Oil Painting. By Ruby J Craft

My Father and Mother were talented. Mom never revealed her love for art, but one day I found a piece she had drawn while we were away from the house. I believe she hid her talent because Dad would have said to come with him for more training.

Mom let us glow, and she inspired us to do our best. This painting is of a remote scene. I was an enthusiastic, younger artist with little or no training. I did this one mainly with a paint knife. I like it still because it is a secluded, private place. The water is there and that makes it inviting to me. I used to play in the creek with my sisters when I was much younger. We always had somewhere we could go to play in the water. We never were afraid, and in those days, children were not in danger if they were in a remote place by themselves. Things have changed. People can’t be trusted, because they are often not what they seem to be.

Well what do you do? You pray, read the Bible, and meditate on it. Then you go shopping, and go out for a while. This is called putting on the armor of God. We Christians should do this daily. It isn’t mandatory, but it is using the wisdom from God. You never leave without the helmet, breastplate, belt of truth, shoes of peace, sword of the Spirit, and the weapons God talks about in Ephesians 6. Faith comes when you hear people talk about God and His deliverance. I believe it is a miracle when we come to Christ.





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