Wisdom Comes.

I believe wisdom comes when we ask God about a situation. Many times we have people to pray over at the church, because they come with requests, and we can see they are really struggling with life, and with their problems. Some are health problems, and there is no money, or insurance to pay for much. They come for prayer and we agree in Jesus name. The promise is that if two agree that it will be done. Ask and you will receive.

I hesitated to ask at times, but then I knew that our church group would pray with me. They did, and I saw a difference right away. It was a matter of submitting to the Body of Christ at our church for prayer.

At times I will be studying, and the Lord will show, or point out a verse in the passage that I write down in my journal. I use these verses in prayers to God. Many are the trials of the righteous, but the Lord delivers us out of them all. Leaning on Him is crucial in this day. I believe our thoughts are often not on Heaven’s channel. Wisdom is to abide with Him, and to beware of His Presence. If it isn’t there, then pray and you will see that His Presence is always around you.

My school children watched as I stepped out of the classroom onto the grass just outside the door. I bowed my head, and asked the Lord to direct me, and help with this noisy class. I didn’t realize they were watching, but when I came inside I had the peace of God, and there was no question that He had assured me of His powerful Hand. The children were quiet until one child started telling me that she saw an angel beside me as I prayed. I will not forget the opportunity I had to tell the class that the angel of the Lord surrounds those who know Him. They were good for the rest of the day.


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