I Wrote 21 Posts Yesterday.

My sister lets me know when I write more than usual. The posts come to her in her mail box and she reads them there, or she might have all the posts copied. I can see her surprise in my mind when I have written more posts. She was happy when I called about going to the Chiropractor yesterday. She was proud of me for going.

I didn’t think I had much choice. My neck was hurting, and has been. I needed someone to tell me what was wrong. Ed knows this chiropractor. He has been to him before. So when the man snapped my neck and did the chiropractor twist on it, I heard this crunch, and shing-ch-shang! Then the re-adjustment was over. I am not to wash clothes, or get them from the dryer. My next appointment is Monday.


2 thoughts on “I Wrote 21 Posts Yesterday.

  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you went! Hang in there. It didn’t get this way overnight, so you can’t get over it overnight! Hope you have a wonderful day today, and a Glorious Lord’s Day tomorrow! Keep in touch Monday about the chiropractor. Sounds like a good one! Love you!


    1. He says three vertebrae are out of place. He asked if I had fallen. He was talking, and then suddenly he takes my neck and straightens it. I heard some sounds. I trust this one. Ed went to him years ago . He doesn’t work on someone for long.


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