Honor Your Parents. 5

You are influenced by those who brought you up. Your parents are those who fed you, and tended you when you were tiny, and couldn’t function on your own well. We all grow up, and there is a time when the parents want to still have us respecting them like we did at home.

Parents are unique. I believe honoring your parents can be taught in the home at an early age. Being thankful should be taught. Honoring can go on long after parents have gone to Glory. Parents can be influential positively, or negatively. We are often the products of parents’ thoughts, and ways.

My parents had me memorize Bible verses, and the catechisms, and these helped me discover the answers to my questions. Part of honoring comes with the parents being respectful to you as part of their family. Everyone is placed in the family for a reason.

I believe sisters can be a profound influence. Parents need to watch over sisters. They can be verbally abusive.

Children should play, and Parents should give them jobs to do around the home.

Organization is important to children. A schedule helps. This is important in shaping your children. If you have a schedule for the day, they know it now.

Teaching children to love Jesus, and to come to know Him is one of the golden, moments that should happen in every home. Many times this doesn’t happen. I believe many parents win their children to Christ. It is normal for them to lead their children to Christ, because children watch, and their soul knows the difference between real, and false love. I hope these pages of thoughts will help you in your walk with the Lord. Firmness with love is difficult. We guide, direct, and watch over those we care about.


Honor Your Parents.

Disrespect is not listening when your parents speak to you. Disrespect is calling them names, and not receiving their advice. Disrespect is being lazy around the house, instead of picking up things in your room, and taking ownership of your part of the house when it comes to cleaning it. Disrespect can be an attitude that doesn’t leave for days. Disrespect shows what your attitude is from your heart. The words coming from your mouth, are often from your heart.

I have seen parents go overboard on the whippings. I believe this can cause the child to hate the parent, and the spankings. I believe discipline should never be in anger. I believe there is a way to honor your parents, that causes children to mind even when they are older.

Rebellion doesn’t have to happen in the home, but often it does with early, teenagers. I believe if they have been taught, they will not go far from the words their parents instilled in them.

Respect is from the heart, and it should be from the parents to the child, and from the child to the parents.

Honoring is a matter of the heart. Respect comes after the child has done what you asked. You begin to trust. Some do. Some fall far from the tree.

I do not have all the answers. I do know when I became a Christian, by receiving Jesus Christ in my life, I changed. The sunshine was shining daily, and I was singing to Him outside, because I changed from sad to glad. God got hold of me, and I have never been the same. When Salvation is real, there is a change. It is when God gets hold of you from inside to the outside. Ephesians 2:8-9 are my verses for this year also.

Honor Your Parents .3

In the days when I was repenting for attitudes of the past, I included not honoring my parents, and their advice to me at times. Life is not easy, and I had a hard time all my life with communicating how I feel, felt, and still feel.

I believe Mom took me under her wing, because I was different, and the struggle was apparent. She coached me in the ways of the Lord, and we prayed many times over things she would give me to pray. I believe her influence was equal, if not beyond my dad’s.

Both were strong in the Lord, and they both read the Bible alone. I watched their behavior, and their attitudes. I took in all this and summed that I needed Christ forever in my life.

When I found Him, Mom led me to the Lord. I was taught in a Christian home. I believe there were many battles that I didn’t know were happening. Mom and Dad prayed together over us, and Grand-pap was still praying that we would all come to Christ. We did. Prayers work.

Today I see children being disrespectful to their parents. Some have gone to our church. One girl kicked her mother in the shin, and there was no crying out. I know this Mom is a Christian.

We often need to pray, and then punish. Anger should not be the force behind spankings.

I believe how you raise a child will tell if they have been influenced positively for Christ.

I don’t believe in sparing the rod, but then I don’t believe in beating a child until they are bruised, and the marks from the switch are there for the school to see. I believe we must learn to discipline God’s way. He is not ruthless.

