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Drawing Faces and Bodies on the Computer


Nothing But the Kitchen Sink

For several days now we have been battling our kitchen sink. The water won’t go down, and when it has, it stops back up when we run the water. Ed is in the kitchen now wrestling with the monster in my drain so we can run the kitchen like we want.

We use the dishwasher nightly, because we don’t get flu, colds, or virus any more. The germ bugs are killed by the time the dishes sterilize, and we are comfortable with this. Now we can’t run the dishwasher because of the drain. We will continue this saga of the monster in my drain. I got a glass of water this morning. The drain did not stop up when I ran the water. Maybe the monster left until Ed comes in to make oatmeal.


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Going Home Rejoicing!


What Can I Do With This Box?

I was teaching my favorite passage about four friends who bring someone to Christ. They can’t get in the crowded room and they go on the roof. They tear part of the roof off and lower their friend from the torn roof into the room where Jesus is teaching.

I can imagine that this caused a ruckus. Maybe Jesus and the crowd just waited until the roof was opened up and the man came through the air into their midst. I know the leaders of the groups would not have liked all the disturbance and noise. Jesus was set up Would He heal this man? Yes, the four men had shown their faith, and those who come to God must believe that He is and He is rewards those who seek Him.

I had a nice box at home. The Lord seemed to encourage me to do something with it. I brought it to class and we just began. As we worked, the Lord gave me more wisdom and soon we were putting pictures from magazines on a piece of paper. This took some time and at least two lesson of time. We finished the tile. Everyone contributed and I tried not to do the work. I wanted the children to create it. One girl who helped with this project was not there Sunday, so I will be adding more pictures.

A child helped fix the mat to the four men on the roof. I gave ideas, but each one helped make it happen. Finally we called on Isaac to finish the project of Christ because we knew he could make Him and finish our project quickly. The children rolled tape and assisted him until we saw Jesus face on the figure and were delighted with the finished project.

I quickly put the title and the children helped decide where to put our display. We chose a perfect time to tell Ed’s group that our project was complete, and when they were through, to please take a look. It was a surprise to everyone. I hugged Ed and the kids stood for pictures after they hugged their parents. The scene was quiet as the children stood there and let the small group of adults see what they had finished. I broke the silence with exclamations of joy. “It is finished, and look at what the children have done!”

I didn’t do the project all myself. My part was to give advice and let them figure out what would be best. Leadership grows this way. In fact I think both of these children will be leaders in their classroom some day. They both worked very hard to finish what we had started.

We chose contemporary people as part of the crowd, and various art forms to make this project. The men on the roof were a project in shape and forming a person. The sick man was a project for hanging an object in mid-air and making it look right! I having done the last of the story yet. I am not ready to engage in another diorama for that. It will have to be a picture on the computer.

The man gets up and takes his pallet with him and goes home. In the meantime Jesus has to talk about forgiveness of sins to the audience. He is the Savior. He forgives and forgives, and this man was happy as he went home, because his burden was gone, and he was totally well. I wonder if he skipped home! Things aren’t heavy when you are forgiven!

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The Children Finished the Diorama Tonight



Diorama from Luke 5: 26-39: Four men bring a friend to Jesus
closer view of diorama

The children finished their project of Luke 5: 26-39 tonight. We lacked  just a little. We waited until Ed was finished to tell his group. They came into the hallway to look at it.  I broke the silence with joy: We are finally finished!

It has taken some time because I had to figure how to get the ropes and four men on the roof connected. We did that and Isaac finished the figure of Christ. We set the display in the vestibule at the church. The children let us take their pictures. Age ranges on this project were one first grader,one third grader, one 8th grader, and Isaac and me who are above 25! Enjoy the pictures.

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Who Touched Me

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Praying Before the Weekend Gets Here…

We have a bible study class tomorrow for women at the church. I expect several to come. Last week we had 5 total, and Ed came with pizza for a lite lunch. He stayed in his study while we watched a CD. Tomorrow I expect 30 and I sat in the sanctuary praying and preparing for the study and for Sunday. It was a rich time in the Lord. I prayed, sang, spoke scripture that came to mind, and knelt at the altars. I did notice the Presence of God was there with me. I went into the study three times to comment about the Presence of God being there in the sanctuary with me. He stayed where he was. He doesn’t get too much uninterrupted time for study on a Friday night.

I am excited for the weekend, but cautious. I need rest and a break from being down there tomorrow. Long hours won’t do because Sunday is a long day. We had a bowl of soup together for supper and prayed and studied one more hour. It went by quickly and when it was time to stop we both knew it. God is working and we are full of anticipation.

