I am washing loads of clothes, cleaning, and reorganizing the kitchen, and trying to find places for all the plunder we have. I call it plunder, because we seem to have much that we are looking to move to another room. I have on my tennis shoes for all the walking I am doing back and forth through the house.

I had Isaac help me move the cans of soup Ed brought home from the grocery store. I am having soup for lunch these days. He also brought home bigger than usual cans of chicken. These make chicken salad, and I keep them on hand when we run out of food we are eating from the meal at the church. We take home what is left from Wednesday night supper.

Someone else fixed the meal last Wednesday, and this was wonderful. They fixed a noodle, and spaghetti type meal. It was delicious. I couldn’t have the bread, and I didn’t eat dessert.