Our First Yard Sale.

Our first yard sale for the Fall is this Saturday. Ed, Isaac, and I will go down to help this morning, and then after lunch I may come home to rest. I can’t be lifting today, because of my neck. I remember having some trouble with my neck last time we had yard sales. I guess this year is going by pretty fast. Do you know that Thanksgiving is around the corner? Guess what is after that? Yes!


I Don’t Have Therapy the rest of this week.

I have therapy two times a week, and it is slowly helping. I couldn’t turn my neck to the left, and now I can. There are two bones that are receding in the back and this is causing some of the problem. I woke with this pain, and it was sudden, and sharp. That is what caused the problem. Now I am working back through the injury slowly. I do exercises to strengthen my back, and neck. They are small exercises, but every little bit helps. I recommend therapy. It works, and the people who do this know what they are doing. They have to have proper schooling in order to even work on someone. Patience is a virtue, and I am developing patience, as I wait, and trust the Lord.

Many times answers come through trusting the Lord, and some kind of action that we do. I went to a chiropractor at first, and then went to my doctor, who recommended going to see a surgeon. I was already taking therapy by then, and he said to continue the therapy. My hands went from numb, to not numb, and I think he saw the results.

I believe all things work together for good for those who love God, and who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

My healing is a journey. Therapy takes time, and I have the same two days reserved for it next week. I believe patience is a key with this one. Prayers have gone up, and God has given me a door to walk through. I have never been to therapy like this, although I went years ago for my neck. It is always my neck.

I Know its Late.

I know its late. It isn’t 12 o’clock, but if I want the advantage of sleeping before 12 midnight, I have 15 minutes to take and run with them. I won’t make it. I know it is late. That stops me in my tracks. I haven’t taken my medication. I have been slack with it all day. I did take the blood pressure meds. I have a pill for my neck. I didn’t take it this time. I had therapy. I had to explain when I told my worker that I didn’t take my medications.

Why not?!  I know it is important to take them. I just didn’t. No reason. I am stubborn.

Say it with Kindness.

I was raised to say, “Please, and thank you.”

Mom said, “You don’t have to be rude when you speak. Just say the truth.”

I believe the virtues of those who are walking in love portray gentleness, and kindness. I know that God will teach us how to be effective in our kindness, gentleness, and speaking with love.

I know that all things work together for those who love God, and who are called by Him.

I believe some have stopped speaking with gentleness, because of all the things they have gone through. I believe Christians should show compassion, and carry an attitude of strength, and care. Say it with kindness and see the difference in the reaction of the other persons in the conversation. You aren’t a wimp when you speak without harshness. Be gentle and kind, forgiving others, and share the love of Christ. It is a testimony of the grace you walk in.

I Did Go to Therapy.

The one who led me through all the exercises said, “Now when you get home, rest.”

I rested for twenty minutes, and I decided to go to the store. I came back, and sat down for another two minutes. I realized I need to go back to the store for Tide. I can’t wash clothes without it. I will go to the closest store.  I will rest later.

I Went to the Store .

I went to the store to get one thing. I came back with several things, but I forgot to get what I went to the store for. I remembered just now, and it is important. I will go to the closest store, and I will be fine. Have you done this before? I believe I know why we make a list before we go.

When I got out of the car, I notice some red, spots on the garage floor. It looks like dried blood. I won’t clean it up until Ed takes a look at it.  I know I am safe. Who would have left this on the garage floor? Probably my family. Maybe it is paint.