We have Heard that Some Won’t Take Their Tree Down Until It Snows.

I said that yesterday we had decided to take the tree down. It isn’t down. This is the one in the window in the living room. Isaac decorated it, and I left his decorations as they were. It wasn’t perfect, and if I had tried, I would have to have a chair, or a stool just to reach the top of the tree with the star. He put on the beads that are so Christmas like. They are gold, red, and silver. These are longer than you would wear around your neck. I have two or three bead strings to put on. The rest was a few ornaments. He didn’t put all of them on the tree.

I was disappointed that we didn’t take down the tree, but then I heard about some who were leaving their trees up until it snows. Our area has a good chance of snow this weekend. It is to warm up, instead of snow. I believe we will have snow sometime this year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have snow? We stay in, and watch how it comes to outline the tree branches. Snow falls on everything. It lines the trees, sets on mailboxes, and if the rain doesn’t turn to ice, people walk in the snow that has freshly come in order to get to their mail.

Frankly, it hasn’t snowed much since I was teaching school. I would get tired, and need a rest. It would be a Winter day, and chances of snow were better than usual. I wasn’t the only one who  prayed for snow. Our prayers were heard. I believe there are such days when no one else gets a prayer in edgewise. The children have learned to pray about snow.


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