Honor Your Parents .2

I have more to say, and I don’t want to write another lengthy post. I believe honoring your parents is not worshiping them. It is accessing what they did that brought you this far. My parents happened to be in the ministry. I was born into a pastor’s home, but Mom was the influential person in my life. She had all of us learn the child’s catechism which helped with our questions about God. Mom could pray for 5 minutes, and we girls tried. At times it didn’t work.

My parents demanded respect for God, for the home, and for them. We were often punished for disrespect, and eventually we learned to Trust God, and to Obey our parents.  Honoring means that you reflect on the good, and the bad in your parents. It is knowing that you were planted in this home for a reason..to learn from them all you need for life.

Swearing, and profanity were not in my home. My dad habitually rose early in order to study the Word, and to meet with the Lord. He rose at 5:30 A. M. and I never knew how long he stayed on his knees. I know his relationship with God was real. His father’s relationship was close to God, and I believe my father came to submission because of my Grand-father’s prayers for his children.

Dad went into the ministry as a calling he received as a young man of 18. He could have majored in other things, but God’s calling was strong on him all his life. This is the part I saw over and over.

His influence was there in our home, even when he was away for a day, or two. Dad and Mom loved us, and made sure we respected them, the house, the property, and the Lord. We came to know God, and we found Jesus Christ to be the joy we needed. This is when I began singing to Him. Smile. I still do.

How Do You Honor Your Parents?

I am talking about parents. They brought you into the world, and they should have your respect, and honor. They should be heard, and you should learn to communicate with them so that your life will go right, and you will live longer on this earth. Parents are there for a small time to guide you, train you, and to give advice.

I believe the principles of parenting are Biblical, and I believe my parents did their best to present Christ to us. We were a, preacher’s, family, and we saw Dad live it, and we peeked through the wall to find that when he shut the study door, he might be on his knees. I am thankful that both my parents knew Christ, and followed His ways.

Mom coached me all my life about the things of the Lord. She gave me things to pray about, and she made it active prayer in this way. I learned to talk to the Lord, before I received Him as my Savior. So when I did accept Jesus Christ into my life, I was full of prayers that weren’t being heard. I received by faith, and I was a different, person though very, young.

In my home I present Christ, kneel to Him, and study daily. It gives me peace that is far better than the world’s peace.

I have peace from head to toe, inside and all around me. It is there from sitting before the Lord, and reading the Word. It is from fellowship and from praying.

At times my devotional time is cut by fixing breakfast for the family. The time goes quickly, and if I want more time, I will have to rise earlier.

My parents directed, and spoke to me about Christ until I received Him as my Savior. To have a child who committed to Christ was their intent, and goal for us girls. We each received Him, and I wasn’t the first. My sister found Christ, and soon I wanted Him, also. I am glad for her influence, because Jesus Christ changed me from sad, and crying daily, loneliness, and feelings of rejection, to absolute joy, which has stayed with me. I believe God poured out a double portion of His joy, because I have not been so sad since receiving Christ. I was young, but they didn’t drop me on my head. My parents coached me in the things of the Lord all my life. God is merciful, and good. He loves us, and wants all to come to repentance.


Honor Your Parents.

I still honor my parents, because they are gone on to Glory. They lived for Jesus Christ all my days, and now I am left to live before my family the Christ life. I do. I believe honoring your parents comes as you know this is one of the commandments that Moses wrote.

To honor your parents is not to worship them. It is to assess that they lived their lives before their Maker, and they honored Jesus Christ in their hearts, and in their daily, lives. They were strong in their faith, and this transferred in their teaching to us they ways of God.

We read the Bible daily as a family. We read all of it, and I don’t remember our finishing it in completion. That wasn’t the goal. Their goal was to present Christ to us, and to pray that we would receive Him early. We did.

Dad Loved to Fish.

FISHING ON THE DOCKWe had to be quiet to stay around Dad. He wanted it quiet so the fish would come. When we did catch our fish, we jumped up and down, and woke all the fish in the lake. Back then these were real lakes. No one had filled in lowlands to make a lake. Fishing was fun. I caught maybe one or two at the most.

I believe some people attract fish. Smile.