Pray about Everything.

I pray about all things. I pray about the blogs I have, and the people coming to follow them. I pray about successes, and what can I do to generate more people this year. I would stand on my head, but I would have to make a photo of that, or draw about it. I don’t stand on my head much in a year. I have in the past, because of the exercise it takes to stand on my head. I haven’t tried this in a long time. We bought furniture, and the living room is full now, where we had it without furniture for some time. I could stand on my head easily in the living room with there were no couches. It made a perfect place to pray. I don’t pray standing on my head. I haven’t prayed this way in years. It has come to mind, but that doesn’t mean I will try it.

I have goals for this year. One is to finish reading the Bible through three times this year. It will take three months for each time, with a little time left to rest in-between reading.


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