Well. 1041 is a Wonderful Number.

I saw the number go down to 1039. I stared at it. Then I went to read some other things, and I left for at least an hour. I came back, and Rubies Corner’s Blog has 1041 followers. I am amazed, thankful, and glad. I write, and you respond. I try not to talk about the same old thing. My vision for this year is the same. I will write what comes to mind, and this blog should grow more, not less.

I have 8 other blogs, and I hope to keep them coming with thoughts. I don’t write on them daily, because Rubies Corner’s blog is the one I have worked most to make it grow.

My son said, “Mom, if you didn’t write for two weeks, your blog would go right on without losing its audience. ”

I said, “If I die, when I die, you will write next on Rubies Corner’s blog.”

He didn’t seem to mind, but then how will I know he has taken this task? I can see the first line now, “Mom has gone to Glory! She has given me the awesome task to continue Rubies Corner’s Blog.”

I don’t jest about my death. When my times comes, I know who I will see face to face when I am dead, and gone. I will smile and hug.Yes, He loves me.


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