I Do Have More Blogs

I am adding this as a page, so you will know that I write on nine different blogs at Word Press. Rubies Corner is the largest blog. I started it first. Once I reached one hundred posts, I started waitjustamoment. It has all kinds of writing on it also. It is not huge. Then I decided the recipes need to be together. I created rubies recipes. I just put a new Salsa Soup recipe there. Rubies Jewels has always had spam, and it has quite a bit. I write mainly Bible oriented pieces there, but some are articles that I feel are good to write. Then there is Rubie Do, and Rubies Advice. They haven’t been as well sought. I reserve  Rubie Do for those things that characterize me. Like eating ice cream. I love it. Rubies Advice is not really advice. No one needs advice. So I made it a general blog, and it has survived. Rubies Art Corner has my drawings. I don’t have every single one there. I have more art on RSC deviantART where there are 200 pieces to look for. I did some of these on the computer, and it was not easy learning to draw with a mouse! Rubies Songs just come. I put them there because there are several. When a song comes, it comes at once. I think the words are more important than my singing them! rubiedonovels is the 9th. I started it when I started writing a novel last November, 2011. I have three pieces there, and one is not a novel. It is a short manual on how to get joy, love, and peace in 7 days. It is short. These will be for sale hopefully as books by the end of this year. I wrote them, and they are original. They are in rough draft form for now. I am writing this so you will know, that I DO HAVE MORE BLOGS. Thanks for coming by Rubies Corner!


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