My Personal Goals for 2012

I have 9 Word Press blogs. They are each different, and I try to write on all of them, but I write daily on Rubies Corner. I intend to write on the rest of the blogs frequently. They are organized, because the art needs to be in one section, the recipes in another, and the shorter essays in another place. I love to organize, because it saves time in the long run. So I am adding a page on Goals for 2012 and the summary page from 2011 so that I can come back to this in the year.

It is always wise to set goals. This way when someone says you can’t make it, you look at the year before and this year and you compare what you did! Maybe you wrote more this 2012 year and drew more pictures……..yes, Ruby! You went back and added the tags and stopped giving in to yourself……….yes, again!

So what is different about this year? I wrote a book in the original rough draft form in the month of November. I plan to do this again in November, but before I do, I would like to complete the first book and make it an E-Book. Maybe this will be old-hat by the time I do this, but it is what I have in mind, and I have made this as a first of the quarter goal for 2012. At least by summer, let it be out there being read.

This was something that I did not expect to do, but I took on the challenge with a few health difficulties at first. I have always made it a saying among my student, “Finish what you start, and clean up your mess.” I plan to do that this year.

I would like to write more this year. I would like to make each blog under Rubies Corner as important. I would like to paint bigger scenes, murals, and get some of this framed. I have ten pieces that I have no frames for yet. I plan to look for used frames, and try to do some of this on my own. Eventually I will take them to an art store for proper framing……….or to a friend.

I don’t want to waste your time reading this. I only want to convey a message, that there will be more writing and I will finish what I started……….book wise. I want to see it published, and selling on the internet!! My book is good, clean literature for those who enjoy some good times, and a little adventure. The children grow up in the book, but not before they have tripped over rocks, found a new treasure chest, and become detectives. I hope this will be good for all ages, especially for the young at heart.

My son should have more time for editing after May. He will be graduating with a degree in Graphic Arts this time. His last degree is in Communications. He could find no job in the area, so he went back to school. I hope he finds a job this summer, and that I can get him to continue editing for me. He is talented, and should be an author himself. He has written a book, but he has not published all of it at once. It takes feedback to read his book, and people make choices in the book itself. I think it is interesting.

My goal for Isaac is that He will continue to encourage, and help me in the writing, and in art. He introduced me to Word Press, and to deviate Art , the Christian side. He encourages me on my writing, especially when I was writing the book. I had to write 50,000 words, and I wrote 50, 700. That was a task!!

Isaac will help edit, I will write another book after I get the first one in shape for the internet, and I plan to feed stories and articles to each of the 9 blogs I have. I plan to write, paint, and create this year, 2012. I will finish what I started, and I hope to make more cartoons to go with the writings. It is not easy to find a picture to go with the writing.

Thank you for hanging in there with me in 2010, and 2011 , and now 2012. I hope to make all things better, brighter, and more fun! I ENCOURAGE COMMENTS!! SMILE.


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