Teach Organization Skills to Your Children.

Those who are organized should teach this skill to their children. My mother knew organization, but it was hard for her to explain how to be this way. She was an office manager, and her skill with this was what she was gifted in, for she could run Standard Oil.

It would have been gratefully received if Mom had given me some pointers on organization. I did have to pass inspection on my room every Saturday, and she did give us girls chores. We cleaned the house, and we had our own tasks as part of this. Yet, I find that organization has been the missing link. I can’t seem to get enough of it.

I help the person who runs the yard sales at our church. She knows organization, and I have learned many things with her. Organization is putting everything in its place. Her yard sale tables are highly organized, because she has order to all that she does.

I have learned from way back that I need to make a list, and check it off. I clean on Tuesdays, and Thursdays, but this may not be in stone.  If something happens, I might be called on to do this or that with Ed. So I wash clothes on these days, and now that I have to give this up, I am asking Isaac to follow suit. I have a neck problem, and the doctor says not to do any washes or drying clothes. He wants my neck to have time to heal.

I started one wash. I couldn’t stand not having a wash going when we were home. Isaac helped after this. I am complying. It is hard to refrain.

Someone asked if I should be typing very long on the computer. I guess that may be next to go. I will have to write fast, and then stop. How about writing all I can for 15 minutes, and then quitting. That sounds like an idea.


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