I have always loved to sing, and at times I sing by myself in the car on the way somewhere. It might be to the church, or to get something at the Mall, but most of the time I am on my way somewhere in the car when I can’t help but sing to the Lord.

Singing to the Lord is personal for me. I believe the Lord loves for us to sing to Him, and I do sing to Him in the church, in the service with others, and in the car going to the church if I am by myself. When family leave, I often go through the house singing to the Lord. His joy has replaced sadness, and loneliness. I find great comfort in making a joyful noise to the Lord. Today I sat at the piano and free lanced for a while. No one came in to say not to play. I was all over the piano, because I sit before His Throne and play to Him by faith. The tune has grown, and I was growing more today as I played.

It is hard to describe, but when I want to draw closer to God, I sing to Him. When I want to draw closer I might play a song to Him that is mine from the beginning. In the Psalms, David would take time to minister to the Lord in song, and by what he played on his instrument. Today I found myself clapping, and then continuing the melody. He gave me more than I have had, or I was playing what was forgotten. At any rate it is without music that is written down, and it is my way of praising the Lord on the piano while I have the time.

I don’t believe it hurts for me to sing, and meditate on the Lord. I hope it helps, because I want to maintain fellowship with Him, and when I die, I will meet Him face to face. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all my days, as in Psalm 23. I trust that you know Him. May two or three of us agree together to sing to the Lord more in 2019.


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