Healing ………..

I have noticed that as I read the Bible, that God is changing me on the inside. I am not as shy, backward, and withdrawn as I used to be when I was first working with people. I wouldn’t dare go up front to talk to a crowd of people. My dad had shyness issues, but he explained to me that he prayed about this when he found Christ. You couldn’t tell that he had shyness issues.

So I prayed about my quietness, and inability to speak to a crowd. God delivered me from this as I grew in the Lord. I found myself teaching with someone in Bible clubs with children. Finally, I was teaching by myself, and I did this for ten years. The children loved me, and I taught them what I knew. They kept coming back for the five day classes. I studied, and prayed, and the children came to Christ.

A little child, who is ready to come to Christ is a blessing. A Mom who looks for this readiness is wise. My mother led me to Christ at 8 years old. I needed Him. I understood what I was doing, and I went to the porch, with our, hymnal.

I sang all the songs I knew, and I didn’t stop in five, minutes. I sang all the ones I knew. I was full of the joy of the Lord, which is remarkable. I was no longer overcome with sadness, and grieving about life. God the Holy Spirit came to live inside me, and I was no, longer the saddest, person in the family.

The joy of the Lord is my strength, and I still sing to the Lord, in the quietness of the car before my husband comes back from getting a, few things at the store. The joy of the Lord is wonderful. His peace is something I never experienced before I met him at 8 years old. I changed from sad, to glad, and singing!

Dad came home, and said to Mom, “What did you do with Ruby?”


You Are Who You Are. 2

You are who you are, so be who you are. Don’t try to be like someone else who lives nearby. You be the person you are, and live for Christ, Christians. We say much, and some of what we say is not worth hearing. We should be pouring out words from having been in God’s Presence for a while today. I believe in sitting before the Lord daily, and reading the Word.

I could study one thing, and work out a lesson on what I study. Presently, I am reading through the Bible. Rarely, I stop to study a passage, because I can’t get over it. The passage is that rich. This is when I put those verses in my special page in my journal. It is titled, “Sermons”.

I believe in getting something fresh for the Lord, if I have to speak for my husband. It happens rarely, but when it is too, late to call someone, he gives me the opportunity to take the lesson and go with it. I record possible sermons for this reason.

I have a new Bible, and it is thick. It is as big as one of my older Bibles from the past when we were in school. In those days the thicker Bibles were the thing. It takes me two, times to return to our room with my Bible, and journal, because the Bible is at least 8, inches thick. If that isn’t big, I must say it is quite a, Bible!

I have study material right on every page, so I could do a study, and look up the verses noted. This Bible explains a, passage. I think it is good to have a, reference, when you don’t understand the passage.


We Had Our Famous Eggs for Breakfast.

We have two fried eggs every morning, and they are fried in butter. Real butter costs more, but this is what we use. We switched when Ed started his heart troubles. Up to this time, we ate anything, and everything we wanted for breakfast, including bacon!

Ed, and Isaac went to see Isaac’s, doctor about his head, and he is alright for another, time. I prayed in the night for this time with the doctor. I don’t like surprises, but they come. We all go through surprises, and to be equipped in the Lord with His views is healthy wisdom. Isaac has some places that have broken through on his head, and the doctor is keeping a watch on them. Nothing really here is reason for worry.

In the meantime, I went to my bedroom, and Charlie cat walked into the bathroom. He is the one who was so close to Sally cat, who died last year from being old.

Charlie let me pick him up, and take him away from the bathroom. He didn’t need to be in there, because we still have my, roses there. Yes, they are doing fine, and when someone steams up the mirrors, it might be doing the roses some good. They look fine for another, while.

I was surprised, but Ed said, “We can’t put these roses in the den with Sandy in here. He wants to eat the roses, and he has already tried to chew on one of them.”

I said, “Let’s keep them away from Sandy.”

So the bathroom is the ideal place. I see the roses when I get ready for the day, and other times. You know, the roses are beautiful, and they are taking to the bathroom just fine. They haven’t spilt on the floor yet!


You Are Who You Are.

This settles everything when I think, “I am who I am.”

I believe you are who you are for good reason, and if you are quiet, we need quiet people who are thinking all the time, and they don’t desire to talk much.

I believe we need extraverts for this reason. They talk most of the time, and if they aren’t talking, it might mean they don’t feel well. I believe these are the ones who lead, and who say too, much at times. I think we need every personality that there is, because each of us is different in our own way.

My plea today is that we all be what we want to be. Don’t mock other people, and talk about them. They are among us for good, reason. Sometimes our patience needs to be tried.

