the best time to be open to the Lord, and to read the Word.

God has wonderful plans for His children. Some of those plans involve helping those who aren’t walking with Him in victory. People watch what you say, and do. When you become harsh, mean, and ruthless with someone, they see what happened. Some don’t see, but the word gets around. You need to repent of your anger, and possibly seek the Lord for His help, and other help. Anger when loosed on someone can be formidable, and damaging.

God heals wounds, and wounded spirits in people have to leave in the name of Jesus. I believe in His goodness, and mercy. Psalm 23 is still a wonderful Psalm to read. I love Psalm 1 also. Blessed is the man, or woman who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, and doesn’t sit in the seat of the scornful. His delight is in the Word of the Lord. He meditates daily. He will be a strong tree planted by streams of water. His leaf doesn’t whither, because he is not deceived. He reads the Word daily, and more than 20 minutes. It takes time to read and get something from it, but it is worth the effort. God’s armor is what we wear daily.( Or She)

Reading His Word will become understandable when you submit to Him by saying so. “I submit to You Father in Heaven in Jesus name. Fill me with your Presence, and with the Holy Spirit. Thank you for dying for me Lord Jesus. I give my life to you, Father in Jesus name. Walk with me, and let the Son shine in.”

Sunday Morning.

Ed brought home bacon. I fried it up this morning. We had one piece and 2 eggs. I don’t make grits anymore. They are considered a bread. I had one piece of toast with my eggs. I fixed four of everything. It was a good, nutritious meal. I have been told that at times, eating fat will help you lose weight. Well, we tried this out today. Also since it is Sunday, it got people to the family. Hot chocolate makes the meal!

We love to get up on Sunday, and have time with the Lord. I haven’t had time, because my place is confused now. I used to study by the window. I will resume this. We fixed the guest room last night. It is simple, but completed except for some things that remain in the closet. That may give way eventually.

This is Sunday. I have said so, but it is cold, and beautiful. I plan to wear my gloves. My hands don’t go well in the cold. I have been putting things on them this morning. My face dries out so I have olive oil, and Vaseline for both my hands, face, and my feet. I don’t like dry skin, but in the Winter it happens. I did have a nose problem briefly. Probably the dry heat has taken the moisture from my nose. I didn’t have a long nose bleed. I don’t think I want to lose too, much blood.

So with the nose bleed, did I take a piece of bacon? Yes. I did. I have been told that some fat will help you lose. All it does for me is make me work harder to lose what I gained. Yes. Now to go to church, fellowship and be there to make the coffee. My recipe works. Three tablespoons, and no more of coffee. It makes a wonderful brew.

We went to the Laundry Mat.

We found ourselves doing our washes at the laundry mat. It took time, and money, but we were gone in about two, hours. Lots of soap, and washers, and dryers to get all of it done. I was helping someone, and that is what we did. I haven’t been to the laundry mat in days, but I am glad they are there when you need them. We did.