One of My Goals for this Year….

One of my hopes, and goals for this year is that Rubies Corner’s Blog would go to 1000 followers. I believe it is possible, but growth at times is not speedy. I forget about it growing, and just write. At times I am surprised that another valuable person has decided to follow this blog. I don’t know when we will hit 1,000 followers, but I had some good news yesterday.

I have been reading, and reading this year in the New Testament. I finished the Old Testament, because it came first, and then I finished Revelation just yesterday. I am  finished with round 10, and I will go on to round 11. I save my little papers that I use to mark the books off.

This time I will alter the books from the Old, and then the New, and then the Old, Testaments. This way I will be through with the New Testament two, times, and the Old Testament one, time when I actually finish. Some of the books of the Bible are longer, and bigger than the others. I can imagine spending more time on some of the Old Testament books, than the New Testament ones. At any rate, this is one of my hobbies. I will continue reading, and writing until I am too, old.

This last time, I decided to read straight through the Bible. It worked for me, and I kept up with progress, by marking off each chapter I read. It took 3 sittings to finish Revelation. Well, I am thinking about reading Revelation as one of the first books on round 10. It is an awesome book, and it did capture my attention. I don’t know where I will read first in the New Testament, but probably in Malachi.


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