If You Have Family, Keep in Touch.

Immediate family is special. If you have a sister left, then keep in touch no matter what. I believe your family is special, because this is the persons you grew up around. They know you better than dirt.


6 thoughts on “If You Have Family, Keep in Touch.

    1. Family includes your own family of husband, and children. Keep in touch. Communicate. They need your wisdom and presence. Many women rush off and leave their family to get by on their own. I don’t believe in this. I believe communication must come. Sometimes it costs to communicate. You have to let by some things. I believe cheerfulness helps. Love, and forgiving helps also. Speaking your mind may clear the air, but then you have to deal with what you said. So stay empowered by the Holy Spirit. It helps to have God on your side, and in you.


      1. I was discussing this very thing with a friend yesterday. You are right.. Women these days walk away too easily. Im old fashioned and I believe in watering my own grass. The Word of God is a major part in all of my relationships and how I handle them. Communication and forgiveness makes for a lasting relationship!

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      2. Our relationship with our family is strong if we help make it that way. This is no time to be apathetic. I believe we must read the Word daily, and pray in order to maintain our own relationship with Him. Then our communication is better with our family. God bless. I believe we walk away in the middle of the fight, and that is not what we should do. Stay, and fight it out. He loves you, but he doesn’t know how to express this anymore. Make a way. God will make a way for those who won’t drop the sword of the Word, and run. I believe we should be tenacious in our faith. Thank you for your words of encouragement. It is time for godly women to take a strong stand against all the influences that kick us in the teeth. I believe we have something to say, because we have hung in there and not left. God is on the throne, and He sees all we go through. Holding up the hands of those who are discouraged is better than dropping their hands and running away.


  1. When you become angry, humble yourself before your family, and apologize to them for the way you expressed yourself in anger. They will forgive. Then forgive yourself. There are reasons that rage comes, but there really needs to be a harness on your tongue. You can speak the truth without anger.


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