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The Woman Who Got Through the Crowd to Jesus..Luke 8

I just posted a drawing about this same woman in Luke 8. I thought I would explain the story a little more. Jesus had a healing ministry. Sometimes he rebuked the demons and they left and the person was instantly whole. Thousands of people were being touched by His teaching and His ministry, because they believed when they saw what was happening.

That is why there was a crowd pressing around Jesus as He went to Jairis’ home. A twelve-year-old was seriously sick, and Jesus was on His way to pray over her. I don’t know if Jesus knew what delays would do. He was just walking as fast as he could in a crowd.

 They were all eager to touch Him. One lady was particularly eager. She had been hemorrhaging for 12 years. There was no cure for what she was going through. She thought,”If I could just touch His garment.” She probably grabbed the tassel on His prayer shawl.

Suddenly and immediately the healing went through her. She knew the power of God had healed her. At this point Jesus hollered out, “WHO touched me?!” His disciples told him that everyone was pressing near and anyone could have touched Him. It could have been five or six!. Jesus said, “Power left my body and I know someone touched me and was healed. Who was it??”

The little lady fell at His feet. She told Him how she had been to every doctor. Her problem was incurable. Jesus said to her,” Woman, your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

The lady touched the Lord’s garment with her hand but in her heart she was saying, “I would get well if I could touch the hem of His garment.”  I believe God the Holy Spirit had much to do with that. He gives us insight and discernment when we pray about our problems. You can fill in a blank here. If I could just ———– I would be healed. Be careful to think right. Once I knew I needed to go to another church other than mine to have them pray for me. Sure enough I got well. Our church prayed also, but I knew I had to go to this other group of believers. I was healed. A lady put her hand on my back where the place was, and I felt the warmth of God going into my place. I can’t explain that. I was healed. I went back and told my church and Ed.

I believe the best place to go for healing is the Lord. God’s people in your church can pray for you and those elders are yours to call on if you are a member there. Once I had a severe knee problem. I took this to the elders and they prayed with me. God shared with me what to do and I was healed. I had to change my diet, but that was wisdom He gave me after I had prayers for my knee.

The power of God left Jesus and went into the woman and healed her. He still had the power of God to do more miracles. He faith was when she thought,If I could just touch the hem of His garment, I would be healed.”

Jesus brought her to the light because the glory went to God alone this way. Her story was wonderful to tell. What about your story? Have you told it??


Isaiah 43: 1

Ed does a study of Isaiah every Wednesday night with the adults. He has never taken a group through the book of Isaiah, so it is plowing for him as well as them. Our church loves to study, and there are some good students who are coming.

I found a wonderful verse today from Isaiah that I want to remind you to read. Did you know the Lord calls you by name? Have you heard Him call your name? It is comforting to know that we are His property. You can say some of these words on your hand. It goes like this. “and you are mine. ”

 Count over to the fourth finger and grab your ring finger when you come to “mine.” It’s the same with Psalm 23: 1 ” The Lord is My Shepherd.” Grab your fourth finger on the “My” word.

What I am saying is that He knows us by name and we are His children. Personal one to one relationship is available with our heavenly Father, because He loves us. His love does not stop flowing. “Do not fear for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name and you are Mine!”  Wow that is good. I love this verse. I am reading from the ASV, and the King James version is good also. You have to have the Bible that speaks to You. Read it, and it will become alive for you.

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Pizza and Crazy Bread Were on the Children’s Menu

I told the children that I would be ready for them with pizza on Wednesday night. I don’t always do this. Usually everyone eats simple soup and cornbread. The children talked about eating in the room together. I warned them that we would have a Bible lesson and need to finish our projects. It would be a work night, but the pizza is only 5 dollars and I can get them one.

So I set out with this in mind and got two pizzas, along with some Crazy Bread. It is bread sticks with sauce.  The children came with their aunt, and they were on time. We took the pizzas that were warming in the oven to the room. I had a meat lovers pizza and a pepperoni for them. The Crazy Bread was there, but we ate it after the lesson. One teenager took a bag home with her.

The lesson went well. The age range was from first grade to 8th grade, so I had to visualize on the white board. One child had a tooth ache after she bit into the Crazy Bread. I found out before the lesson, so I told the class we would be praying together after the lesson. I like to teach and build faith before praying for a physical healing.

We were barely through with the lesson. It was 8:30 and the children were getting restless. I let them clean up the table and put away things. We prayed for each other. One was going on a trip, another had a tooth problem, and one said his eyes were hurting. So we prayed, and the teen led off in prayer.

The lesson was on Luke 8: 26-39. Then we covered Luke 8: 40-46. I briefly explained and drew some picture. The children learned and acted on what they had learned. Their prayers were well said, and I listened more. They were praying and that is a treasure to hear. Our adventure of going through Luke is going at a good pace. We will have the last part of chapter 8 next time. I let the children draw with me, and they do have creative minds.