I just Reviewed my Art.

I love to paint in acrylic, or oil. The creek scene I did several years back, was in oil. My father painted, and he said that acrylic will dry faster, and you can work with it as a beginning artist. I switched to acrylic because he recommended that I do this. I had paints in both.

Frankly, in painting flowers I find that acrylic paints are wonderful. I can produce a clear painting, but it still takes time to get the details, and to render a painting that might be worth hanging. I believe the first 200 paintings are practice pieces. You practice what you have learned, and been taught.  I didn’t take Art in high school. I didn’t take but one,class in college, and that was a requirement for my major, which was Elementary Education.

I found that in the classroom, children could draw with detail what I had taught about in Science, and Social Studies. They were tired by afternoon, and a little refreshing time to draw was beneficial. They would make posters on their Science projects, and these were very detailed. I believe the two subjects worked together nicely.

I wish I had majored in Art, and then taught it in the Elementary School. When I was in school, I didn’t have time for Art, because the major I was going for was pretty challenging. I knew I was going to teach from eleven years on. How did I  know? My friend said, “Let’s ask God what He wants us to do.” I thought she knew everything about God, and if we bowed our heads, and asked, He would tell us individually. This was the first time God spoke to me, and I told Him I needed to know when I opened my eyes. I believe the miracle is that He answered and told me. “Teach.” This surprised me. I later told Dad, and He bowed his head forever.


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