Trust in the Lord, and Don’t Give into Your Frustration.

Frustration will cut short what God has for you. It will keep you from getting the answers you need for a desperate situation. Allow the peace of God to flow so you can hear Him. Put on compassion by faith, and let, or allow God to move in you, and submit to Him from head to toe. God has all wisdom. There is nothing too hard for Him. So when you are feeling frustrated, it is your self that is trying to be on the throne of your heart. Instead, submit to God, and bind the frustration.

Singing to God is better. Reading the Bible is better. Cleaning the house, pushing back the curtains, and singing to the Lord will do wonders for you.

Don’t sink when tragedy is near. Give your mind, soul, and spirit to Him, and then open the Word for 15 minutes. You should find hope with the first opening of your Bible. Pray, and give God the rest of the day, and tell Him to minister to you in your inner, person. Submit the problem to Him, and then trust Him.

Remember the song, Trust and obey? Now is the time to trust Him to give you wisdom. I said 15 minutes, because in cases like this you will find yourself very busy. But taking out 15 minutes would be behind closed doors as you have dressed, then sit on your bed, or go to the bathroom, and kneel down. Submit to God in privacy, and He will help you to restore order peace, and quiet in you, and those around you. Your strength is in submission to Him who loves you as you go through this.


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