Oil Paintings from Early Years as an Artist. Down at the Creek, and Remote Creek.

Left painting in oil, “Down at the Creek” an oil painting by Ruby J Craft. We were in our present home when I did this one summer. I would wear my swimsuit to paint in at times, because I wanted to remember the water.

Right, “Remote Creek”, done with a, pallet, knife, and brushes in oil, paint. I stood outside in the sun to paint this one for my father, and mother for their anniversary. I finished in one, or two, days, but I spent many hours on it. I have kept this one, since Mom, and Dad gave it back. Smile. These are earlier paintings, especially the one on the right.


God Will Give You Rest.

My dad saw that I was up in the kitchen one, night. I had determined I might need to stay up, instead of sleeping. I had some, problems to solve, and no one seemed to be listening.

I sat there with my, Bible.

Dad came into the kitchen, and he said, “Ruby, God gives His, beloved sleep. You need to quit worrying about things you can’t solve. Give them to God, and let Him rest you.”

Dad left the room.

With me, he was always a man of few, words, but this time they went right to my, heart.

I thought, “I believe I will go to sleep. I will leave my, problems in His hands. ”

I slept like a, baby.

The next, day I still had problems to face, but the rest was wonderful!

This time I came home VICTORIOUS!

You see, as you REST, the Lord battles for you!

If you try to control things, He will work, slowly. Give Him your concerns, and the worries, and…. rest!

God will  provide rest for His children, because He surrounds them with victory.

We can’t see, like God sees.

He sees the whole, picture. It is a, good, thing to praise His, name.

It is wonderful  to live for Him. It is a, good, thing to put your trust in the Lord, and believe He will take care of you.

1123-Third Novel…The Novel that Hasn’t Ended yet….Will it Ever??!

I have introduced you to different people in the small town that I am writing about. Each chapter has been different, because the people are characters in more than one way. They have never met each other..just the ones in their chapter know each other.

I want to introduce you two  friends. They are close, because there is a connection, that they don’t see. Paul is 6 foot 4, and skinny. He has no wife to feed him. He sustains on the graces of those around him, and he comes to all the meals at the church. Paul is an extrovert. He loves getting outside, walking in the woods with his dog, and he enjoys the company of other women. He isn’t a ladies man , but then he is. He loves everyone, and they can tell that he is genuine.

The other person is  Brenda. She is 5’5″ but short, and medium weight. She refrains from fats, and sweets, but her weakness is bread. She tries to stay off of them, but her son makes bread for a living. He comes home with fresh bread 4-5 times a week. She is learning to say,” not now,”
or “No thank you” to his invitations. Is he trying to be catty about this, and make her fat on purpose?

Today they have had an altercation. He knows that it is because she hasn’t had her blood pressure pill. She knows that it is because too much is coming at her mind. She is dealing with things as they come, but in the midst of this, she is in a quarry. Her thoughts and hopes have been thrown down by something that happened at church. How will she get over this one?

Her son says, “You said to live for Christ is life. Stop moping around, Mom.”

“I am surprised that you remember what I have said to you. Thank you for telling me this, but I am sad to my toes. How can I ever have my joy back?” she cries.

“Oh, Mom. Stop taking life so seriously. Laugh. This will get the burdens off you.” her son said.

“I can’t believe you remember this one. I have said this to you many times. Let’s see, remember when Blue got in the attic? He wouldn’t come down the ladder, and we worried over him while he looked for mice. He finally got close enough for me to grab him. He had dust all over his face, but he was having a ball.” she said.

“I remember, and then you washed his face. He scrambled out of your arms, and dashed down the hallway. I don’t think he even tried to go to the attic again. ” her son said.

The two sat down now, and started laughing , and laughing. Their giggle boxes were definitely over, and they couldn’t stop laughing. It was God’s gift to them to make them laugh, and they laughed, giggled, rolled in the floor, and sat down in their favorite chair, and told more stories, until finally they had laughed away all the sorrow, sadness, and grieving.

The phone rang. It was James. “Well, you are mighty happy. What is going on?”

“We have been laughing, over our silly cat who got trapped in the attic on purpose. It took us two hours to get him down out of the attic.

I thought you weren’t going to call me again. Don’t you remember what you told me?”she said firmly.

“No, what did I say? I said I was being frank with you, but I still want to be a friend.”

“Well ,” she said, ” I am tired of all the fussing, and arguing. True friends speak the truth, in love, and then they find something good to say to each other.  I am trying to get over your face. Leave me alone, and I will stay home, and be content. ” she said quietly.

He said, “Brenda,I wasn’t saying I don’t want you as a friend….”

She saw his eyes, and she heard the coldness coming from his voice, and she cringed. To think they were once close. How did this happen.

The thing inside him was talking, and not the real James. Someone had poisoned the well.

Brenda dropped her head. She prayed, “Father help me get out of this conversation, and I will never draw near to this man again. I know better, because something is very wrong here.”

She looked up, calm, and peaceful for a  moment.

“Why are you looking like that?” James asked.

“I want only to be a friend, and that is all . Our relationship is not serious, and I don’t want to be in your way, or for you to be in mine.

Can we be friends like this? ” he smiled.

Brenda said, “You were a friend. Now you won’t be a close one. Why don’t you stop calling me. When you speak to me next time, don’t talk with anyone about what you should say. You are hardly yourself. If you don’t want me to be a friend, then don’t be friendly. ”

James got quieter on the phone. Then he said, “Stop right there. I didn’t say I don’t want you to be my friend. I have another who I want to be more friends with. I can’t have you…….you are married. I have been careful to not be more than a friend. Now I must step back from you. I want to be closer with my other friend.”

“Great!” she said. “I have always wanted God’s best for you. Have a good life. ”

As he said good-bye, a burden lifted off her shoulders. She knew they were doing the right thing. He was a good friend, but they needed to cut things off, because of the other woman in the picture. Her heart was aching because he had been such a good friend.

Brenda sat back down in the rocker when she hung up the phone. That wasn’t enough. She got down on her knees at the couch.

Lord, I am a sinner. Thank you for James, and thank you that we are not good friends, anymore. Thank you for bringing another woman into his life.  I give him to you, and please let him find a woman who will be a Christian, and stay with him all his life.”

God set her free, and Brenda was a new person. She was happy, and she glowed with God’s presence. She never wanted to lose this glow, and she knew that God was close. This is what she wanted. She was sold out for Him, and she never forgot her best friend.  She often thought of the verse in Romans 8:28. She trusted God to lead her all through her life.