I Must Make an Ice Pack and Rest with it.

My neck is better, but not healed yet. I am to put ice on for a half hour. I will do this, after I finish this post. I always love to write, and to see what the blog has done today. Stats are not high like they have been. When I haven’t written enough they go down. If the posts aren’t interesting the stats may not be high.

I believe the secret is not to worry how high the stats are, but to write, and write. I also read the Reader, and make comments. I may not land on all of the posts, but I do read most of them. I don’t always comment. At times I read more than one post by the authors.

I believe people who write so well need to be read, and when I find a good author I tell them so. I love to encourage people to write from their heart, and to let go of anything that inhibits them from writing from their hearts. I believe it makes a difference. We are all people who write. We write for various reason. Therefore, getting to know each person as a writer is a wonderful experience.

I read those I know already. Some work harder than others on their writings. I believe working harder is not the point. I believe the topic of conversation is either boring, or wonderful. Having wisdom to choose what to write about is the gift. Knowing when to stop, and what to put in a post is wisdom. I hope I have plenty to write more, but in the meantime I plan on reading what the world is saying.


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