I Get Up Early to Pray, and Read.

It is the discipline of the Lord that leads me to rise early and find the Lord in my Bible, and through study. I do this every day, and at times it is longer than it was today. I didn’t have a long time today.

I believe reading the Word plants the Word inside your heart, and when you need wisdom, it is there for the asking. I believe in spending time praying over people, places, and things. If you are having trouble at home, then my advice is to seek the Lord. He will tell you what is wrong, and how you or others can fix it. I believe the compassion of the Lord needs to be there for us to pray about it, instead of fussing, fuming, and getting angry.

The weapons of our warfare in Christ are not fleshly, but mighty through God to pull down the strongholds.

Wisdom comes because we study the Word, and we hide it away in our hearts. I believe the compassion of the Lord causes us to pray for people longer. I believe God points out those who need prayer, and at times we need to rebuke the devil that is bother the person. At other times we need to bind self, and Satan, and pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to them. When you pray about it, God sends his angels at times to relieve the person. You can pray for them to come, or God will just do this. He knows what to do. We ask, and He provides the answers.


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