I Don’t Know Everyone on the Internet.

I don’t know everyone on the internet, but I am meeting new people daily through the Reader. I am a prayer warrior and I pray with the burden that the Lord gives me. When I promise to pray over someone, I do, and some times I don’t tell the person. Someone requested prayer for their feet. We gathered around her and prayed.

Her name kept coming to mind, so I continued praying at home. When I felt release, I stopped praying. It was several hours later. I continued working and doing my chores, and praying for her. Finally I came to the end of praying. I believe God leads us to pray for each other. At times I have to make myself to pray for someone I promised to pray for. I will, and at times the praying is short. God gives me peace, and the concern is gone.

If there is something that I do more than anything else, it is to pray. I guess the concern is there, and I have formed a habit of staying with the subject until I know that I am finished. In the case of the young lady’s feet, I knew that she needed to use her feet. She teaches Bible to her church. I felt that I need to pray longer, and I did. I checked with her, and her feet are fine now. I didn’t do anything but pray, but I believe the Lord prompted me to pray for her until the praying was finished. She thanked me today, when I mentioned it. Her feet are fine. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


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