A Visit to a Chiropractor.

Ed knew the name of his chiropractor, so we went yesterday afternoon. I am on restrictions. I can’t put in washes, or work with the dryer. Isaac or Ed will do this for a few weeks. This is the hardest of the restrictions. I love to wash clothes, and get the basket empty. Things pile up if I’m not working at this two days a week.

The washer is running, but I will let Isaac put it in the dryer and handle it when it is dried. I suppose Monday is a long time away. I have a new appointment, and he will correct what hasn’t been fixed yet. The sudden surprise with the neck crunching startled me, but there was no other way to do it. I didn’t feel better, but I didn’t feel bad. This doctor knows what he is doing, and it won’t take 28 times to get the neck in place.

I have to sit with a wet ice pack two times today. Isaac handed me a pouch of ice that I bought one time. I don’t know if I can use this, but I did for the first treatment. A half hour is a long time. If I do it with crushed ice, in a towel, I will have to go outside to sit and soak. It is nice to have warmer weather when doing this.


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