Goals for 2013

I typed up something similar, but it won’t be a page.So here are my 2013 goals. I am a bit late getting these out, but I may as well show them to you.

I plan to write all the rest of 2013, and my goal is to be at 2,500 posts by December 31. This will be rather easy, because I write daily. If I don’t make this goal, I will know not to think I can do 500 more posts next year. I won’t cry if I don’t make this goal.

I would like to get to know 5 new writers who I have not met. I come in contact with writers frequently. I would like to have 5 friends who I can confer with, and share my work.

I will continue to draw, and I would like to add pictures more frequently. They can be what has already been drawn, or Isaac can take a picture for me, and I will add that for clarity. I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. It helps to include them.

On the other hand, I am not writing to uneducated people. I believe that prayers, and thought need to be put into what is said. So I will try to keep the 9 blogs busy. I have nine for organizational purposes. If I write-up a recipe, then it goes to Rubies Recipes. If I draw, or paint, it should go to Rubies Art Corner. I try to keep up with the Art, but sometimes these slow me down. It may take 3 hours for a simple sketch to look right. Isaac usually encourages me to draw it out, and then to put in on the site. I think, “I can draw it on the computer faster.”

I plan to paint more than last year, so I will have to get busy. Some of those paintings will be on Rubies Corner. I love to share the new things that happen.

I sat in my chair rocking as I watched Mat Lock today. Bubba, my cat, hopped up in my lap and went to sleep while I rested in the chair which has a footstool to go with it. The chair and the footstool rock, and they are on a hinge. So I found time to rest, relax, and enjoy a good mystery, while I rocked in my chair.

I believe Mat Lock is entertaining, informative, and appealing to me because I need rest from church, people, and entertaining others. I can listen, and not think about people, places, and things. It is a good, clean show.

This year, I hope to meet these goals. I have talked on, but I hope you will see that I am very sincere about making another 500 posts! I just have to sit down at the computer. It flows together, and I love to write, draw, and do what I need to in order to write. Word Press is wonderful. I will stay with them this year. They have it all organized, and I can correct things on a post within minutes. This is easier, because they make it that way.

2013 will be another year with writing a novel in November. I am not supposed to start until November 1, 2013. I have no ideas right now what I will write on, but I have written two books, and this will be the third. It will have to be a novel, so I will pray for ideas. They come, and I type. God is good, and He blesses every day. Thanks for reading this. Search out the posts. They are not all perfect, but I am sure you can get the point that I made. Life is short. With God in my life through Christ, I am not standing still. I am retired, but enjoying my time at home, writing on the websites. I plan to put out the words, and I hope there will be plenty of people to read them .

I would like to see the totals go to 300 people who punch follow and read every article I write. That would be nice. Right now it is at 179. That is God’s blessing. I write on face book also, and there are about 60 who follow me on Word Press from there. I love the games on face book, especially the Defender game. I plan to play it at times when I have stopped writing, and need some simple game to play. This one is a challenge, but that is another story.


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