I Have Rested Today.

Ed fixed two fried eggs apiece for breakfast, with toast. I don’t eat bread, or sweets, unless I break this. I broke it yesterday, but today I am not eating sweets, or bread. This means sandwiches are eaten without the bread. I did put peanut butter and jelly on crackers yesterday. That broke the sweat part of my diet. I am trying to lose more weight. I am a heart patient, with a pacemaker, and I check up for the year is Friday. I want a good report. Gradually weight has gone up, because I have eaten all I wanted of everything.

So I am losing the good time weight. Smile. My goal is five pounds a month until after July. I don’t know if I will make it with out more activity. I had to prop my foot up, and soak it today. The second toe on the right food has a place that is bothering me. I will walk, and watch what shoes I wear. in this rain, I will wear tennis shoes. Smile.



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