Today is an Awesome Day.

Guest 1 found out about Billy Graham while we were at church. She had come straight from work. She said, “I feel like crying.”

I believe all of us are shocked, but he can’t life forever except in Heaven. If you know Jesus, you will see this man again, only in heaven, and He may be hard to find. Sitting at His feet should be all our occupation.


High School Wasn’t Always Pleasant for Me.

Mom and Dad moved from Tennessee, to North Carolina the last year my older sister was in high school. She graduated from high school, and went on to become an x-ray technician. I went to Bible college the year after I graduated, and then to a Christian college so I could get a B. S. in Education. I was a school teacher, in the city schools for years.

High school wasn’t always pleasant. I found a boy friend the first week I attended the North Carolina high school. Mom was told that this young man was not good for me, and she advised I break up with him. That hurt. I cried buckets, and broke up with him. Then I didn’t date for two years. No one interested me, and I decided this wouldn’t happen again. I didn’t attend dances, because I didn’t dance. There was one other person who wouldn’t dance. She and I sat out on the Prom night. My boyfriend danced with others, and we left. I believe standing for Jesus made me look like an idiot, but I had convictions that wouldn’t go away. One was not to dance.

Years later I did dance. Ed and I danced at home when Isaac was on the way. It got my mind off the pain. We had to go to the doctor, and when he checked me, he said, “Go to the hospital now.” We did, and I had Isaac 55 minutes after we got there.

We Have Lost a Champ.

Billy Graham? My father, and mother were acquainted with him, and one of his daughters attended my high school. She graduated the year I did, and her father spoke at the Sunday. baccalaurit service which was at Montreat, North Carolina. I haven’t heard from many in my high school. I do get a newsletter from his daughter, who is an outstanding speaker, and was smart in high school. I doubt that she remembers me. I was shy as a post in those days.

In the Spring, or near it, I buy Tomato Plants.

Several stores will have tomatoes ready to buy. I like to buy 4-6 plants, and I love to watch them grow. I leave them in their pots, and hopefully the summer has enough rain, but not too, much. I dust them so the bugs won’t eat the tomatoes. When it is time to eat them, I wash the dusting off.

Fried, Green, Tomatoes.

You can get a packet to fry these in and it adds salt, and taste. I believe vegetables can be salted, and there are good seasonings for tomatoes. Green tomatoes are green. Slice them after washing. Then put them in the flour seasoning. Dip them in the oil as you put them in the skillet. Go easy, and fry for 15 minutes at least on each side would be less. The packet with the Z is suppose to be very good. I know someone who uses this all the time. If you don’t use it, then seasoned flour will do.