Other times we need to learn to listen to the quiet, people. They are smart, and they don’t want to add their two, cents, but if you could ever get them to talk to you, there might be a change of opinion. The quiet ones hold back because too, much talking leads to getting into trouble with your mouth.


What Kind of Ice Cream?

Are you particular about Ice Cream when it is so hot outside? I’m not particular. I would rather get some Ice Cream, and stay cool, than sweat through the heat of the day. When the temperature gets to be 100 degrees, we must do something to cool down.

Well, ice cream is an answer. I don’t think one will gain much on one helping of ice cream that you buy at the store. We are spoiled, I guess, but I love vanilla, chocolate, or anything but Strawberry. I will eat it, but it isn’t my favorite flavor. I even love coffee ice cream.


Do You Love Ice Cream, on a Hot, Day?

We work in the yard, and we find things at the grocery store. It is hot, and what do we do? Well, with all that walking around, we eat ice cream at the oddest, times. You can get just enough for you, and the person with you. The ice cream will melt in a, few, minutes, so you eat it quickly.

You think, “This will get my energy moving.”

The way it does, is remembering how many, calories you just consumed.


Back in the Truck.

We got back in the truck. Ed had something for me to eat, and we sat there nibbling on it. Wow. What a beautiful day in this neighborhood. Now Ed is mowing the lawn, with plenty of energy. He will have the bank done soon. The front yard is long, and harder at times. I used to mow the lawn before I had to replace my shoulder. Really. That cut me out of mowing unless we would get one on wheels. Ed prefers to walk and mow.


How About Shopping?

Ed, and I went to the store to pick out the meat for tonight, and the veggies. We wanted two things, so we bought the second meal to go for tomorrow night. Smile. Now it is our choice as to what to fix first. Isaac knows how to make pork chops about melt in our mouths. They are that tender. I don’t know his secret.

We look forward to the two meals, and we haven’t told everyone about them. We have shopped, but a meal like we want would cost is all quite a little. So we eat at home, and it works. Isaac is wonderful with his servings of meat, and he makes other things to go with the meal. We are blessed, because it is hard to get pork chops that are so tender. Yum.


What Do You Love to Eat?

I love corn on the cob. I cut the corn off when I get one, and then I scoop up the fresh corn with my spoon. It is wonderful, and I know, it is fattening!

I love to eat meat that is so tender you can cut it with a, fork. I grew up loving meat, but Mom didn’t let it get tender. Everything she made was hard to eat.

I believe Mom wanted to cook quickly, and that doesn’t work all the time. She did make wonderful grits. I love grits, but it has been a, long time since I have had my, fill of grits!

I love to share real, candy with Ed. He doesn’t break his diet much. He shouldn’t be eating sweets. It takes away the luster, when he doesn’t eat.

I pray about anything I cook. I want it to be wonderful. When I pray, usually, Ed will join me in praying. We agree to pray about the meal we fix on Wednesday nights. It works. The meat is wonderful.


What Do You Love To Do?

I don’t love to clean so much, but when it is necessary to clean, I try to be thorough. I don’t love to cook, but I can cook a good meal, from one of my best recipes. I make a good potpie, and I know how to make pork chops. I can make tender Pork roast that has two to a pan. It takes time to cook, but it isn’t my favorite thing to do.

I can sew, and survive. I know how to run a sewing machine, but this is far from being my favorite thing to do. I love to see a lawn mowed, and it is a wonderful thing to see happening. It is like getting a bouquet of flowers. I love to see a neat, well mowed area of the lawn, or somewhere else. I think neat is better than messy, and bushes cut as well makes the place look wonderful.

What do I love to do? I love to paint, and draw. I can make stick figures run, leap over walls, and skip. I like to put action to my characters. I put faces, and meat on stick figures, and they look skinny, but otherwise you wouldn’t know they were once stick figures. Smile.

I love to make clouds in the sky on a painting. I love to look at the real clouds, and I always say to Ed, “These clouds are wonderful today.” They get this comment frequently, as we go somewhere to the country. At times you can actually see the stars, in the country. I love to go to the country, where the grass may be tall, for the moment, but we see it come down, when others mow the grounds.

I love to teach the Bible, and I study much myself. I love to read the Bible, and at times the Lord speaks to me about the passage. I solve mysteries this way.

The Bible is easily understood, when you sit down for about two, hours and concentrate. I love to read, and study, the Bible. I do make it a hobby to read the Bible all the way through, and then I start over. I keep a paper on each time I finish the Bible. I have marked each book and the chapters, until I finish reading the Bible.