Do You Have Backaches?

I use to have a back ache when I first got up out of bed. I rose early enough, but I loved to sleep a little longer at times. This is when my back would ache, and I realized that the bed was making my back hurt. I began to get up earlier, and I relaxed with my Bible in the den.

I found that these two, things were helping me with my back. I also went to exercise class, and I found that the weight I was carrying was also helping with the backaches. You know, I trimmed down for me, and when I turned a corner, I was much less than I was when I was sleeping late in bed. Really.

I had good mattresses, but there is something that makes my back hurt if I stay in the bed for a long, time, daily. I also became busy with exercises, and this helped the back. Losing weight helped.

Do you know, a little, exercise is better than you think. I have the bench, and I exercise on it for 200 times. I find that my back gets the exercise it needs, and I feel better when I weigh less. If I don’t exercise, and curb the sweets, and bread, then I gain weight, and hurt. These are just thoughts that I share today.

I don’t like to see people in pain, but the eating has to be cut to really lose that backache. You are carrying too, much, and nature is saying in a shout, “Hold the sweets, and bread at least!”

By rubiescorner

I am an artist, and a retired classroom, and Reading teacher. My son introduced me to Word Press, and helped me start a blog. I called it Rubies Corner's Blog. At first I had few clues about writing, but as I wrote to my audience, I began to share daily. I thoroughly loved my audience, and writing.
I have majored in Rubies Corner's blog because it has grown over the years. I have a blog with more art on it.
My interests are Art, drawing, and reading the Bible. . My audience has grown on rubiescorner because I write what comes to mind. I have 8 other blogs, and they are organized by title.

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